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Saturday, September 17, 2011


There's enough deadwood among the current 25 to start a massive bonfire, but there's probably not enough time left to find out whether any of these new guys would make a difference.

Although I'd take Kratz sight unseen over Schneider, but that aint happening.

And Sandberg suiting up over Galvis suits me fine as Freddy earned a rest.

And I don't think you add a very young budding prospect like Galvis to the clubhouse anyway. You don't need Rollins thinking about stuff.

Agreed on Galvis not being good for Rollins' focus. I am concerned, though, about Valdez's prognosis. If Orr and Martinez make the post-season roster, I'll be shocked and dismayed.

I like the speculation about any or all of these guys cracking the October roster but, I think it's idle speculation. Barring injury, they're going to war with the guys that have been there, not guys who got a cup of coffee in trash time.

With that said, I'm very interested to see DeFratus and Savery pitch. The current bullpen is inspiring sales of antacid.

I agree on keeping the Rollins psyche free and clear for the playoffs. He is the soul of the team.

Big kudos to the Phils for brining up Savery and DeFratus over Mathieson and Zagurski who, let's face it, we've seen all we need to ever see from them and it's obvious they are career minor leaguers who'll be chewing up some frames in Lancaster or Camden before long.

Savery's season alone is one of the most interesting baseball stories in a long time. If the guy who was in Class-A as a DH is facing lefties in the postseason that is a hell of an ending.

I say play whoever, rest everybody, pitch whoever needs practice, lose all three this weekend if need be. I would love to let everybody tune up again and get playoff ready in the Braves series at the end of the month.

re: Bastardo struggling: I thought he actually looked a lot better last night than he had of late. His location was much improved (the HR pitch would have hit Ruiz's mitt; seems like a bad pitch call, given Molina's bad swings on some nasty sliders). He still gave up the long-ish fly balls for two of his outs, but I'd still call it an improvement.

Huge credit to the Phils front office for making the right call ups and not the safe call ups.

Kratz over Sardinha
DeFratus over Mathieson
Savery over Zagurski

Plus, Moss will replace any idea that Bowker makes the postseason roster unless Brown, as I hope, earns the spot.

Crazy that the Phils weren't the first team to clinch their division.

Congratulations to the Tigers on clinching their first AL Central title.

Re: Bastardo

I agree that he looked better last night. After the initial 3-0 count, he found his spots and the home run pitch was thrown exactly where Chooch put his glove. Despite the HR, it was a good outing by Bastardo.

Kratz und rotkohl. Gut for you too, English.

Haben sie Goosewurst, bitte?

As much as I hate losing, there's something oddly satisfying about having Braves fans rooting for us after they lose and the Cards gaining a game on them in the WC standings.

Outside of BL posters, I don't think anyone thought Bastardo would continue his run as best reliever in baseball. He's a guy who's had struggles with his command ever since arriving in the big leagues and a bit of regression is to be expected. I think he'll bounce back.

I'll be shocked if any call ups make the playoff roster.(maybe Moss)That's barring injuries. It would be a GIANT turn around in thinking.If Mini,who can't hit his way out of a paper bag,was kept all year,that's all you need to know.

If Wilson Isnt heathly then Orr should stay because verst. I would def give sav and Justin def a long look. Moss and brown will def be in mix. That gload/browker duo are getting very hard to watch anymore. Rather see moss and brown then those two logs. Kratz won't because loyalty. But if kratz Shows a little something I would go with hot hand. How many times is b schind catch anyway in playoffs? With these guys all coming up u have a shot at extra base hits. Unlike the dead wood in that clubhouse now.

For those of you following the exciting Cliff Lee vs. Mini-Mart battle, here's where it stands:

Lee .211/.219/.324

Mini-Mart .197/.287/.256

Lee is blowing Mini-Mart away in SLG, as would be expected, while Mini-Mart is showing more patience in OB. Lee now holds a .001 edge in OPS and I expect this battle to go right down to the last game of the season.

Of course, this is just an academic exercise since far more important than hitting or fielding is versatility and Lee can't match MM in that department.

I love the Beltran comment that he would consider the Giants again next season if they get more offense. How about if they are willing to pay an ancient hasbeen starter money for part-time playing and full tine whining?

If I were Charlie, I would give as much PT as I could to Moss and Brown. With Ibanez and possibly BenFran gone this off-season, the Phils really need to see if those guys can help in 2012.

Crazy that the Phils weren't the first team to clinch their division.

Lemme guess, the second place team in the AL Central isn't as good as the Braves. And lemme also guess, the Phils have played fewer games.

Thanks EFF. I didn't know either of those facts. I actually thought the Tigers were the better team.

Good thing you were there to fill me in.

Forgive me if I'm wrong here, but aren't Savery, Moss and Kratz ineligible for the postseason? Don't players have to be on the active at any point before Aug. 30?

I'm wondering what's going on with Utley. He has completely faded away the past few weeks - his OBP is now around .340 and he hasn't drawn a walk in over 10 games. He had a really bad August, and and is having an even worse September.
I hope he can be rested for a few days because something hasn't been right for awhile.

The way I see it, defense notwithstanding, (since I don't know anything about their defense), Moss and Bowker are pretty much the same player. Neither has done much at the major league level, but both have hit very well at AAA.

Bowker @AAA this year: 106 games .306/.348/.482 15HR 76RBI
Moss @AAA this year: 124 games .275/.368/.508 23HR 80RBI

I enjoyed the comparison of batting stats for Lee & MM, clout. As for versatility, I have a sneaking suspicion Lee could be a decent utility man, if he put his mind to it. (And were not so valuable as a pitcher, of course.) ;)

Big truck spot will be open so yes they are since put on 40 due to injury in Jose case

@Malcolm I believe because Contreras is on the 60 day they can use anyone on the 40 man to take his spot on the playoff roster

Fat, if you knew both those facts, why is it 'crazy' the Tigers clinched first (by calendar, if not by games played)?

No dot Kratzy will get a crack at catching Wance giving Schneider a well deserved break.

Oh that's right, the ol' DL clause. Thanks.

"could push John Bowker"

Brothers and Sisters, let us pray...

Mike G.
There is one important difference between Bowker and Moss. Moss has not had 6 Ks and a pop-up in 7 ABs for the Phils this year.

At this point I'd take clout's grandmother's next-door neighbor's uncle's sister-in-law over Bowker.

If that's not clear enough, try this: I'd take Bruntlett over Bowker at this point.

Frankly, Savery might very well kick Bowker to the curb as the LH ph just the way he pushed Juan Perez into DFA limbo.

Malcolm - Having Gloade ready to visit the 60 day DL on a moment's notice I believe leaves a lot of flexibility about who can pick splinters in the post-season.

That being said, you might be right about the guys added to the 40 after 8/31.

EFF, because despite those facts, I still thought the Phillies would be the first team to clinch their division.

I'm sorry.

In re: Goosewurst
They need to sign him up if they want to keep him. He can walk over the winter this year.

In re: Brown
It may be a stroke of genius to get Dom up just in time to get champagne splashed all over him. Lift his morale a bit and help him regain some focus.

In re: Detroit
If the Phils switched divisions with Detroit they'd be about a game and a half ahead of Atlanta and the Phils would have a 25 game lead. Really. You could look it up.

Whatever Andy. All I'm saying is looking at their overall body of work, I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling that Moss is going to be the answer to the Phils supposed lefthanded pinch hitting problem. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe because he's been playing regularly the past couple of weeks in AAA, and Bowker has been sitting on the major league bench, Moss will be able to help. I am just not anticipating that happening.

Just wanted to give credit where credit's due for the game thread last night. I just glanced over it, and it is the most hilarious collect if hand-wringing and whining, I believe, in the history of BLer.

Of course, when the team has a record of 52-97, all that whining and hand-wringing is entirely justifiable.

And a special shout-out to Jack - who somehow among that constant stream of negativity, managed to write a post that stood out for it's level of hand-wringing.

"Everyone on earth knew the changeup was coming. Mayberry still couldn't hit it. He's been a good surprise, but he's still got some serious flaws.

Posted by: Jack | Friday, September 16, 2011 at 10:47 PM"

BTW Andy, my original post was in no way an endorsement of John Bowker.

Only callup that might make the postseason roster at this point is Brown. Rest are just Sept callups to add some depth.

Honestly don't know if he will but I would be surprised if this isn't the Phils' bench going into the postseason:

Mini Mart

Bowker hasn't shown enough to make the club and besides Brown there is another callup with a shot to make the postseason roster unless there is an injury.

Phils clinched a better record than the Indians a week or two ago....crazy!

Mayberry should ne a starter not on the bench

Re: the sentence "Meanwhile, the Pigs' postseason run gypped Moss out of likely earlier call-up." "Gypped" refers to gypsies--that sentence is like saying "Meanwhile, the Pigs' postseason run jewed Moss out of likely earlier call-up."


I don't want to be the PC police, but that's ugly. Just sayin.

Now back to baseball.

PC Police beat me to it, I completely missed that in the story. I work preferred nomenclature should be "Romany".

EFF. your life must be pretty boring. Are you done bickering about my non-controversial, off-the-cuff comment about the Tigers yet?

Then sentence should be "From the people I work with, the preferred nomenclature..."

NEPP - "Mayberry should be a starter not on the bench"

Absolutely. Mayberry has a line of .301/.347/.647 with 11 HRs in 133 ABs since his recall on July 5th. Been the Phils' best hitter over that stretch.

I would have to go back to figure out the number of LH/RH ABs he had but his LH vs RH splits on the season

LHP - .306/.352/.602 (.954 OPS)
RHP - .245/.321/.468 (.788 OPS)

Cholly will start Mayberry vs LHP pitching in the playoffs. I have no doubt about that. It's been an 'unofficial' official platoon since after the ASB.

Here are Ibanez's splits on the season:

LHP - .200/.224/.358 (.582 OPS)
RHP - .261/.314/.443 (.757 OPS)

I can see why Cholly would make the argument for Ibanez vs. RHP pitching but you when factor in several other things including Mayberry's huge edge on the basepaths, notably better range, better raw power, and Ibanez's complete futility on the road the last 2 years.

To his credit, Ibanez's defense seems likes it has been a bit better in the 2nd half. He had made a couple of nice throws & good catches the last few weeks that I can recall.

Funny how not playing a 39-year old LF everyday results in him looking a bit more lively in the field. Strange.

Rut Roh. Temple hasn't beaten Penn State since WWII but is out to an early lead.


Probably been Cholly's best managing move of the season hands down. Basically has handled it so that Mayberry has gotten semi-regular PT while not completely phasing out Ibanez.

More importantly, Cholly handled it very well from a public standpoint. One of his greatest strengths (maybe his greatest one) was to downplay, almost ignore entirely, when the Philly media were getting on his to declare it an 'official platoon' or that Ibanez should be benched in favor of Mayberry as the full-time starter. Just ignored it & the issue almost completely died down.

This bullpen is a mess right now. It is basically Madson and then a roll of the dice. Bullpen full of setup guys who have had trouble throwing strikes with any kind of regular consistency the last few weeks including Lidge, Bastardo, and Stutes. Even Herndon hasn't been as sharp.

Feel for Cholly because he is going to face some gut-wrenching calls in the postseason on who to use in the 7th/8th innings. Got a single LHP reliever who has had real command issues the past month (Bastardo), a one-trick pony who can't throw strikes with his fastball (Lidge), a guy who really only throws fastballs (Stutes), and Herndon.

Why I think this team will go as far as Halladay and Lee carry them this year. Don't need much of a bullpen if those guys are going 8 or 9 IP.

MG - By the numbers you posted, Mayberry is a better hitter against even RHPs than Ibanez. He gets on base more and he slugs more.

Mike - I'm not levelling a critique of your personhood. I was basically issuing an opinion that right now, for the Phils, Bowker stinks. Flat out. Moss is only better because we don't know whether he stinks or not. The only reason I prefer to have Moss bat instead of Bowker is that we haven't seen that the cat is dead in the box yet.
And your right: minor league stats like the two of them have piled up do ot prove anything about their MLB abilities. Of course, the first time Moss does anything productive at the plate he would be a 100% improvement over Bowker.

Meyer - "Rut Roh?" Don't you mean "Hoot Hoot?"

Andy - They do and when you factor in the other things I mentioned it seems pretty obvious that Mayberry should be the starter. He won't.

The painful thing is that Cholly is going to start Ibanez on the road vs. RHP.

Ibanez road numbers the last two years:

2011 - .200/.254/.313 with 5 HRs in 240 ABs
2010 - .246/.321/.384 with 7 HRs in 281 ABs

Yeah Ibanez has better road splits in 2009 but he has always been a guy who hits better at home than on the road. His career OPS 37 pts higher (.834 vs .797) at home.

Andy: Name a dead animal -- any dead animal -- & I'll give it a better chance of getting on base than Bowker.

Andy's on a roll. Last night, he put together one of the finest allegories ever told on Beerleaguer, to illustrate the meaning of "pitching a worley." Now he comes up with a "dead cat" metaphor that is sure to become a mainstay of Beeleaguer dialectics for years to come. In fact, let me be the first imitator: Kratz should be on the playoff roster over Schneder because, with Kratz, we haven't seen that the cat is dead in the box yet.

Charlie doesn't think the cat is dead in the box, Charlie thinks the cat just lacks confidence.

Yea, dead cat references are a riot. I can't stop laughing.

Maybe it's a better the devil you know, but would you want an unknown quantity in the middle of the WS?

Old Phan, it's a reference to Schrodinger's Cat, re: the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

It's a quantum mechanic's theory.

Old Phan: If you prefer, I have always used the "What's behind Door No. 2" metaphor from the old game show, "Let's Make a Deal."

And, yeah, I'd rather have what's behind Door No. 2 than Brian Schneider The backup catcher's only job during the playoffs will be to pinch hit. Schneider has hit .177/.242/.265 this year and, to make matters worse, is yet another left-hander on a bench that is already excessively left-handed. And we do have at least a small piece of information about the mystery behind Door No. 2; we know that he can hit AAA pitching. That doesn't mean that he can hit major league pitching (See, e.g., John Bowker), but it at least means he has a reasonable shot at being able to do so.

I see. First, people were worried that Galvis would be promoted, go 0 for 13, and retreat into his shell, roll over on his back and die.

Now, people are worried that Jimmy Rollins will see this frail, dried out tortoise of a pipsqueak shortstop and become enraged, incensed, bewildered, start to doubt his manhood, and sign a 10 year contract worth a bazillion dollars with the Altoona Curve, after first committing 18 errors and going 0 for the playoffs?

Seriously? Where the heck is Clout when you need him? Stop the insanity.

BAP, it does make sense. For me, Schneider is one of those mysteries that I have stopped bothering to solve. The team likes him, the pitchers like him, I assume the FO likes him, so I just defer to them and figure they know something that I don't. You're right about him being an extraneous LH bat, but he really isn't there for his stellar offense anyway.

Ah, the old standby "your life is boring" post...well played, sir.

***The backup catcher's only job during the playoffs wil be to pinch hit. ***

The backup catcher's only job in the playoffs will be to sit on the bench in case Chooch gets hurt. Charlie is not gonna pinch hit with Schneider and take the chance of having to use the emergency catcher( I think that's Valdez) in a playoff game if Chooch gets injured.

***The backup catcher's only job during the playoffs wil be to pinch hit. ***

The backup catcher's only job in the playoffs will be to sit on the bench in case Chooch gets hurt. Charlie is not gonna pinch hit with Schneider and take the chance of having to use the emergency catcher( I think that's Valdez) in a playoff game if Chooch gets injured.

Mike: Ideally, that's true. But sometimes you get into a long, drawn-out extra inning game & you simply have no choice but to exhaust your whole bench.

Mike G is right about the back-up catcher's role in the playoffs. He will be plastered to the bench in case of an emergency, and that's it.

And the doomsday scenario BAP is outlining is that we'll get so deep into extra innings that we'll simply have to use our back-up catcher- how many times is this actually going to happen in the playoffs? Once, maybe twice at the most. So BAP is whining about one, maybe two ABs in the playoffs for a guy who has a .118 BA in 36 major league ABs. Like most of his 'concerns,' this one is just wasted breath.

Dammit. I had to cancel my offseason vacation plans because of this stupid call up.

I know that's not the real Dom Brown because the real Dom Brown would've posted something like

"Dammit! Dom Brown had to cancel Dom Brown's off-season vacation plans because of this stupid call-up!"

GTowm, Old Phan agrees.

Fata -- re: "quantum mechanics". I believe a "quantum mechanic's" car would have a wheel base of about 2 angstroms or thereabouts. Cool use of punctuation.

Schrödinger did some heavy lifting during the time of Albert Einstein. If I recall correctly, the cat could be both dead and alive inside the theoretical box; the cat's state not being revealed until the box was opened. Cat lovers everywhere were horrified.

Back to baseball (cat department): How 'bout them Tigers?! Late bloomer department: Mayberry leads ?? in slugging since when? Geesh I'm a fan, but I hope he doesn't flame out during the playoffs.

Cut, nice catch!

I only wish I were clever enough to have meant to use the apostrophe on purpose.

No posts for a half hour?

Everyone scoreboard watching ?

cut-fastball: I live in Michigan and the buzz about the Tigers here is pretty exciting. They seem to think they're gonna win every time they play, just like a certain team we root for.

yo, newer thread

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