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Monday, August 22, 2011


With JRoll out and Polly working out the kinks without a rehab stint, I'm glad we have Cliff's bat in the lineup tonight.

The author of this post obviously is new to BL, where it is accepted gospel that a player's age can't possibly correlate with injuries.

Madson still could be unavailable tonight?

Really? Why?

Hope The Phanatic's groin is good to go tonight.

If only it was Raul hitting the DL. We'd actually be better for it.

Feels like a W

Can't imagine you get too many pitching matchups that rhyme.

Gee has been terrible the last 2 months (5.12 ERA in 10 GS since June 21st) and has been hit a bit harder on the road.

Does indeed feel like W

denny: 3 straight days pitching, plus another day warming up in the bullpen. I wouldn't have expected Madson to be available today.

So we sit and wait for ...

- Polly to realize he can't play thru the hernia
- Utley's hip to flare up since he never gets a day off anymore
- Chooch's nut to drop
- Howard to go on a tear
- Rollins to return from DL and then re-injure the groin
- Contreras to retire
- Pence to be diagnosed with ADD

How's the weather in Philly tonight??


He hasn't pitched since Friday.

3 days off seems a bit much to me.

"How's the weather in Philly tonight??"


Ok, Johnny Jr. Now go make the LF job yours.

Sounds like the Braves got bad news with Hanson today.

If they don't have him, they are in big trouble in October. And Jurrjins is already leaking oil physically.

denny: Ah, right. I forgot about Oswalt's 8-inning gem on Saturday, in which Madson didn't pitch. I guess I only remember the losses.

Madson will go on the DL Wednesday - retroactive to last Friday.

It's easier to remember the losses since there are so few of them.

The Braves are fine w/o Hanson with Minor and Teheran available - the farm system is stacked with pitching. With Jurrgens, everybody was waiting for him to return to reality after that unbelievable first half.

Bobby Cocks: While the Braves are stacked in terms of pitching for the future, I think if Hanson is out, they are in real trouble for the playoffs this season.

I'm guessing this has been discussed already, but Thome hits waivers.

I strained my groin reading this thread.

Rosenthal reports that the Phillies want Thome, but seeing as how they have the best record in baseball -- and, thus, the last shot at him in the waivers process -- it's very doubtful he makes it to them. What about a return to Cleveland for Thome? With Travis Hafner going on the disabled list Monday, it's possible the Tribe ends up with an opening at DH. Going back to Cleveland, where Thome spent the first 12 years of his career, would be a nice story and give the Indians an obvious offensive upgrade. Thome has an .868 OPS with 12 home runs this season in just 230 plate appearances.

The Yankees could also be interested in an upgrade at DH, while the Giants and Braves would certainly benefit from some punch off the bench.

Rosenthal also reports Carlos Pena, Jason Kubel and Heath Bell hit waivers Monday.

Blanton "pushing it" = jogging 15 feet

When is Lidge going on the waiver line? How about Ibanez?

J-Roll and Raul might have a future in television...

Lake Fred, Raul has been wavering all season long.

Is it me,or do injuries seem more rampant this year all over baseball? Or is the internet and twitter doing too good a job of reporting every broken fingernail or tummy ache.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Rollins makes that play.

I'm glad that Rollins is injured. He's a bum anyway. Now we can pay him less next year. My only hope is that Howard gets injured also. Howard's also a bum. Maybe if he gets injured he'll take a cut in salary. That way the Phillies might have a lousy team, but at least they'll have a lot of money, and all I care about is that the Phillies have a lot of money.

But Rollins and Howard really are a couple of bums.

But don't say that I hate them - I don't. They are my favorite two Phillies.

How obvious can it be that Rollins' stint on the DL ranks a whopping 10?!!!!

That last play was dedicated to Jack and G-town as are Valdez'z 2 GIDP coming later in the game.

There goes the perfect game....

You better than Vic that he can field, Mr. Valdez!

Any word on whom the Phillies placed on waivers? It would be interesting to see whether there might be a match for a trade.

Oh, Duda Day!

maine: The teams that are placing their veterans on waivers are teams that are out of the race & looking to dump salary. I doubt there's any veteran player whom the Phillies would be looking to dump, save for guys like Blanton or Contreras, whom no one would want anyhow.

I'm confused as to why I'm getting called a Rollins "hater."

The guy is huge for our team, and the drop-off from him to Valdez is pretty enormous. I think that makes my view a whole lot different than G-Town Dave. As I've said many times, I'd much rather have had Raul go to the DL than Rollins.

All I've said negative about Rollins is that I'm concerned about signing him to a long-term deal, as he's 32 and injury-prone.

Doesn't change the fact that he's one of our most valuable players this year. Just thought I should clarify.

"So we sit and wait for ...

- Polly to realize he can't play thru the hernia
- Utley's hip to flare up since he never gets a day off anymore
- Chooch's nut to drop
- Howard to go on a tear
- Rollins to return from DL and then re-injure the groin
- Contreras to retire
- Pence to be diagnosed with ADD"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a relatively positive outlook by typical BLer standards.

These stupid SNY dopes have mentioned "band box" and the whacky run-fest, hitter friendly Citizens Bank a million times already and we're not even out of the first.

Remember when Howard used to destroy crappy righties like Dillon Gee?

Remember when Howard used to hit HRs?

I can't stand to watch Howard's at bats on deep counts. I'll take the replay if he hits one out.

Good point, BAP. You're right, of course. Where do you watch these late afternoon games?

maine: I watch in my office, which also happens to be in my house.

@ Berger: Do they also mention the fact that this is the venue where the team with the most shutouts pitches a few?

Lee is all around the strike zone right now. Might be one of those games where he pitches really well, except for a couple of innings where they square up a few balls in the zone.

As cool a story as it would be, I think I'd rather see Thome in Philly rather than Cleveland for a couple reasons. Obviously the increase in talent to the bench/DH for an eventual WS berth, but I think a reunion with Manuel would be a better feel-good ESPN type fluff piece. Half the fans of the Indians, who have been positively dreadful since he left, would barely recognize the fact that Thome once wore a Tribe jersey. I almost get the impression he would be under-appreciated there, whereas in Philly, the man was cheered (last year?) up to the point where he stuck a dagger through Phils fan's hearts in the 12th inning. And even then, fans still clamor for his services during the stretch run.

bap: I always pictured you in a big law firm office, closing the door and watching games at night while junior associates slaved away doing your work.

PS, that article about La Russa as a GM of the future reads like a Stephen King alternate-reality novel.

That was my scenario for BAP, as well, Jack, with some modifications.

Classic up-the-middle hit by Pence.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Pence got that hit with his unorthodox batting style.

Jack/maine: You'll have to amend your picture. I am a one-man operation & I do all my own work -- with 3-hour timeouts to watch Phillies games & shorter timeouts over the course of the day to write Beerleaguer posts.

My friends in Atlanta told me the local idiots on the telecast there made an argument that the Phils were exposed in a "normal sized park" like Nats Park and that the Phils wouldnt have "shown their weaknesses" at Citizens Bank and that's why their record is smoke and mirrors.
So I guess the Braves record is even more smoke and mirrors since they are trailing the Phils, right?

Will these two morons ever shut the hell up?

What your friends in Atlanta don't know, or realize at least, is that the winning pitcher for the Nats on Friday and Sunday was the weather prognosticator, who willed in the rain to cause delays and mess up the starting rotation.

Crazy stat of the day:

From Opening Day 2008 through yesterday's game (almost 4 full seasons), Carlos Ruiz has a higher OBP than Ryan Howard (.362 to .349).

All Wilson Valdez does is get clutch hits.

babe lee!!

When Valdez ends the season with numbers similar to the ones he posted in 2009 & 2010, no one will ever again be heard to suggest that Mini-Mart is his equal.

Pulled groin syndrome has struck again. Possibly afflicting WV as well???

You can't even hope to contain Cliff Lee.

Pretty ballsy changeup on 3-1 there from Gee.

Shane for MVP. Seriously.

The Phillies are gonna send Mr. Gee right back to the Hello Deli!

Come on, Polly. Be back.

**insert joke about his back**

Cliff Lee, you bumbaclot! You got away with one there.

Victorino is actively hurting this team.

No, Wheels, that's when you twist your ankle. What a dolt.

Player the Phillies cannot afford to lose: Shane Victorino.

Or not. He touched it.

Nice way to start washing off the stench of the last few games.

That's about as far as Polanco can hit the ball these days. Surprised more teams don't play him that shallow.

All the pieces are now in place for another blown save.

David Murphy (via Twitter): "Cliff Lee since May 11: 13-for-43 (.302), 2 2B, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 4 RS"


Don't let Bap fool you, he is modest but the most professional counselor in the Bay area. I would let him handle my briefs.

Is it even worth posting that Lee now has almost the same BA as Raul Ibanez?

Vic is the best position player on the team this year.

Jack: I know one thing, I'd rather see Cliff Lee PH than Ross Gload any day of the week.

NEPP: I don't think that's even really in question, is it? Is there anyone here who would submit otherwise?

Vic, as usual.

That truly is as far as Placido can hit it. I'll take singles.

Brian: Do you ever change your briefs?

So which is he an Angel or a Pagan?

It looks like the Cliffer is starting to hit his spots. What an athlete! By that, I was referring to the total package.

Cliff Lee now w/ a personal best 186 Ks (& counting) on the season.

I like WV's double pump when throwing to first. Since he can throw that pill at 89mph, no worries about getting it there in time.

@donc: I would say after he grounds out that he is a fallen Angel and now a Pagan.

I think we need to have a face-off with the White Sox BL. I can't imagine that they are as clever or as imaginative as ours.

Hell of a play by the kid at SS.

I was wondering whether or not I'd hate the Mets as much without Beltran around.

Lo and behold, I sure do!

From what I've seen of him -- at both 2nd and SS -- Tejada can really play defense.

Damn. Points to Ruben Tejada for that play.

Remember when Howard used to destroy crappy righties like Dillon Gee?

I'd like to see Howard swing at the first strike. That was tailor-made for an inside-out swing. Brutal.

Someone show Howard a calendar.

Add Dillon Gee to the growing list of pitchers against whom Howard hasn't a clue. I think we're up to about 75% of the pitchers in baseball.

Let's Go Eat T-Shirts available. That's goofy.

sarge is a "marketing tools" diviner?

I'm just glad we don't have to see any Dickey this series.

Pence, on the other hand, has been a human walk machine since coming here - which is totally contrary to his reputation.

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