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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Shouldn't it be PRE-pone?

Sarge's comments would have been better if they'd happened a couple of years ago.

I don't get the Indians actually making a waiver claim. They have no shot at the playoffs and most of the regime has long since departed since Thome was first there. I imagine it's a last ditch effort to get a couple extra butts in seats?

At any rate, controversy of the NTC and a subsequent release aside, what is the date that Thome would have to sign with the Phillies to even be eligible for the postseason roster, offhand?

Why kick them when they're way down? That's no fun (Ok, it probably is for some people).

The persistence that the article writer claims Sarge had sounds more like something LA would do. Especially the 'closed fists rotating underneath his eyes' bit.

MG, the fact that he's 3-11 as a pinch hitter with however many Ks and BBs does absolutely nothing to offset the fact that he has a 131 wRC+ to Gload's 47 wRC+. It's 11 PAs. SSS, anyone?

Gload is about as close to useless as they come this year. Thome, even if he's slower (it's like arguing whether a tortoise is slower than a snail, I mean really...), is such a bigger threat at the plate, that any nominal difference between the two in the field or on the basepaths is moot.

In conclusion, I don't think it's possible to exxagerate how much better Thome is than Gload, and for exactly the reasons you stated. He can hit HRs and take walks, very important for a PH, no?

Primary LH PH in the playoffs (2008 and 2009):


Dobbs went 1-3 as a PH
Stairs went 1-4 as a PH


Stairs went 1-6 as a PH
Dobbs went 0-4 as a PH

Gload went 0-5 as a PH

Basically Thome will get about 4-5 ABS as PH AB if the Phils reach the NLCS. 6-7 PH AB if they reach the WS and very possibly would start as a DH vs RH starter in the WS on the road.

Not arguing the Phils should keep Gload on the roster if they can get a Thome, Giambi, or even someone who can actually run & field.

Just don't think it is that big of a deal.

Bigger deal likely would be if the Phils reach the WS and could use Thome as their DH for 2 games vs RH starters.

I wonder if that Daily News reporter was Andy Martino. Before he was the beat writer for the Mets, he replaced Zolecki on the Inky's Philly Zone. It doesn't seem like any of the current beat writers have fond memories of his time here. I vaguely remember him getting a lot of coverage for welshing on a bet last season.

Sarge gets a pass from me because they cut his kid. I suppose even at the major league level, parents are still parents.

MG, I get that it's not a huge deal, but there is no comparison between the player Thome is now and Gload is now. Thome is a far superior hitter by a large stretch.

Also, Thome's effect might not just be felt in his actual PAs, but his mere presence on teh bench in late game situations could very well alter the strategies that the opposing managers use. For example, I'm not sure if many coaches right now would take out an important righty in their 'pen for fear of Ross Gload. I'm sure many managers would take out an important righy in their 'pen for fear of Jim Thome.

Again, not a huge issue if we don't get him (or don't upgrade at all), but every advantage is one that I'd like the Phillies to have.

Which game of Saturday's double header is for Sunday's tickets?

How do the Indians have "no shot at the playoffs"? They're 6 back of Detroit. A long shot, sure, but no shot? If they close the gap 3 games over the next 32, they finish with 3 at Detroit. If I were an Indians fan, and Thome was available, I'd damn well want them to try and make it happen.

Kutztown: From
"They moved Sunday afternoon's game against the Florida Marlins to 1:05 p.m. ET Saturday as part of a day-night doubleheader at Citizens Bank Park. Tickets for Sunday's game will be honored for Saturday afternoon's game. The Cliff Lee gym bag giveaway, which had been scheduled for Sunday, also will be moved to Saturday afternoon."

"I don't think it's possible to exxagerate how much better Thome is than Gload."

Let me take a shot: Jim Thome is as superior to Ross Gload as Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, & Willie Mays, combined, were to Michael Martinez.

Just so long as we still get the Bruntlett graphic on Sunday, I'm cool with the schedule change.

The Braves had a 3-0 lead in this game before Matt Garza had even recorded an out. Now it's 3-3 after 2 innings.

Who would want to win Cliff's gym bag? I know there's a lot of love for him, but come on....

BAP, I think you may have done it. That's certainly as close to over-exaggerating as I can imagine.

I'd rather receive Cole's puppy backpack, or Stutes/Schwimer's Hello Kitty jawn.

WP: Thank you. Whenever I hear that, "It's impossible to exaggerate" something, I always take it as a personal challenge.

BAP, I don't know. I think that was kind of a softball for you, but good job anyway.

Seen on a t-shirt: "Hyperbole is the best thing ever."

Thome's in a tough situation. If he tells Cleveland that he doesn't want to sign there, he damages his Indians legacy. 6 games back isn't too bad, in theory but Cleveland has been a below average team since the first few months and have next to no chance of making the playoffs. Kind of a d-bag move by Cleveland to put him in this situation.

5-3 Braves. This has the makings of a fun contest.

Thome is basically the Chase Utley of Cleveland...they worship him there.

Indians are done. Have been for a while. Ever since that strong start, they have played under .500 baseball.

If I am Thome, there is no way in hell I want to possibly spend my last season playing a bunch of completely meaningless games in Sept

MG, the games are even more meaningless in Minnesota, no?

How does the Ntc work with this waiver stuff? Do they have to go to Thome everyday and ask him until they reach the Phils or is this totally academic?

No...if Thome says no, the trade is dead and he's a Twin...period (see Damon, Johnny in 2010). They would then have to put him on irrevocable waivers (the kind when you're just dropping a guy) and he would then again go through the waiver process and simply decline each claim as is his right. After that is done, he's a unrestricted FA and he can be signed for a pro-rated league minimum.

The Pelfrey fit was in yesterday's game. Sunday's game was in DC vs a different team.

After that is done, he's a unrestricted FA and he can be signed for a pro-rated league minimum.

I bet RAJ can come up with an acceptable wink-wink-nudge-nudge deal from the Phils, a little this for the Twins, a little that for Thome.

Nepp - would the twins maybe be willing to do that just to do a favor to Thome? ala, the mike sweeney trade which was more because he was a good guy who wanted to play for a playoff team, so the mariners did him a solid.


“Tell them Sarge said it—the Mets are crybabies,” he allegedly told a Daily News reporter. “That’s why they lose.”

Matthews, apparently not satisfied, re-engaged the journalist and made the universal sign for weeping — closed fists rotating underneath his eyes.

“Make sure you have tears, like this,” said Matthews.


***I bet RAJ can come up with an acceptable wink-wink-nudge-nudge deal from the Phils, a little this for the Twins, a little that for Thome.***

Other teams would file a grievance and MLB would step in. Thome is too good for the Twins to legitimately just release him to avoid waivers.

Sweeney was different because he wasn't a big piece and he was stuck in AAA at the time.

The mistake in the official post was corrected, so my correction looks stupid. Hi Drew!

NEPP: That's not right. Thome left Cleveland on bad terms after leaving town for a big contract. He was booed mercilessly in the years after leaving Cleveland, and I believe still hears mixed boos and cheers in Cleveland.

All I know is every time I've spoken to Cleveland fans, all I ever heard is "how great Jimmy Thome was, etc etc"

East Fallowfield: Ha, sorry. I tried to sneak the correction under the radar. Couldn't take much more abuse after that Killer Instinct post.

Drew, it's a tough crowd here.

if ya'll had garza on your fantasy basebaall team this year, you'd know how infuriating he's been. has he been victim to the "bad luck" year of 2011? is he a good buy low next year?

i just hope we get Thome so Mets fans can whine how unfair it is.

If I can't go to the Phils, I am going to kill some Hoes!!!

I don't care about the Sarge thing, but the ESPN piece on Nyjer Morgan makes me want to see the Brewers lose to the Phils in the NLDS, again.

according to wikipedia...

On May 1, 2006, Thome returned to Cleveland to play his first game as a visitor at Jacobs Field. The "loud boos Thome heard in each of his six at-bats" were in "sharp contrast" to the "exhilarating reaction Johnny Damon received from Red Sox Nation upon his return to Fenway Park with the Yankees."

and from a cleveland blog re: his pending return:

I will NEVER respect Jim Thome. He is simply a sell-out, jumping from team to team hoping somebody will pay his over the hill, overrated butt.
Jim Thome used to be my favorite Indian. He is the only Cleveland player in any sport whose jersey I actually purchased. I have not worn it since the day he gave Cleveland the shaft.
He kept saying back then "it wasn't about the money"...."they are gonna have to tear this Indians jersey off my back"......" I want to retire an Indian"........."I'll give the Indians a hometown discount".....blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.
Hey, country bumpkin, we as fans know it ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!! We don't have too much of a problem with that since there is not much we, as fans, can do about it. But, don't lie straight to out faces, idiot!!! We knew CC and Manny and Belle and other were gone BECAUSE of the money. And none of them came out and said it wasn't about the money.
It's not like the Indians didn't make him a very fair offer. He just wanted that one extra year even with his creaky back issues.
If I caught his 600 HR ball, I would keep it and tell him to pound salt. Or I would just chuck it at his head.........


Thome can go to hell. He could have stayed here and made less money but he didn't. Look at how many Yankees have played for only the Yankees throughout their whole career - because NY has the money to pay people not to go. The MLB is broken, BADLY!

Obviously I cherry picked but I didn't have to dig too hard to find these. I doubt this will ever be written about Utley from phillies fans

The Cubs stink.

The Plain Dealer says Indians are working on a Thome deal now.

SLO, yes, they do.

I think it would have been smarter to try and play 2 on Friday, instead of waiting until Saturday. Weather on Friday is supposed to be nice. Should have taken advantage of that.

Play 2 on Friday and one on Saturday afternoon.

You could very easily see that Saturday evening game washed out.

Was this before or after LeBron had his Tv show?

Think the Phils PTB would rather play a makeup game in September than a Friday afternoon last minute switch deal.

Unfortunatley, if you make it a doubleheader friday you then have 42k people who have to find an excuse off work. The rate of Stomach Bug virus in the Delaware valley would skyrocket 1000% Thursday evening.

If nothing else, Thome will generate a few extra bucks in ticket revenue in Cleveland, and it can ultimately be presented as his "farewell" tour with the team where it all started.

Make no bones about it, no matter how he left Cleveland last time around, they'd just at a chance to have him end his career there. After all, if/when he goes into the HOF, it will be in an Indians ballcap.

And don't think for a second that in 10 years they wouldn't feel EXACTLY the same way about LeBron James, either. We boo because we care.

"they'd just at a chance" = they'd JUMP at a chance....

Just curious, if the Phils were somewhat mediocre with only an outside shot at the playoffs (hence no real impact to ultimate team success), how would the fanbase feel about a waiver wire claim on someone like Abreu? Werth in a few years?

You could very easily see that Saturday evening game washed out.

Posted by: denny b.

+1 .... will make for quite a booked September!

Papa Raul - this is after, however I'm sure Lebron has long replaced Thome as public enemy #1

And willard preacher, I think lebron would get booed every home game if he ever went back to cleveland. some bridges can't be rebuilt

According to the forecasts Saturday night is gonna be a tough night to play baseball if the rains start coming. It could be a wasted Cliff Lee start.

willard preacher - i think abreu is a bad example...i liked abreu when he was here and still like him. what about rolen; to bring him back for one last phillies hurrah so he can give a loving goodbye to all his fans.

Yo, new minor thing.

WP: "I don't get the Indians actually making a waiver claim. They have no shot at the playoffs."

The Indians are 6 games back with 35 games left. Coming back from 6 out with 35 to play would not be unprecedented. Hafner may be out for the season and Thome would be a good replacement.

Indians need like 4 waiver wire claims to patch up this sinking ship.

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