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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Did I hear that Dontrelle had cleared waivers? I'd like him out of the pen and as an extra pinch-hitter. Don't know his salary situation.

Oh, that reminds me. I was listening to Charlie Manuel on Sirius XM today and he said he hoped Blanton would be able to pitch this year and would definitely look to get him out of the bullpen or wherever. Not sure how to react to that news, as Blanton seems to have a problem with first innings. Maybe as a reliever he wouldn't, I don't know.


Ibanez - 17 HR
Francisco - 6 HR

Mike Gonzalez to the Rangers?

I wonder how much it'll cost them. I don't like the drunken sailor aesthetically, but he could've served as a second lefty bullpen piece for the Phillies.

this is from the last thread but you might want to check those diaz numbers again against the phillies. i don't think he's had nearly the success as he used to have against the phils

I thought the name in red was the person who was pictured?

Cyclic, I just assumed the guy in the picture, wearing the Phillies jersey, was Dontrelle Willis.

Diaz has been a complete dog in Pittsburgh. Sometimes I'll ask a Pirates fan how many homers he's hit this year just so I can hear the rant.

"I thought the name in red was the person who was pictured?"

JW trying to make Drew feel better about himself.

Diaz is pretty good at tackling fans in the outfield.

The platoon's been a done deal for some weeks. The next important development is Utley hitting #2 and a righty with pop hitting #3.

I guess all the worry about Utley's hip was for nothing as he never sits anymore - it may be good to get him a breather ever so often, mini mart suks, but Uts health is more important.

Not to bring up our favorite subject again, but I'm expecting Howard to flail at a few Dontrelle's low outside breaking balls. Maybe the "platoon" should have been at first base, though I hope he proves me wrong.

Scotch Man's keys to the game:

D-Train isn't what he used to be but I could see him giving the Phils a headache. I could also see Victorino, Pence, and possibly Mayberry unloading on him. The rather long rested Lee kind of worries me. He was on such a role and I'm hoping he locates.

Diaz hurt us in Atlanta, often. I'm sure the Braves remembered.

You know Ibanez's season wouldn't be quite as bad if he took a walk from time to time. Nine walks, total, in July and August. Just 29 on the season.

'Unofficial' official platoon in LF continues . . .

Mike - Agreed but they just had 2 days off. Imagine Polanco will likely get a day off this weekend.

Sure they would be willing to sit Utley if the season were a bit closer to being done & JRoll was healthy.

JW - Hard to lay off pitches when you are having to cheat constantly on fastballs and guess to catch up.

I'm all for the straight platoon of Ibanez and Mayberry. Yes Mayberry looks to have more right now, but we can't just throw away Ibanez and act like he can't help this team in the playoffs. Need to keep him getting some starts down the stretch just in case.

And this is easier for me to say than most because I dont think RFD has the ability to play every nite yet - I like him limmited to his strengths much more. Just doesn't look like a guy who will flourish more with more oppurtunities if given the chance.

Two guys in front of me at last night's game - one guy explaining how the Phils getting Mayberry made Howard expendable.

Has there been any information about whether Utley's still feeling pain/discomfort, etc.? His numbers are down some, but he looks the same and plays as hard as ever. I'm still dreading the day . . . .

this article was from last week, about Utley and his "miracle year":

sounds to me, fwiw, that the knee had been bothering him prior to this year, too, but that it became too much for him to try to play through... sounds promising going forward though.

Could have affected his power, who knows? But offense is down overall, and his homers have always come in bunches, so it's hard to say.

Utley isn't the same hitter. He has more weak pops to the left in 3 months than he had in his whole career. On the rare occasion he turns on one, the power isn't there. Has to be physical.

On the pre-game with Wheels last night, Cholly basically said Ibanez would be playing against righties. Cholly may not use the word, but he said Raul will be platooned.

curt: a combination of physical and age

Platoon in LF is a no-brainer at this point and to his credit Cholly has been really using it for a while now.

Sure would be sweet if Lee can overcome the 9 day rust and get one of these tonight (as per Todd Zolecki):

Little Ollie: You're right. I can't imagine anything that would help the Phils offense more than getting Howard out of the lineup.

I suspect you'll find general agreement here.

MG: Agreed 100%, but i dont think everyone else does.

Anytime Raul gets hot, Phlipper and aksmith act like they are the smartest people on Earth and shame us less intellegent folk for doubting him.

Anytime RFD gets hot, there is a whole 'i told you so' movement formed between the likes of the dennyb's who prasies any/all AAA player anytime a MLB player slumps, the schweitzer's who just love anyone not named DOM, and the consistent Jack/NEPP's who beat the 'i can't stand Ibanez anymore' drum for past two years.

oh yea, and of course Hitman who has Mayberry pencilled in for 30HR/100RBI as soon as "he gets a chance".

Does Bowker being a cornerfielder Lefty off the bench means Dom starts his sabbatical early?

clout - no way I'd keep Howard out of the lineup. I was half kidding, though I am expecting him to whiff a bunch tonight. IMO part of his value is the intimidation factor -- I believe however bad he's doing he strikes fear in opposing pitchers' minds and makes their hearts beat faster and that's always a good thing.

Bowker? The latest Pete LaForest to wash ashore here for some reason.


If you will go back and read through the game chats during the streak of games since the last promotion of RFD from LV, you'll see I haven't said much of anything about Mayberry. No gloating on my end. I think I have been proven right, that he could become a very good 4th OF (if given a realistic chance) for this team and his skill set speaks for itself. He's been better then anyone could have imagined. And I think most in the organization don't think its a fluke either. He'll go through his hot and cold spells at the plate just like anyone else. But he can play.

I also am on record as saying Schwimer should have been up a few months ago (and Baez should have been cut months ago to make that happen). Its way too early to make any determination on him, but I think he has the POTENTIAL to be a solid major league middle reliever/ROOGY. For the league minimum.

These aren't "over-the-top" boasts (which we read a few too many about Dom Brown here in the past year). These are just realistic views of these players.

Speaking of which, has Will Schweitzer weighed in on the Dom Brown "lowlight" reel from yesterday?

WP: He bought the movie rights.

He used up an entire box of Kleenex watching it.

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