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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Worley on how to keep his pitch count down: "Quit sucking."

Worley should be Charlie's transcritionist.

I'm shocked, shocked to find out that the Phillies aren't being completely forthcoming about injuries.

Does any team provide more injury misinformation that the Phils?

Missed the game. Did Vance throw as good as his numbers say he did?

Cliff: No.

Worley nibbled and benefitted from some good defense and hte A's offense. He's still a keeper, though. He has some good stuff. Needs to throw more strikes.

"Does any team provide more injury misinformation that the Phils?"


I can't get teh damn video to play. Got as far as Manuel's first stutter. I take it Madson's hand hurts.

The video's fine. Its Cholly's speaking that doesn't work.

Yo, new thread

Apparently, like football and hockey nowadays, opposing teams are searching harder for any advantage to exploit. With the higher degree of specialization and strategy it makes sense for teams to provide as little information as possible. It will not be kept confidential (there should be a beat reporter following Dr. James Andrews) and will instantly be broadcast (inter)nationally. The desire to 'break' a news story is possibly even more important in twitterland.

It stinks as a fan because I would like to be able to play manager or GM but it is difficult without all the facts. Great performance by the AAA pitching staff though. Seems like the AAA lineup out there too. It would be nice if the lineup could help out the depleted pitching staff for a few games.

It was very difficult game. The teams had a lot of difficulties.

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