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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


If the Cards pitching coach can't fix Franklin, nobody can. Pass.

Lets go Phillies! Take their Soxes off.

Just say no to Ryan Franklin.

Dubee couldn't straighten him out the 1st time around, he goes to St.Louis and Dave Duncan(who always has a knack for straightening guys out) gets a solid 3 seasons of above average relief out of him, now it's not working and coming back to the guy who couldn't fix his problems before will fix them now?

Don't see that happening. And if isn't mental, he's hurt.

Unfortunately, if it only cost the league minimum i do foresee the announcement coming soon.

Franklin and Davis on minor league deals. Why not?

I have a hunch most Phans don't even remember Ryan Franklin.

"Ortiz DH" = Ortiz 3

Even if Worley has one of his good starts, we could see alot of this AAA bullpen (and hopefully no Danys Baez). I hope we see more of the generally good approach at the plate the team showed yesterday.

I remember Franklin all too well...NO THANKS

Note: When Dave Duncan gives up on a pitcher...just say no.

Tonight's game is 90 minutes away & I feel like we still haven't adequately dissected last night's game. For instance, does anyone have any thoughts about Domonic Brown's homerun off that meatball pitch?

They should sign 38 year-old Ryan Franklin to a 3 year deal.

Is Wayne Gomes available?

To: John Lackey
From: Tito
Re: R-Gon/Ortiz

I sort of apologize for assuming that today's game is going to be a run-fest and thinking that taking away half of the strike zone away from you all game. Just to clarify, do not throw on the inner half of the plate to lefthanders unless you are in need of some comic relief defense at 1B and in RF just to lighten the mood of this over-hyped series.

One of the reasons an enclave of bloggers on a site named Beerleaguer stood by a certain Pedro Feliz was because he played terrific 3B defense -- especially with LHPs Hamels and Moyer heading up the vaunted WFC 2008 rotation.

By the same logic, we should've kept AGon in at 1B. But Theo tells me that Papi's bat increases the marginal probability of victory over the negative impact he'll have defensively. Factored into this analysis, of course was the assumption that you induce fly balls by throwing high heat and staying away from the 1B side of the plate. Not that we have this much faith in your ability to do execute this, but at this point, there's nowhere to go but up for you.

Good luck. Look for me to take the ball away from you in the 3rd inning.

Addendum: If you get a hit, I'll buy you a can of whiz to go with all of the Geno's you'll be ordering after you're pulled...

I would list Franklin just under Mike Williams in the category of former Phillies I'd never in a trillion years have believed would eventually make a successful closer.

I am still available. Rube, have your people call my people. Peace
- H. Slocum

Yeah, I'd just as soon not go the Ryan Franklin route. That's just bad news.

And you better believe I remember his 8ss. ::shudder:: And I also remember when he actually did a good job AFTER he left the Phillies and I was bitter.

Dumb question alert--Was he here when Manuel was here? Or was that far enough ago to be a part of the Bowa era?

Whenever I think of Ryan Franklin, I still think of that Mariners fan who paid $15 to sponsor his B-Ref page after he was traded to the Phillies. In the sponsorship section of the B-Ref page, the guy wrote, "I spent $15 to tell you how glad I am that you'll never be pitching for us again. It's the best money I ever spent."

Hugh: Thanks, old habits die hard I guess.

Personally, I don't agree with putting Gonzalez in the outfield (especially in RF against a lefty-heavy Phils lineup). They're really stuck between a rock and a hard place, but there's no way I'm putting my best and highest paid player (who is a very good defensive first baseman) in a new position while he's in the middle of an MVP season.

"Honestly," Lidge said, "my shoulder right now feels like nothing ever happened." - brad lidge, today.

'"Honestly," Lidge said, "my shoulder right now feels like nothing ever happened." - brad lidge, today'

Bwa haha.

I still don't see why Francona feels he desperately needs to trot both Papi and A-Gonz. It's just 3 games. Give the start at 1st to Papi and let A-Gonz sit and rest for 1 game.

Seems bizarre, but since it's not my team, whatever.

well, one way or another, this it is for lidge. another "setback" and it's over for his phillies career.

How dumb does Tito look if AGon tears his knee up running for a fly ball tonight?

As I wait for other frisbee-ers to show up, I can understand why Francona wants Papi out there. He needs to keep seeing live pitching or it's very easy to go into a slump, and I think I heard they're in the middle of a 9 game IL road trip. Also, with Lackey pitching, the Red Sox are going to need offense.

As to why they're placing them both on the same side of the field. That's another matter.

I'd rather have JC Romero back over Ryan Franklin.

"Honestly," Lidge said, "my shoulder right now feels like nothing ever happened." - brad lidge, today.
Posted by: f4f | Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 05:50 PM

2 seconds later.....

" my knee and arm feels like it was rolled in shattered glass and my elbow feels like the inside of a quarry but my shoulder... Good as new!

I guess we'll find out how foolish it is after we see Gonzalez try to field the position. Evidently he has something in the way of an arm or, wouldn't they put him in left?

Fata, the right thing would have been to sit Gonzales for tomorrow's day game against a tough lefty and get Papi get some ABs that way.

Rg, hilarious!!

I wonder if Lidge is rushing his rehab so he can 1) help the team; and 2) take advantage of the injuries to Madson and Contreras.

We'll see...if Bastardo does ok, I'd rather have him closing than see Lidge rush back and blow out his arm again.

Heather hit it right on the head. If 'Miracle Max' (Dave Duncan) can't do anything with him despite having a desperate need for pitching, just stay ago. See: Reyes, D.

TNA, I think he is rushing back to demonstrate that he is healthy prior to his pending free agency.

Was yesterday the first time the Phils won this year after JW put a picture of an opposing playing on the game thread?

I assume most first basemen would pic RF over LF if given the choice, since the sight lines are similar. He might just be getting whatever he wants since he's a monster (the good kind).

ATL completed sweep of Seattle. The only silver lining is that Fredi keeps marching Venters and Kimbrel out there no matter what the situation. It will be interesting to see how much they have left in the tank in Sept.

My question:

If Ryan Franklin threw a meatball down the middle of the plate, how far could Dom Brown hit it? More importantly, how far would it need to travel to be "impressive?"

(I'm loving the Dom Brown "impressive" HR meme... it will almost make the last three threads seem worth it... almost...)

"I spent $15 to tell you how glad I am that you'll never be pitching for us again. It's the best money I ever spent."

Hahaha! I remember that!

Franklin was a home run machine, but his b-ref page looked better than I remember. It appears he settled down long enough by July to appeal to the Reds (in exchange for a player to be named later). I think the fans were ready to burn down his house by June; through May his HR/9 was just about 2.2.

If you saw him it'd be hard to forget this guy. He's in the Rod Barajas and Wes Helms modern Hall of Shame.

Spitz, as a matter of fact it is the first time the Phils have won with an opposing player pic in the game thread header. Though, it was a dual pic dynamic, with Lee, as well, which only really occurred once before.

If he goes with an all out Gonzalez pic, we'll know that JW is feeling cocky.

I think Lidge is rushing back because he wants to play baseball. He wants to play on the Phillies with and for his teammates this year. He wants to help his team get back to and win the WS. Of course he wants to see if he can play for anyone next year, but to say he is only rehabbing as fast as possible because he is trying get paid next year is a bit much. He's been hurt and inconsistent post 08 but he's been a team guy throughout his career.

Good point... Lidge has rushed back in past years when it wasn't about a contract.

He's a baseball player. He hates not playing baseball. None of us know if he's "rushing back" now. He could be on the exact timeline he's supposed to be.

"but to say he is only rehabbing as fast as possible because he is trying get paid next year is a bit much"

Right, because he's actually hidden injuries, played hurt and rushed back in years prior, too, so it's not just for the contract. The best part is when he's so in denial to the media and his coach, only to get lit up night after night.

Come on back Brad, we need you!!!!

(truth be told, if he's really healthy, I'd welcome him back. where can we get some truth serum?)

Yo, new game thread.

So gents, what are the thoughts of any possible trade for Right handed bat out of Left field. Is there any way to get rid of Ibanez' "untradeable" contract? Does Ruben have the cajones to go all out for a guy who isn't over 30, like an Adam Jones/Hunter Pence/Andrew McCutchen? (I recognize none of them are LF, but they seem capable of transition.)

it's not a desperate move by Tito. Stupid to think of it that way. The Red Sox have a bad schedule where they play 9 straight against the NL in the NL park. That would basically have them playing without Ortiz in the line-up for 9 games. Is it really "desperate" for a manager to get one of his better hitters on the year in the starting line-up?

I question A-Gon in right and not in left but it could really end up being a non-issue. The key will be if the Phillies can hit one to the wall. I want to see how A-Gon plays a carom.

Seriously, you must be kidding!

Don't ever suggest Ryan Franklin in a Phils uni ever again! He sucked while here and has been horrible this year. He's literally a formula for losing.

Worley is dealing so far

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