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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hamels on the DL. But with Orr being called up, and not another pitcher, this sounds more like a short-term player management thing with Ibanez hurting and JRoll's DL assignment leaving the Phillies short in the field/bench.

Now they say he'll start Monday Aug 29 instead of Friday.

Hopefully it doesn't mean its more serious, and like TNA said, a player management type deal with the added benefit of an extra few days rest for Cole.

Pu$$y. Just pitch through the pain.

This makes at least twice now that Hamels' return start has been pushed back. I posted the following yesterday. It bears repeating. Worry about the health of the Big 3, & Madson. Rollins is replaceable. Hamels is not. Madson is not.

If TNA were correct what would change on Monday that isn't true today? JRoll won't be back then. Hamels comes back, Orr goes back down? Then there's still a potential infielder shortage.

Huge blow to the club. Suddenly we're vulnerable again. Hopefully Oswalt steps up and is a top pitcher again for a couple weeks.

Lets put Ibanez on the DL till Sept 1.

Cliff Lee wouldn't let a silly thing like a bum shoulder keep him down...

And if Ibanez needs to be out more than a couple of days, they'll need to bring up an outfielder. That would be interesting. The way Brown is playing in AAA, I would think they'll bring up just about anyone else.

In the midst of our sorrow, this should be good for a laugh --

Buster Olney (via Twitter): "Joe Beimel just designated for assignment by the Pirates. Would have to believe that both the Phillies and the Yankees would have interest."

Just what the Phillies need! A LH reliever who can't get LHB or RHB Out!

Olney is remarkably consistent in being one of the absolute dumbest MLB "insiders" to enjoy continued employment.

Funniest comparison I just heard:

Dom Brown . . . this generation's Jeff Stone.

For all of us wondering about Polly's health and the position it puts the Phils with Rollins out, at least we have Pete Orr joining the big league team!

Stay healthy Polly...

It's very unlike the Phils this year to DL someone so they could bring up some help (see Gload, et al). Perhaps one of our backup infielders is dinged up, too?

So...what do people think on the odds of Rube making a waiver trade deal at this point?

Are we really going to go with Gload and no 2nd LHP for the stretch run? How about another infielder now with Rollins banged up again and Polly still iffy?


Charlie did the right thing taking Utley and Howard out of game last night giving them a bit of break but Roy Oswalt is probably next in line as utilility defensive replacement at that point.

Earthquake in Philly? Or am I as drunk & stupid as has been claimed?

Then we're both drunk.

I work in Lancaster, PA and I absolutely felt that earthquake. I all but gathered up canned food and went to the fallout shelter.

Even the earth is upset Hamels went to the DL.

5.8 quake in VA.

Last night I was listening to the Astros - Rox game on the radio. It's the 9th inning, Rox leading 9 to 1. Phillies cast-off J.C. Romero comes in to pitch. His ERA is announced as being 3.20 ERA. In my mind I'm thinking, "This will make a great BL post with J.C. Romero having a better ERA than Madson 3.20 vs. 3.25 ERA." Well, Romero pitches only one out, gives up a 3 run homer plus another run, only two of those four runs are earned. He ends up a 4.05 ERA. There went a great BL post. Bummer! Romero pisses me off, even when he pitches for another team.

"Lets put Ibanez on the DL till Sept 1."

I was thinking more like November 1.

No BS, people are Tweeting from CBP that Halladay just kept on going w/ his workout.

Is Prince Fielder in town?

David Murphy (via Twitter): "Good earthquake! Let's go eat!"

Yup. 5.8 earthquake about 30 miles NW of Richmond with the epicenter.

Thought I left that crap behind when I left SF and returned back to Philly.

"No BS, people are Tweeting from CBP that Halladay just kept on going w/ his workout."

What should he have been doing, staring at the ground awkwardly like I was?

That's cool about Halladay and the workout. Roy just stuck to the plan. What a guy.

This is no lie....I was just reading the thread about my boy Cliff Lee and the room started to shake - really shake. Was there just an earthquake in Philadelphia?

So, NEPP, what is the "huge blow"? Is it that Hamels' DL stint forces him to make next Monday's start instead of this Friday? If that's your concern, I'll name you several other ones that take precedence.

Bedrosian's Beard: Or watching my HD flat screen shake ominously, incapable of actually moving & perhaps doing something about the situation. Dude is WAY beyond focused.

No sh8t? That's what that was? In Manhattan: for two seconds my chair and desk were wobbling.

I bet JMJ stopped the quake before it caused any damage. That dude just does it all.

Middletown NJ and my entire office shook for a good 15 seconds.

***So, NEPP, what is the "huge blow"? Is it that Hamels' DL stint forces him to make next Monday's start instead of this Friday? If that's your concern, I'll name you several other ones that take precedence.***

I didnt realize it was backdated at the time of the comment. Yeah, this is no big d long as he's back Monday.

This earthquake is on the heels of a large earthquake on the CO-NM border this morning. "Day After Tomorrow"-type Armageddon scenario?

Now they're saying it was a 5.9 or 6.0.

Doc's balls just turned a harder version of brass.

So Eric Bruntlett causes rain and Pete Orr causes Earthquakes?

Hamels was only supposed to miss one start. Then he was pushed back to Friday. Then to Monday. I'd say it's disconcerting.

White House has been evacuated, Pentagon being evac'd now.

this quake has East Coast Bias written all over it.


Geez - I wonder if this quake was caused by panicked BLers jumping out of 3rd floor windows on hearing the news about Hamels?

I definitely picture Doc feeling it, pausing for a second to glance at the trainers, and completely ignoring an earthquake. If an earthquake hits, and Doc doesn't acknowledge it's presence, does it actually count as an earthquake?

I am freaked out and I am in charge of a toddler and a dog.

This from

In Philadelphia, HunterPence3 tweeted, "Wow Earthquake just shook the entire locker room!"

God has to run all Earthquake consent forms by Doc before they actually happen. Doc WILL NOT have his workout intrrupted by being too near an earthquake epicenter.

Michael Bourn has yet to tweet about it.

According to Gelb, CBP has been evacuated, but the Mets are still inside. Honestly, I'm OK w/ that.


Krod just beat his father; nothing to do with the quake.

We really felt it here in Richmond.

Evidence of the destruction from the earthquake:

Definitely a 6.0

I didn't feel it at all. Possibly due to my location, which is Texas, but still...

That was weird. Never felt a real earthquake before.

they made the hamels move because of ibanez and the fact he can't play right now. they needed an extra player

Definitely felt it in Williamsport, GO KEYSTONE!

office was shaking, looked outside and saw the cars moving back and forth in the parking lot. Thought I was in the twilight Zone with Rod Serling !!!!!!!

From end of last thread - "You could certainly make an argument that minus Oswalt’s back injury that hampered him until recently, Lee is the 4th best starter on the team" JMH

Oh c'mon dude...these tripartite posts were from whom I think is a regular poster on here under a different moniker who for whatever reason consistently likes to downplay Lee's achievements.

He is free to make that argument but on the other hand one could within reason argue that Lee has actually been the ace of the staff so far. In the most awaited series of the season's first half against the mighty Boston Red Sox, Lee opened it with a dominating shutout.

In the biggest series so far of the second half, the Phillies return to the San Francisco Giants' homepark (after the Giants had just won 2 of 3 from the Phils at CBP), Lee opened the series with yet another shutout.

Against a potential playoff rival the Arizona Diamondbacks last week who had just won 7 in a row and even beaten Halladay the night before, Cliff Lee completely shut them down. ..... And last night with shreds of anxiety creeping in to Phillies fans after 3 late inning losses within a week and the Braves inching slightly closer, Lee totally stifled the still hated Mets.

That is some fourth best starter we have!

sheds of anxiety? uhh no

Ishmael, welcome back to the states! Now get the hell out of Texas and back to civilization.

Haven't seen this many suits in the streets since the Great Depression.

Earthquake was interesting...
thought road construction was causing the rumbling....and then the building started to shake...reminded me of CBP when Lee flied out to the LF warning track last night.

WandyRod to Phils in waiver wire stunner?


Vic, Polly, Utley, Pence, Mayberry 1B, Francisco LF, Valdez SS, Schneider,

Its like a spring training camp out there . . .

Francisco is still around? Go figure.

Son of a b!tch!

Wow. Black hole at the bottom of the line up.

Actually, I just heard that Hamels is not out with an inflamed shoulder, but a broken heart since he's not loved as much as {sniff, sniff} Cliff Lee...

What is a Francisco, and why is he in LF?

Still waiting for them to DL Ibanez. Isn't there enough room left on the DL?

Francisco still has pics of Buck Bros and some Sandinistas from back in the day.

All kidding aside, we have to hope this is a momentary blip for Hamels. The guy has been durable, even though he seemed to be having some generic shoulder problems in 2009. He is hitting his peak years and has been the Phillies' best pitcher in a lot of ways this season.

Whatever thoughness or other issues anyone had with Hamels have proven to be so much nonsense. The kid can pitch and pitch very well. A healthy Hamels goes a long way toward bringing the Phils another WFC.

Not loved as much as Lee? Probably because Lee is a better hitter and doesn't bother to ice his shoulder after pitching. It can't be because of the on field pitching results.

Clearly, their showcasing Francisco for a trade with Oakland for earthquake supplies.

I just hope he clears waivers.

Gee, this lineup somewhat dampens my excitement about attending tonight's game.

Jose Conteras is done for the season.

Andy: We scored 10 runs last nite with no RBI's from the 3/4 hitters, and 9 runs a few days ago with no RBI's from the 3-4-5 hitters.

I think Howard's hand is still an issue. Has looked absolutely horrible since the hand problem and he doesnt get very good swings against Niese anyway.

I think Cholly wants tonight's game to be more competitive so he's showcasing a lineup that will keep the Mutts in the game.

Shame about Contreras. I wasn't too optimistic about him, but was hoping they could get something out of him. He was awesome early in the season.

Thank god we signed Jose through 2012...

And Howard has bursitis....Is the sky falling?

If only Ruben Amaro had been a bigger racist, he would have seen this coming.

GBrettfan: this is Rizzotti's chance to turn Howard into a modern day Wally Pipp!

JBird, I have a club that Rube can join if he's interested!


Cross him off the list.

bursitis? well, i guess we'll see how far above replacement level Howard is after all.

Whatever, it's a good time to get these guys some R&R anyway

Howard has bursitis where? Which bursa?

Holy is the end of days. Did the sky fall down on the east coast, also?

Wandy Rod's numbers are going to explode in Colorado. What are they thinking?

dubee said hamels was fabulous today in his bullpen session. will start monday. says the move today was to get the rotation in order and get everyone on regular rest

Still hearing sirens here in Richmond....

I was 11 stories up when it hit. I have to say I always wanted to experience an earthquake just to know what it felt like. I also have to say I've decided I don't like it very much.

I can't picture Dubee using the word fabulous.

Howard has done little since he sat out the 18th:

3-16 with 1 HR (2 RBIs) with 0 BBs and 7 Ks.

The news RE: Contreras is hardly unexpected, but disappointing nonetheless. Now the Phillies will almost certainly have Lidge on their Postseason roster. Booooooooo ...

ryanlawrence21 Dubee said Hamels "absolutely fabulous" in bullpen today. Today's move was simply to get rest of rotation back in routine, on normal rest.

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