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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Complete assh*le move on the part of the Phillies to wait so long until cancelling. Greed is one thing, but this was greedy & reckless.

I wonder if Gnome is aware of his Beerleaguer fame?

This raises a tree-falling-in-a-forest question: if baseball is played, but it's not played on the East Coast, is it really baseball?

Do they really make you pay for parking for that?

I vaguely remember getting a parking voucher at the last rained out game I went to at CBP.

Not that I'm in favor or a replacement for our HoF(garment division)Gnome, but I could picture Michael Martinez being a similarly scary image in extreme closeup.
Well , as they said in the old days,Spahn and Sain and two days of rain

Mini Mart can get his own rainday graphic as soon as he scores 2 game winning runs in the World Series.

I wonder if any thought will be given to rescheduling one of these games for Sunday night. The teams are in town, and the storm will probably be through by then.

hib to the jib

Not sure how they're going to make up all these games in a month where they have no scheduled days off. I would venture a guess that a couple games get scheduled at the end of the regular season & end up never being played, since they will likely have no impact on the post-season. I hope Dave Bush brings his A game for September because it looks like he may be making a few starts.

Agree, GTown. Utterly thoughtless disregard for their followers, whom they will celebrate later this season with a hypocritically named Fan Appreciation Day. If they appreciate them so much, don't schedule a game to begin within hours of the arrival of the alleged storm of the last half century.

DH Phils: The Phillies are attempting to get out of Dodge & fly to Cincinnati as we type. Not sure how well that's gonna work out, but it is the plan.

Of course, if they pre-emptively cancel the game and the hurricane moves slower than expected, people blast them for that...

"Mini Mart can get his own rainday graphic as soon as he scores 2 game winning runs in the World Series."

Better odds of this happening or the following:

- Odds of being born a twin in North America: 90 to 1
- Odds of being audited by the IRS: 175 to 1 - Odds of injury from using a chain saw: 4,464 to 1
- Odds of getting a hole in one: 5,000 to 1
- Odds of being struck by lightning: 576,000 to 1
- Odds of dying in a fireworks accident: 1 in 1,000,000
- Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1
- Odds of winning the California lottery: 13,000,000 to 1
- Chance of dying from a mountain lion attack in California: 1 in 32,000,000

Lord, why?

Dave - Yup. I understand why the Phils wanted to get this game but they should have called it this morning early.

Certainly not consistant in their decision making. Postpone Sunday and Saturday nights games far in advance citing concern for the safety of all; then try to get the day game in right up to the last minute with little or no concern.
Your basic mixed message.

Kevin: It was already raining steadily here 6-7 hours ago. At that point the only thing that might have saved the game was Irene suddenly & rapidly reversing course back to the Caribbean. The team is getting blasted because they either went for a few more bucks, or simply didn't use their damn brains.

So, is there going to be a double-header on Sep. 15th?

hamels, halladay, then lee for the reds

If these 3 games get tacked on at the end of the season, then the Phillies had better damn well not choke away this division lead or they're going to be playing right up to the eve of the NLDS. Even if they manage to hold on and win the Division, the victory will be a Pyrrhic one because they'll probably end up with a Kendrick v. Lincecum matchup in Games 1 and 5 of the NLDS.

Now we hunker down and wait for another thread which will make the gnome disappear.

lol, the giants will be lucky to even make the playoffs

The east coast is being a bunch of vaginas about Irene. Philadelphia native, who moved to New Orleans for Tulane. Cat 1 is not a huge deal.

Stay down there, macho man.

I lived in Florida for 10 yrs., including Andrew. Just because Irene turned out to be "only" Cat. 1 doesn't mean people should dismiss the potential threat. This isn't like the apocalyptic panic that local news types go into when the city gets a few inches of snow; it's actually serious.

Yes, split doubleheader is announced.

Floyd in 1999 was only a tropical storm when it destroyed the homes of 4000 "vaginas" just in Pennsylvania.

Seth Everett makes a good point: If as fans we thought they would not play, then why go? If you thought they might get a window to play, then why fault the Phillies for thinking/hoping the same thing. We all seem the same forecast.

Last Sunday: Wang talk.
Today: Vagina talk.

GBrett: I don't really buy that logic. If you spend a bunch of money for tickets, and there's a chance they might play the game, you're going to go. You're not going to stay home & risk wasting all that money.

Especially as this was Sunday game that had already been rescheduled once. A lot of families w/ kids have the Sunday plan. Now they're out money for gas, tolls & whatever they bought at CBP. Parking, too, if it's not reimbursed. Plus the Phillies will be hoping they'll return when the game is finally played to pay those costs all over again. I'm glad I didn't have tickets for a game this weekend, as I think the Phillies -- who usually do what I consider to be a really nice job w/ fan relations -- really screwed those fans over today.

I doubt they'll move this game to the end of the season. They'll want to play it while it still matters. There's just too much money to risk scrapping the game altogether - which may happen if it's added on after the Brave's series in Atlanta.

should have said "too much money at stake..."

I understand, but the Phillies also wanted to get the game in. Personally, much as I'd hate to waste the tickets, I wouldn't have gone with a hurricane looming and a soggy forecast.

whitey --

I apologize for calling Charlie a "dope". His long-term winning record here (regardless of the awesome pedigree of his players); the honorable way he conducts himself and the mere fact he's what: 66? 67 years old? all conspire to make the term "dope" an ill-fitting and mean-spirited descriptor for such a fine gentleman.

However, I still disagree with the way he hung too long with Oswalt, and with favorite players in general. Lidge in ’09 still makes me cringe – there are no words to describe that season, and the preferential treatment he gave his ailing reliever. I fear the game may be passing Charlie by, as he still appears stubborn to a fault on so many issues, even in the face of obvious alternatives.

Still is hard to argue with success, however. Damn.

GBrettfan: I wouldn't have, either. But I can see where those folks who did are coming from, & I think they got the shaft.

Justin Verlander can get his 20th win today? Holy....

If he's not in the discussion for AL MVP, something is wrong with that award.

"Look, if you want us to resign Ibanez and extend Blanton and Lidge, we need that parking and concession money."

Still, one has to wonder at the common sense in believing there would actually be at least 5 innings of baseball today. On both the Phillies and the ticketholders parts. Wishful thinking on both sides. Reminds me of passengers yelling at gate agents for a weather-delayed or canceled flight, as if they should fly the plane regardless.

I was not clear in my last post. The missing link is: I understand being frustrated, but I think being angry is going a bit too far. Especially to think the organization deliberately shafted fans. That's my opinion.

It's just me, but there's no way I'd go to a game when I know it's just about certain to be cancelled b/c of rain. Especially, if I had to make a big effort to get to it.

Gbrett, good points.

Verlander very well might win 25 games this year.

He should be the MVP and Cy front-runner if he does.

Today's forecast for CBP and my hometown weren't much different as of last night. We had about 2 minutes of a heavy downpour thus far today and very light showers otherwise. We could have played a game here. The storm accelerated after it made landfall so I find it hard to believe the Phillies and MLB conspired to get concession revenues (parking is refunded) rather than honestly attempting to get a game in so they can avoid 32 games in 31 days.

What does parking at the Bank cost these days?

I'm 20 miles from CBP and it didn't start raining here until 2:30. Might have gotten 5 in in Montco. Tough call. People can be pissed off at the Phillies or MLB all they want but we've had nothing but rain for 3 weeks. Mother nature is calling the shots. Deal with it folks.

Old Phan: $15.00. A bargain at half the price.

$15. But I think someone said he was told to keep parking stub to use for a make-up game.

cut_fastball, fair enough. I object to people hurling personal insults at the people who got us here. Cholly is one of those people. Again, the move may be stupid in your opinion but Cholly ain't stupid. There is a big difference.

$15. But I think someone said he was told to keep parking stub to use for a make-up game.

Posted by: GBrettfan | Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 03:33 PM


BBrett, Yes, I'm pretty sure if you take your parking ticket stub, you get in for free on the day of the make-up game.

I bet the Phils can't wait to get to Cincy and play a few games unimpeded by the elements.

Friggin rain is RUINING baseball season.


Yes, it's true. The Phils waited to cancel this game so they score a little extra concession and parking money.

Some days Beerleaguer features the biggest collection of idiots in the world. Today is one of those days.

CJ: Word.

Whitey & Cut,
I don't think anyone is saying Charlie is stupid. Very soon he'll be the Manager with the most wins in franchise history. However, it has seemed, of late, he's done more "watching" the games i/o "managing." He left Halladay in too long last Tuesday, Madson in too long last Friday and little Roy in too long yesterday. Maybe we're looking at different things (and I don't claim to know as much about baseball as Charlie) but I think it's pretty easy to see when a guy is getting tired and/or the other team starts hitting him hard. In the case of Halladay, there was no point in leaving him in to finish that game when future games (and playoffs) are so much more important.

Seriously doubt the phillies make all that much money bringing people down to the park by the time parking is refunded and you have paid all the staff down there to show up (who I would imagine are paid by the hour). Most of the staff have to get there several hours before game time remember.

The schedule is jammed for September. They tried to get one in. The Phillies didn't screw anyone. Even the slightest change in the storm path could have made the difference. Why must blame be assigned to EVERYTHING? Sh!t happens.

Around 315 Worley tweeted "Bout to fly to Cincinnati." Shoulda brought the Marlins along and play a game in Cincy tomorrow.

donc: Exactly.

F8ck you

-mother nature

More retractable roofs!

Given the September schedule, I hope they do the smart thing and expand the roster to 30+ players, to keep the starters healthy for October. I would like to see David Bush, Drew Carpenter, Juan Perez, Mike Zagurski all up in September, in addition to Pete Orr, Domonic Brown, Dane Sardinhia and whatever other warm bodies they can borrow from the Iron Pigs. They need to be fresh for the postseason.

Apparently the Baseball Brain-trust, hearing Irene was coming, thought Irene was a baseball fan, not a hurricane. It can happen.

I get to watch the Iron Pigs again tonight. I see no improvement in Brown, Bush is no better than KK, really like Savery, Perez and Carpenter are done, and Aumont is huge (physically).

"I get to watch the Iron Pigs again tonight."

If the power doesn't go out.

Gary, welcome to New Orleans. I went to New Orleans for Tulane. I loved the uniqueness of New Orleans and stayed, but still love the Phillies. Nobody should make fun of Cat 1 storms.

Irene Leaguer

Wet Stove League.

Sounds like our team made it to Ohio...

Are the Phillies even the party responsible for deciding whether or when to call a game? I thought that was up to the umpires and/or the league.

I do think someone deserves blame for not scheduling the DH for yesterday. I also think it was totally ridiculous that MLB scheduled an east coast team for only one off day in September. None of that blame falls on the Phillies, though.

I've discovered that a sure sign very heavy weather is on the way is that the weather types on TV go into hyper-overdrive in their misuse of "impact" as a verb. It's enough to make a body's head explode.

All I know is that when the atmospheric pressure starts dropping, I stop spelling correctly. So F7ck it.

Verlander 20-5. Not his best outing today, but still gave them 6 IP, the first time he's gone less than 7 IP since May 24th, and he's yet to go less than 6 IP the entire season.

He's having just a fantastic season, and will definitely be in the MVP discussion, and rightly so.


Has the shine worn off on the Michael Vick bandwagon?

/baseball withdrawal

If I was Chuckles and Dubee, here is how I'd set up the rotation for the next 10 days (and now, you can basically set it up anyway you want):

AT Reds-

Monday- Hamels
Tuesday- Worley
Wednesday- Halladay
Thursday- Lee

At Marlins-

Friday- Oswalt
Saturday- Hamels
Sunday- Worley


Monday- Halladay
Tuesday- Lee
Wednesday- Oswalt

at Brewers-

Thursday- Hamels
Friday- Worley
Saturday- Halladay
Sunday- Lee

Oswalt would then start the first game in his old home in Houston. And you get Doc and Lee in the first 2 games against ATL, to help put an end to any hopes they have.

If they decide to go Hamels, Halladay, Lee and Worley in Cincy, then it will likely be Lee, Worley and Oswalt against the ATL.

With all the games in September and the huge lead the team should continue to have, I think the Phils should bring up plenty of players from the minors.

Rollins will be activated, so that is one addition. Orr will be brought back (assuming he goes down on Monday when Hamels comes back).

I think we add Rollins, Orr, Brown, Galvis, Kratz and possibly Brandon Moss. Both Moss and Kratz would have to be added to the 40 man.

Pitching-wise, I think we see Mathieson, DeFratus, Perez (although he has been awful lately) and Savery. Savery would have to be added to the 40 man.

One spot on the 40 man can be opened up by placing Contreras on the 60 day DL. I'd have to think something similar could be done with Harold Garcia and Drew Naylor too, but I am not sure how the rules work for minor leaguers who have been injured and aren't on the major league roster.

Denny, Dubee said Hamels, Halladay, Lee for next 3 games, per

Hurricane Irene is actively hurting this team!

What is the story behind the picture of Bruntlett during rainouts?

Congratulations and thanks to the Phillies for joining this movement:

Congratulations and thanks to the Phillies for joining this movement:

Posted by: Fatalotti | Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 08:52 PM




LGBT????? Seriously, is that necessary?

Yeah whitey, it's necessary.

Unless you don't think that LGBT youth are being bullied to the point of depression and suicide. I hope that's not the case.

If you think they delayed calling the game to get some extra money (when they probably didn't even turn a profit today), you're a fool. And if you looked out the window, knew the forecast and still drove to the game today, your fate was well-deserved.

BAP brought up an interesting point in yesterday's game thread about starting Worley over Oswalt in the playoffs and there seems to be a genuine disagreement over which would be the smarter move.

Honest question: am I nuts to think that there is a zero percent chance that Cholly will ever start Worley over Oswalt unless Roy gets hurt again? He hasn't been bad enough to get Burnett'ed, and I think that, given the money spent and players given up to acquire him, this is actually an issue on which the FO would be given a deciding vote.

Does anyone actually think Cholly will even consider starting Worley in the playoffs? Because I think the decision has already been made.

L is code for female on female cunninlingus, G is code for male anal sex, B is a combination of both and T is code for crossdresser. Yeah, the Phillies went way overboard in supporting this group that supports deviant sexual practices rather that supporting a broad based anti-bullying campaign. Shame on the Phillies for thumbing their noses at most of their fans who do not support perversion.

Deviant sexual practices rule!

Whitey, who defines what is sexual perversion? You? Nope, of course not.

America gives people the freedom to do whatever they choose as long as they don't impinge upon the rights of another. If two people, of any sexual orientation, want to consentually engage one another, I can't even imaging there being an argument against it.

If the Phillies have fans who do support a person's right to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I'm glad the Phillies thumbed their noses at such fans. If that offends you, I'm sorry, but your display of bigotry and intolerance in your last post was sickening.

This is no forum for this discussion, and if you want to pursue it further with me, I'll provide you with a personal email address.

If not, please avoid addressing me any further on this blog.

Should have read: "If the Phillies have fans who do NOT support a person's right to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I'm glad the Phillies thumbed their noses at such funs."

"female on female cunninlingus"

Why wouldn't the Phillies support that?

When I posted that video, by the way, the thought never even crossed my mind that any poster on this blog would post an objection.

I guess I should never be surprised by the depravity that man can display.

What's worse: the DH or homosexuality?

In all seriousness, I think it's great that the Phils have contributed to this project (although I haven't yet watched the video), as the super-macho world of pro sports is one of the last bulwarks against tolerance and open-mindedness. This battle is already decided in our society, although it will unfortunately take many more years for those deeply opposed to equality (those who feel like they have to control others' private behavior, etc.) realize they've lost.

Fatti - That's a great initiative and I'm glad the Phillies are participating.

I am doubtful that Worley will get a playoff start but, not convinced that's the case. September will be interesting. If Oswalt looks like he did yesterday for his next 5 turns and Worley continues to do what he's done, I think he could do it. Do I think he won't stumble in September? Not really but, he's on a hell of a run.

I respect your baseball knowledge but you promote AIDS by encouraging man on man anal sex. Halladay, Stutes, Mayberry, Utley and Pence support gay sex which leads to AIDS. For each teen that watches this video and leads to them catching HIV, I will blame the Phillies for homicide. Fair enough?

That's fair, whitey. Moving on . . .

whitey, your name says it all.

So, Whitey just went from curmudgeonly dinosaur to totally bonkers in no time flat. I think it's best not to take the bait here and to just let him live in his bizarro universe.

I have to imagine Aaron Rowand and Michael Morse are on board for this project, given how they look at the plate. Coutlangus, too, for obvious reasons.

whitey, my personal email address is (well, one of them at least). If you'd like to engage this discussion further and have your viewpoints challenge (and to challenge mine), I invite you to.

Otherwise, I steadfastly stand by my request that you refrain from addressing me further on this blog.


Dom got 4 hits in his game tonight. Seems like he's coming out of his slump, which is certainly a positive development. Not sure where he stands on female on female cunninlingus, though.

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