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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Wow, Drew, quick postgame post!


Not a lot of smiles in the postgame handshakes.

Could it be that the team got bad news?

Polly = broken hand?

Phils have scored the most runs in the NL East now.

awh, prob looking for something that isn't there. The team is in the middle of a grinding part of the schedule.

EF, great! Now you've provoked another run differential debate.

Even if his hand is broken, do you think that news would have spread to the players within the hour? I'm not sure. Let's hope for the best.

Coleen Wolf reporting xrays for Polanco are negative.

Actually, they just said X-rays were negative on Polanco.

Negative! That's awful! How negative? Out for the season?

gobay, LOL!

a short rest might rejuvenate polly.

bullit, he needs rejuvination. I posted this on the last thread (SSS), but Wilson Valdez has actually been a better hitter since May 1st than Polly.

EFF, that's impossible. Everyone knows the Phils can't score.

Let Polly sit for 15 days, bring up Orr. If not, let Polly sit every other day for a few weeks and let Valdez and Mini-Mart take a few starts (as much as it pains me to say that).

Give the dude a break, looks like he needs it. On top of his offense, even his D looks as if it's been suffering. Would rather him be fresh for the stretch run and playoffs.

awh: i first typed rejuvination, but didn't think it looked right. a quick partial google showed i was right to think so.

I expect to top this night off with another LaRussa DUI in another 2-3 hours.

I like the picture of a drunk Romero fallng off the mound.

goody.....bad (but funny)!

The X-rays are negative? They should post on beerleaguer. Someone needs to tamp down the unbridled optimism so rampant on this blog.

We should have known the Cardinals had bullpen problems when the rumor surfaced last week that they were interested in JC Romero.

When is the last time we scored 10 runs w/o an XBH? Small ball indeed!

goody, I started following the game on gameday in the top of the 8th. It was 3-2, and then kept getting better. I scoured the box score for just one extra base hit. None to be found. Like a little league game before they invented T-Ball, only without the errors.

A quote from 'Coming to America' is pretty apt to describe Miguel Batista tonight:

"That boy good, yea good n terrible"

Still can't believe he is in the league.


He had one of those outings where he couldn't find the strike zone from the first pitch and struggled his entire outing. Isn't the first time it has happened either this year.

He was able to get out of it tonight without too much harm (1 run) but a flyball pitcher who BBs so many hitters isn't exactly a guy you want pitching in tie/very tight games late either.

Basically needs to develop that slider more so he can throws less fastballs and ultimately get more ground ball outs. Curious to see if he shows any progress on it.

It's a shame the Phils can't hire a master tactician like LaRussa to manage this team. We'd be so much better.

Haha, after watching last night, I could only think of all the cholly bashing on Beerleaguer. Could you imagine if LaRussa managed the Phils? They would have to have a nightly watch at the ben franklin bridge, lol.

Off topic here...glad to see Pittsburg and the Nats sitting at 1 game under .500. Its interesting that they are both 1 game behind the Rockies, who are widely regarded as "contenders."

From the paper today on LaRussa bringing in the righty to face Ryan Howard: "Looking at the numbers, LaRussa's decision made some sense because Howard was 4 for 11 off Miller and 0 for 1 with a strikeout against righthander Jason Motte."

So we have Trevor Miller, who for his career has been much better against lefties than he has righties. We have Jason Motte, who for his career, has been much better against righties than lefties.

Then, we have Ryan Howard, who has been a slightly below average batter against lefties in his career, adn a Hall of Famer against righties in his career.

We have these number documents over literally thousands and thousands of plate appearances for all players combined. These are indisputable facts.

But sure, let's throw all of that out the window because Ryan Howard has 4 hits in ELEVEN at bats against Miller and has no hits in ONE at bat against Motte.

Yeah, that makes a LOT of sense. I really, really, really hope LaRussa had a better reason for making the move than this one, because he should be fired on the spot for such a mind numbingly stupid move. I expect this kind of stupidity from the Philadelphia sports writers. From a long time manager, this shouldn't be.

Good game.

Fat: That inning was so bizarre, I think LaRussa was just trying to find someone to throw some strikes, honestly. I know it was only 3 batters into the inning, but Miller had just given up a hit to Victorino on a 3-1 pitch and walked Utley. It's not like it's out of character for LaRussa to give someone a quick hook.

I'm probably wrong, but I can't imagine anyone using such SSS to determine that match-up in a 2-1 ballgame with a runner in scoring position. I think the columnist is trying to find some justification behind LaRussa's move, when there may not be much to it other than "throw some strikes and get ahead" -- something Miller had not done that inning (Rollins had a 2-1 count; Victorino, 2-0, then 3-1; Utley 3-1).

If Romero drank that much he'd probably throw strikes.

In re: Pitching Statistics
I hope the irony is not lost on anyone that Trever Miller was "credited" with both the loss and a "hold."

I thought that the choice to lift Miller against Howard was foolish at the time (see the game thread); but if it had worked out at least one person would have thought LaRussa was a genius. Of course that person STILL thinks LaRussa is a genius.

It was nice to see the Phils patience at the plate (for the most part) when it was obvious that the Cardinals 'pen wasn't sharp. They took walks when they could get them and made them throw strikes. They capitalized with some clutch hits, most of all were in hitters' counts.

The remarkable part is that through the first 6+ innings, I would not have complimented them on their patient at-bats. Quite the contrary. For 6+ innings they were dreadful at the plate.

Any updates on Polly? I wouldn't be opposed to have him sit a few games. It's not like he's tearing it up at the plate.

The Phils now lead the NL in run differential.

I'm really enjoying Silverman's writing style. Keep up the good work!

Fatti, good points.

I also was mystified at that move by the Cards' resident genius.

And noname is correct: Had there been a role reversal and the Phillies been the "recipients" of such bold and insightful managerial moves last night, BL and the rest of the Phillies' blogs would be viral right now calling for Cahrlie's immediate firing, and subsequent drawing and quartering.

Despite his flaws, Charlie somehow has outmanaged lots of guys with superior reputations than his, especially in the playoffs.

Sure, the players matter, but they also have good players too.

I think many people really look at Charlie as some kind of country bumpkin who fell off a turnip truck, and by the luck of life's lottery, wound up managing a major league baseball team. They forget that Charlie has been involved in organized baseball almost his entire life, and in many capacities (coach,player,manager,etc.) at the professional level for over 40 years.

If he had limited baseball knowledge or were a moron, over time he would never have made it through "the system's" crucible of evaluation to which major league managers are subjected.

RBill, I surely hope so. I don't think very much of LaRussa's managerial style, but I least hope that he doesn't make such mindless decisions based on such pitifully small sample sizes (or for that matter, that any manager does it).

You're probably right, though, most lefty relievers don't have to throw strikes to get Howard out, :).

"Any updates on Polly? I wouldn't be opposed to have him sit a few games. It's not like he's tearing it up at the plate."

RBill, I posted some numbers last night in the game thread. Since May 1st Valdez has actually been a better hitter than Polly (SSS).

I agree. A few days off for Polly won't kill this team.

One more Polanco question:

Can anyone explain to me why arguably the best 2-hole hitter in baseball the past few years has hit in the 2-hole in only half of his starts? Does that make sense?


In the 2-hole:

In the 3-hole:

In the 5-hole:

For the sake of comparison, career:
In the 2-hole:

In the 3-hole:

In the 5-hole:

Cliff, I agree with you about Drew's writing.

The opening sentence is priceless!

Thank you all for the slamming of LaRussa, who is about like watching paint dry, if paint had a cohort of media telling us all how freaking smart the paint was.

I would go with this lineup:


If these guys are supposedly one of the teams the Phils have to worry about, they have nothing to worry about.

Fatti, I would make one controversial change to that lineup:

I would flip JRoll and Chooch.

LaRussa and Miller:

I understand taking out Miller who simply didn't have good command and bringing in Tallet (1-9 vs. Howard with 4 Ks in his career) to face Howard.

Move to bring in Motte there was flat out puzzling.

Watching the Cards' pen gave me flashbacks to some of the nightmarish bullpens the Phils trotted out there a few years back. I was half expecting Joe Bisenious to come running out!

fat - i like you're lineup. a lot.

No1, thanks for the link.

Here's a quote from that NYT article, for anyone who doubts how special Doc is:

"Halladay allowed a run and four hits in six innings, matching his season low in his first official appearance in St. Louis but on the mound where he started for the American League in the 2009 All-Star game. He has worked six or more innings in 62 consecutive road starts, the majors' best such streak since Walter Johnson put up 82 in a row from 1911-15."

not phils related but - Wily Mo Pena made his MLB debut since leaving baseball in 2008.

a HR and two strikouts. Classic Wily.

actually this is phils related because Wily Mo > Michael Martinez, go get him Rube!

Somehow Wily Mo is still only 29.

I loathe Wily Mo Pena.

Don't ask me why, because I don't know. Just one of those guys that I never liked. Except when Brett Myers struck him out looking on a curve ball to end the final game of the '07 season.

Walter friggin Johnson pitches for the phillies. Love it.

From MLBTradeRumors:

The Phillies, Mariners, and Reds are among the teams that have inquired on the availability of Padres right fielder Ryan Ludwick, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. The Padres appear willing to move the 32-year-old, who is eligible for free agency after the season.

Ludwick is hitting .255/.322/.393 with nine home runs in 299 plate appearances this year, with most of his production coming in May. He's been a little better away from PETCO Park, slugging .419 on the road. Ludwick earns $6.775MM this year, with potentially around $2.2MM remaining on July 31st. Inquiries from the Phillies and Reds may be a sign that those two clubs can squeeze in a salary of that size. Ludwick profiled as a Type B free agent the last time we checked, so that will be a factor.

Morosi adds that the Phillies and Cardinals are among the teams that have checked in with Padres GM Jed Hoyer on relievers Heath Bell and Chad Qualls, who will also be free agents after the season (Qualls has a $6MM club option with a $1.05MM buyout). Morosi expects Mike Adams to be popular as well, but as we've heard before the Padres are inclined to keep him since he's under team control for 2012.

I dont see Qualls as a piece to get but Ludwick or Bell would be nice.

Bell might be nice especially if they don't re-sign Madson. I hope they're thinking of doing that. They have money coming off the books (Raul, Lidge).

Everybody expects the Phils to automatically get a RH-bat to play a corner OF spot. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they get another RHP pitcher for the pen especially if Contreras' health concerns continue to linger. Stutes isn't that guy and I would imagine the Phils are getting to the point where they view Lidge as a 'whatever we get will be a bonus' type ala Gordon in '07.

Oh, we all hate Stutes now...okay.

MG is laying it on a bit thick, but I side with him a bit. I dont know if I am comfortable with handing over late inning pressure situations in the playoffs to Stutes yet either.

Altho unlike MG, I am having a great time watching Stutes convince me otherwise.

Stutes has little experience, but he throws a good ball. Decent speed, good movement on his fastball, a nice breaking ball and for the most part he throws strikes! And he's getting on-the-job experience. I think too many BLs sell him short.

Little Ollie, in all fairness, Stutes has walked something like 13 batters in 23 IP. That's not exactly a strike throwing machine, if you ask me.

This team needs a #5 hitter in the worst way. Ibanez is now not even a one tool player. I cant stand Polly there and Ibanez is leaving guys on like they have aids. The lineup has no balance. I can only hope RAJ makes the right move

Fat - maybe I'm too used to watching JC. All the same, his WHIP is 1.19, not too shabby, so he's not putting many on base, and he's come in for the most part in pressure situations, at least lately.

I would go with this lineup:


Posted by: Fatalotti | Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 08:56 AM

Fat- I know this isn't popular but you HAVE to switch Jimmy and Victo to break up all the lefties. Teams want Jimmy to face LHP.

Ibanez is in a slugging match with Chone Figgins for worst player in baseball.

I actually thought Stutes' walk last night was a good thing. The guy almost hit one out of the park so he very smartly pitched around him instead of giving up a big hit. It showed good judgment to know your limitations in that situation, esp. for a guy with so little experience.

nonamePHame. That's a good point. I do like having Vic at the top of the lineup, though. But either one would work for me.

I like Stutes, just not sure I want him to be a key reliever in tight spots down the stretch/playoffs.

Little Ollie, I like Stutes. I think he has good mound presence, and his slider, when not hanging over the plate, is pretty nice. He's a good middle reliever. But let's not pretend that throwing strikes is one of his strengths.

Stutes has good control. I don't view him as being wild at all. This is borne out by his WHIP. Maybe he's careful with his pitches so he's walking more and giving up fewer hits. He doesn't make me shutter the same as when Romero or Lidge are pitching.

Bed Beard - I'm not sure I want him in that position at this point either, but if he remains in this role throughout the season he'll have plenty of experience under his belt and should be in a better position to deal with the pressure.

Question? What do you guys think it would take to get a player like Willingham or Ludwick??? I wouldn't give up Singleton, Cosart, Ramirez or Colvin for a rental.

interesting note from David Murphy:

On the season, Phillies five-hole hitters had combined to produce the third-lowest batting average (.210) and slugging percentage (.322) in the NL.

I kind of picture Stutes having a JC Romero-like career. He will have some very good seasons, in which his combination of good stuff & good composure will combine to overcome his penchant for giving up walks. And then he will have some seasons in which he's a little less lucky on batted balls and his wildness will lead him into all sorts of trouble. This year, he's doing well & that's all that matters for now.

Why would someone like Willingham or Ludwick be a rental? The Phils should have no trouble signing them if that's what the team wants. Players want to come here these days and the team has been showing them the money.


" I kind of picture Stutes having a JC Romero-like career. He will have some very good seasons, in which his combination of good stuff & good composure will combine to overcome his penchant for giving up walks. And then he will have some seasons in which he's a little less lucky on batted balls and his wildness will lead him into all sorts of trouble. This year, he's doing well & that's all that matters for now."

Seems like most relievers.

Ollie, there will be better options available after the season, but right now due to financial restraints Willingham 2.5 milliona nd Ludwick 6.5 million are two right handed outfielders to take a flyer on.

Stutes walked a lot of batters in the minors as well. About 1 BB every 2 innings or so. Hopefully they can work on that with him. Bastard had a similar problem as well luckily both of these guys strike out a lot of batters as well.

Weird watching Freddy Garcia shut down the Reds today - what a resurrection.

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