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Friday, June 24, 2011


Are we safe in assuming that Mathieson will take KK's long-man role in the 'pen so KK can pick up Roy's starts, or is there even a sliver of a chance that Mathieson will be looked at to start?

Surely the former and not the latter, right?

KK and Worley. Already confirmed by Charlie.

Mathieson won't start so Kendrick can stay in the pen. I don't even think he's stretched out to start yet in AAA. He's the long guy.

Worley needs to get more efficient real fast. No more 5 inning specials.

Here's hoping Mathieson brings it this time around (assuming he's given a chance). It seems like he's all but completely off the radar and is just up here because has at lesat some major league innings. Now is definitely the time for him to shine.

Get better, O. The team is better with you than without you.

Scotch, I'm with you. They don't exactly WANT Mathieson up, but their hands are tied.

That said, let's hope the starting pitching makes him irrelevant, as he should be leaned on solely in long man/mop-up duty.

Can't help but feel that whatever the Pads were asking for to get Bell/Ludwick just got a little more exorbitant....

Not a chance in the world Mathieson starts. I mean, the guy had all of one minor league start before his call up.

Not. A. Chance.

There's probably at least 5 guys in the Phils minor league system that would start for the Phils (if necessary) before Mathieson.

It was either Carpenter or Mathieson. Frankly, a little surprised that they went with Mathieson. Guess they regard Carpenter as organizational filler & nothing more.

Good chance this is really Mathieson's golden opportunity to show he belongs at the MLB level. He will get opportunities with KK/Worley in the rotation through at least the ASB and probably at least the end of July at the earliest.

Only good thing about this:

- Is that they haven't picked up Oswalt's option for next year already.

MG: As someone pointed out, Carpenter pitched last night and likely wasn't availalbe tonight. Phils needed someone in case Worley had a short outing. Carpenter may still get the call.

MG: "Only good thing about this:

- Is that they haven't picked up Oswalt's option for next year already."

Of course they didn't... Jack told everyone Oswalt would break down this season.

Trevor May topped this weeks Baseball America Hot Sheet:

CJ - Good point. Didn't even think about that. Kind of surprised that they didn't call up Carpenter given how well he has pitched & his ability to go multiple innings if needed.

Oswalt's back injury is a big concern to me. We started the season with four Number 1's and a Number 3; now we're down to three Number 1's and two Number 6's. Our safety margin has disappeared.

At the moment, Halladay, Hamels and Lee are pitching lights out ball. The moment there is any slippage among these three, though, all bets are off. Given his history of inconsistency, Lee is the most likely of the three to fall off the Cliff. An injury to any of these three could also spell big trouble.

With the current state of our starting rotation and the health issues of our veteran relievers, I agree with Ruben that improving the bullpen is of greater importance than picking up a right-handed stick. Neither move offsets the loss of Oswalt, however.

"Neither move offsets the loss of Oswalt, however."

Haven't you heard? Oswalt was pitching poorly and not winning games, yet the Phillies still have the best record in baseball.

What loss is there to offset?

CJ - Mathieson/Carpenter. Either way one of these guys will likely get a pretty good shot as the long guy over the next 5-6 weeks with 12-15 IP to show they belong. Small sample but have to work with what they had.

Saw this over at Hardball:

2012 Top 111 Free Agents

"9. Jimmy Rollins (32 – Phillies): Jose Reyes has really stolen the show, and for the moment anyway, no one seems to care that Rollins, too, is a free agent this winter. Rollins’ offense has fallen of pretty dramatically; from 2004-08, he posted OPSs of at least .770 every year, whereas he’s come in at .714 and .694 in the two years since. This year, he’s at .709. Offense is down across the league, but that’s still a tumble. On the other hand, it’s almost all power: Rollins actually has a pretty impressive 64/72 K/BB ratio in 642 at-bats the last two seasons. In his MVP season in 2007, he had an 85/49 K/BB ratio in 716 at-bats. As a plus defensive shortstop, a .330-OBP guy and an excellent basestealer, Rollins still has plenty of value. My guess is that he re-ups with the Phillies for around $50 million for four years."

4 yr/$50M for JRoll?! Yikes. 3 yr/$36M seems like a lot given how his defense hasn't been quite as good this year and he is just a ~.700 OPS SS now with 10-12 HRs power.

If you think WAAAY back to 2008 and our pitching staff,... offense cures a lot of woes in pitching.

It's pretty clear by now that the Domonic Brown/Benny Fran/Raul Ibanez experiment didn't pan out. It's time for Rube to implement "Plan B"....

Personally I'm hoping he HAS a plan B.

Speaking of Worley:

There is no reason why he shouldn't be able to work deep tonight and have a really good outing tonight.

This A's lineup is as bad as any the Phils will face this year. Even as bad as the Padres. They will likely start a lineup tonight where their leading HR hitter(s) has 5 HRs (DeJesus, Suzuki) and they have one guy hitting above .260 in the lineup (Weeks).

These are the A's splits:

Road - .227/.293/.326 (.619 OPS) and that is playing with a DH in all but handful of games.

vs. RHP - .233/.301/.332 (.633 OPS)

Their best power hitter is on the DL (Willingham) and really not any SB threats besides Crisp and Weeks.

MG, i agree that Oakland's offense isn't good. But, let's not specifically call out Matsui.

History shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man.

Seriously, though, he probably doesn't play more than a game in Philly. Still, since they fired Geren, he's finally contributing. 10 for 34 but, with an almost .500 OBP and 3 of those 6 homers since June 9.

When is Blanton due back?

john, you added an extra word, "back," to your post.

Preacher: "Congratulations! It's a ... bacon wrapped, deep fried rack of lamb?"

Willard Preacher - The goal is no longer to get to the playoffs nor to win the NL East nor to have the best regular season record in baseball. The goal is to win the WS, which means to beat the Bosox, the Yanks or whoever. The best record in baseball does not mean an awful lot in this context.

I would expect the Phils to win the WS if all four aces were healthy and pitching well. With one ace down, it's a toss-up. If one of the other three aces gets hurt or is not pitching well, I would expect the AL team to be favored to win the WS. The addition of a RH bat or a veteran reliever will not offset the loss of a healthy Oswalt. As I said, we have lost our safety margin with the loss of one of our aces. Lose a second ace and we're in trouble.

derek, I think you may have missed the sarcasm in my post. I'm right there with ya, bud.

Sorry, Willard - I haven't been reading all of the comments lately, so I didn't know your position.

The pitching has certainly thinned. But, having watched Oswalt for the last couple months, it's been apparent his status is a bit volatile. Hopefully, he can get back this year but, assuming the worst, I don't think it has as great an impact on their ability to win it as the need for a solid bat to hit 5/ play left or right.

Halladay and Hamels or Halladay or Lee, or, hell, Lee and Hamels is the best top 2 they've had in the rotation since '83.

Derek: Having three aces, even if they're not hot going into the playoffs still instills a lot of confidence in me for a couple of reasons:

1) I can't name a WS threatening team with three guys who would outperform our three, especially when including their likelihood of all being hot at the same time verse ours.

2) Regardless of whose "pitching well," I can think back to many cases where Lee, Hamels, and Halladay have all reached back and shown that they are gamers. I'm counting that for something.

3) A fourth pitcher in the playoffs is almost a luxury at times. If everyone does their job and takes the lead in the first three, then you can afford to start a fourth starter against the other team's fourth. If not, then we'll throw one of our horses back out there.

My concern for the playoffs does not rise much.

Yo, new thread.

Hugh: How dare you speak ill of Person & Daal!

You know you're playing Oakland when the first batter doesn't even take the bat off his shoulders until the sixth pitch.

I hope we have plans for long relief.


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