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Thursday, August 25, 2011


HA what a moron...

Dan (Philly)

I know he doesnt have the power numbers to compete with the other MVP candidates but doesnt Victorino deserve a little love for MVP given that when all others have been injured he has been the most consistent player on what looks like a 110 win team? He is hitting .313, playing great D, has decent power numbers and has a very good slugging % for a guy with his frame.

Jim Bowden (12:56 PM)

I think Ryan Howard is the Phillies MVP over Victorino

I never wavered for a second on that Joe Savery character. I knew he'd wind up being something special. ;)

Also, I'm only slightly offended that there's a minor league round-up, including Reading, and no mention of Tuffy Goosewurst.

Are there any rules in August governing a three-way trade between Minnesota, Cleveland and Philadelphia? Maybe Cleveland would rather try to get some use out of Scott Mathieson rather than take a two month rental on Thome?

Catching a Fisher Cat is never easy.

kilbillrain - can't tell if you're being serious...?

or just trying to instigate some major league action on a minor league thread

Drew Silverman has given up on J.C. Ramirez, but I haven't.

clout - how are you two related? cousins?

Will: Under any trade scenario, including a 3-way, Thome would have to pass through waivers before he could come to the Phillies.

Actually, it would be Kevin Czerwinski who gave up on JC Ramirez.

O.P.: Well, despite that, I haven't given up on Kevin Czerwinski.

I think JC Ramriez as a starter in the majors won't be happening, but could see his stuff working out pretty well as a reliever.

Reposting because I thought it was a great story:

Here's a great story in the midst of tragedy, and shows Jimmy Rollins' good heart:

JC Ramirez will probably be shifted to the bullpen in 2012.

I just don't see his stuff working out well as a starter.

I like Austin Hyatt a lot. Sneaky good stuff and gets swing-and-misses. Very "Worley-like" potential. And he's a nice bridge to the next wave of youngsters (May, Pettibone, Biddle, etc...) in the low minors.

Hyatt, if he continues to progress, will likely be the first starter called up in 2012.

Haven't seen or heard anything, but I wonder if Dom has made a few adjustments in the last few days. He took 2 games off and since he's come back, he's been hitting the ball more solid. He was awful, for about 2 straight weeks. Maybe the same folks who got Mayberry straightend out did some work with Dom.

He is still embarrassingly bad in the OF though. If anything, he might be getting worse. He needs to get with a good OF instructor and learn how to play defense in the off-season.

Despite his good stuff, Ramirez has really never done anything at the minor league level to justify any optimism about his future. And he seems to be getting worse, not better. Nonetheless, he's only 23 & the potential has always been there. He probably deserves one more year in the minors before we give up on him. If he's still putting up the same uninspiring numbers by around July of next year, I can't imagine the Phillies would continue to give him a spot on the 40-man roster. And once we remove him from the 40-man roster, someone else will claim him.

Considering their respective abilities in the OF, maybe Dom is the one we should be teaching to play 3rd base. But I guess we'd also have to teach him to throw right-handed.

Has there ever been a switch pitcher? That would be a novelty.

kilbillrain -

Categories in which Victorino bests Howard this season:

Runs, Hits, 3B, SB, BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, OPS+, ISO, wOBA, WAR, UZR

All while playing a far more important defensive position.

Simplistic and not exhaustive, but I think enough to say that you're dead wrong in your assertion that Howard is in any way shape or form MVP over Victorino

psd, DH, thanks! I never heard of that guy. Very cool.

Larry Christiansen was said to pitch equally well with both hands, but he never did it in a game. And I found that strange because of the way his career ended up going. He had an elbow that would just about dislocate with every pitch at the end. Maybe he didn't want to have two elbows like that.

Killbillrain was quoting Jim Bowden's chat from ESPN, and saying how funny Bowden's comment was.

Based on that context, I'd say he agrees re: Vic an Howard's respect vales

This switch pitcher is interesting. However, per the rules it looks like the pitcher has to pick which arm he is going to use first. The batter can then pick his side. So, if it's a switch hitter, the ability to pitch with either arm is negated.

Yeah it is the same Greg Harris who pitched for the Phils in '88-'89 out of the pen. No idea he has such a good '88 for the Phils.

I was a kid in '88. My most vivid memory of a Phils' game was late that year in Sept. It was a day game where they played the Pirates, Ron Jones homered, and the Phils won in the 10th inning. Forget how. I just remember how awesome I thought Ron Jones and Ricky Jordan were going to be.

SLO: It sounded to me to be the opposite.
from the article:
“the rule dictates that the hitter establish the box and the pitcher establish the throw, and then each team can make one move, and then it’s play ball.”

Maybe I just misread. That seems like batter picks, then the pitcher picks, then they both can make one change. Although he did say that in the past an ump had made the pitcher choose first.

SLO: actually you're right. I hadn't seen the wikipedia article with the actual rule.

I wonder if we'll ever see that situation in the majors.

OT, but I love the following Tweet:

NYC's Hurricane Threat Level raised from "Hipster-ish Aloofness" to "Annoyance At Being Inconvenienced". Next up: "Pants-Wetting".

I just remember how awesome I thought Ron Jones and Ricky Jordan were going to be.

I remember feeling the same way. Then Jordan hit a HR in his first MLB at-bat, & that was about his career highlight.

The Phils just announced that the Sunday game has been moved to Saturday in anticipation of Irene. They'll play a day/night doubleheader Saturday.

Could you call that preponed?

Herndon has pitched well since being recalled but its pretty funny to read a few of the comments about how well Herndon pitched last year especially about how he got better down the stretch.

Apparently I missed watching a guy had real trouble throwing strikes with any kind of consistency in the 2nd half & got buried by Sept as Cholly/Dubee as a result. Or the guy who was a complete disaster in April.

Herndon deserves credit for putting together a decent overall year by executing on a few adjustments with consistency. Tip of the cap to Rod Nichols though to really working with Herndon at Lehigh Valley to make adjustment his release point & and windup motion. Herndon basically said as much.

He still needs to work on that changeup though because LH bats still pummel him. Hitting .333/.408/.667 with 5 HRs against him this year in only 63.

Numbers last year weren't much prettier either when LH bats hit him at a .328/.421/.484 clip with 1 HRs in 64 ABs.

Overall vs LH bats

.331/.415/.575 with 6 HRs allowed in just 127 ABs.

fletch, firstly, let me welcome you Beerleaguer.

Secondly, let me welcome you to 6 hours ago. The last post was about the schedule change, and I believe the first comment was about it being a "Pre-ponement."

(fyi, just busting your balls)

Thanks for the welcome, but I've been here for years. I just don't comment much. Sorry I let you down, new guy.

fletch would have been here in time to coin "preponed" but, his Oldsmobuick broke down.

Herndon and Mayberry have really shown improvement after early season demotions. Their performance, in addition to being a credit to their own efforts, is a credit to the AAA coaching staff.

Is this Irene thing going to be a multi-day event? Anecdotally, I think the record for the Phils is 10 consecutive rain outs. I doubt that's in jeopardy.

Nah, I just thought it was funny with the last thread header and first comment.

Oh, whatever.....

At any rate, I'm curious to see if they can even get both games in on Saturday. Wouldn't be shocked if the later one was a rain shortened game.

The MLB web page finally has a headline about the game being moved due to the hurricane. The Red Sox game, that is. No mention of the Phillies game. I just think it's odd. Also, have the Mets moved their game, as well? I've not heard. The Orioles already had a DH scheduled for Saturday so can't move Sunday's game.

Preacher: The Double Header probably should have been sched. for tomorrow. There's hope, though, if Doc & Lee mow 'em down quick on Sat.

Don't sweat it. I obviously missed the whole thread. Besides, it's no Beerleager who coined "preponed". Turns out it goes back at least as far as 1913:

On this date in box scores: Phils score 23 runs, and lose.

49 runs, 9 errors, just 3 homers.

Kaiser Wilhelm running the show for Philly. Phils lucky to employ the skipper after hyperinflation and the that awful deal at Versailles led him to seek a change of scenery.

hib to the jib

Wait, hib to the jib is still a thing? I'm going back to the desert...

Hugh: That game also featured the immortal Cliff Lee at 1B. Apparently he was holding down a .298 avg and an .883 OPS.

That beats Ryan Howard by a mile. Maybe we can have Lee take over 1B when he's not pitching?

I don't even understand what hib to the jib means. Someone clue me in.

MG: I know it doesn't fit your narrative about Herndon but he was slightly better in September than he was in the months prior last year.

Wait, hib to the jib is still a thing? I'm going back to the desert ...

Wouldn't that involve changing your handle to "Call Me Ishtar" as well?

Excellent Dave, although Ishmael, according to the Quran, was Abraham's firstborn. So I'm technically OK...

I note that Cliff Lee's mortal self was apparently a substitute at 1B, in which role he managed to commit his 7th error of the year. Tied with and fewer than the error totals for the starting CF and LF.

Albert Pujols is having a down year. His OPS is only slightly higher than Cliff Lee's circa 1922. For perspective, his previous lows were 60 and 100 pts. higher. He's still leading the NL in homers. Still the last guy you ever want to face as a pitcher.

Herndon's Sept 2010:

7.1 IP, 3.68 ERA, 5 SO, 3 BB
.333/.412/.533 (.945) .375 BAbip
33% Inherited runners scored

Meh, nothing to write home about.

Tiny sample size, too.

Ishmael: Touché. And a far more positive association than would have resulted from my suggested change, to boot.

Call Me Ishmael, Daniel Quinn fan?

Heather: Search google for "hib to the jib".

Herndon's monthly splits (ERA/OPS against/K-BB ratio)

March/April: 5.06/1.013/1.33
May: 2.35/.646/4
June: 3.24/.765/1
July: 5.19/.775/1.5
August: 5.79/.671/2.67
September: 3.52/.933/1.25

Yeah, Herndon actually flat out sucked down the stretch last year. Yuck.

He's definitely righted the ship this year, at least since his recall. Hopefully he can keep it up.

Thome to the Indians: complete and accepted

"MG: I know it doesn't fit your narrative about Herndon but he was slightly better in September than he was in the months prior last year."

As Fat posted (I would throw out ERA and use a few out stats) but he was a guy who did squat last year in the 2nd half. 'Marginal' is the word I would use to describe him last year.

He has certainly turned it around this year with 3 BBs/24 Ks since he got called up again in early June. Still has to work on the LHB braining him though. Otherwise he is a Clay Condrey type and nothing more.

As for Stutes, if he doesn't really show a lot of improvement on his slider over the next year or so he isn't going to stick at the MLB level for long.

Brett: One of the few who can read the Quran in original Arabic, actually, but an excellent book nevertheless, albeit underappreciated. He ruined it by the sequels, in my humble opinion.

Good for Jim Thome.

I mistyped by saying one of the "few" many can read Arabic, I didn't mean to sound high-falutin'.

Sucks for Thome. The Indians aren't going anywhere this year, even if they somehow pull off a miraculous run and make the playoffs.

Just not a very good team, and Thome, as good a threat off the bench he is, isn't going to change that one bit.

If he wasn't going to go to the Phillies, I was hoping, for his sake, he'd end up on a team with a legit shot at winning the title. The Indians aren't that team.

Did you even consider how nice Cleveland is and their beautiful weather and landscapes?

I wonder if Thome going to Cleveland means that he's about ready to hang 'em up, & figures he might as well go out in the city in which he began his career.

"If he wasn't going to go to the Phillies, I was hoping, for his sake, he'd end up on a team with a legit shot at winning the title."

Only the Phillies have a legit shot at winning the title!!

That's what I assume, Dave. This is his last run. And, since he made the Phils bid against themselves for his services, to the tune of a couple dozen million dollars, just to pry him away from his beloved Cleveland, he must be thrilled to finally go back.

Thome will sign with the Miami Heat next season.

Everyone's got me wrong. I was trying to point out that joke of a GM Bowden was a Moron!

I kinda assume this is Thome's last run. I assume he's thrilled to be back in Cleveland after teh show he made of not wanting to ever leave. Phils bid against themselves for his services and paid a hefty premium on that pretense.

Thought that post disappeared - I agree on teh Miami Heat comeback, too.

I don't see why this is Thome's last run. He has a 131 wRC+ this year.

Surely, the guy can still hit. If he doesn't get a ring this year, I wouldn't be surprised if he was back next year as a DH in the American League.

Thome is dead to me.

Well here is some uplifting news, LA media bureaus report Nails will now face indecent exposure charges. This guy must have the busiest lawyer.

Dutch Daulton is throwing a "Free Dude" beef and beer in Sept w/ Charlie Sheen to raise bail money to free the dude...

It's not about competition. I think his return to Cleveland is a sentimental journey. For a guy like Thome, that's meaningful.

Thome has had one hell of a career. He could probably stick around at least another year as a PH/DH vs RHPs but he's done everything he needs to do at this point. If he retires, he's already a 1st ballot HOF I think. He'll go in as an Indian anyway so this is quite symmetrical.

Good for Jimmy Thome.

Ishmael: you were Abraham's 1st born in the Torah/Bible as well, about that there is no disagreement. That might be the only thing.

Jbird: My namesake, maybe. My mother would disagree with that statement in reality, however. Plus he lived to be roughly 137 years old in the written word. Bringing it back to baseball, if Ibanez could live to be 137 years old, would that mean his prime years were still ahead of him? If true in Howard's case, that contract extension doesn't look so bad now, does it? 50 is the new 27, am I right?

Hugh: Great boxscore. 19 unearned runs. And still only 3:01 time.

Hmm. Now it looks like rain will come as early as noon on Saturday. Getting 2 games in may be tough - or soggy.

Cole Hamels is the greatest! He never dissapoints.

22-9? What the hell was going on there?

Only a week ago, Citizen's Bank park unveiled a newly-erected statue of legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas. This week, it's another ex-Phillie whose erections are in the news.

So that's why they call him Nails.

Rizzoti looks to be good shame he is been blocked. IF they trade him they should trade for a shortstop/3rd baseman an please let them choose a good candidate.

Divisions of the Los Angeles County D.A.'s Office:

Homicide Bureau
Sex Offenses
Property Crimes
Vice Crimes
Financial Crimes
Crimes Committed by Lenny Dykstra

Er . . . I guess patrol is actually a division of the police department, not the D.A.'s office. But you get the point.

I closed the book on Dykstra the first time I saw him spit tobacco juice on himself.

Don't know if someone told you yet, but Harold Martinez is mostly a 3B.

Phillies start losing consecutive games since statue erected : discuss new Harry curse

NEPP: "(Thome)'s done everything he needs to do at this point.

Yeah, winning a World Series isnt really a goal of a MLB player or anything.

TK: video is awesome. I like the Cole Hamels dance.

Luis: "Rizzotti looks to be good shame he is been blocked. IF they trade him they should trade for a shortstop/3rd baseman an please let them choose a good candidate."

The Rizz, at age 25, is a solid Double A hitter who doesn't run or field. The demand for players like this is....well, not much.

Yo, new thread

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