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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Damn you Beerleaguer White Sox!!!!

Maybe Thome will refuse the waiver claim and become a FA.

Continuation of previous thread topic. Between McCann's magical 9th inning bat and Kimbrel's lockdown stuff, maybe the Braves are pretty good. Disclaimer – Kimbrel hasn’t seen our secret weapon: John Mayberry Jr. (no sarcasm intended!).

Here’s what’s really scary:

100 regular season wins, Series title a rare combo

Not the article I was looking for, but the point is the same. 100-win regular seasons are almost a curse in the playoffs.

Thome appears to have a lot of options. I'd rather have Giambi and maybe even Matsui or Damon at this point. But it would be a nice pickup to get Thome if those other three weren't available.

Were I Thome, I'd want to come to Philly. Same for the other three. But Thome appears to actually want to go to Cleveland. Cleveland will be on the outside looking in at the playoffs, as will the White Sox. And it's improbably he even knows anyone in Cleveland anymore. The entire team has changed over and so has the front office since he left.

Like I said, he's my fourth choice at this point. But I'd sure take him if he'd want to come to Philly.

I never really understood why Thome was such a hot topic of Beerleaguer conversation. There was never any chance that he would fall all the way to the Phillies and it's not like he's the only guy out there who would fill the Phillies' need for a LH pinch hitter. In fact, the list of LH hitters who would be upgrades over Ross Gload would include pretty much every LH hitter in major league baseball, and probably half the ones at AAA.

"I never really understood why Thome was such a hot topic of Beerleaguer conversation."

Yeah, let's go back to discussing the Howard contract, Abreu trade, Kendrick...

I batted LH once in a pickup wiffleball I'm probably a better LH option off the bench over Gload.

Well, it didn't take long for Mini-Mart to remind us that he can't play SS. I have no idea why our manager believes otherwise.

He's versatile.

Jeez...Kendrick trying to one up Worley?

So. Charlie starting Mini-Mart:
Trying to lose?
Or trying to insult the Mets?

Why would that play MiniMart didn't make make you think he couldn't play short specifically? It was a ground ball he couldn't catch. If you judge him by that play, he can't play anywhere but DH.

In honor of Joey Vento, Kendrick is feeling charitable to the less fortunate!

Kendrick is a big ball of suck.

Oh boy. It feels like it has been quite awhile since KK had one of those outings where he gets completely lit up. I hope this isn't it.

In the past this was the kind of situation in which Kyle "DITHL" Kendrick totally decompensated. But this time...

KK = not exactly vance worley like


EF: Well, I'm watching on Gameday, so I merely saw that it was an error. But everything I've seen of Mini-Mart at SS tells me that he can't play it very well.

And here I thought KK might get out of that with only one run....

The real Kyle Kendrick has arrived...

it's not over till it's over. right?

Well, on the bright side only three of these are earned runs.

If there is a player on this team I dislike almost as much as I dislike Ben Francisco, that player is Kyle Kendrick. So damn sick of the SOS from him.

the braves are probably laughing - Kendrick!!

He Svcks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cut_fastball: If the Yankees can do it, so can the Phils.

The Braves and Brewers are really good, and the Giants' pitching is tough. So no one's going to hand us the title. It will take our pitchers being healthy and on top of their game, and something from our offense. Little nervous about our BP (beyond Madson & Bastardo) and our bench, and the lack of production from Howard & Utley. But mostly, I like our chances if we're healthy.

It's not 3 earned runs, it's either one or none.

Andy: Wouldn't only 1 be earned, since there should already have been 3 outs in the inning? I'm pretty sure Gameday has it wrong & it will be adjusted.

Well, it's a good thing Charlie is playing the Utley and Howard big guns today. Because they've been lighting up the scoreboard and they'll be sure to bail Kendrick out.

What I mean is, this could become one of those games where the Phils take their regulars out because they're so far behind.

Well, the good news is:

1) The Mets are using Pelfrey today
2) We have JMJ

Pelfrey's ERA at CBP is 9 point something. And he's pitched more games vs the Phils since 07 than any other pitcher.

Ya's just Kyle bein' Kyle. Sometimes he's a major league pitcher and sometimes he's a deer in the darned headlights. It's better than what a #6 starter usually is.

(Doesn't make it any easier to watch tough.)

I blame myself. As an unabashed hater of KK every time I allow myself even the slightest glimmer of hope that he has turned the corner, he sh!ts the bed. Immediately. What a waste of DNA.

And, for that matter, the runner would never have been in position to score on the ground ball were it not for the error. Hence, 0 earned runs. If that's any consolation.

so who would you rather have shortstop between Valdez & Martinez?

Nick f*-*** Evans - 6 career hrs - you're kidding - right??!

"watch though") Although "watch tough" kinda works too.

bap - I actually think you're right on that. So if KK throws another 4 innings and surrenders no more earned runs he's performed to a 1.80 ERA.

Feels like a loss. Phillies always seem flat in mid-week day games.

Good heads up baserunning by Polly.

I get in from the office, and expect tos ee 0-0 at some point in the first, only to see 4-0 Mets.

Not used to being down in a game these days.

Can someone explain how KK isn't credited with a single earned run after that inning? (According to Gameday boxscore)

Duda has a glove for the American League.

NYM has an inconceivable number of guys without a real fielding position. Thanks, Mr. Duda.

Mini mart strikes again,show his great usefulness.Who do you blame,Raj or Cholly.One picked him,one plays him. I'll take KK any day before MIni.

"100-win regular seasons are almost a curse in the playoffs."

Small sample size, perhaps? I mean, everyone knows that the playoffs are a crapshoot, anyway. But it isn't like we have a 100-win team every year. 4 teams have won the world series since 1980 with a 100+ win season (according to that article). Seven teams since 1985 have reached 100+ wins and lost the WS. Doesn't seem too abnormal to me.

Buster_ESPN Buster Olney -
As expected, Giants are the team that was awarded the claim on Heath Bell.

good news today

Yeah...I can't be too mad at KK for that cluster. Gotta blame Mini for this.

Valdez should get playing time over Martinez every day of the week, & twice when f*cking Kendrick is on the mound.

Howard taking on 3-0? Bizarre and unheard of.

Batter after 4-pitch walk swinging at the first two borderline pitches? Not so bizarre and normal.

SLO Phan: Martinez sucks, of that there is no question. But Kendrick has to be held accountable. He unravels in the face of adversity, whether self-inflicted or the result of a teammate's Error.

Dave - I'd still take KK over MiniMart. Even as a hitter.

Neither one is a first ballot HOFer, or an all-star for that matter. But Mini's suckage is greater than KK's.

GTown Dave: Judging by his ERA, what you mean is that Kendrick unravels in the face of adversity today. On most of the other days he's pitched he's been quite effective.

It's so nice having a nice rightfielder.

I agree with clout's defense of Kyle Kendrick. For a guy who has been effective all year despite being yanked back and forth between the bullpen and rotation, including just last week when he had to start a day early and threw 6 solid innings, people are real quick here to call him a "waste of DNA" after one bad inning.

SLO - Exactly. We all know that MiniMart's CSR (comprehensive suckage ratio) leads the team and is in the top ten league wide. He'd probably lead the league if he played more and the Mets didn't exist.

well, what do you know, its good ole " Dear in the Headlights" taking a bow on center stage as only he knows how. He is a complete waste on this squad !!!!!

Andy: Ross Gload is actually the league leader in comprehensive suckage ratio, but at least he has the excuse of being injured.

Fatlots - "nice" hahahhaa

Let's not forget that all 4 runs charged to KK were unearned thanks to MM's horrible play at short. Not sure why he is out there, Valdez is the better SS.

Not only am I utterly confident that the Phillies will win this game, but I am utterly confident that Kyle Kendrick will be the winning pitcher.

I'd think the Phillies put a claim in on Bell as well. Can't imagine any other NL team doing so, unless it was the DBacks. I would really hate to see him on the Giants. Hoping they don't make the playoffs.

Looks like Kendrick has become an extreme flyball pitcher today. Maybe he doesn't trust Martinez to catch the ball so he's leaving all his pitches up.

So, if the Giants are taking Bell, is there more to be concerned with Wilson then? It would be such a shame not to see that ridiculous beard anymore this year.

Actually, bap, due to playing time, I think Gloade's CSR doesn't count. By my calculations the CSR leader is Alex Gonzalez.

Kendrick only got yanked back & forth out of necessity only after the Phillies (correctly) decided that he wasn't capable of being a regular starting pitcher for this team. Kendrick has had a decent year overall, but he has always been torture to watch, esp. as a starter.

OK, time for Mini to atone.

Bell hasn't been good since all-star break; you'd think Giants would've learned lesson with ex-Mets and Beltran.

Shouldn't Martinez sacrifice here so the better hitters have a chance of knocking in a run?

So Heath Bell goes to the giAnts.

Brian Wilson = 1 Clown Out

Heath Bell = 1 Clown In

The better hitter being KK?

SLO - {wink}

Great. Just give them the second out. Thanks.

C'mon Vic. Atone for the stupidity of sacrificing by proving that it was a good idea.

Successful bunt, though no credit for Kendrick. What was that sh*t?

So, I was wondering, based on his rates this year, what would John Mayberry do over 600 PA (assuming all his rates stay contant):

.275/.336/.539 (.875)
600 PA, 549 AB, 151 H, 37 2B, 3 3B, 34 HR, 45 BB

Now, if we just base it on what he's done since he was recalled July 3rd:

.326/.362/.742 (1.103)
600 PA, 568 AB, 185 H, 51 2B, 6 3B, 57 HR, 32 BB



Perfect placement on that single for Vic.


Victorino hasn't been actively killing this team for awhile now.

I guess that sacrifice wasn't such a bad idea.


I love being proven wrong about sacrifice bunts. Thank you Mr. Hawaiian.

This team thrives when there are 2 outs.

Andy: I hate the sacrifice bunt too. But when the pitcher is up, and it's a DP situation, it's pretty much the obvious move. Notwithstanding his current batting average, Kendrick is not really a .238 hitter.

Wow! Vic comes through in the clutch! The surge is on!

When I can't watch a game, there's nothing I like more than following it via Beerleaguer. The drama! The witty banter! The vitriol! Imagine what it would be like if the Phillies sucked.

Vic should have stolen 2nd long ago -- like right after the pitchout.

A productive Polanco will be a very nice asset if he can keep it up.

That's what happens when a Pitcher becomes obsessed w/ a base runner to the point of forgetting about the current batter.

Come on Chase, break out of your slump right here.

Unfortunately, Utley, who has been absolutely horrible this month, is going to kill the rally.

Chase down to .271?

Wasn't he at around .288 recently?

Shell of a player.

Reverse jinx?

God Pelphrey is a loser.

There's been talk of making Pelfrey the closer next year, which I find baffling.

I had to make a negative prediction to counter-balance the positive one I made at 1:42 p.m. In reality, I knew Utley would come through.

Pelfrey got thru the 1st inning, that's all a closer needs to do.

Pelfrey is god-awfully slow.

Another pitcher I'm glad I don't have to watch on a regular basis.

If he and Wang were on the same staff (Wang...staff...tee hee hee), that'd be excrutiating.

If Wang and Dickey were on the same staff, that would be pretty comical.

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