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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


That is a horrible, horrible picture of Cole.

If it didn't say "Cole Hamels" at the bottom, I'd have said that picture was Vance Worley without the glasses.

hib to the jib

Cole looks like Butthead.

wTF is that?

King, do his eyes look chinky to you?

Cole has an in game BAbip of .000. He is due for some serious regression.

i like the old tobacco card format for the card. i guess that's why cole's pic is funky.

Cole has some stuff tonight. Lots of horizontal movement on his cutter. Lots of downward movement on his changeup. Quick work in the 1st.

I know it's being greedy, but I would love to see at least a hit in the first, when facing good pitching i always panic when we look hideous in the first.

Good to see Gilick get the recognition he deserves. Also, Cole looks good through one inning so far.

Not the most flattering photo of Hamels . . .

where is the hippie Lincecum?

Mini Mart must have a ridiculously high rate of swings and contact rates on the first-pitch. Reminds me of a young Nomar except well Mini Mart doesn't have Nomar's bat speed or ability to drive the ball.

It really doesn't look much like him.

How many of tonight's SF starting 8 would start for the Phils?

I say none, when Polanco is healthy at 3B.

What a play!!

I like the argyle background.

wow, what a play by cole and howard!

Awesome play.


Denny: I agree, which is why even wih Beltran they don't scare me much. The SF starts haven't been as good this year, espically Timmy.

Cole is filthy tonight. 3 strikeouts and two infield pop-ups. Dominating so far.

Looks like Cole has his good stuff tonight.


Every time I see Cody Ross in the batter's box, I want to see him get beaned, in retaliation for being Cody Ross.

And this isn't even a new phenomenon since last year. I've felt the same way since he was with the Fish. He just has that beanable looking mug.

What's the BL record for threads in a day?

Cain is getting a very liberal strikezone. Hopefully Cole sees that as well.

gobay - without looking it up, i'm guessing the cliff lee trade. the first one.

Is it just me or after watching "THe Francise" some of these guys are more likeable?

So Timmy has an upset stomach yet he still has a plug of chew the size of a kindergardener in his mouth. I think he's just scared of this lineup.

Apparently Beltran is on his way to Philly to join SF tonight. I suppose we'll get our first look at him in a San Fran uni tomorrow?

Willard: Yea. They said pregame that will be in RF batting 3rd tomorrow.

I'd kill to have Dom Brown teach Ryan Howard some plate discipline.

chollie and the roll.

That was a great AB by Dom. Some great plate discipline and ability to foul off pitches.

That play from the Pirates-Braves game looks worse every time they show it.

Not to rehash the bad call from last night again, but all Meals needed to say was something along the lines of "after 19 innings, I was woozy and forgot who the teams were and I just assumed it was Dane Sardinha doing his regular thing." Everyone would have understood.

Mike Krukow on Dom Brown: Every tall rookie hitter has to prove to opposing pitchers that he can hit pitches in on his hands.

Brown looks more and more like a future #2 hitter.

He has a great understanding of the strikezone for a 23 year old.

Great effort by Jimmy. Just about had him.

Mike Krukow=clout?

I believe Heyward is still having the same issue, no?

Between the Giants getting Beltran and all of the Gillick love in the last couple of weeks, RAJ has to have gone into "Code Red" ego mode. I expect a trade before this game is over, complete with smug announcement on air.

Is the real Willard Preacher still preaching outside Willard?

Good question, whitey. I haven't been there in 10 years. I'll look into it.

Almost 20 years for me.

He has a website:

He was a funny man when he wanted to be. otherwise he was a kook.

Cain is a good pitcher. This one will be tough.

"•The Phillies have been aggressive in pursuing Pence and there are indications that they would include Domonic Brown in a trade for him, according to Jim Salisburyof The Astros are looking for multiple top prospects for Pence, the Phillies' top target."


Note to Amaro: You don't have to make a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline if the Astros are out of their freakin' minds.

Mariners finally win. Glad it was against the Yanks.

Martinez has a great arm for playing third base. I've been really impressed with his arm.

That would be a TERRIBLE move. Just awful.

I'd be willing to bet that Brown will outproduce Pence next season.

Giving up Brown to get Pence is just stupid.

Its just a recycle of that same dumb Salisbury article.

Chris in VT: I'd be willing to bet Brown will outproduce Pence for the remainder of this season.

See me grab my d8ck every time I pose for pictures
I own acres, floor seats watchin' the Lakers
I'm cool with eses who got AK's in cases

Amaro could be panic mode this deadline season. Last thing the Phillies need is a choke artist running the show. Relax Ruben. Watch the game. Look, that was Michael Martinez, the 50G steal, hitting a double, making a couple unique plays at third. Stay the course. Take some time off.

"That would be a TERRIBLE move. Just awful.

I'd be willing to bet that Brown will outproduce Pence next season".

The only way that would make sense is if the Phils know something earth-shattering the Astros don't. Like Brown's knee is about to blow out. Or he plans to join the seminary next year. Or he's about to go on a 5 year long mission to preach the gospel in Africa.

Since none of those possibilities are likely, I have to assume Amaro would be insane to think about doing that deal.

There is another rumor that says the Stros are not dealing Pence right now.

If Rube trades Pence for Brown, he'll be regretting it as soon as this offseason, while he's about to pay $10 M to Pence and STILL has to pony up millions for another FA outfielder to play LF.

Hey Shane, how about a steal here?

Time for a big RBI here, Domo.

I'm telling you, RAJ isn't rational right now. We might want to hide his cell phone.

Is it just me, or does Dom foul a lot of pitches to the 3rd base side?

The only guy having a tougher day than Rube is Schierholz. I can't imagine knowing I'm losing my job and having to subject myself to the Philly Phaithful on top of it all...


shame he struck out at the end, but that's two good at bats by Dom this game.

I give Dom very high marks for almost never swinging at pitches outside the strike zone.

Unfortunately, I give him very low marks for his ability to do anything except foul off pitches that are actually in the strike zone.

Dom can't fastballs !!!!!

Plate discipline is probably the #1 indicator of future ability when it comes to hitting. Eventually he'll be turning on those fastballs that he's fouling off.


bap - the hamate injury he suffered is more than likely a main reason for that. It's pretty well know that it completely saps a hitter's power for 12-18 months.

As for the strike-zone judgment, it's extremely advanced, and when you combine it with his natural athleticism it's why he should be virtually untouchable right now.

Howard has looked terrible in the field lately

BAP: I know you're joking, but Dom is an excellent mistake hitter. If a pitcher catches the fat part ofthe plate belt high to the knee, he's all over it.

Pence was in AA at Domonic's age...for a comparison.

TBag, thanks for reminding me about the Abe Nunez era.

Switching to ESPN...

I like Dom Brown, but I don't think the Phillies have ever had a player whose Beerleaguer praise to actual accomplishment ratio was higher than his. I mean, what other Phillie receives 10 glowing posts for striking out?

How many other #1 prospects have the Phils had?

The tools are there.

Willard, I'm not so good with sarcasm detection in type. Are you suggesting that Amaro was out GM'd (totally not a word) by Brian Sabean?

I, for one, am happy to not have Beltran. Guys is a clubhouse killer. Ask Willie Randolph. I actually applaud the Mets (rare event) for finally purging themselves of the remaining elements of the Tony Bernazard (no idea how to spell that) fiasco.

If I am misreading you, apologies.

I am on the side of do nothing. When Oswalt is back (no pun), Worley is the 5th starter. They should win the division and play some damaged Central Division team in the NLDS, and have Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt for the NLCS. Next year, too. This team is built pretty well for the next two years.

b_a_p: Agreed. Brown is pissing me off in a very Werth-ian way lately.

Willard: Just thinking the same thing. Why would that dolt bring up Abe Nunez of all people. Why not just get it over with and mention Adam Eaton? Ew! I just threw up in my mouth.

birds, I'm more saying that RAJ's ego has to have taken a hit with missing out on Pence (allegedly), losing Beltran to SF, and the constant Pat Gillick Hall of Fame parade.

He's not a guy who's especially humble. I'm just cautioning (in a mostly sarcastic way, yes) that he's a ticking time bomb right now.

Phillies giving Vance a tractor in honor of first CG

I hate Cody Ross more than anyone in this world

Offense looks great tonite.

"I hate Cody Ross more than anyone in this world"

Yeah, pretty much...

Just imagine - we may have up to 19 games of this in the playoffs!

We'd be leading 2-1 on Pence's 2 HRs by now.

0-18, 1-23 now for J-Roll over his last 6 Games.

So ... tired ...

Spitz, if we get to 19 games in the playoffs (game 7 of the World Series), I'm TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT! :)

J-Roll was due for a slump after his little hot streak earlier this month.

This offense is very annoying. Outside of Brown, nobody is really taking good at bats, either.

On a related note, what's up with Chooch? It's like he lost his conception of the strike zone. You used to at least be able to count on him having a quality AB. Now it's like he wants to get everything over with in 3 pitches.

There's something vaguely pornographic about Rowand's batting stance and his pre-stance preparation in the batter's box.

This is the type of game that scares me come playoff time. One of our Aces pitches great but ends up losing due to the oher teams starter shutting down our offense.

Phils Prospect Roy Oswalt's night is done:

4 IP, 1 hit, 1 ER (HR), 1 BB and 4 K's.

72 pitches, 41 for strikes.

Stupid remark by Sarge. Yeah, it would be nice for the Phillies to score for Hamels, but, guess what...Cain has been equally as good. SF announcers could be saying the exact same thing about Cain.

Sarge, sometimes the other pithcer is throwing just as well as your guy.

This is exactly why I hate facing the Giants. The Phillies have their best pitcher (this season) out there having given up a mere 3 Hits in 6 Innings, but SF has managed to scratch out a Run, & the Phillies haven't. Sure, these series can go either way ... it's just that nary a single one of 'em has gone the Phillies' way, regular or post season, since '06.

I think if we lose this series you will see Ruben get desperate and make a trade that may be too much, i.e. Brown, Singleton and Cosart for Pence and maybe someone else

heather- chooch has been working with rollins

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