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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Nice picture of Beckett. Don't even have to bother watching now. Automatic loss.

I like the way Lee smiles as he is throwing his filth (as shown above). As batter after batter go down we smile with him. Go Cliff!

I was just thinking what a particularly unflattering picture of Beckett that is. I think the Phils will win, and I agree about the smile on Lee's face! It's awesome! He look like he's thinking "Here it comes!"

Lee and Beckett - two great pitcher that both wear those stupid rope necklaces.

I hesitate to say it's a World Series preview because there is a ton of season left and it's silly to fall back on that old marketing cliche.

I will say this though. I'm interested in this series because the Phillies have been good the last few years about gearing up for series like these. It will be intriguing to see if they can find another gear for the series.

Scotch: exactly

Spitz: That's freakin' hilarious.


5 pitches, 3 outs Sounds better when it's the opposing team.

Cliff Lee = FULL TILT.

So far so nasty!

Lee dialed in from the get go, a great sign.

Love to see the Phils put at least two solid games - both the rotation and position guys doing what they are capable of - against the Sox.

55 hits in 92 IP is pretty impressive.

Thought Jimmy had a chance there.

Hugh, very impressive, but I don't suspect his .217 BAbip will keep up the rest of the season, especially since he only has a GB rate of 40.2%.

Still, having an awesome season.

Didn't look like a strike.

not a strike

Great play by Scutaro, darn.
NESN gives pitch count along with score, outs, count.

Guy in the Taco Bell ad = Jackass (to state the obvious)

Youkillis still has the goofiest batting stance in all of baseball.

How were those not strikes?

What is that on Cole's chin?

Wind blowing to right?

Lee looks really good tonight. Almost like he pitched carefully to Youkillis.

Youk with a goofy stance, but kind of a scary hitter.

Is this going to be one of those dull pitcher's duels?

If anyone was wondering, yes, listening to Chris Wheeler drool over the Red Sox makes me turn over in my grave.

Victorino will hit it out here . . .

or ground to short.

Man, Howard is slow...

Vic batting after Howard? That's new.

Scutaro is a good SS. NESN guys didn't think he'd have a play there.

Youk has started to lose a liitle bat speed

Time for Vic to run. Put a little pressure on Beckett. Especially with V-tek's noodle arm.

Phargo - good to see you.

I hate that there are so many Boston fans in the stands.

Love the graphic. 84 Topps?

That did not look like a strike. Hopefully he gives that to Lee.

I forgive Brown.

Not ready!


Brown looks like he lowered his hands. Just me?

not readyyyyyy!!!!

nice hit dom.

Yes!! Brown delivers!

Bout time D Brown

Not Yet Ready

Atta boy Not Ready. Way to get fleeced Rube.

Finally, Brown!!

His bat looked like it just grabbed that one and whipped it out.

Is he ready yet?

A thing of beauty

wow, Down Town Dom Brown!!!!!!

Not ready.

There we go Dom!!!! Your 2012 Phillies starting LFer!

Dom with a blast off Beckett? Even the most optimistic poster on Beerleaguer couldn't have seen that one coming.

Not only was it a great looking swing, but it was a really nice AB from start to finish. Didn't jump at any really bad pitches, took a couple close ones for balls.

Good sign to see. Hope he's heating up.

You go, Dom. Very timely, to say the least. Can we forgive him for not running that grounder out yet?

how's that taste,Punk?

'85 MG I think.

That second strike to Ruiz looked non-strikey too.

2 runs on 1 swing is quite an interesting concept.

That will help Dom get back into the good graces of Phillies fans.

I know his average has been down but I think he has shown some good patience at times at the plate. If he can continue that he'll get more fastballs like that to hit and drive.

Dom really schweitzered that ball.

The bad news is that Dom failed to run out that homerun trot.

The bad news is that Dom failed to run out that homerun trot.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 07:43 PM

Was honestly surprised to see him out in LF for this inning. Thought Manuel would bench him.

Michael Taylor would have run around the bases twice to score another run. Rube got fleeced.

@Lincoln..nice, well played.

Plate got skinnier all of a sudden.

Generous to Beckett and squeezing Lee.

No way.

All right. Great start. Outta the office now and over to the local pub for a burger and TV viewing. Life is good.

Dom got a good kick up the arse the other day for showing a lack of hustle. He's kinda responded well.

Is Ryno still considered a defensive liability? Or have we accepted he's actually not that bad?

No hitter?

Lee showing Beckett how to play.

Take note, Brown: that's how you run one out.

Nice AB. Make it count Polly.

Damn, is Polly's BA really down to .288?

I'm not surprised that Brown hit a homer. Beckett's never seen him before, so maybe he thought he could sneak one by him.

I am surprised, however, that Jimmie worked a walk.

How bout a hit and run?

NESN announcers > Philly tv guys

Polanco's struggles continue.

Nice to Jroll steal a base, but what was that little hop he did before he took off. He was always so horizontal with his sprinting. That little vertical movement cost him a split second.

The Phillies are play smart baseball thus far. Smart and patient at bats and running the bases well.

Ugh, weak 3-1 swing. Still, some nice ABs from the hitters that inning.

Swinging at a bad pitch there up 3-0. Wasted opportunity.

Meant 3-1.

If Lee pitches another gem tonight, I don't see how he doesn't win NL player of the month for June. This has really been one crazy good month for Lee.

Figures once I praise the batters, Utley takes a horrible pitch to fly out.

Every time Gonazalez comes up with no one on base, I smile.

That was a strike; at least, it would've been for Beckett.

Great pitch! Lee froze him.

Go ahead and complain about that pitch, Youk. I'm sure you weren't complaining when Beckett got those pitches even further off the plate for strikes.

I rather watch this any day. Forget offense. Give me a pitchers duel.

7 pitches neededto get "old Man" Youkilis out.

tilt's command is spot-on.

Youkilos has the exact stance I used as a kid playing wiffle ball and imitating Julio Franco.

They are getting better swings at Beckett than some of these other schleps they've been seeing lately (namely Julio Vargas)

Ibanez going to go on a tear any day now, right?

... and the Phils needed all of 7 pitches to make 3 outs.


The Red Sox have a guy in the lineup tonight with a .106 BA and .180 OBP?

Thought I'd seen everything.

fata: Last year it started on July 2nd for Ibanez. If it doesn't turn around by the 1st week after the ASB, changes must be made.

no, sarge. it's gonna be a short night if he starts dropping that curve in.

I see your Boston super-offense and raise you one Cliff Lee.

Gotta use two hands to catch those balls, Brown.

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