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Friday, September 23, 2011


Just fartin' around with the lineups likely goes with tomorrow:

Game 1 (I am guessing against Dickey):

Same lineup as tonight's original, except Mayberry plays CF and Moss plays RF (Vic will play in Game 2).

New batting order- Rollins, Polanco, Mayberry, Howard, Ibanez, Ruiz, Moss, Valdez and Hamels

Game 2 (versus Gee):

Victorino, CF
Orr, 3B
Francisco, RF
Utley, 2B
Gload, 1B
Kratz, C
Brown, LF
Martinez, SS
Blanton, P

Here's tomorrow's lineups for both games.

1-9 Nobody really cares, including the Phillies.

And finally, the losing streak is broken. No loss today. Thanks goodness.

After all this time, that graphic can still induce nightmares...

Looks like Hudson hurt himself.

Too bad about Hudson. I see Hanson may be able to pitch on Wednesday. I'm thinking we'd rather the Braves win the WC than the Cards.

Here's something else I see that is news to me: The Phillies lead all of MLB in attendance!

The story, from Jim Salisbury:

The Phillies’ rise to elite status in the majors can be seen in many ways: Five straight National League East championships, NL titles in 2008 and 2009, a World Series title in 2008, the desire of great talents such as Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee to join the team, a $175 million payroll (second-highest in the majors).

Here’s another:

When the books are closed on this regular season next week, the Phillies will end up leading the majors in attendance for the first time ever. They played their final regular-season home game on Thursday night and their 204th straight sellout (dating to 2009) pushed their season attendance to 3,680,718 – an average of 45,441 per game – according to official MLB statistics. With three dates to go, the Yankees are sitting at 3,505,511. The Yankees are averaging 44,942 this season and Yankee Stadium’s seating capacity is under 51,000. Even with the Red Sox in town for the final three games, the Yanks aren’t going to catch the Phillies. (Somewhere, George Steinbrenner is looking to let the air out of Dave Montgomery’s tires.)

Take a bow, Phillies fans. You’re the reason this team has been able to stretch its payroll and add talent like Halladay and Lee.

Now, if this 98-win team would just start playing like one …

Atlanta is a hurting team right now. Venters gives up another run tonight, Hansen has pain in his shoulder blade, Moylan has a torn cuff, and now Hudson. I wonder how much of this has to do with Fredi's use?

Braves win, Cardinals about to lose. The dreaded "hot team" does not exist heading into the NL playoffs. I guess we'll just have to settle for the best team.

Congrats to the Brewers & fans!

If the Phillies weren't in the postseason, I'd be rooting for them.

Matt Kemp hit his 37th homerun tonight to tie Pujols for the league lead. He's also comfortably out in the lead in RBIs & .04 points off the league lead in batting. Oh yeah, and he also has 40 stolen bases.

Even if he misses out on the triple crown, I don't know how he can be denied the MVP.

"Congrats to the Brewers & fans!

If the Phillies weren't in the postseason, I'd be rooting for them."

If it weren't for Morgan and Whatchamacallit-Rod, I would be too (in a Phillies-less postseason, that is). But those two have ruined the Brewers for me and now I must root against them no matter what.

I forgot about Morgan & K-Rod, but I still like Fielder & Braun. And I think it's great for the city.

Of course, it would also be fun to root for the Diamondbacks and Kirk Gibson. Congrats to them tonight!

These teams should enjoy their high moment now...because I still have high hopes and reasonable expectations taht it will be the Phillies who will have the final celebration.

Aaaand, congrats to the Rangers.

So Dubee thinks Bastardo is tipping his pitches.

Lidge tippedpitches and Dubee fixed it.

Also just a funny though Could the 4 game sweep be due to Werth teaching the Nats pitching coach how the phillies used to steal signs?

I meant bullpen coach. Nats equivalent of Billmeyer.

The National Immigration Service has identified Leo Nunez/Juan Carlos Oviedo as the grandson of Jose Contreras.

So the scary Giants are almost eliminated and the surging Cardinals are on the ropes. It's almost like the Phils can sneak in.

Great rainout.

goody, careful, careful, careful.

No jokes, please.

Schweitzer will get upset and come on here and rant about how you and I are bigots (though he's never answered the question of whether he thinks MLB is bigoted).

"Evidence be damned" says he!


I have been offered a four pack of tix to both games today by a crazy Mets fan who loves to see the Phils lose (one of my cousins) but even he doesn't want to sit through this today. I turned them down.

The Brewers remind me of the 2008 Phillies. I'll go even one step further; I think that they'll be the NL representative in the WS series this year. Just a hunch.

Nice to mention Kemp leading in RBIs after Howard has sit for a week.

awh, how long will your victimization last?

How awesome has Matt Kemp's season been?

Well, how often does it happen that a player in baseball history has hit 37+ HR, 40+ SB, and hit over .320?

Vlad Guerrero in 2002
Matt Kemp this year

If we go by H>189, HR>27, SB>40, we get 4 seasons including A-Rod in 1998, Soriano in 2002 and Guerrero in 2002.

If Kemp can get 11 more hits and 3 more HR, he'd have 40 HR, 40 SB, 200 H and a BA north of .300.

That's one hell of a season. And historically great seasons should guarantee the MVP trophy.

"Nice to mention Kemp leading in RBIs after Howard has sit for a week."

If he wins the triple crown, will they put an asterisk next to it? And, if Ryan Howard had been in the lineup during this last week, who exactly would he have been driving home, as the 3 players in front of him have all gone about 0 for 100?

Fata - Plus he plays in a bad hitting stadium in a division with two other bad hitting stadiums (stadia?) - SD and SF. He does benefit, a bit, from COL and ARI, but every division has it's good hitting parks. I wonder what Kemp's year woulda looked like if he was playing for the Reds?

Awwww, c'mon Hugh, can't I beat a dead horse....just a little. :)

Zagurski got traded. Guess all you d-bags missed that.

Kemp should be MVP. Braun will prob win it because of the stupid "have to play on a playoff team" rule, but Kemp has been the best player in the league this year. Simple as that.

Suckers... to AZ. Now watch, he'll enter a game in the NLDS and shut down both Utley and Howard in key situtations. :)

Vic hitting 3rd today....where he should hit even with Utley in the lineup, IMHO.

I just put up the Eric Brunlett photo up and my wife and daughter enjoyed the story of this hellish photo.

Jack: I think Kemp will win at this point. The "must play for a winning team" argument is one which you mostly hear from ex-players. The voters, themselves, don't put as much weight on it. Since 2000, 4 players have won NL MVP & 2 have won AL MVP, without playing for a playoff team.

Fact is, in most seasons, the best player in the league probably does play for a playoff team. And, if 2 players are close from a numbers standpoint, it might be a tie-breaker that one plays for a playoff team & the other doesn't. But Kemp is really lapping the field in terms of overall numbers. The tie-breaker won't be necessary.

BAP, I wouldn't say that Kemp is lapping Braun.

.329/.392/.587 (.979) 164 OPS+
32 HR, 36 2B, 5 3B, 107 RBI, 105 R, 31 SB, 93 SO, 55 BB

.326/.402/.584 (.987) 172 OPS+
37 HR, 31 2B, 4 3B, 119 RBI, 110 R, 40 SB, 154 SO, 74 BB

I think Kemp is the favorite, but Braun would not be a bad winner himself.

"Suckers... to AZ. Now watch, he'll enter a game in the NLDS and shut down both Utley and Howard in key situtations. :)"

If he does, it will have to be next year's NLDS as he is not eligible for this years. :)

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