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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Feels like a loss

Mets on first and third. No outs.

Game = Over

Send down Worley.

Pagan's not having the best series, isn't he?

Nice one, Polanco.

Game = Most Likely Still Over

Nor am I having the best grammar. Damn earthquake.

Every time someone mentions this damned Duda person, I think of this guy:

Gameday says Bay walked on 5 strikes.

Am I missing something? Per Gameday, the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th pitches to Bay were strikes.

Camptown ladies sing this song, Duda, Duda...

yea that last pitch was right down the middle above the knees

Hope the BP is rested.

Nice job, V.

Worley masters the 85 pitch scoreless inning.

Good job getting out of it, rook.

Don't exaggerate, GTown. Only 55.

This ump blows.

The Mets blew themselves out of some runs in that inning. Because the Mets also blow.

Ergo, if the ump gets his act together: Game = Probably Not Over.

Worley on track for a 270 pitch CGSO.

Worley is this generation's Greg Maddux and the sooner the Umps recognize this fact the better everyone will be. Especially Vance.

Franzke, on the earthquake: "I thought Todd Coffey was running in from the bullpen!"

Niese on track for a 99 pitch CGSO.

Ben panics and throws a tweener.

It's gonna be one of those nights.

'Franzke, on the earthquake: "I thought Todd Coffey was running in from the bullpen!"

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 07:28 PM'

Is there any good reason why the radio crew can't also be the TV crew?

Is it safe to say that the Mets just have Worley's number? Or is the sample size too small still?

WTF?! I go away for 5 mins. and come back to see more Mets on base with no outs.

Didn't Worley shut down the Mets in Citi in July? I wouldn't say that the Mets have his number yet at all.

Benny played the first ball into a single. Not likely he could have caught it, but possible. Then he threw that second hit into the twi light zone.

He stinks in the field. Worse than Raul, and that's saying something.

And Vance is clearly not at his best tonight. 2 strike pitches are much too good.

Also, Polanco not protecting the plate with two strikes? And Utley looking just awful. I wonder if that's actually why they brought up Orr. Is Utley hurting?

Does Francisco have no pride at all?

I'm not usually one to think bad things of a player personally but Francisco has very few opportunities to show Cholly that he is at least halfway competent, and every time he gets a chance he does bonheaded crap time after time. Does he just not care anymore? Does he have that little pride in himself?

Did he? I am only remembering his last start in Citi. Perhaps I am missing a start against the Mets....

He's 2-1 with 3.71 ERA according to the graphic earlier.


Seriously, the Mets suck.

1B & 2B, no Outs, then Strike Out the side. Just like they teach it in the Minors.

3.77 ERA, sorry.

Walkin' the tightrope,
Do it, do it tonight

Will Worley last five innings?

That was some pretty impressive pitching for a guy who doesn't have swing and miss stuff (TM). However, why are the Mutts just standing there for every strike three? It's like they all went to the Pat Burrell hitting school.

If Francisco was any good, that would have been a double.

"It's like they all went to the Pat Burrell hitting school."

Or the Ryan Howard University of Stand and Stare.

Did Wheels just call Valdez Willie?

Feels like Francisco should've made it home on that one.

What can I say about that suit that hasn't already been said about the 2011 Mets?; It looks bombed out and depleted.

Carlos Beltran was going to take BP tonight but since the Mets suffered through a quake and since he was once with the Mets, he didn't want to chance it.

Francisco put a nice swing on that Niese mistake pitch. Glad to see he can do something well. But then he got a terrible jump off first on Valdez' hit. Not that he would have scored, but he ended up coasting into third. This guy has always been and continues to be less than the sum of his parts.

Clearly a non-tender after the season. And won't get anywhere near the playoff roster.

let's have a clean inning, Vanimal.

Polly has looked good lately.

Is it bad I hold my breath on all popups to Francisco?

"let's have a clean inning, Vanimal."

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Cliff Lee started the year 0 for 13. Since then, he has a .283/.292/.457 slash line in 50 PA. Ross Gload has 4 XBH. So does Lee."

How has Polly looked good lately? He's upright?

Worley's gotten six strike outs in three innings. That's almost worth the sixty pitches he's thrown so far.

Andrew - Depends. What's your breath like?

Gtown: so is Cliff tall enough to play third?



Jbird: At the very least he's tall enough to PH.

Damn, that's a wintry lookin' home-run sky out past left field. Depressing.

Wow, that's a good sign from Polly.

I know Wheeler gets all warm and fuzzy when he does it, but I'm thinking Pence needs to learn to lay off the high stuff.

All Mayberry does is hit Home Runs.

This Mayberry guy is pretty good.

The new Big Piece?

So this Mayberry guy is good at baseball.

Mayberry is simply unbelievable!


Wow...that was a bomb

Howard was looking at that Mayberry HR and thinking, "I'm sure glad I landed that massive contract before he started hanging around."

Yeah. Golson for Mayberry? No-brainer.


Niese's got no tilt.

The difference between how Mayberry used to approach his ABs & the way in which he approaches them now is mind boggling. Last year I would have bet the farm that he'd never make the necessary adjustments, & would remain a disappointment. I have never been so happy to be wrong in my entire life.

RFD for president

Mayberry's line is up to 272/335/539 with 17 doubles, 12 HR, and 41 RBI in less than 200 AB.

That's how you earn playing time.

Howard was looking at that Mayberry HR and thinking, "I'm sure glad I landed that massive contract before he started hanging around."

Posted by: Bake McBride was Here | Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 08:10 PM

Yeah, right.

Eerily reminiscent of the Werth/Jenkins experiment....

Is it too early to wonder where Worley and Mayberry fall in the top ten in the ROY votes this fall?

Oh, great, a hard hit ball to start the inn...

Oh, just CSN's stupid effing "crack of the bat" audio to start the 1/2 inning - never mind.

When do we stop hearing the horse$h!t about his minor league numbers?

So, how'd JMJ learn to hit so quickly? He was miserable earlier this year. Now he's a .300 average and a power hitter (yeah, he's always had the power -- when he connected). And I'm sure somebody tried to improve his hitting during his long stint in the minors. What changed?

Not complaining, mind you, just... it's a little odd.

Will, mayberry is not eligible. Too many days on a major league roster.

Bautista's been working with him.

WP: I hate that. Almost everytime I look up quickly thinking I've missed something. For a while I simply thought I was going crazy.

Mets broadcast showed a graph of the wins for the Mets and Phils since 2000. After the graphic showing the Phils record with ex-Met Schneider starting, the homer by Victorino, etc I wonder how much cursing at TV screens is going on in the homes of the Mets fans.

WP, the game is not on CSN. It's on PHL 17

"I wonder how much cursing at TV screens is going on in the homes of the Mets fans."

Are there any homes of Mets fans left? Are there any Mets fans left who bother watching them play? Are there any Mets fan left at all?

Save for Halladay and Oswalt, the Phillies' starting pitchers are all having pretty nice years with the bat.

I'm a tough customer when it comes to NY, but I gotta admit: the Mets are HILARIOUS.

Mike G., hmmmm, do they use the same entrance to each inning? I could have sworn I'm used to seeing/hearing it on the CSN games...

Go Vanimal Go.

Nice defense, Bay. Worth every penny.

WP, could be. To tell you the truth, I never noticed.

The Mets.

With 2 outs, why on earth was Worley standing around waiting to see if the ball was caught?

so what happens next year with brown? too soon? hopefully Mayberry can pick up 3b

BAP, I know it's no excuse, but because he's a pitcher running the bases.

We'll be back to dominate the East, once we get Tim Teufel and Frank Viola healthy.

Clap Yo Hands!!!

This is from David Hale on twitter today, dont think there any chance of this happening but.

Philled_In David Hale
@magelb scoffed when a reader suggested it, but Ruben said there were internal discussions about Mayberry playing 3B. #KoalaConundrum

Not only is it not fair that the Phils have so many good pitchers, but that they also have guys that can hit and field, too.

Mayberry should learn to play 3rd and pitch also. And become a neurosurgeon.

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