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Friday, June 24, 2011


For a split-second I thought that was Thome.

These are the A's splits:

Road - .227/.293/.326 (.619 OPS) and that is playing with a DH in all but handful of games.

vs. RHP - .233/.301/.332 (.633 OPS)

Their best power hitter is on the DL (Willingham) and really not any SB threats besides Crisp and Weeks.

A lineup where their leading HR hitter will have 5 HRs (Suzuki, DeJesus) and they will likely have 1 regular above .260.

No reason that Worley gives them anything less than say 6 and 2 tonight against this
'dink-and-dunk' offense.

Me too. It does look a bit like Thome.

No reason that Worley gives them anything less than say 6 and 2 tonight against this
'dink-and-dunk' offense.

Posted by: MG | Friday, June 24, 2011 at 05:21 PM

BL jinx alert! Worley will now turn in a 2 and 6 effort.

Blame MG for the loss.

I think Mathieson will be here until Sunday. Then he will be sent back to Lehigh, so he can resume his transformation back to a starter there.

I think Carpenter comes up by Sunday. He has flourished out of the pen at Lehigh and can pitch multiple innings as a long man/mop up guy. That is really all the Phils need, since this is/was Kendrick's bullpen spot.

Since Carpenter threw 40 pitches last night, there was no need to bring him up tonight. He wouldn't be available anyway. Mathieson was scheduled to start tonight, so he's ready to go.

This is also a golden opportunity for Herndon. He will now for sure be taking Contreras spot, as a late inning RH.

Only thing left to do is DFA Baez and bring Schwimer up. Schwimer would be perfect to take over as a ROOGY, since he is so tough on RH hitters.

Plus that would thrust DeFratus and Aumont into main roles in Lehigh's bullpen. So you could see how they both do against AAA competition in high leverage situations.

As great as a ROOGY sounds, Cholly doesn't use LOOGYs correctly, so I wouldn't think he would be any better with a righty.

Schneider = Anthony LaPaglia

Rails grandma? Is that the loveparent of Raul and Nails?

I am trying to get used to the iPhone.

It doesn't save the entry? That's rough.

Ah, the ultimate welcome for a BL gameday thread: Brian Schneider.

Feels like a pop out.

Only other Schneider gameday thread (April 26) was a loss to the D'backs.

Also from the Baseball America hot sheet:

"One of 2010's breakout prospects, the Phillies' Jonathan Singleton has had a fairly quiet first half with high Class A Clearwater, having moved back to first base after a trial in left field. His week was shortened by the FSL all-star break, but even so the 19-year-old belted three home runs and two doubles while batting .571/.667/1.357 (8-for-14)"


I've seen mentioned many times by the beat writers that Dubee does not believe in LOOGYs and ROOGYs and that Charlie is old school enough to not care either. It's a philosophy thing for them. That doesn't mean they won't play matchups, but they'll never approach anything close to LaRussa!

The Phillies have enough Singletons. They need a Doubleton, or a Tripleton, or a Homerton.

Derek: Having three aces, even if they're not hot going into the playoffs still instills a lot of confidence in me for a couple of reasons:

1) I can't name a WS threatening team with three guys who would outperform our three, especially when including their likelihood of all being hot at the same time verse ours.

2) Regardless of whose "pitching well," I can think back to many cases where Lee, Hamels, and Halladay have all reached back and shown that they are gamers. I'm counting that for something.

3) A fourth pitcher in the playoffs is almost a luxury at times. If everyone does their job and takes the lead in the first three, then you can afford to start a fourth starter against the other team's fourth. If not, then we'll throw one of our horses back out there.

My concern for the playoffs does not rise much.

Correction to earlier post: Oswalt had an MRI today, via the broadcasters.

You know you're playing Oakland when the first batter doesn't even take the bat off his shoulders until the sixth pitch.

I hope we have plans for long relief.

Worley at 18 pitches already... 2 outs although he also had two potential double play balls (one hit too soft, the other was a hit and run).

I'm willing to bet that the Phils don't even get through half of those 27 pitches in their half of the inning.

27 pitch first inning. I'll be happy if the Vanimal can get through 6 tonight. Looks like Mathieson might get to test out his "starter stuff" tonight.

A nice, clean 87-pitch first inning.

MG - The main reason Worley won't get a 6 and 2 is pitch count.

Over under on Phils half? 12 pitches.

I think Howard just swung at balls 4 and 5.

bap - Your point?

Is Schneider from Northampton proper or from, like Hokendaqua or Weaversville or something?

Schneider is calling an awful game. Worley should not be trying to get cute on the first pitch. The A's simply will not swing at a first pitch near the edges of the zone.

18 pitches.

Much better.

Sort of.

Worley is yeah...hope he settles in on his pitch count.

Good to have Schneider back because at least he'll block the motherfvcking plate.

~imagine 2nd line as if Sam Jackson said it~

Meet the Phils wives tomorrow at 5:30PM at CBP. Will Werth show up?

Way to go Dom.

Goody, I think the real question is "Will Jen Utley show up?"

Nice inning, Vance.

What is wrong with Rollins that he has to swing at the second pitch if he's been patient enough to avoid the first?

Andy: He looked at strike 3 twice last nite. Nothing will get past him tonite.

Singleton continues to roll in Clearwater: 2 for 3 tonight and 10 for his last 14.

His OPS is up to .800 again.

Howard has no clue when he's down two strikes. I just look away from my computer.

What did Sarge say about Polanco? He works the count and gets walks? Huh?

What a pathetic offense! Fire GG.

Considering the caliber of the pitcher they're facing, the first 4 innings of this game represent the single most horrific offensive performance in a season filled with horrific offensive performances.

I see I've literally missed nothing. This offense is going to cause much pain and heartbreak before its over.

well stated, bap

I also see that Worley is still pitching like he's getting paid by the pitch.

bap: Oakland Beerleaguer is probably saying the same thing.

Could they ask anymore of Worley, well he could've thrown less pitches but he gives up no hits/runs in 5 innings.

First team to get a hit, wins.

"I also see that Worley is still pitching like he's getting paid by the pitch"

I like that one. Nice, Curt.

Worley's haircut: cruel form of hazing or something he pays a stylist to do?

if worley is in the 7th, pitching a no hitter, with 147 pitches, do you leave him in?

goody: They SHOULD be saying the same thing.

Looks like 2 days rest were good for Raul.

Mathieson warming up, game over.

I can't wait to tell the future grandkids about the night I watched the Great Worley/Moscoso duel of 2011.

One thing that Brown has shown so far is great plate discipline for a rookie.

anyone watching this online for free somewhere?

Brown needs to run.

Guillermo Moscoso, the American League's next Walter Johnson, is throwing a no-hitter against the mighty Phillies in their Bandbox.


predicting a Worley HR


Was that popup Worley hitting or Martinez pinch hitting?

If Brown wasn't in the lineup looking at 20 pitches a night every opposing pitcher would be odds on favorite for a CG.

wes: With 2 of our starting pitchers out indefinitely, and absolutely no one in the minors who is qualified to pitch in the major leagues, there is 0 percent chance that Worley pitches beyond the 6th inning, even if he still has a no-hitter.

Who was the last Phil to throw 2 back to back shutouts before Lee? Was it Brett or Millwood?

Vance Worley, the National League's next Don Drysdale, is throwing a no-hitter against the mighty Oakland A's.


Matsui doing it to us again.

bap- just cracking wise. 6 will be more than enough regardless of hits allowed.....which is now moot.

Nice effort by Vic but that ball just died/tailed away.

Schneider calling for a third straight fastball on 0-2? Come on.

I hope Worley doesn't go home and clear his yard with a tractor after this game.

Great effort by Worley tonight...a shame our offense blows.

Pretty sure Vic would have played that ball much differently if there hadn't been a no-hitter in progress. Diving & turning a single into a double could easily have been costly.

Hahaha, Wheels didn't wanna say "who shouldn't have a no hitter".

Possibly the hardest Polly has hit one this week.

I do not get how a team of veterans like the Phillies have such a miserable time adjusting to pitchers they haven't seen before. How about one at bat and then gaining some advantage? At least the no-hitter is gone. Thank goodness for that.

it's amazing that matsui can run with that planet of a head on his shoulders.

This offense continues to top itself in futility - they follow a game where they were shut down by a 1-7 pitcher with a former bullpen pitcher with limited experience totally shutting them down.

The offense was much better under Milt Thompson...they should fire GG and bring back Milt.

Utley and Howard are having some seriously pathetic ABs tonight.

Howard turning over his hands on that swing guarantees just what he did: groundout.

Shame Worley couldn't throw strikes early or he could have gone 8 tonight. Something he has to work on is his control early in games.

Great discipline by Brown? Um, no. More like lack of aggressiveness. One game where he hit two homeruns being the exception. Otherwise, not so much. I'd like to see him take a hack at the first pitch for once. He is like an automaton, just like Mayberry: take the first pitch strike and then try to get out of the hole.

Singleton is 3 for 4 tonight and his OPS is up to .809. Suddenly, his season looks like a nice success after a hot week.

Another reason people should never write off an elite prospect.

Is there a cogent reason Worley had to be taken out after six innings? I see Morosco's on deck.

Nice SO by Herndon.

Who was writing off Singleton? Not the experts. He's only 19 and making the necessary adjustments. In this current case, it's mostly attitude at the plate.

Worley had 105 pitches. Moscoso has 82.

Herndon 2.0 is awesome. God bless Rule 5.

Worley was taken out b/c he threw 105 pitches.

A bunch of people have been ripping him of late. A hot few days and he's basically right back up where we hoped he'd be for a 19 year old in a pitchers league.

maine: 105 pitches thrown, with 2 pitchers already on the DL, and no viable starter at AAA. That's 3 cogent reasons right there.

If you were an A's fan, I can imagine that this is a pretty dull team to follow. Honestly not one guy in their lineup tonight you really want to see hit.

Bizarro Herndon continues to get the job since his return.

Yup LA. A soft tossing RHP with a good changeup has this line in check the past year.

MG: Who in the Phillies lineup do you really want to see hit tonight?

Not Ready.

Interesting that the rookie has had a couple very good at bats tonight - showing patience while drawing one walk and now getting a hit, he's made the pitcher work. Meanwhile the vets are swinging away.

The contradictions in the complaints on BL are bizarre sometimes. Most of the time people are railing on how this team isn't patient enough (which is true). Now mainerob says one of the few guys on the team that works the count, Brown, isn't aggressive enough? Make up your minds.

If Not Yet Ready keeps working counts and walking, time to move him up in the lineup.

How much did Pete pay for that hooker. If more than 2 dollar, too much.

If Lopes were still around Brown wouldn't have been glued to 1B 3 times tonight.

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