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Monday, August 29, 2011


You're right Fata.

"Nice hissy fit by Cole when Charlie took him out. Good to see him maturing. (It's a team sport, Princess.)"

But if Doc or Lee were pulled so early in a game they were dominating, and got upset about it, it would be a sign of their "competitive spirit."

Seriously, get a clue. Cole is a beast and the #1 reason this team has become a baseball superpower. Get over yourself.

Honestly, I loved seeing Cole's "hissy fit" after he got pulled.

One, it was a clear sign that he wasn't being lifted because of an injury.

Two, he was dominated, and if he felt healthy, I'd want nothing less than him wanting to be out there, especially in a 1-1 game.

Was shocked to see Phargo of all people with 2 Cole-is-a-girl inferences. She's levelheaded normally, so I'll chalk it up to a woman using more female specific words, rather than what it looked like.

She has never been shy about expressing her personal dislike of Cole, regardless of his performance.

It's pretty lame, to say the least. How about cheering for and supporting one of the best players on your favorite team, instead of constantly engaging in lame personal attacks and questioning their manhood for no good reason?

Money quote from Cole Hamels:

"But some days you feel really good and go out there and it's hard and some days you feel really good and it's not hard."

Have at it.

I second what Edmundo said- I was shocked to see Bastardo in the 7th utilized correctly against that string of lefties (even though he walked Votto).

Of course, my surprise quickly turned to horror when I realized the options to pitch the 8th inning.

Thank you MG for an update on Hamels' all important day/night splits. A cavernous .2 difference in ERA.

What I'm really interested to see is if there is a difference in Cliff Lee's starts when there is a full moon out.

Yah, yah, message received, that horse is dead so I will stop beating it. Fair enough- I do tire of it from other folks regarding other players, I'll admit.

(If I may, one clarifying point- sometimes the only word that works is considered feminine, but if it seemed that I was insulting Cole by questioning his manhood, that was not my intention. That's lame. Self-control or lack thereof has nothing to do with gender.)

Fata - OH, I can do this. I have a whole BOOK on math equation jokes!!

I like Cole Hamels. I don't know why anyone wouldn't.

Iceman, Lee doesn't pitch during full moons. His cla...fingernails get in the way.

Ish, haha.

Nice to see so many still rooting against Howard reaching .900!

Just another ho hum win last night.

That idiot Charlie Manuel used his top reliever in the 7th against the Reds top hittera, leaving the bottom of the order for a lesser reliever in the 8th. What an idiot. I can't wait until we have a smarter manager.

CJ, the move by Manuel to use Bastardo in the 7th was pretty much heavily lauded on here last night, as far as I can tell.

Good article on ESPN by Schoenfield about Hamels being the unsung hero of the Phils team. If I knew how to post links I would, sorry. I should note there's a pretty horrifying picture of Alcides Escobar at the bottom of the article though, so be warned.

Iceman -

Notice that Hamels also has a .008 worse BAA during day games. Not only is he worse a pitching in day games, the opposing batters are also worse during day games and hit for a worse average against him.

Yeah, MG's conclusion that Hamels still has Day Night splits is ridiculous. In 8 Day starts, he has as similiar numbers as you possibly can to his 18 Night starts, but since there are hundreths and thousandths of precentage points off, he concludes that 'its amazing how Hamels splits have followed him throughout his career'.

A few good omens to start the day:

-Said by many already, including me. Cole's performance was big. To imagine how big, I thought about what the comment board on BL would have looked like if he had been lit up like a Christmas tree, with 88 mph fastballs; and then there was a report after the game that the shoulder was a question mark. Ugh. Even with all the injuries, Cole bouncing back strong, Utley's comeback, and the (thus far) good health of Halladay and Lee are all good breaks.

Giants' ship listing if not sinking. I know they have been written off by some here, but I did not want to see them in the playoffs.

Bullpen is shaky, but could be worse. Not so bad to have Worley and Oswalt dueling for the 4th starting spot (with the loser shoring up the pen?)

Great weather in the Philadelphia area for a change.

Doc vs. Bronson. Don't want to get cocky early, but not exactly a bad matchup for the Phils.

There is a guy in Pittsburg,what's his name,oh yea Grilli, who would look good in the pen about now.
Cole hasn't swung the bat since getting hit in the hand.

Bob: Phils are anywhere from -180 to -200 tonight.

Thats a tempting bet the way the Phils hammer Arroyo.

Grilli has allowed 39 to reach base (5IBB) in 22IP.

Until Brown Bear learns to recognize a slider, he's going to accumulate K's and not achieve a good OBP this year or next.

"But some days you feel really good and go out there and it's hard and some days you feel really good and it's not hard."

Viva, viva, viagra!!

Two things to remember about the bullpen concerns: if last night's game were a playoff game, Bastardo and Madson would likely have been used for more than one inning, and earlier in the year when Worley was removed from the starting rotation in favor of Blanton he did make an appearance in a setup type role and pitched well. I think he would be used ahead of Stutes, Herndon or Lidge.

The Giants were 5 GB on August 30 of last year.

1) Polly was single handedly going to lose that game for them last night. I don't EVER remember saying that about him since he's been wearing red pinstripes. I hope to chalk it up to just an off night.

2) Homer Baily was also very, very good for them last night, just made one big mistake on that hanger to Vic. Ballgame.

3) Stutes looks so shaky lately, it's like since Lidge came back his mojo is just rubbing off on him. Ever time he's facing a lefty hitter I feel like the ball is about to travel 500 feet. He somehow managed to escape last night. No idea how he did that against Votto.

4) Cole was sharp. Welcome back, buddy. Now don't overdo it, they need a 2008 Hamels or 2010 against the Reds Cole come playoff time.

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