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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Great, Schneider. If the Phils have a need, it should be to get an MLB back-up catcher.

Schneider seems to be The Catcher of the Vanimal.

"Schneider seems to be The Catcher of the Vanimal."

He lacks the seniority to demand something better.

Agaimst a Giants team tough to score off, it's likely the game is close late. Which means that once again, Ruiz won't get a complete game off.

Lincecum will not pitch tonight due to illness. It's Zito tonight.

Lincecum is not starting tonight now per CSN. He is sick and Bochy has scratched him and moved Zito up to tonight's game.

Zito will promptly throw a CGSO

Lincecum sick. It's Zito instead tonight. Can Phils still shuffle their lineup to put in some right handed bats like Chooch?

Phils can change their lineup right up until it's delivered to the home plate umpire.

Thanks Mike G.

If Timmy just got some bad weed he may be able to go tomorrow. Who knows?

Wow. What a colossal break. I wish Lincecum a speedy recovery -- though not so speedy for him to pitch in this series.

The only right handed bat who's hitting better against LHP this year than Shane Victorino is Jose Bautista. And the numbers are pretty close.

How crazy is that?

Also, Shane sporting a superb 145 OPS+ and actually hitting over .300 on the year.

He's walking at a career high rate (9.6%) which is a respectable rate, he's only K'ing at a 10.1% rate (which is right around his career rate, but a bit lower), his BAbip of .317 is not far off his career rate of .302, and his ISO is by far the best of his career.

And here's the crazy thing: his LD% is only at 14.1% this year, with his career rate being 18.7%. If that normalizes, Shane should only get better this year offensively. That's kind of exciting, especially if Charlie keeps him in the 5 hole. He'll basically be a faster, higher BA, slightly less power version Jayson Werth from last year.

Not that big a break at all BAP. Either Timmy gets healthy and pitches tomorrow or Wednesday, or everyone moves up and we get Vogelsong, who actually has better numbers than Lincecum.

Probably will mean RFD in RF and Ruiz behind the plate, with Zito in there.

Maybe even Valdez could sneak in a start at 3B. Remember him?

donc: Lets hope he shared it with his teammates.

Having the opposing manager replace his 98th percentile power pitcher with a 40th percentile junk baller can only mean one thing for Phillies fans: this feels like a loss.

Yeah Goody. Maybe an infected bong or something. They say the Giants are a very close team.

So I guess tomorrow will be Hamels against Lincecum or Cain? Wow - appointment TV!!

replaces Domo in right.

Rosenthal tweets Phils most aggressive on Pence. Braves not involved.

I don't buy the "Lincecum has the sniffles stuff."

He obviously saw that Schneider was in the lineup tonight and got scared.

i'm surprised Bochy didn't wait to scratch Timmy Tim Tim until the lineup cards to leave Manuel in the lurch.

I don't know what the major league rules are on that.

Yo, new thread.

Jayson Stark was ESPM 97.3 just now says:
- braves will definitely get a RH bat but doubts Beltran and says buzz was Willingham today
- He doesn't buy Montgomery's comments about might be willing to pay luxury tax. Says Amaro has been under huge pressure to not pay luxury tax
- Says that all baseball front offices say, Amaro one of most aggressive GMs, he has checked in on every big name if there is even a hint that they might room, has made offers but.. are they good enough to entice the other guy to trade?
- won't trade Worley unless starting pitching coming back

In other words, we should be happy Amaro does his job, checks on everyone, has irons in the fire. We just need to remember some of the players will not change teams while others have a ton of competition and Phillies are limited by ability to take on too much salary and no real AAA or close to major league prospects. These all limit are ability to get something done.

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