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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Does anyone have a gripe with UC about leaving Worley in this long?

Charlie trusts Vance @ 100 pitches in 115 degree heat to hold an 8 run lead more than Baez/Carpenter/Herndon.

2nd time JRoll has homered from both sides of the plate. Last time was in Aug 06.

Last switch-hitter to do it before JRoll for the Phils? Pie Man in July 2001.

No surprise that Mantle is the all time-leader with 10.

You think maybe they just wanna try to get Worley stretched out so he can throw 100+ pitches on a regular basis?

Worley dares Rube to set him down a second time this year.

Thanks for the word on Howard, Mike G.

At game we can't remember other than Jeltz who was only other Phils player to hit homers from sides of plate in same game.?

8 innings for Worldly.

is that how arms work mike G?

Pie Man hit those 2 HRs vs. Expos at the Vet. He hit 1 other HR all season

I never would have guessed in a million years who was the last Phils' switch hitter to hit HRs from both sides of the plate in a game. I would have gone Von Hayes in that infamous game at Shea where he did it in the same inning ('87?)

"Both" sides

No complaints at all about Worley throwing.

The issues with Halladay and Lee are usually that these guys are on pace to throw like 260 IP and we need them in late October, so rest them whenever possible.

Neither of those concerns are present with Worley.

Great effort from Vance today. The kid has made Blanton completely irrelevant.

Great game for Worley with career high eight innings, and finally getting the last out of the 8th on a ten pitch AB strikeout!

In all seriousness, one of the things I'm really enjoying about this season is the way so many of the young guys are kicking in and contributing - Worley, Brown, Bastardo, Stutes, Mayberry, Martinez. Not suggesting we have another Cole Hamels or Chase Utley in the group, but it has been uplifting to see all of them coming up with key contributions at one time or another thus far.

MG: I don't think Von Hayes was a switch hitter.

is that how arms work mike G?

Posted by: Shawn | Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 05:04 PM

I don't know Shawn, I'm not a pitcher, but I have heard players, managers, coaches, and announcers talk about trying to get a guy stretched out. If you know better please enlighten me.

Brown now has an OBP 51 points higher than Raul.

But hey, let's trade for an OF to replace Dom and leave Raul out there. That makes sense.

No problem, DPatrone. Glad I could help. I know not everybody has access to the game on TV.

BAP, since the Phillies are done batting for the day (presumably), can I update the runs per game figure?


BAP - You right. He was a lefty. I should have remembered that.

But hey, let's trade for an OF to replace Dom and leave Raul out there. That makes sense.

Posted by: Jack | Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Have the Phils said they are going to do that?

When was replacing Brown ever mentioned by the team?

Update us Fat

Fat: If Cholly had brought in someone like Baez or Carpenter, I would have said, "Don't update it yet. We don't know that they're done batting."

But since Cholly brought in Madson, you may update it.

Mike G: Everything I've read from Philly beat writers has the OF replacing Brown, and not Ibanez. See, e.g.,

Also, my intuition that the Phillies are going to stick with the veteran making $12M this year instead of the kid.

4.69 runs per game.

No surprise that Mantle is the all time-leader with 10.

Posted by: MG | Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 05:00 PM

MG, according to this article Mark Teixeria is tied with Chili Davis and Eddie Murray with 11 as of June 16 this year.

Maybe the key is to sweat profusely in 80 degree heat to prepare you for 117 on the field...

8th straight series victory.

Von Hayes = underrated lefty. Jeltz was the first to do it for the Phillies. Game here:

Also, I'm confused. We worry if Rollins hits too many home runs because then he "tries to hit home runs." But we also worry that his power is down. Tough being one of the ten best players in franchise history.

Worley, the Jack of Clubs, seems to fit nicely in this five card hand of four aces and a jack. He's surely the surprise of the season. The surprise of the week has got to be Mini Mart. I am shocked by his performance. Nice to see hitting season rusume.

Bigger surprise/delight this season?

Worley v. Bastardo

Have at it.

That's a good point, Hexy's.


For sure, Lake Fred.

I know it won't get easier for Worley as he tours lineups for the second and third times around, but what more could you possibly ask for at this point?

It seems like he gradually achieves new goals as he gains experience. I loved the effort against Boston, facing a pretty scary lineup in what was kind of a marquee game at that point, but might have been even more impressed today going eight innings in this heat. He just keeps going out there and getting it done.

Fat, we all knew in our hearts that Bastardo was going to be good at some point. We're glad it finally happened this year. He's a delight.

Worley, was he even on the radar? He's the definite surprise. He's 6 and 1 which could be attributable to being lucky and on a good team, but you don't get a 2.02 ERA with smoke, mirrors and luck.

looks like our pigs are being raided again -- jason grilli was released by lhv toign with the bucs, if he is so good, why didnbt the phils keep him>

excuse the mis-spells

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