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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Is Cahill the dude who doesn't like other people walking on the mound?

Anybody think the A's are pissed at us for dropping the crappy Michael Taylor onto their team?

No that's Dallas braden who hates that

Last nite, using the A's colors in the header caused 8.5 innings of anguish. What will the hat do tonite?

It was Dallas Braden who had a problem with A-Rod trotting over the mound.

And if the A's are pissed at us for dropping Michael Taylor onto their roster they're as ludicrous as that comment. We traded MT to the Bluejays, not the A's. Doesn't matter anyway, the A's have no one to blame but themselves, trades are bilateral not unilateral. No one "drops" a player on another team, the other team willingly takes them.


The more Taylor plays, the more he gives the impression his disappointing 2010 season was a fluke. He was playing with a banged-up shoulder all year, which explains why he slumped to a .272 batting average, six homers and .740 OPS after hitting .320 with 20 homers and a .944 OPS in 2009. If he continues his recent numbers, he'll regain his top-prospect standing and perhaps get a look in the majors within the next month or two. He's already 25, after all. It has to happen soon if it's going to happen at all. If you're desperate for outfield help in an AL-only league, Taylor is once again worth stashing.

Bet the Phillies would take this guy back if they could make the right deal for him.

Why would a retired guy like Davey Johnson need an agent? And he has to wait for him to return from Japan. Save some money and take the job before someone else gets it.

Agent = any lawyer with a cell phone

Yo is anyone there? Some good comments from rube on radio
@h rd m


so. . . . what'd he say?

Chooooooooooch. Just had to make 'em pay there.

What happened to Hamels? Cut himself shaving?

Amount, schwimmer, and de fratus have ml arms and will be up sometime. No trades until near 7/30. Still counting on raul.

I'm getting pretty sick of seeing the A's make all these great defensive plays.

Who comes back first? Oswalt or Blanton?

Lidge or Contreras?

Nice catch by CoJack. He has some pop too. Trade for him Rube

Silly question...but why is Ruiz still batting 8th?

He's one of the few guys on this team that you actually have confidence in when he's at bat.

HUHA on Shane leads to a run. Damn.

There's not much that you can do when the opposing pitcher is dealing for the 75th game in a row.

I love Shane but damn if he doesn't do that sometimes.

He plays all out 100% of the time...mistakes happen as a result.

Well, Cahill is a pretty damn good pitcher so that excuse is valid tonight. Cahill is one of the best young pitchers in baseball.

Rauuuuuul now 5 for his last 38.

Dom is 7 for his last 56.

I guess they are both due to warm up at about the same time.

Just tuned in. Looks like ss,dd. Get IbaƱez back to the bench. What a waste of good money. He was terrific the first third of his first year with the Phillies in 09 and then went from ordinary to marginal.

The rest of this offense should look at Gload's at bat last night, even though it resulted in a lineout to the ss on a great play.

Did anyone notice how the ball looked like it was glued to his bat when he swung? He had so much control over its trajectory and direction. It's almost like he served it with some power in the direction of left-center. I didn't see any other hitter on either team exercise such bat control. Too bad that our veteran lineup can't take a hitting lesson by observation.

NEPP: He's good but, when every starting pitcher in baseball looks like a Hall of Famer against us, it rings pretty hollow to say, "This time it was only because of good pitching."

Time to get serious. Two of our best hitters due up.

I agree, bap. Its often frustrating to watch our less than impressive offense these days.

I love our pitching but its tough after all the years of having an elite offense.

Dom getting justifiably booed for not running that ball out. Now he ought to be justifiably benched.

Cole: you have to do it yourself once again.

Strong words by Sarge. So true. Bench Brown right now.

I'd bench him. If you bench Jimmy, you have to bench Dom there.

Dom won't do that again.

Besides, what harm would it do to take his sizzling bat out of the lineup?

Anyone want to respond to my post about Gload's at bat last night? Not whining, but I thought it was a lesson that could be learned by all the undisciplined hitters.

Get some hustle Phils.

Phils now with 5 hits in their last 15 innings.

BAP: Every pitcher who faces the Phils sucks. You've been saying that all season. You're not changing your tune now, are you?

Feels like the Big Contract is about to flex.

Give us an update Denny. Your 1 for 1.

Meh. Seems like "flex" was the wrong f-word to use.

Damnit Howard. It's ok to draw a walk.

That's about the 20th hit Howard has lost to the shift this season.

Sure glad to see a green light on a 3-0 count when the team can't get guys on base.

Totally inexcusable for Howard to ground out on 3-0 right in his wheelhouse. Totally inexcusable.

clout: And every pitcher who shuts us down, you say is great. By the way, please identify the post in which I said Trevor Cahill sucked. Take all the time you need.

Say that the 20 hit number is accurate...Howard would be hitting .327 on the season.

BAP: Read my post. I was expressing shock that you actually said he was good. That was a first for this season.

clout: Ah, you're right. You did say that. Yes, Trevor Cahill is good. This utterly pathetic and disgusting display of offense is, in part, a result of good pitching.

Wasn't Fathers' Day last weekend? I am so confused by all the Fathers' Day reference on Comcast tonight.

1 out. Inning over?

It's going to be a whole season of this, isn't it?

I am getting so tired of this offense. Brown should have been benced!! He would have been safe if didnt stop running.

We need to get a bat soon!!!

I feel so bad for Hamels!!

Holy %&*^. Brown was not busting out of the box yet again on that grounder to second. One time, maybe a youthful mistake, although i'd have yanked him from the game right there. But the second time he didn't hustle, he should be on the bus back to AAA right after the game.

I am pretty sure that Dom Brown will be a very good major league player. But what he has now done twice tonight is inexcusable. Especially after he didn't run the first time.

It is just now dawning on some people that Jayson Werth actually was a major contributor to this team's offense and that neither Ben Francisco or Dom Brown are worthy of shining his shoes.

What happened the second time? I missed it.

Matsui = Phillies Killer

UC should have benched Brown immediately after the last one. This time, maybe sit him a couple days in favor of BenFran.

Total BS.

Is Brown hurt? After ther first play at the end of the inning it looked like Utley said something to him. I can't imagine he'd dog it again.

A ground ball would be nice Colbert. I'm surprised Cholly did not take him out

One hell of an effort by Cole tonight. Its a shame that he likely takes a hard luck loss for a fantastic performance.

We need to extend him NOW.

Good question, clout. Maybe he's hurt. If he's hurt, perhaps he shouldn't be playing but I can understand why they would be leary about benching such a big bat in their thin lineup.

I'm pretty sure that Cole will come out now. Too bad there is no offense

Gotta like the way Coco plays ball. Good to watch. Hamels too. He really hung in there.

One run Phils. Get off your arses and do it!

Brown also got caught napping while standing at 1st last night. He very nearly got picked off even though he was standing only about a foot off the bag.

I like when Mini-Mart pinch runs because it means he's not available to pinch hit.

Rossco!! He did it again mainrob.

Well dont play Francisco - good Lord no. Play Ross Gload - he is on fire.

Does Ross Gload have enough in his legs to play left field? (Alternate question: can he WALK well enough to cover as much ground as Raul Ibanez?)

If so, what the heck is he doing still on the bench?

(Don't answer that. I actually know the answer. I'm just grousing.)

One more wild pitch away from tying it.

BAP: Good point on Brown. I wonder if his lack of success recently has affected his concentration.

Brown clearly needs more seasoning in AAA. That's the only way he'll learn to hit MLB pitching.

So he's bringing in the Righty to face Utley

Singleton had another decent night to extend his hitting streak to 5 games:

1 for 3, 2B, BB

Something tells me that, when the dust settles on this game, the Rollins strikeout will have been the key play of the game. I'd love to be wrong.

Well, Utley has had reverse splits the last few years so it kinda makes sense. Though, Chase hits both equally for his career anyway as he is a complete hitter.

Oy, Chase.

Oh well what a waste - anyone tell me who is coming in?

When I watch this offense, I am even more amazed that they have the best record in baseball.

Well, it worked. Hats off to Bob Melvin.

Bob Melvin is a tactical genius.

I have no problem with that walk. Stutes did that a couple games ago. Guy almost hits one out of the park and he's careful. Good move, if you ask me.

Close losses are boring anyway...bring on the blowout!

Stutes isn't quite as sharp with his location as he's been for the most part.

Ball game. Shame Hamels didn't get more support. 3rd game this month he has lost while giving up 2 runs or less.

Ibanez is the one guy I absolutely can't figure out. He is now sub Mendoza this month at .197 in June with an OPS hovering slightly above .500. Tear in May is looking more like the anomaly.

In the highly unlikely chance that the Phillies have a 4-run 9th, it would be Stutes' 4th win in his last 4 appearances & his 4th win of the last week. But I wouldn't bet on it.

No worries. They'll explode tomorrow. 2 runs.

Personally, I think calling a 'team meeting' would be a mistake. This team hasn't played that badly of late. I wouldn't be surprised if Cholly does though.

Brown should be benched tomorrow for his effort tonight. What is really too bad is that useless Mini Mart is on roster instead of benching both Brown/Raold in favor of Mayberry in LF and Francisco in RF.

Of course they always try to make it interesting in these type of games.

If Vic scores, this becomes a Loss Directly Attributable to the Bullpen.

Probability of Ibanez:

Striking out: 40%
Grounding out: 40%
Popping up: 10%
Flying out: 9%

ANything else: 1%

Keep hearin...they'll hit, they'll hit, they'll hit. I'll believe it when I see it. They whup up on teams like the Cubs with their bad pitching and a Marlins team in free fall but give them a whiff of anything approaching good pitching and they get SHUT DOWN.

Ross Gload as a PH only is not that big a part of the team, but this man seems to get every time he's up to bat. To come in as he does is difficult. Too bad he's not 100% and the team can't get him more involved.

Chance to be the hero here with a 3 run HR.

Dom can make up for it right here.

Come on Brown...

get a hit, that is

Also hope they start Valdez tomorrow. Take your pick but I would start him in place of JRoll. JRoll hasn't hit at home, has been pathetic vs LHP, and hasn't had a day off since he missed a few games earlier this month.


Bad news.

I was just gonna say " be a hero"

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