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Thursday, August 18, 2011


BAP, there are no actual criteria for the Phillie-killer label, but to me, the notion is that a player significantly outperforms their career norms over a sufficiently sized sample.

That would necessitate that the pithcer in question would HAVE to have more than a handful starts, since it would get to the point that the pitchers is outperforming his career rates even when intuition would dictate that he should have regressed by now.

Tim Redding really is the perfect example. In 179 G and 144 GS in his career, he has a 4.95 ERA. Against the Phillies in 14 GS, he has a 3.01 ERA.


Cholly must be deep in thought for tonight's batting order. I'll give it a whirl:


Ahem, as opposed to Amen. But, both the expressions apply in this case. Based on precedent and the inequity of the penalty vis-s-vis the other penalties handed out, specifically just fines, I boldly predicted that Vic's suspension would be reduced to two games from three.

Well, my prediction came true. I believe I had money on this, so, you naysayers, pay up!!!

Vic is having a fine season, but there's a reason there's a minimum to qualify for the batting title, for instance. A great season over 700 PAs (which is what Vic had last year) is far more impressive than a great season over 550 PAs.

Not to mention if Vic has any kind of slump in the last 40 games it will have a bigger impact on his numbers since he's only got 366 ABs right now.

But the almighty WAR says he's the greatest, so he must be, right?

we'll probably score 15 runs now with that lineup.

Ruiz out again?? Chouch!!

Could this possibly be the game that Chase stops spotting opposing pitchers the first strike? I know he's a great player, but once in a while I'd like to see him looking for a first ball fast ball on the low inside corner.
I know his plate selection is exceptional. I can't help feeling opposing pitchers would really fear him if he were less predictable on that first pitch.

This game feels like a loss

templin, except that everyone will kill him for not working a count. No win situation.

Gload at first? Why not Mayberry at first and Fransisco in center? Or Raul at first, Fransisco in left and Mayberry in center?

Either way, with Gload's hip and lack of hitting, I'm concerned.

Worley has to be less than thrilled to have this lineup playing a large part in whether or not he gets a coveted Win. Worst lineup PHI has trotted out in 2 years?

Oh, and "no thanks" on Johnny Damon.

I'd take Damon...he's pesky, he's annoying and I hate him but he's the kind of guy that gets big hits when it matters.

He hits RHP pretty well (for a bench player) even now.

Seriously, Worley is going to have to be pretty damned spectacular tonight with that lineup behind him!

Fuhs, I think that tells us all we need to know about UC's opinion of if the spikes through his feet holding him to the bench the last 2 months weren't enough of a clue.

More range at 1B? Gload or a wood stick that was advocated on here during '07 when Dobbs/Helms manned 3B?

Fuhs: Ben Francisco can barely handle the corner outfield. Also, Ibanez hasn't been a regular first baseman in 7 years.

I think Damon is a good fit personally. Rather have Godzilla though.

Looks like Cholly has been reading up on those calls to sandbag the D-backs series because that is one dreadful line up tonight.

Title of this article made me laugh. Wes Helms and lightning. Only if he is carry a 30-foot metal pole during a t-storm.

Worley always gets the short end with the lineup, and seems to do all right. Besides, we scored 9 runs last nite with NO rbi's from our 3,4,5 hitters.

goody, how many RBI's do you project from the 5-9 hitters tonight?

Was Utley's lawn chair DFA'd when he came back? If not, can we put it out there at 1B?

WP: We don't need no stinkin rbi's tonite. Worley will pitch a shutout and Gload will steal home!

Player of the game prediction: Ross Gload.

Player of the game prediction: Vanimosity.

Vanimal makes it look easy.

I've got too many windows open on my computer to look it up. Does anyone remember who the Yankees got for Ian Kennedy?

One hell of an interesting lineup tonight. I'm not a big fan of Gload, but I'm very interested to see how he does. And I'm fully willing to become a Gload fan. To that end, I predict that he will be so spectacular tonight that he becomes the new first baseman with a stunningly high BA.

And, so, it begins.

Well, I've had enough of Mayberry.

BAP - It was the Granderson trade. Yankees gave up Austin Jackson and Phil Coke in addition to Kennedy.

It was one of the 17 Edwin Jackson trades.

Did anyone say it yet?

Raul will homer tonight. Mark it.

So close.

Cyclic, sooo close yet so far...

Nice job, Mr. WU.

Washed up.

Who is this Ibanez kid? Seems to have some hits in him.

Gload sucks

I see Gload has taken Dobbs' spot on the team as the guy who hits the dying quail to the left side of the infield. Just let this guy go already.


Mini-Mart! Er, I mean, Valdez!

Wilson freaking Valdez!!

Another big hit by Exxon.

Srsly, I'm no Damon fan, but I think we can agree at this point that Damon > Gload as the 24th or 25th man.

krukker: Thanks. One of those rare trades where the prospects have worked out quite well but, given the season that Granderson's having, I guess Yankee fans aren't complaining.

I suggest Damon as a replacement for Rosenthal. We need another OF more than a 3B?

Bunting the pitcher, as bad as Kennedy is, with one out and Bloomquist on deck, is an incredible gift to the Phils. Thanks ARI.

"Damon > Gload as the 24th or 25th man."

But, Heather, I'm not convinced that Brown is not better than Damon.

And I'd still rather have a 3B who can hit. I much prefer the "go after Casey Blake" idea.

The guy's better than his old man. Ok maybe not, but damn.

Mayberry. He just does what Mayberry does: good things.

What's Brown doing these days?

Go, John Mayberry, Jr!

Mr. Ian "Not So Cy Youngish Now" Kennedy? Meet Mr. Mayberry.

If Ian Kennedy can't kill tonight's Phillies lineup, he is thoroughly undeserving of the title "Phillies Killer."

Nice f______ running by Utley there. He smelled blood.

Mayberry just keeps hitting.

Mayberry is just brutal.

The main reason Vic's suspension hurts? Ibanez has to play.

Ibanez looking slightly Howard-esque on that AB. Good pitch for the third strike, though.

Great AB by Raul there.

With men on 1st and 2nd, 0 outs, and Ibanez, Gload & Schneider coming up, it never even crossed my mind that failure was a possibility.

We've been there for a wile, but clearly at this point, there is simply no reason for Ibanez to start against RHP. And my guess is that Charlie will go that way.

If what I'm seeing outside my window is any indication, this storm is gonna be something.

Andy, I think Vic not playing may be a little more hurty than Raul playing.

So chance they get 5 innings before the rain comes, right?

Should they be able to get the rest of the game in? (I.e., is the storm scheduled to blow over sometime in the next hour or two?)

Damn...this delay, if long enough, helps ARI, I think. Worley was dealing.

This interview is going swimmingly.

Larry Greene does not strike me as a particularly quick-witted youngster. Sarge and McCarthy look like they're thinking, "Come on, young fella, help us out here, just a little bit."

Heather: Your guess is as good as mine. I doubt the Phillies would have started if they didn't think they'd finish, but it's supposed to be like this (chance of severe t-storms) for the next few days.

Well they're not going to call the game off. It's too important to the playoff picture, and Arizona isn't coming back to the east coast for one game. Plus the Phils have about one off day between now and the end of the season.

Looking forward to a lot of Phillies clubhouse, and then a lot of pitching from David Herndon.

This rain delay is happening just in time for some Little League World Series on ESPN.

Just hope they DO get the game in. Phillies' schedule in Sept. is pretty crowded as it is.

Is anyone in center city? This is the most impressive lightning show I've ever seen.

er...there should be no reason for Ibanez to start against LHP.

If this game dosn't finish, does it count for Vic or not?

Yeah, it's fairly clear Greene wasn't drafted for his insightful analysis of Kant and Kierkegaard.

Chipper just crushed a Lincecum offering. I "LOL"ed.

Sad thing is Greene was still the most interesting person in the conversation.
100% chance of rain at 9 down to 25% at 10, whatever that means

"Kiekegaard is far too deep for me"


I know the Giants are the newly hate-able Giants. But I still have a hard time rooting for the Braves against them. First, I just want to see the Braves buried ever deeper under the Phils in the standings. Second, I lived through the Braves-dominated 90s. Those were some crushingly boring years. And in general, it's hard to conceive of a more boring team or organization than the Braves. Third, Uggla--I really, really, really don't like Uggla.

Chipper crushed a Lincecum pitch? Does that mean there's hope for Utley & Howard? Maybe not, Chippers a switch hitter, isn't he?

So, who's going to be pitching for the Phils when the game restarts? Can't be KK since he's scheduled for Saturday.

Rooting for the Braves is nigh impossible, even against the Giants.

goody: my suspect if this game can't be completed, then it won't count for VIc. (He can't miss a game that wasn't a game.)

I think Iceman's right, and we'll see Herndon when (if??) the game continues. And Stutes, and Schwimer, and Lidge...

I dont want g-dam Jarney Demon on my team.

Will we see Michael Schwimer tonight?

Sargent (leans over to Greene):
I can show you where to get some fine tail and hats in this town.


Won't happen, but I'd use KK with this 3-0 lead tonight, and bring up somebody else for the start this weekend.

Well, it won't count for anything on his record, but Worley looked really locked in tonight. He hadn't looked that sharp in about 4 starts. Looked on his way to win #9.

Nice to see him revert back to Vanimal Status.

It will likely be David Herndon against Micah Owings when we resume, I'd guess.

This Mlbpa grievance on behalf of Zambrano is total BS. The guy is a mental case who gave up and left the team and talks retirement (although not binding, still another black eye) and then when the team puts him on the list he talks about coming up and playing for another team. Sorry dude, baseball doesn't work like that. That sh-t used to fly in the NFL but now with a hardass like Goddell, it won't work there either.

Owings will make them dangerous offensively.

To harken back to a topic of a few weeks ago . . . if Worley's night is done & the Phillies go on to win the game, THIS will be one of those games where the official scorer gets to decide who the winning pitcher is. But he can't pick Worley.

b_a_p: Still breaking my balls on that one, eh?

So, after being sent down, I winder if Brown was thinking, "Dammit, I should've gone to play football at Miami." If so, when this Miami scandal broke, he probably thought, "Oh well, either way I would've been screwed."

"I winder"


These 3 guys at the back end of the Braves BP can't keep this up, right?

hib to the jib

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