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Friday, July 22, 2011


I just want to say, it's stinking hot. Ballplayers should enjoy a good, thorough sweat tonight.

They required teh big office buildings in downtown Pittsburgh to reduce power usage under threat of brownouts, which means my building has shut off one of hte big roof top units that run the A/C. It's about 87 degrees inside. I'm going to the Pirates game and I'm going to stay in a suite, with the A/C and watch through the damn windows. I'm doubting I'll be able to get the Phils on TV, though.

Posted by: Hugh Mulcahy

This happened in many buildings in Philly today. Elephant & Castle was especially warm at lunch time.

An interesting possibility (which probably won't happen) would be to use Lidge as a situational righty.

We all used to pray that Lidge would not be put into the game against 3 left-handed hitters in the ninth. He has been historically very good against RHB. With his role kind of being up in the air at this point, what are the chances Manuel actually tries to bring him in almost exclusively in situations where he's going to see a tough righty or two in a row? Any chance at all?

If that would be the case, assuming he's effective at all, if Rube could simply acquire a LOOGY before the deadline (or even in August) the bullpen would be pretty set. Madson/Bastardo at the back-end, Lidge and mystery LOOGY situationally in the 7th. If Stutes keeps it up, he can be thrown in there too.

"Raul Ibanez is hitting .320 with four homers in his last 11 games"

That can't be. Must be a typo.

Beltran only makes sense if we're not mortgaging the future (Brown), or if the Phils are extending him (in which case, goodbye JRoll and/or Mad Dog).

I can't see the Phils trading for a pure 2 month rental, just to say they have someone who can hit RH for the playoffs. As previously posted, the current projected playoff teams aren't that lefty heavy with starters.

WP: Your memory is correct. Lidge pitched very well when used as a setup man by the Astros. He lost his closer job several times, but never his setup job.

I think Charlie eases Lidge in, but if he's OK, within a few weeks I can see Lidge and Bastardo laternating in 7th and 8th innnings depending on matchups.

Madson will be the closer if healthy.

I'm not vehemently opposed to use of Bastardo/Madson as a tandem of closers, based on the situation/matchups, either. I don't think we need to anoint someone the "closer" per se, especially since both are capable and neither is looking to set any Saves records or anything.

Then again, in this day and age you just HAVE to have a Closer, right? Why is that again?

Vance Worley has shown near-prefect command at the major league level.

If you believe he will continue that, you don't want to trade him under any circumstances.

I'm using my transposition keyboard today, so ignore the misspellings.

Jim Salisbury seems convinced that Rube wants Hunter Pence and do will do what it takes to get him.

Gonna be expensive, probably starts with Singleton, Worley and and one of the pitchers from Clearwater, my guess is Rube will get cash back and to do that he needs to pay with talent. He also is friends with Wade and the Pence trade could be a job-saver, I could see him overpaying. But Wade generally prefers quantity so hopefully we can trade Singleton, BenFran and 3 prospects, keep Worley and the rest of the Jewels.

I'm ready to see Mini Mart finally wearing the right uniform for his look: the 1984 throwbacks.

slocs, We could probably even make the argument that overpaying Ed Wade this one time, there by saving his job, helps us out in the long run. Like, say, next year when we need to fleece someone....

aksmith, Dom Brown has reverse splits. (SSS vs. LHP). Here they are:

Maybe Charlie just wants to get Benny Fresh some ABs. He does do that from time-to-time.

did i hear or read somewhere that beltran hits right handers better than lefties? is he the rhb you really need?

Here's the reason Dom is sitting, from David Hale at Philled In (which by-the-way, is always a good read. He's picking up pretty well for Lauber):

"– Cory Leubke on the mound for the Padres tonight, which means the Phillies are going very right-hand heavy in the lineup, with both Mayberry and Francisco getting a start. Lefties have a .152/.239/.190 slash line against Luebke this season."

Best news of today (besides Baez, maybe)

Salisbury twitter:

"Oswalt finishes three-inning simulated game. Appeared to have good life in arm and body."

"Fifty pitches. Bullpen Sun. Could P in minors by Tue or Wed. Stuff was crisp according to Manuel, Dubee, hitters."


I have no problem with Charlie stacking the lineup with righties tonight. Good move.

Francisco is in RF and Mayberry is in LF, I would've flip flopped them

Cyclic, good news.



If Lidge is effective that's a pretty good back-end.

Hale also wrote this about Madson:

"– As for tonight’s closer, that’s still up in the air. But while Charlie has wavered a bit in his endorsement of Ryan Madson as the lone closer in the bullpen, Dubee pretty much put the issue to rest, saying it was Madson’s job — eventually."

pb, I think RFD is in RF and Benny is in LF.

clout, Worley is on a roll. Cliff Lee had a similar "Lee-level" roll (0.21 ERA) in June.

Lee regressed. Worley will too.

I've seen little or no dispute of that assumption anywhere.

Please save any Worley regression until after the Lincecum challenge.

Meyer, it's damn near impossible to regress against that Giants lineup.

We can only hope. I wonder if Worley was a Giant or Oakland fan growing up in Sacremento?

Then again, in this day and age you just HAVE to have a Closer, right? Why is that again?

Posted by: Willard Preacher | Friday, July 22, 2011 at 06:09 PM

Just out of curiosity, when was the last team to win a World Series without a defined closer?

whitey, I would imagine all the teams who won the World Series before the job "closer" was invented.

So, at least 77 teams before the 80s did it.

Speaking of the 80s, it's 80s night at the park.

My 80s song for the night:

'The Heat Is On' by Glenn Frey

The Giants' lineup looks like the '27 Yankees compared to this Padres lineup.

That was a very sharp inning of work for Hamels.

Guys, Martinez is good now

My favorite Phils' player from the 80s

Glenn Wilson

Why I have no idea but I still had a 'Glennbo' insert from the Sunday Philly Inquirer in my rooms years after he had been traded including wearing bandoliers with baseball that were supposed to be hand grenades. Probably one of the cheesiest Phils' promotions ever.

Yet another hit for MM. 5 game hitting streak.

According to Uni Watch.... The Phils are 1 and 6 at home wearing throwbacks

Mighty-Mart for MVP?

What's a Luebke?

Howard usually has about one or two godawful stretches per year where he looks completely lost at the plate & swings at pitches 6 feet out of the strike zone. This year, it seems like he's had about 4 or 5 such stretches.

I hope they make available all the images they are showing on the board tonight for their 80's images.

As far as favorite players from the 80's go. No one speaks more to my love of the 80's than Kent Tekulve. When I learned to throw a baseball I spent many hours trying to figure out how to control throws sidearm.

After him it's Ricky Jordan who spanned into the 90's.

As a joke though- Steve Jeltz 4 Life.

Besides watching Hamels pitch, I have to admit I am hard pressed to have an interest in this game. Passed up tickets to game because of the heat & the Padres who I am probably more indifferent to than any team in MLB.

Also, who can forget Donald Wayne Carman?

A Loobky is a starter version of a Loogie.

BAP, check out Howard's profile page on fangraphs. The last two years, he's been swinging at stuff outside of the zone a LOT more than he ever has in his career.

Hamels might strikeout 17 tonight.

So Hamels is back...

TTI - Sure there is an autographed Don Carman R-Phils' card somewhere in my basement.

Too bad the Dodgers' aren't in town. The Phanatic could smash a Dodgers' batting helmet and they could get some old fat local guido to play Lasorda.

Fat: Yeah, I saw your post on that a few days ago: strikeouts are down, but flailing at crap is up.

Fatalotti, are you sitting behind me at CBP?

You talkin' to me!

Awesome baserunning

Fatalotti, the 70's had Mike Marshall, Kent Tekulve, Rollie Fingers and Goose Gossage. That was when men were men...they pitched 3 innings for their saves.

As usual, great hustle by Vic.

KF: Nah, I'm sitting in a house filled with cool air.

Howard is 2-23 since the break with that last K. Watching for the Big Man to snap out of his funk.

Padres are putting on a real defensive clinic this inning.

Padres have a good defense

I'm a little surprised that was charged as an error. Maybin probably should have had it, but it would have been a good catch.

I have a baseball signed by every member of the 1983 Phillies. Some Hall of famer names on there.

Remember when Maybin was a projected to be a top young player? What happened?

BAP, agreed.

BAP - Yeah. I would find it hard to really watch this Padres' team if I was a fan of them. Terrible offensive team that plays mediocre/below average defense that isn't particularly young or filled with guys who would want to see bat.

Mean to say above average.

Cameron Maybin is 24.

He's doing this on the season: .277/.333/.407 (OPS+ 111) with 19 SBs in 21 attempts.

He's doing this on the road, this year: .311/.364/.484

His route running is, obviously, still not great, but he's a pretty special offensive player already and if he can tap some more power he could be Matt Kemp's equal.

Double and RBI for Ruiz.

they gave Chooch a hit. Good.

Noah: The problem is he has been injury ridden throughou his young career and this season is the first season he has put those kind of numbers up consistently. To compare him to Kemp already is a bit premature.

I have a feeling we're going to see a pretty special evening for Cole Hamels.

This Hamels guy is good.

Yeah, wow on Hamels, he's got everything working and the Pads look totally overmatched tonight.

If Hamels has 21 strikeouts, I'll look into these Gameday Badges.



Sigh of relief for all of Philadelphia

"The last thing the Phillies want to do is lose Michael Martinez." Never thought I'd hear those words.

Wheels: "The last thing the Phils wanna do is lose a Michael Martinez."

Now I've heard everything.


Nice job by Utley. Turns the lineup over and clears Howard's spot.

By the way, I hope I eat those words.

Interesting how Howard is .313 with RISP, according to that graphic.

uzman just did a howard.

as you were....guzman just did a howard

Yea, I thought Ryno was the only player that dropped foul balls. Good to see.

Great AB by Ruiz. 10 pitch walks are great.

Yeah, Luebke's not going deep into this game. Already at 74 pitches with one out in the 4th.


You think Samuel saved his uni just for this occasion?

I'm new to this stat thing. Is there a stat for a Clutch RBI?

How can you not like Mayberry as a 4th outfielder?

Good speed, good defense, good arm, and he's got a little pop in his bat.

This offense sucks against LHP. It would be 10-0 if we had a decent RH bat in this lineup.


Mayberry would have had that one.

Colvin pulled after 3 innings????

Colvin pulled after 3 innings. Melkey is coming to town!

NO!!! Not the Melkman. Someone bigger. I hope.

I miss the blonde in neon colors look.

Now that is an aspect of Sarge that I could have stood not seeing.

"I miss the blonde in neon colors look."

Ha! I remember many hours spent teasing out my bangs. And crimping my hair.

The long hair with the cloth headbands and off the shoulder ripped t-shirts...

The 80s were great.

The Reds just went back to back off Jurrjens in the 6th to take a 4-3 lead.

Nice to see Jair coming back to earf

Tim Cahill gave 10 ER in 2 innings against the Yanks.

Ha! I remember many hours spent teasing out my bangs. And crimping my hair.

The long hair with the cloth headbands and off the shoulder ripped t-shirts...

The 80s were great.

Posted by: Heather | Friday, July 22, 2011 at 08:43 PM

Good memories. I met my wife when she was wearing neon tank top and shorts, crimped blonde hair. Definitely a cute look.

good music, great president, prosperity, plenty of right handed bats, 2 world series appearances, and one wfc...

Wes, you're being satirical, right?

So why the frack is BenFran getting even more ABs? It can't be that .612 OPS against lefties. The guy probably won't be around in 2 weeks and will definitely be gone next year. Come on, Cholly.

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