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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Does that game count as another Phillies sell out?

81 wins matches the season totals for the 1948, 1962, and 1984 seasons.

It's the 57th non-losing season out of 129.

"Their fans are unbelievable"

-Asshat Lannen

I think I heard it as record attendance tonight. I bet he Nats wished they hosted the Phils every night.

Mayberry has basically made a believer out of me. He belongs up here.

Ya know, I think the Phils have a really good shot at finishing over .500 this season. And people label me a pessimist ...

@EastFallowfield Along those lines, I put this together during the game tonight:

Don't look now, but JRoll is in the top 3 of several offensive categories this season- how 'bout we all start to show the man some respect!

I wish the Phils had Oswalt when he was a good pitcher.

Was at the game tonight — unbelievable how many Phillies fans there were. Had to be 2/3, easy. Kinda felt embarrassed for the Nats, honestly. But not really :)

Oswalt was good enough tonight, and RFD continues to impress.

Big time performance from Vice Roy tonight. Stutes also looked better than he had in awhile. JMJ has most definitely earned more playing time.

Impressive performance from Oswalt. Wasn't expecting a shutout.

Cutting Cust was a curious move. They had nothing to lose by stashing him with the Pigs for the rest of the season. Gload hasn't exactly done anything to make me believe that he's headed for post season play. Who's the 2011 Sweeney?

I don't care who the 2011 Sweeney is.

I care who the 2008 Stairs is.

Biggest difference between the '09 and '10 things possibly? Oswalt as their 4th starter. No gimpy Pedro or middling Blanton which could be a huge difference.

Cutting Cust might have been as a favor to him, really. If they knew he wasn't going to be called up, don't waste his time, and potentially give him the opportunity to catch on somewhere else.

Radio said early on that it was Worley's day to throw on the side,but he was put in the pen instead, in case he was needed.

Maybe Cholly said it's not a platoon because RFD is the new LFer?

Mayberry and Raul NEED to platoon from here on out. Also can get Ryan Howard some rest at 1B if and when he needs it. Maybe he can learn how to play 3B?? Hah.

I heard it being discussed by TMac and Wheels the other night that Manuel isn't straight platooning Mayberry, but rather trying to use him more and put him in positions where he has the best chance to succeed.

I think the example that was given was to avoid using him against guys who are junkballers, but to use him against guys who rely on their fastball.

It looks like it's more than a platoon, though, and almost nearly a split.

I had this dream about a few BLers hand-wringing about Oswalt a couple of weeks ago. Something about him being ineffective since his return, and before that, something about him not being worth a contract next year because he's a shell of his former self; you know, that kind of stuff.

But thank god it was only a dream, because the only people who would have speculated and hand-wrung like that would be Debbie Downers and Negative Nancies, and we certainly know there aren't any of those around here on Beerleaguer.

Right? It was just a bad dream.

The Phils have a nice LF problem for next season: who to play, Mayberry or Brown?

At the moment, I see a platoon. Mayberry could also be a late-inning defensive substitution for Brown.

I think Brown will be all right at the plate. Defensively, though, he is astonishingly bad. It's as though he's new to the game.

If Mayberry weren't four years older than Brown, I'd be more of a Mayberry booster.

Does Oswalt return to the Phillies next year?

Considering his intensity and desire to win, I think ending his career after this year would not sit well with such a competitive athlete. If his back is healthy I expect to see him in Phillies red next season.

Worley's surprising excellence and the continued success of the team has occasionally made Oswalt's hopeful return to full strength seem almost unnecessary/superfluous in Philadelphia, but I doubt it feels that way in our competitors' clubhouses. Can't be a good feeling looking at that box score tonight. So great to have him back.

Since Charlie began playing Mayberry upon his recall, he's started in LF against every lefty except the last time we faced Lannan (and Raul actually crushes Lannan in his career). Of course this doesn't include those other games in which both Mayberry and Ibanez started.

Bottom line, it's been a platoon for a couple weeks alteady. Who cares whether Charlie calls it a platoon or not.

That throw by Mayberry tonight was a thing of beauty. He charged the ball really well, put the ball right on a line to Ruiz, and the ball hopped right to Ruiz's stomach.

Just a perfect throw. I know he's never figured everything out, but you can see why he was a first round pick by the Mariners in 2002. He can do a lot of things really well.

Continued success!!!

Phlipper- I also had a strange dream about people on BL claiming Oswalt had completely lost his desire to compete because he left the team to be with his family after a tornado ravaged his home town. There were also people that wanted Oswalt to go into the bullpen. Just bizarre.

hib to the jib....another day, another win

I'm ready for Fall Ball and everything that comes along with the season - pumpkin spice lattes, pumkin' ale, pumpkin cheesecake, McDonald's pumpkin pies, and Ryan Howard.

When Polanco is able to play and when Mayberry is in LF, the Phils have a very nice defensive squad on the field. When Lee or Hamels pitch, that's an excellent defensive nine, with 1B the only average or below position.

I've been an RFD booster for awhile. So what that he's 27? He's at an age where immaturity goes out the window and he should be a good producer during the second half of this Golden Age of the Phillies.

Dom Brown has been slumping as an Iron Piggy. The luster is gone with him.

Exxon Valdez has been ripping the ball lately. Good for him.

Pence hits a homer. He's always been a favorite of mine.

Just saw the Mayberry throw. Picture perfect. The entire season starting and Ibanez hasn't made a throw close to that.

I'm still not necessarily believing that he all of a sudden 'figured it out' the last time he was sent down, but considering he brings enough to the table as a player that he should have never been sent down in the first place, it can't hurt to roll him out there a majority of the games down the stretch and see if he really has turned the corner at the plate.

@Fatalotti: Mayberry actually was drafted in the first round twice, in 2002 by the Mariners (went to Stanford instead), and again in 2005 by the Rangers.

I wouldnt mind having Oswalt back assuming he is healthy an still all his stuff. Need another start to be convinced of that. The problem is how much money do you spend on him knowing his back could possibly flare back up at any given time. Would he take some type of lower pay with incentives thrown in based on how many innings etc etc. I have a feeling this guy is going to retire an go play grown up Tonka Trucks down on the farm.

Savery faced two lefties in two innings of set up relief in Indianapolis Sat. night and struck both them out. Over his last 9 appearances in relief: 12IP, 0ERs, 16Ks.

Jimmy Rollins.269
Shane Victorino .313
Chase Utley .279
Ryan Howard .253
Hunter Pence .311
John Mayberry Jr. .269 Raul Ibañez .236
Placido Polanco .275
Carlos Ruiz .267

That's actually surprisingly high. Not only is everyone hitting for a good average, but we're also getting on base very well.

Jimmy Rollins .341
Shane Victorino .391
Chase Utley .363
Ryan Howard .344
Hunter Pence .364
John Mayberry Jr. .323 Raul Ibañez .281
Placido Polanco .330
Carlos Ruiz .360

Just comparing Raul's numbers to JMJ's is pathetic at this point. Wilson Valdez has a higher OBP.

Raul's OPS is also lower than all of the other starters excluding Polanco.

I'm glad he's finally in a platoon role, whether Charlie admits it or not.

They're, not we're (I'm not on the team, yet).

I hadn't realized Raul's OBP was .281. That is stunningly bad.

Yes Greg the line up is looking better. Would like to see Chase hit a few more HR's an Howard get his BA up to at least a more respectable .270.

Yes, Mayberry is now officially a platoon OF. He might just end the year as the starting LF if he keeps it up.

It's nice to watch and follow a team who, when they take the field, they just know they're going to win. Here's hoping they carry that into the playoffs...without being too cocky.

Snakes got a break last night when the Giants lost to Houston. It would be nice to see them take advantage even a little bit by taking a couple of games from the Braves. These guys are just not that good on the road, I guess.

Can't believe nobody said "let's go eat!"
BTW...magic number now stands at 30.

Heilman had an 8.38 ERA, pretty much a guaranteed loss when he'd come into a game. Dave Bush, on the other hand, is looking sterling in his brief exposure here. Yes, it seems like call-up decisions are being made.

Is Jim Thome on his way. Releasing Cust was curious. Doubt Thome will clear waivers but it would be a great story. Fyi Vince Young this is the dream team.

D'backs are 9th in the NL in OPS on the road, behind San Diego and ahead of Pittsburgh and Milwaukee.

Phils are 6th.

Doesn't Thome have a NTC clause? So, if he wants to come here, and the Phillies want him here, and the Twinkies put him out on waivers, can't he just veto a trade to anywhere but the Phillies?

By the way, NTC clause is redundant...

yayberry quickly turning into werth 2.0? hope so.

Good Morning!

"yayberry". Love it.

No complaints here.

Have a great day.

Without stats in front of me, and I've said this before, I see a pattern developing regarding (sure, I'll use it) Yayberry that is similar to Jayson Werth when he took the starting job from Jeff Jenkins. The main difference is Big John is vying for PT vs. Raul who is a proven ML ball player who Charlie respects. Werth was trying to take the full time job from Brett Favre who secretly changed his name in the off season.

He did get a big hit in WS game 5.2, though.

something about this team seems to consistently bring out excellence from its role players. from werth to valdez to bastardo to now john jr. its pretty cool to see.

I can't take credit for yayberry. that comes from someone on twitter. think its from bill baer

Lake Fred: "I've been an RFD booster for awhile. So what that he's 27? He's at an age where immaturity goes out the window...

Dom Brown has been slumping as an Iron Piggy. The luster is gone with him."

This puts me in mind of the great F. Scott: “the true test of a first-rate mind is the ability to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time.”

I expect we'll be seeing from many a BLer loads more brilliant performances of precisely this sort.

Yo, new thread

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