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Thursday, July 28, 2011


c'mon boys, thump 'em.

Spitz - assuming Oswalt regains his old form, what's the order of our starters in the post-season?

6 for 13 = .316

Little Ollie: Doc, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt

Nope. Doc, Hamels, Lee, Oswalt.

JW needs a new calculator.

"According to ESPN's Jayson Stark, interest is "exploding" for Astros outfielder Hunter Pence.

Wade better take cover.

JW runs the damn blog. If he wants to say 2+2=5, so be it.

RK: Do you think Ludwick's offensive drop is related to the change in parks? What was he hitting in St. Louis before the trade?

I understand his point to a degree but on the other hand it kind of reminds me 'well if desktops keep being the number #1 top of computer sold then Windows will dominate forever!'

I go with Doc, Hamels, Lee and Oswalt

MG: I get your analogy, but baseball hardly advances at the rate of computer technology. This organization has given little indication that it's not willing to do what it takes to win over the last few years. Why would they suddenly stop?

Little Ollie, I would as well, but I'm just pointing out how I think Charlie will structure the rotation, and I can almost guarantee that Lee will be the 2nd pitcher.

Ryan Ludwick: .281.343.484.827 in 77 games before the trade.

Last 5 years: Howard vs Lincecum:
.316 in 19 AB, 3 HR.
(source: Starting Pitchers)

Phils should have chips on their shoulders tonight and show the Giants their new addition ain't enough even with their ace on the mound.

You gotta love this time of the season with all the rumors flying. There is a tweet about the Braves saying "Don’t know significance, but Wren & asst. GM Manno walked w/ sense of purpose to field to talk w/ Fredi for few minutes, then back upstairs." A lot of speculation that they will swoop in and get Pence since they have far better prospects to offer than Phils.

Giants knock Kendrick around tonight and then feast on that inept middle relief when he leaves in the 4th - Beltran sends one into the right field seats and Lincecum will show them what real ace pitching is about and the bearded one wipes the floor with them again - he owns Howard and the rest of that overrated lineup.

Ed Wade should rest easy knowing that he has a "special assistant" position reserved with the Phils whenever the Astros kick him to the curb.

It's nice to see smack talk from a giants fan. Never struck me as anything but casual fans, or at least, all the ones i ever met only seemed to show their colors come playoff time. Kudos Beard!

I'm shocked the Giants even have trolls. I'm almost impressive... almost...

Giants troll is probably Mad Dog Russo formerly of the Fan in NYC

I would personally go Hamels, Lee, Doc, Oswalt. But I like having a 200 hitter in stead of a 080 hitter in the 9 hole, and oftentimes Game 3 turns out to be the most important game of the series.

Putting Hamels number one is too much pressure and responsibility even though he may now be the best of the bunch.

I would personally go Hamels, Lee, Doc, Oswalt. But I like having a 200 hitter in stead of a 080 hitter in the 9 hole, and oftentimes Game 3 turns out to be the most important game of the series.

Posted by: Spitz | Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 05:59 PM

Agreed, but I'd flip Doc and Hamels. This also gives you Hamels in a Game 7 if it went that far.

Little Ollie: Too much pressure and responsibility for Cole? You mean the guy who almost single-handedly pitched us to a 2008 World Series? Yeah, that Hamels guy is soft.

Giants Troll at least makes more sense than Mets Troll ever did.

Ollie, do you remember Game 1 of the NLDS, NLCS, and WS 2008?

mm - Giants fans are actually pretty solid. Every winning team has bandwagon jumpers, but most lifelong giants fans who whats going on.

Not surprised interest is rising for Pence. Wade didn't reject the Phillies deal to keep Pence in Houston, he rejected the deal because he wanted to see what other teams would offer once Carlos Beltran was dealt . Smart business move.

Granted, it could backfire if nothing is close to the Phillies offer (in which case they will lower their own). But if he gets the Phillies and Braves to bid against each other, he could get a real nice windfall out of this.

Does mean all the "Houston wants to keep Pence" talk was just that: talk.

I thought our Giants Troll in residence was @bay_area_phan ;)

Yeah, yeah, I know all that. But then Hamels was the big fish in the small pond. It's a lot different to be the big fish in the big pond. I give it to Doc who came here to be the number one and has the experience to go with the talent.

By the way... I don't think the Braves interest in Pence is genuine and the Phils should not change their offer based on this fake Atlanta interest.

The Braves don't have room in RF or LF... unless someone is suggesting Chipper is going on the DL long-term.

The Braves have gaps at SS and CF. And Hunter Pence doesn't play either (he played some CF in 2007, but not since). I suppose it's possible he could move back there, but it likely wouldn't be pretty and I don't believe the Braves are considering it.

I just don't see Lincecum being able to hold it together tonight.

If the Phils want Pence, they'll have to include Brown.

I think its that simple. If Wade balked at BOTH Singleton and Cosart, what else would he want?

He wants Dom.

If Rube offers Dom, he'll get Pence. Probably without having to include either Singleton or Cosart.

The White Sox are too close to trade Quentin. They could easily still win that division.

"Mad Dog Russo formerly of the Fan in NYC"

That brings back memories...and not good ones, either.

KK is pitching, so we'll score at least 5 tonight? Right?



Strongly disagree about the Braves lack of interest. Their outfield production has been very poor. Heyward isn't hitting at all, CF is a mess, and Prado will have to play 3B for at least 15 more days in August (perhaps more with Chipper getting run down). And with McCann down because of an oblique injury, they need offense now more than ever.

Granted, Bourn would be a better fit for them...if the team was healthy. It's not.

"I'm shocked the Giants even have trolls."

They do, and his name is Cody Ross.

I'd trade Brown for Pence, but not for Quentin. And if no trade happens, I'll be OK w/ that, too. Charlie could improve the team he already has by platooning Ibañez, & pulling his head out of his ass when PH situations arise. Otherwise, it's up to the players on the field to hold up their end of the bargain. The Pitchers have. The Position Players have not.

Heather: "I'm shocked the Giants even have trolls." They do, and his name is Cody Ross.

ZING!!!!! Well played!

Yeah, but what are the Braves going to do if they get Pence?

Granted, the production from Heyward hasn't been there, but are they really going to bench him or send him down to AAA? And granted, Prado is playing 3B right now, but unless they expect Chipper out long term, Prado has been decent in LF.

I just don't see Lincecum being able to hold it together tonight.

RE: his arm, or his bowels?

I would go Hamels, Doc, Lee then Oswalt. Hamels isnt the 24 yo kid he was 3 years ago. He has had plenty of playoff exp at this point.

Giants knock Kendrick over with their flatulence tonight, then watch the middle relief from the dugout women's room. Beltran leaves one in the rest room seats and Lincecum shows them how a real ace flushes.

"Charlie could improve the team he already has by platooning Ibañez, & pulling his head out of his ass when PH situations arise. "

Since my expectations of UC pulling his head out of his ass re: platooning Ibanez and PH situations is about zero, what you're saying is there is minimal chance for improvement if they don't make a trade.

After reading the latest Crashburn piece (no link. Sorry), I'm further convinced that Dom Brown is special and needs to be retained by the parent club. I'm usually one who advocates trading potential for proven, but I really hesitate on this one. I have a feeling that the tools will prevail in due course and patience will pay big dividends. I'm happy to part with the low minors phenoms, but not with one who is on the cusp of greatness.

Brown, DeFratus and Colvin, for Pence.

Still don't get why some folks think another bullpen arm is such a neccesity. Doc, Lee and Hamels will likely be going 7 innings in every post-season start (since they go 7 innings in literally EVERY start they make during the regular season). That leaves 2 innings max, for the bullpen.

I think Madson, Bastardo, Lidge, Contreras, Stutes and Worley will be able to hold down the fort in those 2 innings.

The only thing I could see some being a bit wary of, is if you get into a extra inning situation and you have to count on the rookies (Stutes or Worley) or one of the old/injured guys (Lidge or Contreras) to pitch.

Is getting another front-line, potentially expensive guy, who will cost you a couple of nice prospects, really that imperative when there should be so few innings for the bullpen to begin with?

And if Doc, Lee and Hamels aren't lasting past 6 innings, then the Phils are probably getting hammered anyway. So it won't really matter who is pitching at that point.

Bay Area Phan is definitely one of us. He just happens to reside behind the lines in enemy territory. He's smart, witty and a true Phillies phan.

Heather: A boy can dream, can't he? Mostly, though, I feel the pieces are already here. They just need to do their jobs, Charlie included.

denny b - totally agree. The team is built on the starters, relievers are strong enough.

"denny b - totally agree. The team is built on the starters, relievers are strong enough."

Assuming, though, that trades are made for future years and not just this year, a trade for someone like Mike Adams makes a lot of sense.

That article from Good Phight is exactly what I've been saying for a year plus here. The team is constructed to win now but there is a world of talent in our minor league system where we can replenish at spots as me move forward.

Trading a bunch of chips now is mortgaging your future for the present. It can absolutely work out. It can also backfire, and leave the cupboard bare for a while.

This team right now doesn't need the big flashy move. The Giants needed a bat like Beltran in their line-up. The Phillies didn't need Beltran- although he would've been nice to have. He would've been a luxury of sorts for the Phillies. They technically don't need anything really, except for arguably a right-handed power hitter but you can make the case that they already have that in Mayberry. The bullpen is strong as well so they don't really need anything there either.

I think they will make a small move or two to shore up the core they have and play it from there. Remember that we still have Doc/Lee/Hamels next year with Utley/Howard/Victorino/Polanco/Brown. With ibanez gone they will be able to make a move somewhere to help the team out.

time for a brand new
scatalogical ref'rence:
Pull a Lincecum

I just don't get why people are getting all hot and bothered over Pence. The guy has 2 home runs and 5 extra base hits in the past month. He doesn't walk. And this team is absolutely rolling right now.

Can someone please explain why we 'need' to make a huge trade for this guy? And moronic statements like "The position players haven't done their part" don't add any credibility to the argument.

The Beard is my new favorite poster. Keep 'em comin.

Actually, maybe he's second to King of the Bop. Love that racism.

TTI: What % of that "World of Talent" will actually succeed in the major leagues?

And, given that, does that not suggest that some of the talent replenishment this aging team will need in the next few years will have to come from the outside?

Iceman, we don't. Then again, it would be fun to have a new player to complain about.

Irabu actually appears to have been found dead in California, not Japan.


Because we need a big right-handed bat to combat all of those lefty starters we will see in the playoffs.

At least, that's what the sheep in the media have told me.

If the lefty hitters in the lineup just start doing their part, the offense will be fine. Vic and Polly are pretty good RH bats, against LHP.

Kyle Kendrick cannot possibly succeed in tonight's game.

GTown, especially since this game will be played on a major league level.

Old Phan: Exactly. As you have seen, my logic is unassailable.

GTown, word.

clout: Prospects are obviously far from a certainty. But with the amount of guys the Phillies have some of them are bound to hit.

I would also say that some talent will need to come from outside the system but it's possible to bring in good players during the off-season without selling off good young pieces. It's possible to bring in solid pieces during the season without always making the big move. The Phillies have made a huge splash two years in a row at the deadline. You can't do that every year.

J Roll was overdue for a good game....

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jimmy Rollins.

J-Roll now 2-24. He's on a tear.

Nice start, Mr.Roll

Wasn't speed supposed to be a component of the vaunted Martinez versatility?

Does Cholly think Doc is pitching? Otherwise, why is he bunting with MM?

Utley with the fail...


hib to the jib..

Chase, feh.

"Get me to the piatto, boys".

Get soriano and a boat load of cash, platoon him and Ibanez, platoon Mayberry and Brown. Then get Chone Figgens and a ton of cash. You give up nothing and have a couple of guys who have the ability to be game changers, you've given up nothing have gotten stronger. Figgins is your insurance against Polanco or Utley and is a guy we all loved 1.5 years ago. Just front load the money for the next two years.


Love getting to listen to Bob Costas do play by play on MLB Network! Hope the Phils bats wake up though.

At least it wasn't looking this time.

That inning stank worse than the Giants' locker room bathroom.

It appears that Timmy has some control issues, too; I hope the stadium janitors have extra paper towels.

Man o man I fear the Phils just cant get over the Giants hump. They arent going to get much off Linsescum

Opportunity wasted. Got to take advantage whenever. I generally don't like wasting an out to move a runner, but with Utley and Howard batting behind MM, it was the right thing to do.

What's with this "now he's a pitcher" talk about Lincecum, as if he suddenly starting pitching well this year?

The guy has won 2 Cy Youngs in his career. Everyone knows he's good. In fact, he's considerably less godd since the start of 2010 than he was in his Cy Young years.

2008-2009: 171 ERA+
2010-2011: 118 ERA+

Guess what? If he was a "thrower" from 2008-2009, and he's a "pitcher" now, he might want to consider going back to being a thrower.

Might as well get Werth back and the government printing press.

Is the pain less when one expects it?

been uribe'd

That's a spicy meatball.


one more run and its over...fooey

Are the Giants announcers complaining about CBP after that cheapie?

EF: HR hit at CBP are only cheap when they're hit by the Home team.

The Nationals announcers are complaining about it.

Personally, I cannot wait until the "KK" era is over. Such an estimable hurler. How he got on Amaro's and Manuel's good side is still a mystery to me.

So, here's an idea: with all the talk about packaging Worley in a significant trade, could we foist KK in the mix instead? After all, look at his career record and his respectable least this year. Maybe Wade could be fooled.

Lee has allowed 13 HR in 21 Starts.

Oswalt has allowed 6 HR in 13 Starts.

Halladay has allowed 9 HR in 21 Starts.

Hamels has allowed 8 HR in 22 Starts.

Kendrick has allowed 9 HR in 10 Starts.

we had timmy linoleum on the ropes,in the 1st and we let him off!

Give 'em Blanton and KK . . . .

I would trade Carpenter for not having Carpenter on the team anymore.

Polly 0 for 2 in rehab assignment. 2 groundouts and walk. Looks like he is back to normal

good work victorino... swing at 3 pitches out of the strike zone--- and you were bound to ground out/ pop out or strike out..

DAMMIT- STOP SWINGING AT BALLS WAY OUT OF THE ZONE!!!!! stop letting that hippie off the hook> bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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