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Friday, July 29, 2011


Hopefully he doesn't revert to the 111 OPS+ guy he was from 2008-2010.

So it would appear that r00b got Pence, & didn't give up Dom or Worley. It's a damn shame no one in their right mind will hire Ed Wade after Houston cans him this Fall.

NEPP, I know we both think Rube overpaid, but it's not by a lot, I'm okay with this deal

Andrew Carpenter looks suspiciously like Danys Baez in the bullpen.

Some gird up their loins
but in this years pennant race
Phils put on their Pence

(Previous thread end has a link about Carrasco)

LV just got a new left fielder too. Guy named Dom.

andy - if I cant get high as phils and eagles make monster moves on a friday night well then when can I?

It could have been far worse. Hell, odds are that Cosart will never develop as most pitching prospects dont. Odds are that Singleton is the loss of the deal but giving up a 1 legit guy while he's 19 in Single A for a proven RF while in the midst of a pennant race is an acceptable overpay.

Pence better be as hard a worker, Chase Utley type guy that everyone says he is.

Better be on broad street in NOV. This douche better deliver

Pirates are in bad shape. They can't even double up Valdez.

G-town: especially a darn shame that no one with good players to trade will hire Ed Wade.

And the Dom Brown experiment gets shelved until 2012

I like Singleton and think that he'll be a very good major leaguer. Rube's psych-warfare on the fanbase pays off though, as the fact that we're keeping Brown alleviates some of the pain of seeing Singleton go. Agree with DH that Pence is preferable to Madson if it comes to that. I don't see how they don't re-sign Rollins.

As usual, the rumors were just that. I can't believe anyone thought Rube would make such a stupid deal by including Dom.

Rube flips Pence and Brown for Matt Kemp. Wait for it... wait for it...

still think they overpaid - no 1 and no 2 prospects can't keep doing this year after year

I seriously doubt they send Dom down to AAA. If anything, they'll send down BenFran for now.

Steve - or the Raul Ibanez experiment.

Let it be known that dennyb and I predicted this a week ago, back when rumors linked Rube to guys like Melky Cabrera, Ludwick and BJ Upton. It is about the only time we have ever agreed on anything.



Grilli now has an ERA. As he should.

Drilli Grilli

Why is Dom Brown so sure to be sent down? Bench Ibanez's underproducing ass. Dom is hitting better than him right now. Let Raul come off the bench, send down Benny Fran.

I wonder if Pence is in the lineup tomorrow. Its a 7:05 start so he should have time to get here from Milwaukee.

Waiting on the "Rollins will have an uppercut swing for the next two weeks" comments.

Wow! Now I have to pick a new favorite Astro player. I think the Philly fans watching Hunter Pence everyday will fall in love with him. He'll be great in Philly.

Gotta try to teach Dom how to play a decent LF next year. He's not really needed next month in Philly.

"Bench Ibanez's underproducing ass."

You're not familiar with Cholly and his love for veterans, are you?

Whats the lineup look like with +Pence & Polanco?


The Phillies have drafted a lot of guys over the last 5 or 6 years that have really rocketed up the prospect charts. RAJ's philosophy seems to be: trade them while they're hot commodities because most of them are going to fizzle out. Given the track record of the guys he has traded away, his philosophy looks pretty smart up to this point.

Of course, I don't know how much longer we can reasonably expect the Phillies to keep churning out Top 50 prospects whom other teams value.

Rollins will prolly have an upper cut swing for the next two weeks.

Seeing Pence crying in the dugout there as he hugged his teammates tells you waht you need to know about what kind of character this guy is. He plays the game hard and he's probably great in the clubhouse. Let's hope he flourishes here.

whether or not people think cosart "may never pan out" its about value. cosart is still our #1 pitching prospect any way you slice it.

ITS HUNTER FREAKIN PENCE. they'll say they really like his consistency but i would have loved a guy with some extra SLG/ISO to his game. defense be damned.

What a great day to be a philly sports fan!! We gave up 2 very good prospects but we got a right handed bat that we will have for the next 2 years, and that will help us celebrate another parade on Broad street...Ruben "f'ing " Amaro you are the man!

So, Halladay's got 98 pitches and a one-hitter through seven, with a ten-run lead. I doubt he's coming out.

I'll guess Drew Carpenter isn't in the deal, if he is pitching the 8th.

I'm ok with this...the opening day 2012 OF is going to be light-years ahead of this year's. It hurts to give up #s 1 & 2 prospects and not get a stud back, but the WFC chances have improved for this year and next.

ZT, you'd bat our best hitter 6th? Why drop Vic down so damn far like that?

Pence is crying in Houston? Utley would never cry if he got traded. Would he cry if someone didn't bust his ass on a routine ground out? Maybe. But for a trade? Hell no.

I'm already like, this close, to booing Pence.

Well, that was quick.

A Top 5 system shouldn't have to give up its 2 best prospects for a complimentary player.

Unikruk - Except for thet Gload pinch-hitting thing, you're probably right.

Let Ibanez bat for some home games. He's been crushing at home. But Dom Brown should be the starter for the rest.

Most of the delay in finalizing the deal was Rube unsuccessfully begging Wade to take BenFran to play RF.

When Wade gets fired, the Phillies should offer Wade some ceremonial front office job title to reward him for dealing with us before others.

ok, so ryan howard and roy halladay are the players to be named later, it seems.

denny - Carpenter would not be a "player to be named later;" he'd be a "player to be named fatter."

One of Rollins or Polanco really need to be sent lower in the order for Vic. But it won't happen. Our best hitter will be at 6. (Well best hitter for now..Utley looks to be on his way to reclaim that)

NEPP: Balancing out realistic Charlie lineup+ my opinion. Personally I would like Vic a lot higher, but Charlies been putting him low in the order lately. If it was strictly up to me?


But everyone is afraid of moving Rollins from leadoff, so it would never happen.


We actually probably agree with one another more then we disagree. Just when we disagree, its not always pretty.

I think Francisco should be hugging his teammates in the dugout too. He'll be gone after tonight's game. I think.

When Polanco comes back, then it gets a bit trickier.

Worley demoted to AAA?!?

Is Oswalt back or something?

Lineup should be:


who are the ptbnl?

Andy: So there's your headline:

Phillies Get Their Man Pence

Carpenter carved up Wood.

Are they really bringing Oswalt back after one 60 pitch rehab start?

Huh? Worley back to AAA? This has to be a joke? We'd rather have Kendrick starting than a guy with a 2.00 ERA?

There's no crying in baseball! Someone tell Hunter to pull on his big boy pence.

I hope RFD isnt sent down. Still need a legit RH bat off the bench.

Totally happy with this trade. Prospects may not pan out, after all. Pence gives us a great chance to win this year and next. Good work, RAJ!

NEPP: Yeah the whole "built to win now" and "the window is closing" thing is always silly to me. With Pence you are locking in your outfield through next year and in 2013 you have this nucleus:


Also, if you are going to keep spending money at this rate (or even 85-90% of this rate) you can cover for mistakes. It's not like the Red Sox or Yankees or Angels hit on everything they do either.

Pence was crying in the dugout as he hugged his teammates. Looks like another class guy coming to Philly.

He is going to love when he gets that standing ovation the first time he comes to the plate in Philly.

The Phillies FO must really love guys like Colvin, May and Pettibone.

phillynotinnyc - I understand (and don't spread this around cause it's top secret): it's "some dudes."

Is Vanimal crying?

"who are the ptbnl?"

If we knew, they wouldn't be ptbnl, now would they?

if vance is going back down, i'm sure it's just to keep an extra hitter on till his monday start to make room for pence. i wouldn't worry about it.

Pence lifetime vs next 2 Pirate starters:

.625 vs McDonald with a double

.421 vs Karstens, double, homer

This Worley to AAA thing is really a head scratcher.

Worley back to AAA?

this only works if pence replaces raul and dom moves to LF. this won't happen. so its quite a marginal upgrade.

Dom Brown wOBA rest of year .343 vs Pence .353 (ROS)

Ibanez .337 wOBA (ROS)

Just when RAJ reminds us again that he does the big stuff really well, he also reminds us again that his decisions on the little stuff can be completely befuddling.

Ok where is the Worley to AAA coming from?

Does anyone else have the feeling that, before this game is over, we're going to see Madson warming up in the pen?

Randy Miller twoth it.

I sure am glad we're saving Halladay for big games by letting Carpenter air it out here. I mean, no way he gives up a ton of runs here, right?

Man, how has Carpenter avoided the glue factory...wasn't he a fail about 2 years ago?

J Stark says Houston is throwing in money. Ed Wade is always helping the smaller market teams out, how kind.

Just in case anyone forgot how bad Andrew Carpenter is.

b_a_p: It's inevitable. He & Bastardo both.

The Phillies are getting cash in the deal as well for Pence.

ahh the good old cash deal

jaysonst Jayson Stark
#Astros also sending cash to #Phillies as part of Pence deal. Otherwise, Phillies likely would have been over luxury-tax threshold

Have I mentioned how freakin' terrible of a pitcher Carpenter is, always has been & always will be?

What exactly does a pitching coach say when he comes out to talk to a pitcher who just plain sucks?

Astros sending cash to the Phillies. If we let Singleton for benjamins I'll freaking start to cry along with Pence.

Worley to AAA boggles the fvcking mind.

San Diego demands Francisco and Martinez and Baez for Adams. it's a hard bargain but we gotta take it.

let Singleton *go*

This is getting annoying. Carpenter should be sent down after this inning.

b_a_p: "Son, I hate you."

Dubbie looked impressed with that 31 pitch inning with a 10 run lead.

Blonde haired, blue eyed Pence will be a fan it.

close close close close

Um. How about instead of sending Worley down we send down Carpenter? Didn't Carson have a descriptor for guys like ole Drew? (What was it? Oh. Yeah: ) "Ass-clown"

Is Worley to AAA for real or yet another bogus rumor?

July 29th should be an official Philly holiday now...3 years in a row the Phils complete a major trade on this day.

Dom will be sent down to learn to field and to save some $$$. This move might drop his service time enough that the Phillies get an extra year or arbitration out of him.

Pence will play every inning. Mayberry is the only sub needed for RH replacement of Ibanez and to cover CF for Victorino.

Oh, I do not like the trade. Singleton will be a better hitter than Howard in 2015.

Uts needs that double bad.


wtf was that?!

where do you see this worley to aaa stuff?

a double K.

They are also painting the dark damp supply room in the dungeon of CBP as a new office for Ed Wade

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