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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's over.

Quite a shake-up in the lineup tonight.

I see what you did there.

send contreras to bartolo colons doctor. he'll be back and better than ever in no time

Scotch Man Rule #1: NEVER sign relief pitchers to multi-year deals unless they are ELITE closers and even then, it's a crap shoot.

Baltimore DFA'd Felix Pie. Considering he has an option, I wouldn't be opposed to stashing Ben Francisco in Lehigh Valley and plugging Pie in his place. He's cheap, under team control for two seasons, can play all three OF positions. Pretty much a lateral move, but it provides a bit more depth.

"Where are you hearing that, Cyclic? God that would be amazing. It's tough to have four players you really want to see play and only three positions for them."

Gelb was tweeting something about it

There is no way on earth that a championship contender would go into the playoffs trying out a player at a position like 3B that he's never played in his career. That is simply insane.

I mean, Dom Brown's defense in RF was a big reason why we made the Pence trade. And now we're going to consider Mayberry at 3rd? No way. That simply does not pass the smell test.

Wow...I was expecting Pie to be much better in the field. I think I'll stick with Francisco; at least he has some pop. Pie really sucks.

If Pie isn't good enough for the O's he isn't good enough for the Phils. Maybe he can be some minor league depth but that's it.

I notice I haven't read any sarcastic "age-related injury" jokes in awhile. I wonder why not.

Age related injury jokes are getting old.

When Felix Pie is out of baseball, the only thing anyone will remember about his major league career is that he once went on the DL with a twisted testicle.

Old Phan: Because it's not a joke?

Pie twisted a testicle? Didn't know that. I hope it was his own at least.

Anyway, it sounds like a lot of these injuries are actually sports related.
I wonder if this bursitis thing with Howard just happened or if he's had it for awhile and it decided to flare up.

"Anyway, it sounds like a lot of these injuries are actually sports related."

I don't think you get the point about correlation between injuries and age.

"...let's be real here, folks. He's 39 going on 43."

You racist. Only a bigot would be more suspicious of a Cuban's age, than, say, a Pennsylvanian's age.

Regarding Mayberry at 3B: I'm sure the internal discussions have been about Mayberry as a third baseman eventually, not this year.

If I remember right, the age-related injury thing was in the context of predicting how this team would do this year. Many people pointed out how silly it was that the Vegas over-under for wins was 97, in part because of how old and injury-prone they are.

It seems weird to pat yourself on the back for correctly predicting a bunch of nagging injuries to the older players if you used that reasoning to miss the main prediction (number of wins) by 10 games.

Actually, I could generalize that to say "it seems weird to pat yourself on the back for correctly predicting anything."

Amaro gave out 2 yrs to Contreras to avoid having to give him a larger deal this year. Flushed $2.5M down the drain next year. Still, that's absorbable although it will hurt considering they already have $113M committed to just 9 players next year including Contreras (Howard, Utley, Vic, Polanco, Chooch, Halladay, Lee, Blanton).

Blanton though is the real potential 'turd in the punch bowl' though because he is making $10.5M next year. Almost certain Oswalt won't be back which means Blanton is #4 starter going into the season. He's reminds me of what Lieber was like in the last year of his deal. An injury-prone veteran coming off a few mediocre seasons that the Phils are just stuck with & have to hope stays health and contributes.

Blanton the #4? I've got a pair of goggles that says you're mistaken.

DBacks trade Johnson for Hill and a throw-in (McDonald). One of the more interesting Aug deals I can remember in a while. Trading one underachieving positional player for another.

Third base, I got it covered plus the guy loves the town. Somebody call Cincinnati.

That's not a bad trade for the D'Backs. It's basically Johnson for Hill and they get McDonald to help at short.

Yo, newer thread

, I could generalize that to say "it seems weird to pat yourself on the back for correctly predicting anything."

This hasn't been a good week for aging Phillies. The latest: Jose Contreras will reportedly undergo season-ending exploratory surgery, according to CSNPhilly's Jim Salisbury. All the reports I've see say there's no reason to think he can't be back by the start of 2012, but let's be real here, folks. He's 39 going on 43. In addition, Ryan Howard is out of tonight's line-up with heel bursitis and is likely to miss a few days, joining Raul Ibanez (groin) on...

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