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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


85 wins matches the season totals for the 1965 season and the 2006 season that was the last year without at least a division title.

Halladay really cut them up tonight. What was the Reds broadcasters talking about when they were talking about "Down Lousiana" or something like that. Something about a curveball-Memphis and New Orleans. Anyone got some insight?

#Phillies starting pitchers in this series so far: 13 IP, 4 hits allowed. Oh, and the Reds have the highest-scoring offense in the NL.

David Hale

Doc is 37-12 (.712) in a Phillies uniform now.

And Doc is undefeated when he knocks in 3 runs or more, I'd guess.

I suppose that is one way to catch up to the leaders in the runs/game race.

This team just keeps on rolling. Change tomorrow to get to 40 games over .500 with 30 left to play.

BAP. thanks for the correction. i can blame my brother for that bit of trivia misinformation.

Doc is 37-12 (.712) in a Phillies uniform now.

Add those numbers to Lee (21-11, .656) & Oswalt (13-9, .591), & you've got a grand total of 71-32, .689 -- Not a bad few pick-ups.

Schwimmer optioned. Corresponding move tomorrow.

Phillies up to 4.94 runs/game since May 23rd, starting to run away with the NL lead over that span. Also, as the Red Sox are losing tonight, the Phillies are about to claim the number 2 spot in the majors in run differential per game, trailing only the Yankees.

That probably means the Phillies traded for somebody, right? Otherwise, the move could have waited until the rosters expand on Thursday. Or am I missing something?

Sounds like a trade could be brewing.

Schwimer looked really good tonight. He has three pitches he is comfortable throwing for strikes.

We'll see him back in a week or so.

Thought Lidger's command was pretty decent tonight as well. Only threw about 3 fastballs, but we all know he's a 1 pitch pitcher now.

Now 7.5 games up and 9 games in the loss column? I had a great spot picked out on the bridge here, set up a campfire and everything.

Why does it feel like we're chasing the Braves?!?

F the Braves.

Is this Howard starting his September torridness?

Ice: If you see Phlipper up there let him know the Phils won. It would be a shame to lose either of you. Crushing negaivity would devastate this blog.

Maybe they're just going to bring Perez back to give them a second lefty in the pen?

Howard took a ton of crap early on in that game thread. He must have been reading Beerleaguer in the dugout on his iPhone.

I did think it was ironic after Fata's discussion on what the Big Piece would need to surpass his .900 OPS figure, he tees of twice against Reds pitching.

Also, good look by Grassie on the Pence homer. I always feel mildly disappointed when Pence does anything but get an extra base hit, since I'm an unapologetic homer, and when I saw that off the bat my heart sank a little. I did a cartoon-like double take back to the TV screen when I realized that ball hadn't stopped.

He tees off* twice, I meant to type. Darn fingers. And Jim Beam. But mostly the fingers.

Ish: It's funny. I thought it was gone off the crack of the bat. Thing sounded like a gunshot. That boy has serious power. Ball just jumps of his bat.

btw, Utley's wRC+ for each year of his career:


yep, looks like four years of declining production to me

Just a really good team kicking the crap out of a

2011: 4-1
2010: 5-2
2009: 5-2
2008: 5-3
2007: 4-2
2006: 4-2
2005: 4-3

Phils are 35-15 (.700) vs. Reds in the regular season since Cholly took over. Reds haven't take the season series since '03 (5-4).

Can't even remember the last time the Phils lost a series out in Cincinnati.

Upcoming probables for upcoming week of games:

at Reds-

Wed- Lee versus Willis
Thurs- Worley versus Leake

at Marlin

Fri- Oswalt versus TBA (likely LH Brad Hand)
Sat- Hamels versus Sanchez
Sun- Halladay versus Nolasco


Mon- Lee versus Lowe
Tues- Worley versus Hudson
Wed- Oswalt versus Beachy

Schwimer move is related to adding someone to the 40 man roster before September.

MG- they lost a series out there last year.

Halladay likely moved back into a neck-and-neck race for the Cy Young with Kershaw after tonight.

See if Lee can keep pace tomorrow night. Curious to see how Willis looks too. Always loved watching him pitch at his prime with the Fish. Seems like eons ago though at this point and not just several years.

Iceman - Good catch. Completely forgot about that. I just remembered the 4-game sweep at CBP.

It's a shame we couldn't line up Hamels-Halladay-Lee against Atlanta and just shove the division title down their throats.

My guess? Dom Brown is back up so he can be on the playoff roster.

I don't want Theriot. Get me Gorz or Cappy.

Phils will miss Cueto (Reds best pitcher) in this 4 game series.

They will miss Jurrjins (probably the Braves best pitcher) next week.

And they should miss Gallardo (winningiest Brewers pitcher) in that 4 game series in Milwaukee the end of next week.

BTW, the likely order of pitchers the Phils see in Milwaukee will be Greinke, Narveson, Marcum and Wolf Pack.

Considering the Phils can do the 60-day DL trick with anyone in the organization, it al oats suggests a move for a player not currently in the organization.

Denny b.: No ay Jurrjens is better than Hudson... And he's not as good as a healthy Hanson. He's struggled recently and gave up another 6 earned tonight.

CJ- I'll grant you Hudson, but Jurrjens kills the Phils. I'd rather not see any of them, actually. Or Tommy Hanson.

They should be able to chase Lowe early.

Blanton up Schwimmer down....Moyer will be our Loogy...

CJ - I hope it is for a lefty bat off the bench. Gload hit yet another weak tapper to 1B tonight.

Now 1-11 as a PH in Aug and 3-27 as a PH since June 30th. 3 2Bs with 0 BBs and 8 Ks.

Just about anyone would be an improvement at this point. The fact that he really can't run or play in the field really make it tough to carry him on the postseason roster.

Blanton up? Ugh. Take up space in the pen, get used maybe once a week, and eat a ton of sunflower seeds.

don't you think that soon dom will replace gloads role?

Dom Brown can't run the bases or field either.

Arizona looking like they'll be 6 games up here at the end of the night.

Giants = DOA.

Mark it down. Repeat.

Blanton as a middle reliever? Smells like a bit of a desperation move to me especially if they start using him in higher leverage spots.

It will tell you have almost no confidence they have in either Lidge/Stutes to fill those spots.

You have a guy who struggled to hit 89 MPH on the gun this year with his fastball, doesn't really have a good offspeed pitch that is an 'out' pitch, doesn't have any previous experience as a reliever, has hardly pitched this year, and has notable issues in his career during the 1st inning with his control & getting hit hard at times.

Very curious to see what he decides to keep though and largely shelf though in his offspeed arsenal.

It must be sad as a Giants fan that when your team is down 3 runs, it's pretty much curtains.

I guess we can start discussing the Arizona series now, huh?

The Braves are toast. And better yet, the Giants don't even make the playoffs. Stick the beard. The Phils will be playing games in October again this year. SWEET!

Don't the Giants play the Snakes 6 more times in September?

More and more it looks like this Phils team is eerily similar to the team last year later in the season:

- 3 dominant starters who are pitching well (Halladay/Lee/Hamels vs. Halladay/Hamels/Oswalt)
- A shaky 4th starter who they aren't certain what they will get out in a playoff start (Oswalt vs Blanton)
- An offense being led by their RF (Werth vs. Pence)
- Banged up and hobbled JRoll
- Banged up and hobbled Polanco
- Utley who is still valuable offensively because of his ability to get on base at a good clip but simply doesn't have the pop in his bat that he used to
- Bullpen that is 2-deep and has lots of questions in after that (Madson/Lidge vs. Madson/Bastard)
- Bench largely full of guys who won't be able to help them in key spots or in extra innings

Besides Vic's offense, the two biggest differences right now are actually Mayberry and Worley. Very curious to see how they get utilized especially if Worley heads to the pen to try to shore up the 6th/7th inning.

Yeah Ryno!

Only needs an OPS of 822 in his next 135 PAs to reach .900 OPS on the season (as long as it involves 111 walks). Mayberry falls ever further behind in the race to overtake him as favorite player of Matt H.

More power!

Phils are still only 8th in HRs in NL (129) and 7th in AB/HR (35.6)

Numbers have notably improved though. Since the ASB, they have 47 HRs (4th in NL) and 3rd in AB/HR (28.6).

Not the same raw power they had even 2-3 years ago but notably improved especially earlier in the year. Going to need that power in the postseason because this isn't going to be a team that manufacturers a ton of runs with their base-running abilities.

MG: I'd say Pence is a potential difference maker, too. Werth didn't do jack in the playoffs last season. I'm hoping Pence will prove more valuable.

Matt H, really any combination of walks and HBP that add up to 111.

I think I may have bested you in the how low can you go race:

Howard can post an OPS of .770 and get to a .900 OPS to end the season.

It would involve the following line:

135 PA, 12 AB, 0 H, 104 BB, 19 SF

Nevermind, you can go lower.

.711 OPS

135 PA, 0 AB, 96 BB, 39 SF

I think that's as low as you can go.

Fat - that's just unrealistic.

Doc has more bases-loaded RBI's this year than Utley,Pence,Uggla,Bautista,B.J.Upton,or Vlad! headlines:

Gritty CC helps Yanks close gap on Red Sox

I wonder if they are using the word "gritty" correctly here, at least according to rauls grandpa's glossary of baseball modifiers.

Yeah, I'd give it an AB just to qualify the triple slash. But same idea, 38 SF gets you to .899 OPS.

Which is my long winded way of saying that I am probably responsible for today's outcome.

Wasn't Blanton already eligible for the post-season, since he was on the roster earlier this year?

Matt H, an .899 OPS would be a failure, and wouldn't justify The Contract.

.900 or bust!!

The stat guys love to talk about the contract. I'm an economist, I like that kind of stuff, so here's a deliberately ignorant pass at it:

$$ spent by me on Phillies tickets, paraphernalia, gear (annualized) - $300.

Fraction of hypothetical fixed budget going to Howard (guess, assuming labor costs = 2/3 of total cost) - 7.4%.

$$ spent by said assumption on Howard - $22/year.

Considering that at one point my favorite Phillie was Todd Zeile, I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am that he's gonna be around for a while.

From Godzilla to a Bowker?

John Bowker? Underwhelmed. Might as well have done nothing.

"Bowker plays first base and outfield. That versatility could be attractive on the Phillies’ bench."

Thank God they finally got a player who can play first base, left field, and right field.

John Bowker sounds like a Pro Bowler or an 1800's Vice President, not a future World Champion.

The not versatility, that's useless. How 'bout 3B, SS, Catcher ...

Bowker is a .301 hitter(22-73) as a pinch-hitter in the Majors.

Bowker and Vanimal are both Dirtbags.

Per BR, Bowker represents an upgrade from a -0.3 WAR player to a 0.0 WAR player. Um... great job?

Yeah more versatility! Drop Valdez from the playoff roster for Mini Mart and Gload for Bowker.

Imagine the potential versatility they will have!

although we're also going from a 47 wRC+ hitter to a 38...

repeat after me:
I will not pine for Matsui... I will not pine for Matsui...

I will say this about Bowler. It is not exactly like Brandon Moss is really any better and sadly he probably is an upgrade over Gload at this point.

Probably gets more PT than Francisco too. Francisco hasn't seen any PT since Aug 23. Whopping 8 ABs this month and only 2 starts the last 6 weeks.

Mad Bowser Bowker is the man...!!!

I think Francisco stays above Bowker on the depth chart. Ben is "established" already, and his season and career slashes are well above Bowker's. Plus, he doesn't, as far as I know, have as cool a nickname as "Disco", so there you go.
I feel like this is purely a 'replacing Gload' move.

That said, Bowker's minor league numbers are actually pretty great. Put his locker next to Mayberry's...

*Bowker doesn't* instead of "he doesn't"

UBIK: Bowker don't deserv proper grammer OR spelling. He SUKS.

I distinctly remember when the Giants first called Bowker up in 2008. He'd posted strong minor league and was the toast of the town after he homered in each of his first 2 games, driving in a total of 7 runs in the 2 games. It has been downhill ever since.

He continues to put up good minor league numbers, though, and he's still not terribly old. I'll give the Phillies a liberal benefit of the doubt that maybe they still see some upside there. On the surface, though, it's hard to see how John Bowker would have more upside than Jack Cust.

I had rather the held on to Peter Orr. Im telling you they dont like this guy. Orr can play infield outfied an Mayberry can cover first in the event that Howard goes down. They could of bought up Kratz in case Ruiz goes down...some of these moves this club makes is ? able

Luis: I can't say that I'm terribly inspired by John Bowker, but he can hit homeruns and has hit for average in the minors. That's of a whole lot more value to the Phillies than a 3rd utility infielder/7th outfielder.

I am in Cincy for the series this week. The Cincy radio guys were complaining about the small crowd to watch the best team in baseball (not their Reds). What's funny is it is about the same size as the Braves' crowd tonight.

Willis going tomorrow has pitched well for the Reds this year after starting in AAA. He should have had his first win last time out, but bullpen blew it - oh, and he also hit a HR in that game. I'd say he goes six innings and is effective.

On Utley, whatever happened to resting him periodically b/c they were scared of that hip? Oh, and Polly is looking worse and worse at the plate.

Bowker?? Are you freaking kidding me? Another weak left-handed bat on the bench (.238 with Pitt), why didn't they move Gload to the DL to make room? The only better move for Bowker would have been to do nothing.

Lee versus Willis tomorrow might be the best matchup of hitting pitchers all year.

Juan Perez has been awful in August at LV. His August line:

5 2/3 IP, 14 hits, 11 ER and a 0-2 record in 8 appearances.

He has probably pitched his way off the Phillies September roster. He has killed the Pigs down the stretch of the season.

Galvis's season stats are now the following:

Between AA and AAA, he is hitting .282. Has 148 hits, 40 XBH, 42 RBI's and 23 SB's.

He has probably played his way onto the Phils September roster.

I think 2 more spots will need to be opened on the 40 man roster. One obviously for the 3rd catcher and the 2nd for another reliever (either Aumont or Savery).

Lance Berkman has cleared waivers. Let me ask you? Gload, Bowker or Berkman? Sure Howard has been on fire but you have to think his foot could flair up. Further, you have to think Berkman looks better then BenFran. Finally, Berkman would fit right in with Oswalt, Pence and Lidge other former Astros.

Or how about Lilly for another lefty in the pen. You better believe he'd be fired up to get in the post season.


I'm parked outside of Dick's Sporting Goods as we speak waiting to get my jersey!

Good Morning.

Have fun, Charlie Hayes!

I am still impressed by how fast Halladay works.

I suppose they're clearly lining Bowker up as a backup plan/ potential replacement for Gload. If they intended to just replace him, DFA Gload would have been the roster move.

Since I coveted Matsui I'm going to speculate that Amaro did, too, but the ask was too big. Certainly, he wouldn't be blanching at adding $700K in salary. Small price to pay to go Big in Japan.

Slocs - you have to remember that the Phils are trying not to go over the luxury tax for this season. I don't have the exact numbers with me right now, but acquiring a Berkman or Lilly may put them over that threshold.

Just because Berkman, Lilly, Matsui and others have cleared waivers and "can" be traded doesn't mean they "will" be traded. And even if their teams are interested in trading, you still have to be able to make a deal. Maybe RAJ didn't like the asking price. Maybe the Phils don't have anybody available that the other teams are interested in. There are a lot of factors involved.

I'm sure teams like the A's, Dodgers and Cards are just itching to just give up a useful piece like Berkman or Matsui to the Phils for absolutely nothing.

I understand that Rube's success in bringing players in has raised the expectation level for every acquisition, but the Phils don't need someone like Matsui or Berkman at this point. It would just be a ridiculous luxury. There's no need to give up anything more than pennies, and my guess is they would ask for a bit more than that for any useful player.

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