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Sunday, August 21, 2011


ahhh, back from vacation. did i miss anything?

nice segment on the Sports Reporters about the Phils. Lupica was claiming that the Phils are perhaps the biggest draw in all of baseball right now. nice!

Any BLers headed to CBP South today? In section 135..

It's a great day to beat the Wang

Do I need to repost something about beating Wang ?

Re: "yayberry". I was an early and rabid advocate of what I saw as JMJ's raw baseball skills (speed, amazingly graceful center field play; good power when he made contact). I often cited his opening day walk-off hit as "proof" that he was good at baseball (SSS???!!!).

Then he got sent down. When I whined about that, as I am wont to do, b_a_p admonished me for my lament; citing Mayberry's 2,000 undistinguished PAs in the minor leagues. Undeterred, I kept whining, and JMJ came back with a new swing and began to hit for extra bases -- frequently. The rest is SSS history.

I'm stuck -- JMJ has to be Werth 2.0; I've staked my tiny little Beerleaguer reputation on it. Regardless, he's a nice player who is likely speeding up Raul's confrontation with his baseball mortality at this very moment.

rauls granpda: You don't want to overdo the Wang beating. You could go blind that way.

Grandpa, Grandma is not going to be happy about you thinking about beating Wang this afternoon.

i believe it is the beatee who goes blind, not the beater.

Saw a good explanation on last thread about why the Phils cut Cust: To give him a chance to hook up with another team. He also may have had a clause in his deal that said the Phils had to decide by certain date if they'll put him on the roster when they expand.

Cust's signing coincided with Brandon Moss turning red hot. His OPS is now up to .880 and unlike Cust, Moss, who's also LH, can run and field. His power is decent.

Best guess? The Phils decided to add Moss to the MLB roster and, out of courtesy to the vet, let him know he wouldn't make the team. He asked to be freed to sign with another team and they granted his wish.

It will be interesting to see if Moss is recalled before Aug. 31 so he'll be eligible for post-season.

You guys and your innuendo. It's too early for Old Phan, or he'd be part of your circle.


Good to see a superior outing by Oswalt. And I have a feeling Doc's gonna be super motivated today after his last outing.

I hope Hunter jacks Wang over the fence

If Wang gets hitters in the hole early, he could go deep into the game. Either way, based on the forecast, sounds like he's going to get wet.

hib to the jib

Wang will be sticking it middle-in to batters topday

Exactly what I come here for. Mature, well informed baseball talk.



Wang hanging low on the sinkerballs

I'm glad there are not wide receivers or tight ends in baseball.

Wang trying to backdoor the slider down and hard

I'm anticipating a Wang vs Bush clash in September.

Hopefully, Wang doesn't get cocky and try to put the hard stuff under anybody's chin, but if he does, I hope they smack him raw.

I've heard Wang swings a big stick.

Wang may go high and hard, hoping that Phils batters will chase

Wheels has decided to take himself out of the booth today. He hasn't been embarrassed of a situation like this since his wife made him go to Hoover "Darn"

Oh Boy.

gobaystars!!: I'm as disturbed by it today as I was last night.

I hope it becomes his signature move and Fox/ESPN talk about it the way they talked about the Nomar batting glove ritual.

Wilson mentioned that he was overly excited or overanxious during that AB in the star-of-game interview.

More "perfectly innocent" gangland style violence with San Fran and Oakland fans barely getting coverage today.

Moss has flown under the radar all season even though he's probably LV's MVP. I like the idea of adding him and I bet he'll get a couple starts in September if the Phils remain well ahead of the Braves.

Here's my mini-scouting report on Brandon Moss:

Drafted 8th round by Red Sox out of HS in GA, he didn't show much his first two seasons in A ball. But in the Sally League at age 20 he had a breakout year, .917 OPS, and was the league MVP.

That got him on the prospect radar and he peaked at #72 on BA's Top 100 list in 2005.

He showed moderate power, a strong throwing arm, but below-average speed and a propensity to strike out. He wound up repeating both Double A and Triple A, mostly due to the strikeouts, but he improved each time.

He made the Red Sox out of ST in 2008 and was hitting .295 as a backup when they dealt him to the Pirates in a 3-way deal with the Dodgers that sent Jason Bay to the Sox, Manny to LA and Andy LaRoche to Pitts.
Another terrible Pirates trade.

The Pirates gave him more P.T. and he became exposed as a guy who didn't walk enough to offset a low BA and struck out in bushels. This was confirmed in 2009 when he started 95 games at the corner OF spots while posting a 19.8% K rate and 8% BB rate with little power (.364 SLG).

He spent most of 2010 in Trip A and then became a 6-year minor league free agent, signed by the Phillies.

At LV he's still striking out a lot, but he's walking more (12.7%) and hitting for more power (.245 ISO).

Despite his lack of speed, he's a savvy OF who knows how to position himself (thus a +8 career UZR150) and has a good arm.

An upgrade over Gload?

Certainly a question worth asking.

Moss has really grown on me.


It says something about the discourse on this board when "hib to the jib" is the most mature thing posted. Yet I'm still laughing. That Wilson Valdez video has gotta be part of the year end review. Anyway to splice that next to Hoppy Whiteside's dance merged into his face plant?

On a more serious note, the Moss theories are intriguing....

I'm looking forward to a classic Sarge-ism today.

"Howard jerks off the pitch from Wang!"

Moss is one of these guys who was once pretty highly regarded, but kind of fizzled out and is now at the age where conventional wisdom holds that he's too old for meaningful improvement. Except that sometimes conventional wisdom is wrong and 27 or 28-year olds do meaningfully improve like, say, John Mayberry or Michael Morse. So what the hay. I'm all for giving him a shot. It's not like Gload is doing anything to help us.

Wang has no chance today.

He should just pull out now.

Some of this humor is pretty half-cocked.

After the Phillies beat Wang,Wang will be inserted into the Nats bullpen

Zolecki (via Twitter): "We've got lightning and thunder in the distance at Nationals Park. Dubee must be a little nervous with Halladay set to pitch."


It's gon' rain:

Current NEXRAD Image

I'm fairly certain an acute case of drippy Wang is a bad thing. Luckily, there's a Doctor in the house.

I have a bone to pick with whoever started this thread.

I noticed Flores is starting today - does he usually receive Wang?

et tu, bap?

et three, CJ?

DH Phils: I believe Wang deflowered Flores some time ago.

If weather becomes an issue, Johnson might need to jerk Wang early. Could be a messy afternoon.

Whiskey tango foxtrot?

Remember when Wang was considered the next Johnson in NY?

Wouldn't "yank" work better there?

Odds are with our offense, Johnson will be furiously yanking Wang in short order anyway.

NEPP: Far be it from me to tell Davey how to handle his Wang.

Wouldn't it make more sense to "start" Herndon in case of an early rain delay again?

I just want to say that I hate Michael Morse's batter's box ritual. Makes me want to see him get hit in the hip. I know he hasn't batted in 15 hours. My doctor says too much caffeine makes me irritable.

Will the Phils be able to pull balls off Wang?

Don't you mean hib to the jib?

It's good to have Vic back.

Did Chase Utley always hit this many lazy faly balls to left field?

Speaking of which, Vic could've stolen 2B at least 3 times already. I'm not sure what the hesitation is.

Sh8t, Pence hits it right to Wong.

Ugh. Just get a damn leadoff batter out once in awhile, Roy. Please. I'm begging you.


Why is Halladay already sweating like it's the 8th inning?

Look like we're in for another episode of "Halladay Gets Stern With The Plate Ump" between innings.


Jerry Meals is notorious for calling a poor strike zone.

He's living up to his reputation today.

Still, Doc is off so far.

TMac about Werth: "There were times last year where he didn't hit well with runners in scoring position."

Yeah, it was called the entire season.

Charlie gets tossed early this afternoon.

Doc, stop yelling at other players and the umpire, and start getting the batters out.

That had nothing to do w/ Meals. I only saw 1, maybe 2 Pitches of the 27 Pitches Halladay threw called incorrectly. 27 Pitches (20 Strikes, 7 Balls). He's just getting hit.

Would anybody else like to get Doc some rest? Or shortened outings? See if he can recharge for the postseason?

How many games left to clinch a playoff berth?

GBrettfan: I don't know about the Wild Card, but the Magic Number for the NL East is 30 coming into today, w/ the Phils & Braves having a combined 73 Games left to play.

As much as Espinosa is supposed to be the better fielder than Desmond, I seem to see him drop balls, and slip in the field more often than his middle infield counterpart.

Love you, Chooch!

CHOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

If I were a Nats fan, I'd be fantasizing about Jimmy Rollins at short next year.

could that have been the worst home run call of all time? wow.


(suck it Nats announcers!)

Magic Number for playoffs is 22.

In TBag's defense, I thought that had no chance of being a home run off the bat.

Thanks, GTown...30 games still? ATL needs to start losing some so we can give Halladay & Lee a bit of a respite.

Ok. 22 sounds better. But we don't only want a playoff spot, we want top seed, now that I think about it.

When you gut to the chase, Wang is likely to shrivel under pressure

Thanks, by the way, Fata.

Which is more advantageous...Home field advantage, or a rested rotation/team? Is it worth sacrificing (potentially) some wins to get some rest for our guys? Or is the whole lotsa innings/pitches thing overblown?

In other news, Giants closer Brian Wilson DLed. Too bad....for them! I hope he stays there until ST.

GBrett, we're probably going to clinch the best record in the NL with about 2 weeks left in the regular season.

We'll get a chance to rest the regulars.

By the way, John Mayberry Jr. has a higher OPS/OPS+ than Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.

Of course, though, he's on the bench today while our regular with the second lowest OPS on the field (only worsted by Mini-Mart), who's a poor defender, is manning LF.

Great. Looks like J-Roll hurt himself on that throw last inning.

Those of you who want to see Mini-Mart and Valdez on the field at the same time to determine the 'Who sucks more?' debate, you might be getting your wish here soon.

Crap on the JRoll wince.

Isn't it great to feel like we're bound to clinch best record with time to spare?

Nice HR!!

Utley pounds Wang

Yay, Chase!!

Rollins is out of the game.

Franzke: "With Wang on the mound you don't need to struggle to find a way to squeeze in a station ID."

L.A.: "You can do it in the middle of his wind-up."

I don't think I can handle an injury to Jimmy Rollins right now.

Let me first state the following, & w/ emphasis: I do not wish injury upon ANY Phillies player.

That said, why is it never, say, Raul IbaƱez who has to leave the game?

What happened to Jimmy?

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