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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


whooo...could see some homers hit today!

even tho I won't actually SEE them being hit...just following it on my phone...

22-21 final score. Mini-Mart 4for 4 with 4 HRs.

Fata, Fielder is also 5-11, 325 lbs. (or more, I'm just guessing). Are you sure that he is hitting his prime? If the dude can't cut some weight the year before he's entering free agency, how bad do you think his gut will get after he signs a big deal this off season?

Spitz, that's a good point. I think that will hamper him going forward, and should enter into the conversation of how much he should make.

Fielder maybe a larda$$ but he is only a 27-year old one (turned 27 in May). Howard is 31 and will be 32 in Nov.

If you asked me who I would rather have signed to a 5 yr/$125M deal after this season, I would go with the 27-year old larda$$.

Let the record show that Fielder eats the Veggie Delights Subs at Subway.

just like they drew it up

martinez really does have alot of reyes in him. i'm all for creativity, but somebody ought to tell him to cool it a bit.

every morning chris wheeler wakes up, licks his index finger, and goes outside to see if the wind is blowing in or out. i understand talking about it a little bit, but the guy has a complex about wind patterns for the first 2 or 3 innings of every game and it really gets old.

wes are you saying he is doing handsigns and dances? I am listening today.

Ryan Howard is actively hurting this team.

They're loaded with cheese.

I like taking early leads.

Ryno got an RBI? Holy crap!

Ibanez is actively having a terrible series.

How is Howard hurting the team when he just got a rbi single. (Not watching on TV).

While we complain about Howard and his 74 rbi's, which leads the NL and ties for 2nd in MLB, and his money, the Cubs quietly haven't won back to back games in something like 7 weeks. Just take it

Worley sweats buckets when its 80. This is going to get scary.

I'd trade Brown and someone else for Kemp in a heartbeat. Anyone else?

Fat: I agree. Putting a few up in the top of the first is a wonderful way to play. Didn't work out so well for the Cubs last night, though. But, the difference is the Cubs stink and Phillies do not.

So I see Schneider is starting today.

Does he play the entire game for once, or get lifted in the 8th like he has in most of his "spot starts"?

"Worley sweats buckets when its 80. This is going to get scary."

Worley giving Padilla a run for his money as sweatiest pitcher I've ever seen.

Seeing enough pitches, Brown?

How is Brown doing in the pitches per plate appearance category?

He's got to be above average.

even with the k, that was a professional at bat

Even though he struck out, good AB by Domonic there.

I guess that qualifies as a good AB by Brown although, when you see 12 pitches in an AB, it's not supposed to end with a strikeout.

Brown just took an inning off of Dempster. Love that Cubs BP.

Jbird: great minds and all that.

"Worley giving Padilla a run for his money as sweatiest pitcher I've ever seen."

Maybe but Worley's sweat isn't 3% percent vodka . . .

Vintage BAP.


Really BAP? Do you have any data that 12 pitch ABs are more likely to end in hits than 3 pitch ABs?

Phils' pitchers seem to be hitting quite well this year. Does anyone keep stats on how the staff hitting is?

That's right Vance, you show Brian Schneider how to drive the ball.

Soto rocking the Optimus Prime look.

Dempster probably won't make it through 5, maybe not even 4.

I'd rather see a 12 pitch strikeout than a 1 pitch popup.


Mini Mart should bat 5th

We all know Padilla was definitely not sweating vodka, was clearly tequila and yes he swallowed the worm.

lol Martinez

J on a Roll

Is this the same team played Monday????
Keep foot on gas boys dumpster will be done.

When did Dempster become so a middling starter?

Mini-Mart is on fire. Does he love to swing at a first pitch fastball or what?

Utley; here it ends.

"magelb Anyone else notice Jimmy Rollins is having his best season since 2008? "

No, because he's too old and washed up.

Can Martinez pitch in an emergency?

Mini Mart> Reyes

So when did Davey Lopes get back on the team?

Erm, or not.


Not a bad start for the Phils.

Dempster Career:

99 ERA+
1.446 WHIP
1.88 K/BB

He just had a few good seasons, surrounded by a bunch of bad ones

4 straight innings of 2+ runs. Nice

Can a pitching coach bring water to the mound on a time-out?

The Lesbian Cab System is out of control! 2 for 2. 2 stolen bases. 2 runs scored and an RBI?? That's a nice way to be proven wrong.

Just saw rays put BJ on market philles and nats front runners

Who is this doppleganger who has replaced Mini Mart? A guy who hits offspeed pitches by making adjustments, is a good baseruuner who steals bases, and is a defensive stalwart?

Everyone on here is so serious today. Lets enjoy the ballgame boys and girls.

johnnysanz3 - Yeah I forgot when I looked at his numbers. Cubs also have the privilege of paying him $14.5M this year and $14M next year.

Howard has to be thinking long ball here. Struggling, tired RHP, meaningless RBIs at stake...

Emmett - You really think it was tequila? In all honesty, I heard that Padilla was a big whiskey guy.

Can a pitching coach bring water or a beverage out to the mound on a visit?

once again, no thanks on bj upton...

Jroll being quite studly this month - please let this be more than just a blip.

This Cubs staff is really atrocious. They've been headlined by Zambrano since Prior went broke. Just more 5's than a McNabb blowout at Modell's.

Upton is arb eligible in 2012. Phils might prefer him over Beltran...

Spitz: I do not -- although I think it's pretty generally accepted that the more pitches a hitter sees in an AB, the more likely he is to do something good.

It was a good AB. In fact, he has a lot of good ABs. Most of them end in walks & 10-pitch strikeouts. Now I'd like to see him start improving his good AB to hit ratio. I think that's next in the progression, but it certainly hasn't happened yet. But, for some reason, there seems be an "Emperor's New Clothes" phenomenon with Brown. Every time he does something even the tiniest bit praise-worthy, we're all supposed to act like we just witnessed greatness in its most elemental form.

career year ftw rollinz lolz

Emmett - Hi Ho!

I'd rather have B.J.'s brother

I'd like to know what it means to be "front runners" for a player at the trade deadline. Seems like the Phillies are front runners for everyone.


padilla enjoys ted kennedy's favorite beverage- chivas regal

MG - True, Padilla was most likely down for whatever would get floatilla engine running. He brought out the best in Miguel Cabrera I've been told.

BBeard: Because Ruben is a f'n bossman and takes whatever the hell he wants. So if the Phils wanted Melvin, they'd get him - making them frontrunnners.

God they're just brutalizing Dempster in this heat. Gotta feel a little bad for him.

Raul's gonna be begging Vic to forget about SBs so that some of his worm burners can get through.

Dom Brown may see 100 pitches today at this pace...

Did I hear LA say that there is no air conditioning in the clubhouse at Wrigley? Seriously? Why would you ever want to go there if you were a player?

This is a great pic of Halladay

Granted it's from Toronto...but still

Another good AB for Not Yet Ready.

Damn, Schneider smoked that ball...

Everybody hits! HOO HOO!!!

Is this enough offense?

Stick this up your RH bat and smoke it

No BJ Upton.

6 different players with an RBI... crazy

If the Phillies keep hitting Dempster like this, Fatalotti might have to recalculate those numbers he keeps posting.

Just got out of a meeting, what did I miss?

Whitey said in the last thread that we would be "heavy" favorites over the Giants in a 7-game series with homefield advantage.

Here's the deal: If you EVER see a 7-game baseball playoff series where there's a 70% betting favorite, take the other side. Every single time. There is never going to be a true 70-30 difference between two playoff teams over the course of seven games such that those odds are fair and even. It simply doesn't make sense.

Jack, any team getting to the playoffs in a 7 game series is good enough to have more than a 30% chance of winning it. If we were the 1927 Yankees we would still only have about a 40% chance or so of winning the WS.

BAP, I'll be updating that figure for the rest of the year, and judging it against the league. Set up a spreadsheet and everything...

Cubs series...

One Phillies pitcher will not allow a hit through 3

One Phillies pitcher will suffer from heat exhaustion and need to be removed after 4IP, 3ER and 7H

One is Halladay, one is Worley

Dan: Exactly. Which is why Whitey's claim that we would be 70% favorites is crazy, and why if anyone offered you those odds, you should take the other side every single time.

2 . . . 2 errors for Pena. Ha ha ha ha!


We cant afford to lost Mini Mart!

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