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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I only skimmed the last topic, so apologies if this has already been referenced & discussed to death. Disclaimer aside: Sweet Jeebus!

Dom Brown Had A Particularly Rough Night In The LV

GTown, I believe it's abbreviated "LHV", thank you very much.

GTown, he did it just to take the focus off of Pence's own terrible defense last night. Dom is a team player.

Bill Bray is probably a legit candidate.

Playoff Bullpen:

Waiver Wire LOOGY.

Or do you only carry 6 and drop one of Stutes/Herndon/Lidge - or never pick up a waiver wire LOOGY and stick with Bastardo as the lone lefty.

I'd go with Bill Bray, because Cholly likes to have his LOOGY face RH bats for some reason.

Though we have enough former Mets, I don't think I'd be too upset with taking a flier on Capuano and seeing what he can do in September.

Bray would be a pretty good pickup.

Career 118 ERA+, 8.5 SO/9 against 3.6 BB/9.

Wouldn't be a terrible pickup. Been VERY good this year.

"How about Big Papi, with a lower AVG and higher HR rate?"

that sounds about right, probably a better comp than Sexson.

RE Damon: "he'd be an obvious upgrade over Ben Francisco and/or Raul Ibanez."

So would Chase Utley's lawn chair.

I don't think we should dismiss any PH candidate just because of Mayberry's emergence. As long as Gload is still on this team, there is room for improvement. Damon would be an improvement over both Gload and Ibanez, and you can't tell me that neither of those will get important ABs in the playoffs.

Fatalotti: As an isolated & insular Philadelphian, I don't know jack about that part of the world. However, in the above case I was merely transcribing the title of the article. Kindly take your defense of the area's civic pride up w/ The Fightins.


On the possible trade front, Gorzelanny is an interesting idea. He certainly has seemed to frustrate the Phillies the last couple of times they've faced him. And I'm giving a rousing "HELL NO!" to Angel Pagan. Does anyone remember way back to last week? Not good. Not good at all. If the Mets wanted to gift him to Philly free f*ckin' gratis, sure. But giving something back in return? Uh-uh.

So would Chase Utley's lawn chair.

Posted by: Willard Preacher | Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 03:50 PM

Why not Ryan Howard's lawn chair??


Oh great. Raul's back in the lineup.

Gload has no business on a playoff roster.

He has zero business on an MLB roster right now either.

GTown, just joking. I forget who, but someone kept getting on peoples' cases for using the abbreviation "LHV" as opposed to the correct "LV".

Gtown: That Domonic Brown video was frightening.

Did Mayberry get hit by a bus? Why is the backup LF playing tonight???

Fatalotti: If Dom keeps that up they should change the abbreviation to E7.

How is it possible for someone to be as terrible defensively as Brown has shown himself to be? I mean, its one thing to be raw, its another to have no fvcking clue how to play a corner OF position.

The average HS OF probably makes better reads on the ball than he does.

One wonders whether, with Brown, it's just the ability to handle pressure. He seemd to do alright until he hit the MLB level, and then didn't perform up to "expectations". One wonders whether he put extra pressure on himself and whether or not he actually handles it well?

BTW, that Heyward guy in ATL is having a fine sophmore campaign.

Wow. Just watched the video. Prior to watching, I figured people were overreacting a bit, It was pretty horrible.

When you literally muff plays that a competent HS outfielder would make, you obviously need some time to get your head screwed on straight.

Also, if he reads this blog, Dom Brown must be utterly convinced that he can no longer play baseball.

I must admit to being very surprised by how poorly Dom has handled his demotion. Kid seems to have come entirely unglued. I'm wondering if he'll ever become even half the player he was projected to be, at least while wearing a Phillies uniform.

Heyward injured his shoulder pretty badly in April...and its simply snowballed from there.

Brown seems like he freaks out on every routine fly ball. He's like the Steve Sax of corner OFs at this point.

Maybe he's right that he just needs a time away from playing baseball this winter. Let him focus on getting healthy (from the hamate bone surgery) and coming back in late Feb in top physical shape.

Also, see some people were criticizing people boo-ing Brown. If you can't boo a guy who is playing defense worse than the guy at my local high school, who can you boo?

That lazy, no hustling bust Brown was seen taking early BP today. No work ethic from that kid!

What stuck out to me was the balls that Brown misplayed in that video were off the bats of left handed hitters.

Seemed to be his issue when he was in RF, playing the ball off the bat of a right handed hitter.

Seems like he can't read a ball that's slicing towards him.

Dave - Maybe trade him from Freddy Garcia this offseason?

I would take the best Chevy(Corvette)over any BMW(Big Money Wasted).

Why is Ibanez in the lineup? Sept 1 isn't until Thursday

Only if we can also acquire Gio Gonzalez and toss him into that trade for Freddy.

"Also, if he reads this blog, Dom Brown must be utterly convinced that he can no longer play baseball."

Why do you think I'm bagging Winter Ball this year? The snow bunnies are calling in Vail.

I don't mind sitting Mayberry against Arroyo. Arroyo, much like Livan Hernandez, pitches backwards, and upside down. I'm not sure Ibanez would fare much better against him, but I'd rather watch Ibanez flail away hopelessly at Arroyo's slop than Mayberry.

It will be interesting to see if Ibanez has one hot streak left in his yet this season. He is the most puzzling enigma on this team right now.

Put me in the camp that wants to see if/how Polly bounces back. As bad a night as Dom had, we can't afford to have too many nights from Polly like last night.

If Raooold doesn't smoke Arroyo tonight, I have no interest in seeing him in the starting line up for the rest of the season.

That video is really bad.

Here's the thing though--plenty of prospects probably have games where they look downright awful. But if those games aren't caught on video and posted on a team blog, then no one ever knows about it, except maybe sees that they went 0-6 in the boxscore.

Really no point in freaking out about it.

Jack, don't you see that it's over for Brown?

Somebody asked: "I'd really like to see some examples of sluggers who helped drive attendance and revenues for losing teams."

Ralph Kiner, 1947-50.

Kinda proves the point.

Scotch Man - Ibanez is 3-7 (all singles) in his career vs. Arroyo. Good guy as any for him to get back on track.

Dom Brown is so sad. Dom Brown is going to get Dom Brown a pint of ice cream and cry.
-Dom Brown after cleaning out locker.

lineup vs Arroyo:

Vic: 2/9, 1 K
Polly: 8/22, 1 3B, 1 HR
Utley: 5/14, 1 HR, 1 K
Howard: 4/10, 2 2B, 6 K, 1 BB
Pence: 11/32, 4 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR
Ibanez: 3/7, 1 K
Chooch: 1/4, 2 BB
Valdez/Martinez/Lee: 0 PA

Mayberry is 1-2 with a K.

Preacher: You got that right. Exxon is a clear future HoFer, but even he can't play both 3B & SS simultaneously.

Per Twitter, Dom Brown has announced his retirement from the game of baseball.

He's going to Tibet to "find himself".

Dom Brown sings Beauty School Dropout with his guardian angel.

hib to the jib

"[Ibanez] is the most puzzling enigma on this team right now."

There's really nothing puzzling or enigmatic about him. He's old.

Puzzling and enigmatic would be, for instance, Ben Francisco.


If you check out his real twitter feed it is pretty sad.

I thought Hideki Matsui also cleared waivers. He'd top my list for our postseason bench.

BAP: This isn't an enigma?

April: .161/.247/.218 with 1 HR
May: .315/.339/.602 with 7 HRs
June: .211/.258/.311 with 1 HR
July: .284/.320/.558 with 7 HRs
August: .175/.226/.246 with 0 HRs

Good Phight has had a few interesting articles on Ibanez this year. Just strange even for a really streaky hitter.

In fairness, LF is a brand new position for Brown.

Newest Philly area institution: Wawa?

"Overall, Wawa did $5.89 billion in sales in 2009, making it the country’s 50th largest private company, according to the latest calculation by Forbes magazine. That revenue would place Wawa, if it were a public company, among the handful of Pennsylvania’s Fortune 500 companies. As things are, 50 percent of the company is owned by a trust benefitting members of the founding Wood family, 30 percent by company executives and employees through a stock plan, and the remainder by other Wood relatives and Wawa associates. "

"As it’s grown, Wawa has hoisted a handful of regional brands along with it. It’s the number one convenience-store seller of Herr’s chips and a top account for Amoroso’s hoagie rolls, Tastykake (whose problems, insiders say, were unrelated to Wawa) and the Sunday Inquirer. The company’s impact on local jobs isn’t about just its own 17,000 employees, but also many more along the supply chain of firms that service Wawa and its suppliers. Local companies do well enough in the relationship that they’ll alter operations and move facilities to keep Wawa happy."

BAP/MG, I think the biggest "enigma" concerning IBanez is what his role is going into the postseason.

Is he the full-time starer? Platoon? Splits w/ Mayberry? Bench role?

Hopefully September will clear up some answers.

New thread.

John Bowker? John Bowker? No one saw that coming. I hope they DL Ross Gload as well and bring up Brandon Moss. Brandon's power is better in Triple A than Bowker. 23 HR's > 15 HR's...

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