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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If Brown were mlb ready his game thread would be brought to you by Wharton.

"I know it's only the first inning, but I already find myself wondering why Cholly didn't let Halladay pitch the day game. For one thing, that would have helped us lock up at least a split. More importantly, it would have allowed Cholly to know exactly where he stood with his bullpen arms when KK pitches. If Halladay pitched 8 or 9 innings, as he usually does, Cholly would have free reign to give Kendrick an early hook if he's ineffective."

BAP that's the losers way to look at it. The idea today is to sweep. The Fish have lost what...11 out of 12 or something and you want a guaranteed split? Glad Charlie's not thinking like that. Also, I have tix tonight. How dare you try to ruin my viewing experience.

This team looks so much better when Chase and Ryno are hitting well.

I think both the Marlins and Phils offered their better pitchers the choice of game. Halladay picked the night one and Sanchez wanted to pitch against Halladay.

BenFran, Exxon, Sardinha, Kendrick - could that be the worst 6, 7, 8, 9 that we've thrown out this year?

All he does is knock in runs.

Something tells me this game will not be a pitchers duel.

BAP, aren't the Phillies more likely to win BOTH games with KK going in 1 and Doc going in 2? Does KK really have any chance of beating Anabel Sanchez, who's been really good this year?

If RBIs weren't worthless, this Howard fellow wouldn't be half bad.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 20 Million dollar first baseman! (some wiseass posts this every time Howard does anything bad, so turnabout's fair play)

Good for you Dan. I agree. Also, I posted the other day that Ryan no longer seems to have these wicked hot streaks. Reverse BLer jinx strikes again. Crap did I just undo it?

the big man is sizzling right now

Spitz, donc: Well, that's the counter-argument -- and a valid one. But my main logic for pitching Halladay in Game 1 would be to clarify the bullpen situation for Kendrick's game. Of course, if Halladay pitched Game 1, it would have ruined donc's viewing experience for Game 2. So I guess it's better this way, after all.

DIP - touche.

Thanks for seeing it my way BAP. I have seen an inordinant number of KK starts over the last year and a half including the rain delayed heartbreaker last week (which KK looked pretty good in).

Murderers Row up for the Phils in the bottom of the 2nd.

hohum kyle kendrick

If KK had a nickname, it should be the 'The Nibbler.'

If turnabout is fair play, Howard would just make an error on it. /sarcasm off

Keep it on your shoulder Exxon.

Sardinha is just a small fish in a big pond.

Nothing like having Wilson Valdez and Dane Sardinha coming up in the order to totally make a leadoff walk by Ben Francisco virually useless. I say virtually because it did succeed in turning the lineup over (read: clearing Valdez/Sardinha/KK).

Basically, if Ben Fran leads off any inning of this game, he HAS to get on.

That's it, show WV and DS how it's done, KK!!

2 of the worst ever 6-7-8-9 get on. Good going, losers!

Fat: Also, what are the odds of both Exxon and the little fish avoiding a double play? It's gotta be about 50/50.

Dane is perhaps the greatest Polynesian catcher to ever play for the Phillies in an odd numbered year between 2009 and now.

"Nothing like having Wilson Valdez and Dane Sardinha coming up in the order to totally make a leadoff walk by Ben Francisco virually useless. I say virtually because it did succeed in turning the lineup over (read: clearing Valdez/Sardinha/KK)." were saying?

Nice! It would have been a shame to get nothing out of an inning in which both Francisco & Kendrick manage to reach base.

Nice job by Jimmy. This pitcher isn't going to make it past the 4th. His pitch count is on the rise.

This lineup reminds me why I'm so glad Brown is our RF. Imagine if he were not and Raul were hitting #5...

Oh, and Remember before Utley was on the team? What a difference when Uts and Brown are in on days like these...

Kyle Kendrick and Michael Rappaport (Dick Ricci of True Romance) seperated at birth.

Love that KK is pitching the day game because I have to follow it on Gamecast, while tonight's gaem featuring Doc I'll hopefully actually be able to watch.

Kendrick getting some lefties with his change up?

Save for the shaky start, Kendrick seems to be pitching tolerably well. He's throwing strikes & keeping the ball on the ground, which is all you can really ask.

I'm not able to watch this gmae right now, but seeing Utley/Howard/Brown on gameday as "due up" just gets me all tingly.

Elih's pitch count is getting pretty high - gonna be tough sledding for the Marlins today / tomorrow.

Hugh, as a noted KK detractor, I've said before that if KK can use his changeup to get out lefties, he'll become a decent pitcher, possibly even above average, because his ground ball numbers are average, and his walk rates are pretty good. Changeups to lefties would incude more strikeouts, and maybe even induce more GBs.

Even though I want him to stay healthy, I love seeing Chase get on via HBP. Sort of his signature. He's one of the few players whose OBP is appreciably bumped above what their walk rate would indicate because of his skill at getting on base via HBP.

BAP - giving up one run through three innings is better than "tolerably well" for most pitchers, especially KK.

Howard against a AAA righty is a pretty ridiculous mismatch.

i saw an on field delay

on gameday

is he hurt?

I'm watching on Gameday too and, when I see Francisco, Valdez & Sardinha due up, the only part of me that gets tingly is my vomit reflex.

The changeup is a great equalizer of those R/L splits for many pitchers. I'm liking it if Kendrick is showing some proficiency.

Marlins rookie pitcher up to 65 pitches with nobody out in the 3rd inning. Hope the Marlins have the bullpen warm...

Come on now - time to put this overmatched pitcher out of his misery and get into their pen.

Spitz: True, but I don't want to get too gushing in my praise after only 3 innings.

Go, Little Phanatic.

Holy crap.

Didn't see that coming

Well there you go - when Exxon his a bases loaded, one out triple off of a righty, you know everything is going right.

Exxon - pumps one ...and foils the marlins' scheme!

Perfectly placed hit by Valdez.

Valdez can hit AAA pitching.

How do the Marlins have no one warming up in the bullpen again?


BAP, I think you owe Cholly a little bit of early credit for pitching KK in the day game.

Don't believe it. Didn't happen. Couldn't have happened.

Channeling my best Tom Hanks....




Phils never hit guys they've never seen before. They just don't.

The Tom Hanks-Wilson posts: high-larious.

Some crazy OPS these last couple games. This isn't the Phillies offense I've grown accustomed to for the first 2 months of the season.

For all the people clamoring for the Phils to bring up new young pitchers from the minor leagues (and I'm occassionally one of them), I hope you're paying attention.

Most pitchers from AA/AAA will get absolutely lit up by a major-league lineup.


Funny quirky fact of the day. The girl who works right behind me is named Ellie Villanueva. Pretty weird coincidence.

Also, this pitcher has 85 pitches with 1 out in the 3rd inning. Even crazier.

Not exactly a productive AB by Kendrick. He should know that, being who he is, he needs all the runs he can get. . . . But Rollins has saved his ass!!!!


Fat: How many pitches has Ellie thrown through 3?

I feel bad for their pitcher (but not too bad). He should have been taken out after the triple.

FUll EXTENSION! (get it?)

I want Little Phanatic at every game.


Spitz: Credit duly dispensed.

I was starting to write that the game is still a long way from over. But now that would no longer be true.

Almost feel bad for this guy. Doing his team a solid by starting when they needed it, and he's being rewarded with a 27.00 ERA for his troubles.


didn't we see this game last night??

no ...


Would it be too much to pull Jimmy, Chase and Ryan at this point?

Is it me or do LA and Franzke do their best work in the afternoon?

Nice to see them not just beat lesser competition, but absolutely clobber them. Has that happened this year?

Rollins is NOT ready

gobay- itsyou

Being the pessimist, I still think there's a long way to go in this game. Remember when Blanton had a 7 run lead and lost it??

Fat: How many pitches has Ellie thrown through 3?

Posted by: Colin_K | Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 02:16 PM

Ellie hasn't thrown any yet, but she's worked up a nice lather, and claims the offspeed stuff is feeling good today.

Jack: This guy has horrible numbers even at AAA, though. He's a finesse pitcher who hasn't been throwing strikes this year. If he were in the Phillies' organization, I don't think anyone -- not even dennyb -- would be advocating his call-up.

I just wish someone had thought to start Halladay in the day game to match this pitching juggernaut.

Here's hoping for Fatalotti's sake that it's as easy to hit it with Ellie Villanueva as it is with Elih Villanueva.

If you're a Marlin, you have to be in the most abysmal spot right now. NOt only have they lost 15 of their last 18 games played, they are down 7 runs on the road right now against the division leader in the day game ofa day/night DH, they will be throwing their entire bullpen for the rest of the game, and what do they get rewarded with in the nightcap and in the finale of the series?

Only Doc Halladay and Cliff Lee.


What's with this "Little Phanatic" stuff?

You want poor managing? It is been done by Edwin Rodriguez.

They have extra guys in the pen and they sent the pitching coach out twice to talk to the kid. You have to get him out of there. He has bad stuff, no command, and has been leaving stuff over the plate all day so far.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Yeah, they only have 3 bench players. Don't know what they're saving their pitchers for.

This is nothing if not anecdotal, but it seems like KK always pitches much better when he's at risk of losing his spot in the rotation. I.e., he knows this could be his last start with Worley ready. Anyone get that feeling?

BL jinx...pitching change.

Should the Phillies take Utley out of the game now and try to get him in tonight's game? I'm assuming they weren't going to start him in both games originally, but with a 7 run lead, why not?

OMG. I go to a short meeting and the Phils score 7 runs.

(BTW, maybe Valdez should be the DH against Seattle. Before anyone has a siezure, that was posted in jest.)

They're using Brian Sanches here? Isn't he one of their better bullpen pitchers?

a child about 8-10 , doubtlessly encouraged by a parent walked down the isle where phanatic was performing and waited until he/she was noticed. when tom b. finally saw her/him he went out of his way to make it special. even finding seats for them to sit in as he put his arm around the "little phanatic." it was sweet.

KF - agreed. Its MiniMart time hopefully. And if things get tricky later on, you still have PP to play 2B.

meanwhile, dane's OBP is like .440 now.

Fat: My sedimments exactly, and add Howard and Rollins to those I suggest take a nap til 7pm.

grrrr. i failed to mention that the child was wearing a homemade phanatic costume.

damn spell check! Sentiments...I was not referring to rock that lies at the bottom of a lake or river, and even that wasn't spelle correctly!

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