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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We need Godzilla. King of the Reptiles.

After the single to start the ninth it was time for Bastardo. Seriously, why are we over-working the starters?

At least it's another nail in the Giants coffin.

So since July 3, Gload has had 20 ABs (all PHs) with 2 doubles and just 1 RBI. 1 BB and 7 Ks.

Definitely could use an upgrade for the playoffs if possible.

I wonder if any useful 3b's have made it through waivers already.

congrats to Schwimmer for getting a shot at the bigs. hope he does well

MG: It would be an upgrade to let someone else take his ABs. Clearly they're not gonna get rid of the guy, but that's no reason to force his use, either. Mayberry, pinch running ... seriously?

Would it be worth it to use Brown as the left handed bat in the playoffs off the bench? Or should we rely on getting a guy like Thome/Matsui? Or hope that Cust can get himself together.

Phils are a really good team but they definitely could use a few tweaks (3B, LH bat off the bench) though before the playoffs to a few areas where they have some notable weaknesses.

Schwimer, according to the Morning Call.

Bastardo vs. Overbay = W. You blew it, Chuck.

TTI - Really going to be interesting to watch because carrying Gload on the roster if he isn't even PH makes him useless.

Ok, now people are second-guessing Charlie for leaving Roy Halladay in the game in the the middle of a career-high K performance? Tip your hat to the Snakes and shake it off. Leave Charlie alone on this one.

VOR - Your joking right?

From that picture, the only likeness to Polly is the size of the head.

I was expecting J-Roll to deliver the clutch hit there, but no such luck.

Rollins is hitting .213 over the past 23 Games. What he did tonight is pretty much what he has been doing.

Agree totally Halladay should have been pulled after the Upton single. Roy was at 100 pitches to start the inning and both Bastardo and Mad Dog had been warming the previous inning so it wouldn't have taken many pitches to get loose. Bad move by Charlie.

Dave - Not only that but Putz (high heat and a great splitter) is a terrible matchup for JRoll. JRoll can't handle hit heat any more and has always chased the split.

Make no mistake, UC blew this one. What is the upside of leaving Roy in there for the ninth at 100 pitches with the division securely in hand? After the first single? After the second? Why bother getting Madson and Bastardo up if you are not going to use them? Why did they not start warming up until the middle of the bottom of the eighth?

The biggest concern about this team has to be that the manager makes these type of tactical errors in critical spots once the playoffs begin.

"The biggest concern about this team has to be that the manager makes these type of tactical errors in critical spots once the playoffs begin."

Cholly isn't the biggest concern with this team. There are several much bigger concerns with the actual players including the middle relievers (Lidge, Stutes), 3B and the health of Polanco, Oswalt, and the LH bat off the bench.

Thank you, Ed Wade, for turning down Jim Leyland. Thanks a lot.

When Cholly goes by the book, he gets accused of rigid thinking and why can't he think outside the box? When he does think outside the box, people accuse him of not playing the odds or doing something that should be obvious. I guess it's the manager's job to take the heat.
8 great innings by Doc and one lousy one. No worries, they'll win tomorrow. It seems like instead of winning the first 2 games and losing the last, they are now losing the first game and winning the next 2. Either way, they'll win this series.

Todd Zolecki-
Halladay has lost 15 complete games in his career. This is the first one he lost taking a lead into the 9th inning at home.

With a one run lead i'm saying great night doc and not letting him see the ninth. Not when you have a solid bullpen like we do. C'est la vie. If the bp does come in the 9th and blow it then cholly gets heat for pulling halladay.

Lest we forget, this would have been a much different game had pence and howards not k'd 5 times.

we lost a close game to a very hot ball club. Would have been nice to put out their fire a bit tonight but we'll get them tommorrow.

You never use your closer at home going into the 9th with a one run lead. Charlie did the right thing.

Not joking, MG. I echo Old Phan's feelings.

"I used to pull my hair out over losses like these in the early days of Beerleaguer"

I expected the punch line to be, "Now I no longer have any hair to pull out."

Manager's job is to put his players in a reasonable spot to succeed. Cholly didn't do that tonight.

Fine that Halladay came out for the 9th. Still, Cholly had both Madson and Bastardo warming at the start of the inning since Halladay was already at 100 pitches coming into the 9th & only had a 1 run lead.

Even leaving Halladay in after Upton got the leadoff single even though Halladay is easy to run on & Upton has good speed. After the base hit to Montero, Cholly should have lifted him for Madson to face Young (1-6 with 1 K). At the very least, he should have brought in Bastardo to face Overbay.

What was completely baffling was that even after the 2B by Overbay in a 1-run game is that Cholly still left Halladay out there to face Burroughs, Parra, and Goldschimdt. Halladay was completely gassed. He was beet red, breathing heavily, and clearly laboring with each pitch. Yet Cholly left him in there. It was a clear managing FAIL.

Both Madson/Bastardo were completely rested & ready to go. Instead Cholly essentially let his starter dictate what would happen & it was the wrong move. If Cholly brings in Madson or Bastardo & they don't execute, then it is on the player for not doing their job. Not Cholly.

It baffles me how anyone could defend how Cholly managed the 9th inning tonight. It was one of his worst performances all year. Maybe his worst.

Halladay's number in late in games this year:

.429/.455/.476 with a 5.79 ERA in 5 G coming into tonight in the 9th inning

4+ PA in a G: .286/.338/.349 (63 ABs in 15 G)

101+ pitches: .267/.295/.360 (75 ABs in 21 G)

Halladay is a horse but his numbers are weaker really late in games this year and they are across the board.

'Man has got to know his limitations' and it is the manager's job to know when his guy is has had it & needs his teammates to pick him up.

Beerleaguer is a far more interesting place when there is controversy because you have a divergence of opinions expressed with a general degree of civility among a fairly knowledgeable & passionate group of fans.

MG, I would have been fine if Cholly had pulled Halladay, but I can understand his thinking in leaving him in. He felt it was Doc's game to win or lose and he really was dealing. One can argue with that philosophy, but a few bad pitches were the difference and it certainly could have gone either way, especially considering this is the only time Doc has blown a game like this. I can forgive Doc and Cholly for this. As a team, how many leads has the team blown this season? Very few.

As somewhat of a joke, I was going to post earlier that I was OK with people bashing Cholly, because at least no one would blame Ryno, then I read this-"Lest we forget, this would have been a much different game had pence and howard not k'd 5 times."

"What was completely baffling was that even after the 2B by Overbay in a 1-run game is that Cholly still left Halladay out there to face Burroughs, Parra, and Goldschimdt."

So he was "gassed," yet managed somehow to get Burroughs and Goldschmidt out (with an IBB to Parra), even while "clearly laboring with each pitch," and the game ended a one-run game. So the move that you find most baffling didn't change the outcome one iota.

He had just struck out the side in a completely dominating performance in the 8th, yet after one batter in the 9th, he was
"clearly laboring with each pitch?"

One way or another, MG - despite the abundant evidence to the contrary (look at the unexpected quality in performance of Stutes, Worley, Durbin, Park, Moyer, Happ, Eyre, Bastardo, old man Moyer, etc. Look at the performance of Happ and Myers after leaving the Phil) - you are bound and determined to prove that your evaluation that Charlie doesn't manage pitchers well will stand up.

Old Phan - It made no sense to leave in Halladay after the Overbay double. Game was still within in a run there. It was just baffling to see Halladay still out there.

It was frustrating to watch this offense get shutdown tonight by a guy tonight (Collmester) who threw 2 pitches all night - a straight as an arrow 88-90 MPH 4-seam fastball and a changeup.

Yeah he was locating pretty well but the Phils were largely hacking away up there tonight. Swinging at way too many fastballs that were letter-high and changeups down & away. Just not a good night at the plate except by Utley and Halladay. Not surprised by Utley. One of the few regulars on this team who can consistently hit changeups. Halladay though probably had what will be the best offensive night of his career.

Saw this on Good Phight:

"CGs don’t mean much if they turn into losses—or, for that matter, needlessly close games. Here are all Doc’s starts of 8IP or more this season.

4/13 @ WSH: 9IP, W, 2ER in 9th
4/24 @ SD: 8.2IP, W, ER in 9th
4/30 v. NYM: 9IP, W, ER in 4th
5/10 @ FLA: 8IP, L, ER in 3rd, R in 8th
5/15 @ ATL: 8IP, L, ER in 4th, ER in 6th, ER in 8th
5/20 v. TEX: 8IP, W, ER in 1st, ER in 8th
6/26 v. OAK: 9IP, W, ER in 4th
7/2 @ TOR: 9IP, W, ER in 4th, 2ER in 5th
7/24 v. SD: 9IP, W, ER in 1st, ER in 4th, R in 4th
8/16 v. ARI: 9IP, L, ER in 1st, 2ER in 9th

Make of this what you will, by my main observations are:
that six of ten cases constitutes a pattern that at least ought to be taken into account when managing a pitcher;
-that the 8.2 inning outing was the game in which Bastardo got a one-pitch flyout save in relief of Doc-in other words, it could have been a good precedent for tonight; and
-that every outing above resulted in a decision for Doc (obviously, this is a function of his being in the games for so long, but I still think it’s important to note. These are not instances in which Halladay is “keeping us in” the game; they’re instances in which we live or die by his pitching. The offense isn’t letting him off the hook, and no other pitchers are becoming the pitchers of record. The outcome hinges entirely on the runs Doc does or doesn’t allow.)

All this considered, I don’t think it was a mistake to send him out for the ninth. But I definitely think it was a mistake to leave him in after two no-out singles, and perhaps even after the leadoff single."

Pretty easy to tell who 'Albert Ross' is and yeah if a guy who is beet red and puffing on the mound doesn't tell you a guy is gassed then I don't know what will.

Does Halladay have to sit down on the pitching rubber? Maybe layout on the infield grass?

It is kind of hilarious how Cholly clearly makes some boneheaded pitching decisions tonight yet you still universally defend him.

Albert Ross - You are arguing that Cholly should have left Halladay in after he gave up the 2B to Overbay? It wasn't a better play to bring in Bastardo to face the two upcoming LH bats in Burroughs/Parra?

One thing I haven't seen anybody mention: if Manuel goes to Bastardo against Overbay, Gibson almost definitely counters with Goldschmidt. Lyle Overbay has been awful all year. I don't think it was crazy to make the move that keeps him in the game. Would I have gone to Madson? Probably.

Also, Halladay had retired the previous 12 batters, 8 with strikeouts, and was at about 100 pitches on a comfortable night going into the 9th. I don't blame Manuel at all for letting him start the 9th.

I don't put this one on Cholly or Halladay. This loss is on the hitters. They had ample opportunities to score more runs against a very mediocre pitcher and did not get it done tonight.

Who is that guy Albert Ross? He does make some slammin' arguments.

I would have pulled him, MG.

I just think that Charlie is consistent in his patterns, and in the end, his consistency works at a number of levels. One of those levels is that the players, for the most part, know what to expect, and are given a relatively high level of autonomy to prove their worth.

The team has among the least blown leads in baseball. Although he is criticized virtually every night on this blog for his late-game decisions, one way or the other no matter what he decides, (and frequently by you), he makes a successful decision far more often than not. We can debate about right or wrong, but his success is unarguable. My guess is that if any of our Beerleague band of brothers were at the helm, their success rate would be lower than Chuck's.

Really, this loss is all on the coaching staff. You can't leave Halladay in no matter what he (Roy) says. After the first hit, you go to the bullpen. That's what they're for, for god's sake.

The team is there to win the game, the team, not Halladay. Dubee and Charley have to do their jobs. Halladay has a responsibility too, but someone needs to step up and take charge and make the change.

This was miserable, your starter gives you eight strong and you let him struggle in the ninth for what, so he can get a complete game?

Complete game loss? How does this help your team? Are you saying you don't trust the bullpen, fully rested?

This was a game the Phils should have won. All the rah rah "we'll get 'em tomorrow" stuff is crap. This is a team we may face in the playoffs. We should have sent a message now that we can't be beat. That we're the better team.

We have the players to do this. We need for the coaching staff to do their job and put the team into the best position to win.

They didn't do that tonight.

If the relievers come in and cough up the lead, oh well, that's baseball. But you have bullpen pitchers for a reason, let them do their jobs. Letting Halladay throw a 120 pitches in a loss is not an optimal outcome.

What MG said is true, this may have been Manuel's worst managing effort ever.

I think at this point, any less wear-and-tear we can keep off of Halladay, Lee and Hamels, the better.

If that means taking them out 1 batter earlier then usual or 1 inning earlier then usual, then you do it.

If that means giving them 1 or 2 extra days off between starts, then do that.

In the BIG PICTURE, is it better for this team to keep the miledge down on your aces for when it truly matters or trying to squeeze a few extra pitches or innings out in a pretty meaningless game in mid August?

Had no problem with Halladay starting the 9th. He was barely over 100 pitches. If he can get 3 quick outs (which it looked like he probably would) then he finishes it. If he gets into any trouble, get him out. That simple. In October against Milwaukee, maybe you leave him in. In August, you get him out.

From now on, we should manage this team like its already in the playoffs. Because it basically is. Atlanta is not catching them. The Phils schedule in the next few weeks is baby butt soft. They can roll the ball out there and win 2 out of 3 against the Mets and Nats and Reds and Marlins.

Really no need to push Halladay past 110 pitches anymore this year. Doesn't matter how well he is pitching. Same with Lee. Same with Hamels.

Plus its more important to get the bullpen sorted out anyway. We need to figure out who can be counted on down there and who we aren't sure about. Pitching in 8-1 games isn't going to do that. Pitching in close games will.

Gload hasnt been doing much of Nada lately. Give Orr a shot.

"Would it be worth it to use Brown as the left handed bat in the playoffs off the bench? Or should we rely on getting a guy like Thome/Matsui? Or hope that Cust can get himself together."

I've been reading and enjoying this blog for some time now...........and for years the cry has been for a right handed bat off the bench. Perhaps now the "bats" are in place, and something more is needed to create a fully balanced team? Just wondering.

I was on board with Halladay coming out for the ninth and even after he gave up the hit to Upton. After the hit by Montero, with our two best relievers rested and warmed up in the bullpen, he should've been gone.

I'm just really at a loss to understand why Manuel would have Madson and Bastardo ready to go- both on several days of rest- for the ninth, and then when Halladay immediately got in trouble, he let them stand out there playing with themselves for the rest of the game. Why? What could have possibly happened that would have actually made him feel compelled to bring one of them in the game?

Is it because Halladay is untouchable? I know no one wants to say anything bad about Roy, and it's actually more of a criticism of Manuel to say this, but is Cholly afraid to take Roy out of a game in the ninth because it's 'his' game? He didn't even go out to the mound last night for a courtesy visit like he has in the past. Is he worried Halladay is going to throw a fit if he gets pulled from the game?

It was only one game, and these types of games almost never happen anymore, but it was pretty frustrating to watch Manuel just sit there on his hands when the game could have easily been won by giving the ball to the back-end of the bullpen.

This one is clearly on Manuel. Roy had an unblieveable night with 14Ks but when he's noticably tired, it's August, he's thrown over 170 innings so far, you've got two fresh shutdown bullpen arms in the pen ready to go, how is this not the time to make the call to the pen?

I would be more infuriated if the team only had a 2 game lead over the Braves but we can all shrug this one off and say it wasn't our night. But we can also say I think confidently this game should've been a W if the manager had made the easy and right decision.

you iced it, man. funny how we won't see any postgame comments from roy. when did he turn into steve carlton?

Are the Diamondbacks a version of the 2010 Giants? The Phillies have lost 3 of 4 to them now and anything can happen in a short series (assuming they win the West).

I'm not saying the loss is on Charlie. I mean, come one, they only score 2 runs. CG, 3ER should be good enough for a win.

But, I'm not necessarily saying that the loss is not on Charlie either. Why warm up Bastardo AND Madson if it's "Roy's game to win or lose"? Seems bizarre to me.

bullit, Halladay works out for an hour after each game so he generally doesn't speak to the media immediately after a game. He doesn't avoid them, he just outlasts them.

I think the phils are something like 66-2 when leading after 8 innings. Does that mean Charlie made 66 correct decisions and 2 bad decisions?

whitey: I'm not condoning some of the simpletons on BL that blame Manuel for every single loss and call him a 'moron' based on every decision he makes that goes wrong. But he messed up last night and the team paid for it.

I stick up for Cholly a majority of the time here, but even I can't think of a single reason why he would have warmed up Madson and Bastardo for the ninth and didn't use them after Halladay gave up consecutive hits to start the inning, or even after he blew the lead for that matter.

Polly playing DL Bingo on same day as his bobble night = nowhere as bad as= Rolen insisting on sitting for Rolen day back in the day: discuss...,

Frustrating to lose the game, but it happens. Personally, I was more frustrated with the hitting, missing opportunities and being dominated by yet another mediocre slop baller. Also see this as more of a playoff problem going forward. Any way you slice it, the pitchers only gave up three runs. That's a winnable game.

With the wisdom of hindsight, I would agree that this time Cholly's policy of going "all in" with his veterans may have cost the game.

However there is a track record for Halladay of locking down opponents and not letting them off the hook, a history of complete games and being able to work out of jams, a strong 8th inning, and yes, perhaps a bit of deference from Cholly to a guy who works harder than anyone and probably knows his own limitations as well as anyone.

My preference (again with the wisdom of hindsight) would have been to start him and give him a one baserunner leash. But given all the above, I don't think Cholly's decision was off the rails, either.

And what would we be saying if Bastardo had come in and laid an egg? Can we honestly say we wouldn't be lambasting Cholly for not letting the best pitcher in the game finish things off like he usually does?

Having said that, I'll go against it and hope last night may have been a wake up call for Cholly (yeah, right)and that he will start to emphasize preserving arms a bit more. Course that could cost a few winnable games in the short term, too.

Posted it above from Good Phight but teams have been able to do damage fairly routinely late in games this year when he goes 8-9 IP scoring at least 1 R in 6 of the 10 times this year including last night.

I couldn't make the time to watch the game, but this was a bitter loss. Collmenter, Paterson, Shaw and Putz all have respectable 2011 numbers. Yet once again, an "insanely great" (quoting Apple's Steve Jobs) pitching effort by a Phillie's ace (Halladay's 14 Ks????) is wasted by a dithering offense (Howard and Raul were hitless; the team was 0-6 with RISP).

What's the new MO -- everybody hangs around until Shane hits it out? Shouldn't the Phillies ratchet it up a notch when Doc pitches? Bunt, steal, do whatever it takes to get the tying run across. Ross Gload is probably a professional hitter, but when are the Phils' going to get a real HR threat off the bench? Why not take a chance and let Chooch run, saving RFD for the pinch hit spot? Doesn't Mayberry have a franchise on big hits late in games this year?

Thome’s clearing waivers all the way to the Phils like I’m getting a Ferrari for Christmas. Unless Manual decides to defer more to Mayberry in late-inning opportunities, I suppose a relatively punchless bench is a defect the team's needs to live with for the rest of the year.

I’m also firmly in MG’s camp with regards to spelling Doc with 2 on in the 9th. Use Bastardo – he’s equally effective vs. lefties and righties, no? Charlie’s deference to Doc is at the peril of Doc’s well-being. I’ve read heat exhaustion victims are somewhat more vulnerable to another bout shortly thereafter. Shouldn’t Charlie have used common sense and pulled Doc when his face turned that shade of red? C’mon Charlie, be a player’s manager; save Doc from himself!

Luckily most slop ballers won't be starting in the playoffs.

Lost 3 of 4 to of those was the game Oswalt had mentally checked out to head home to check out the storm damage. The other 2 are definitely gloom and doom material though.

Brutal loss last night.

Doc simply hit a wall going into the!t happens.

Good to see Michael Schwimer up in the Majors finally. Can we all start spelling his name right now? Only one "m" in it.

Albert Ross - "Although he is criticized virtually every night on this blog for his late-game decisions"

Yeah Cholly has been painted as an incomptent boob lately almost all of the time. BS. Go back and read through most of the recent game threads. Criticism of Cholly has been almost nonexistent and rightly so.

There are maybe 4-5 games I can think of this year where Cholly really m@cked up late or made a series of head-scratching moves during a game. This was one of them.

I’ve read heat exhaustion victims are somewhat more vulnerable to another bout shortly thereafter.
As a heat exhaustion victim in the past, I played softball last night and I was surprised how affected I was by the heat on a seemingly decent evening. I spent half the game rubbing ice on myself.

When did Lyle Overbay turn into Pete Rose?

As far as Polanco goes, just look at Ibanez when they tried to ride it out with him and how much he fell of the planet. As much as Martinez and Valdez don't inspire me, I can't imagine Polanco doing much better nursing a hernia. I'm really starting to hope a capable 3rd baseman clears waivers.

I have 0 problem with Doc starting the 9th.

But I do think it was Bastardo time(or Madson) once Overybay was up with 2 men on. He already was 2-3 for on the nite off Doc and using Bastardo vs him is basically as much of a guaranteed out as you can possibly have in the MLB, percantage-wise.


Point taken. Having late inning trouble 60% of the time is enough to give concern for sure.

Just curious,

Anyone have any data on "run distribution" for lack of a better word?

I get it that the offense is much improved since Chase came back, since the addition of Pence, and since the injuries abated a bit. On runs per game it stacks up well.

But I do wonder about how the team hammers out a big number one night and goes utterly dormant the next, seemingly again and again. Understandable against Lincecum or Cain, but against some of the other guys they face, not so much.

Not complaining really, but I'm curious if there really is a "feast or famine" factor with this particular team, or if they are right in the range of what other teams do from night to night. Sometimes I think we (me, anyway) way overfocus because we're so vested in the team each and every game - often seeing the trees but not the forest.

Awesome to see Schwimer called up, I dont see any reason he can't perform as well as(or even better) than Stutes has.

Polanco is like a used car without a certified pre-owned warranty.

Thannkks, NEEEPPP

Cholly, though appearing to be dumb on occasion, is secretly a diabolical genius. The stealth plan is to keep the Giants out of the playoffs. Watch Lee groove a few pitches tonight for homers and Vanimal will pitch like a rookie, reverting back to his statistical norm. Phils get swept, the D-Backs look invincible, while the Phillies team celebrates out of view in the sunken hidden bunker built beneath the Cholly mansion later this week. Eat a big one Brian Wilson!

Its pretty unlikely that a 3rd will clear that's a noticeable improvement over Valdez. But they should be able to do better then Gload. Unfortunate about his hip, but that's just the way it is.

Fred, whatever you're smoking, I want some, too.

The same critics complaining that Charlie should have taken Halladay out would be the same ones complaining that Charlie should Have left Halladay in if the bullpen had coughed up the lead, as sometimes happens. I was at the game last night and the fans were quite a bit more understanding about the loss than most of the posters on BL. I'm sure Charlie knew he would get crucified if Halladay failed in the 9th. With some posters, Charlie just can't win.

Gload looked atrocious last night. I didn't know a bum hip completely removed all plate discipline.

LakeFred: Agreed.

If Schwimer can pitch around tough LHBs, he should be a very nice addition to the BP.

On last night: What are the statistical odds of a run scoring with no outs, runners on 1st and 2nd?

Not saying Madson/Bastardo wouldn't shut them down but what are the actual odds. Also, Doc did a fantastic job preventing the bunt...and then promptly grooved one to score 2 unfortunately.

"On last night: What are the statistical odds of a run scoring with no outs, runners on 1st and 2nd?"

Do general odds really matter a lot in that situation? Isn't it pretty different for that situation with say, Halladay vs. Kendrick or Baez vs. Bastardo? (Or maybe it isn't...just felt it was a relevant point to bring up.)

First - great photo of Polance. It almost makes him look like a bobblehead, though.

Second - I was on the bubble with Doc. In retrospect, sure, it should been our Bastard. But at the time, I thought it was a "six of one" call. Doc's pitch count was not that high. And the second single was hit on a pitch way out of the strike zone.

Third - The offense is almost as culpable as Halladay/Charlie. I mean really - top of the order, no out, guy on second against a pitcher you've had three PAs against already in the game? No brainer. J-Roll and Vic and Uts should have gotten Roy in.

Four - Great to see Schim, who's a great guy, get the call up.

Five - By keeping Gload until September, they can DL him for the play-offs, if they want, and call up anyone on the 40 man roster - to match their needs. Clever strategy - though it's probably not what they're doing.

Six - Phils drafted and signed at least 8 position players on the left side of the infield. Some are moving elsewhere (i.e. Asche to 2B, Quinn to CF), but some might actually be SS/3Bs in the system.

Seven - (as per MG) If Rollins can't handle high heat, and can't handle slow slop, what CAN he hit?

1st/2nd 1 out falls to under 1: .963

I didnt follow game thread but, Chris Young continuing to bunt was such an awful managerial move. Way worse than anything Charlie did.

Heather: Gload had an awful atbat, but biting on an 0-2 splitter after getting 93mph fastballs blown by you is not really a sign of poor plate discipline, its just getting dominated, plain and simple.

There wasn't a whole lot of plate discipline last night. Particularly frustrating to me was Pence striking out on ball 4 with the bases loaded.

While I have no mathematical equation to back me up on this, I think last night's win may be helpful in the long run. The Phils may have become complacent. Last night reminded them that they can still lose ball games that they normally win. It showed that a potential playoff opponent can beat a Halladay 14 strikeout performance. Maybe that loss will help the Phils focus (or re-focus) and not take anything for granted.

I think you bring in Bastardo to face Overybay considering Overbay seemed to have Halladay's number yesterday.
But that's second guessing...the offense should have put up at least one more run; Pence swinging on Ball 4 with the bases loaded was too easy to predict.

Pence is an aggressive, energetic player, which is good. But when batteries know that you're going up there hacking, it gives them an unnecessary edge. Chollie needs to give him a lesson on becoming more selectively aggressive.

I think the Phillies have brought up Schwimmer at the right time. He's new and hitters don't have a good book on him yet. Hopefully he'll have enough to make an impact a la Stutes and Worley. Good luck to him.

"One thing I haven't seen anybody mention: if Manuel goes to Bastardo against Overbay, Gibson almost definitely counters with Goldschmidt."

Dh Phils,

Bastardo's 2011 splits:

vs. RHB: .106/.198/.170

vs. LHB .151/.224/.351

Point: Bastardo should have been brought in after Halladay gave up the 2 base hits. Period. If Charlie was worried about Halladay's ego/feelings, well...that's something he can smooth over later. No pitcher, especially of Halladay's calibre, EVER wants to come out of a game. If Roy has a problem he's a big enough boy to deal with it. If he doesn't want to come out of a game...don't start off an inning like that in a one run game.


Agreed. Some losses are disheartening. This, where a W gets away like it did, is one that ticks you off. My guess is they'll be ready to go.

Charlie's decision to leave Halladay in was eerily similar to his decision to stick with his pal, Pedro Martinez in the 09 Series game against the Yankees.

It's easy to be right about Tuesday night on Wednesday afternoon.

Joe, I watched the game as it unfolded. If you did too, than you had to wonder why Bastardo and Madson were ready if they were never going to be used. No Monday morning quaterbacking. I questioned Charlie's decision to stick with Doc after, not one nor two but THREE hits. And still he left him out there. On a day when Hamels' report was not good, he left another ace out there way too long.

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