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Wednesday, June 15, 2011



I miss this. The did a video counting how many times Cole Hamels said "y'know" last night in his postgame interview during this specific 1 minute and 35 second long clip.

He somehow, someway said it 30 times.

Watch the video. You'll crack up.

Good thread pic. I can relax (for now).

This exact lineup (with Halladay batting 9th) makes me feel at home.

Clearly this 2nd game is the one that Cholly was saving his bullets for. It must mean more in the standings than that blowout earlier today.

I think the reverse jinx in the last post's title worked great. Thanks for this post's title. Not.

if i may repeat myself. sounds like david raymond had a bit of w.c. fields in him.

Good to see the team hitting well and KK pitching well.

Its also nice that KK pitched well because had he not, we would have had to endure approximately 1.3 million posts whining about the loss of Brian Gordon to the Yankees.

So there's that.

Its also nice that KK pitched well because had he not, we would have had to endure approximately 1.3 million posts whining about the loss of Brian Gordon to the Yankees.

Posted by: NEPP | Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 06:37 PM

But, NEPP he was dominating AAA hitters, so it only stands to reason that he would also dominate major league hitters.

Kendrick threw cutters for about a third of his pitches today. In the last five games he's thrown about 24% and for the season less than that...meaning he's using it more and more, I'm guessing effectively. He never could get a feel for an effective change-up, meaning lefties raked him. I'm guessing that if he has a 2-seam fb and a cutter both working, he can reasonably have batters not knowing if his pitch will move down or sideways.

In other words, this might be the pitch that he's needed all along.

"must mean more in the standings"

Naaahh. Preacher, it only means more in the standings if the team has a record over .500. Of course, then, if that team loses some games and falls below .500 then the game retroactively means less. But if they go back over .500 it never recovers its meaning.

Crap, I was hoping they'd give TBag the 2nd game off.

Why does TMac feel it necessary to be so pronounced when he says the name Ahh-Neeeeee-Bal Sanchez?

Mitch Williams on MLB Network keeps going on and on about Rollins driving the Phillies. He says their winning percentage is .694 when Rollins scores.

I thought someone pointed out that this was a misnomer and many other players have a similar effect on the Phils.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't think this team goes "As Jimmy goes" anymore.

With one of our 4 Aces on the hill, I suspect that we're close to a .694 win percentage when ANYONE scores.

Two games today for Utley? I expected that he would sit one out....

Am I the only one that HATES the CSN start of each half inning with the sound effect of a bat hitting a ball and a small crowd cheer?

I swear, I fall for that as actual game action (when I'm "half watching" as I'm prone to do when these games start while I'm still at work) at least 4 or 5 times a game. What a stupid sound effect.

Marlins broadcast already called that their "Checkers Double of the Day". Guess they aren't expecting much from here out.

Doc trying to replicate KK's feat of giving up a run in the first and then shutting them out the rest of the game?

please take a one run lead..

Right there with you, Preacher.

I was at the game today. Geat fun, great weather. Nice game by that Kendrick guy, you know, the one who can't possibly be a successful MLB pitcher.

Hopefully Doc, duplicates the effort. Oops, first inning we go.

I think this is about the 20th game in a row that the Phillies have fallen behind in the first inning. Of course, their record during that time is pretty good, so I shouldn't complain. But I just did.

So, Doc is going to test BAP's assertion on a 3 inning stinker?

I hope the bats are still hot for this game...Doc = not sharp.

Did KK and Doc switch unis today?

Forget duplicating KK's effort.

BAP, in addition to falling behind early, Doc's propensity toward letting the first batter reach base continues.


0-2 double and an 0-2 homer.

It's ok to throw a ball, Roy.

2 runs won't be enough.

Not with THIS Phillies offense.

Gah, why can't Halladay pitch as well as that Kendrick kid? Two run first is inexcusable.

So, today we've learned already Kendrick >> Doc Halladay. Noted.

Jeez...I'm late to the game and we are already losing.

Doc did not look too great that first inning. But, with this Marlins team, it's likely that he'll adjust and go 6 straight innings without allowing a hit. Just have to get some runs off Ahh-Neeeee-Bal.

Let's no mock...the baseball gods don't like it.

Besides, Anibel Sanchez is capable of tossing a gem and may only need 2 runs.

This is baseball - anything can happen.

Not a good start...It might be hard to get more than 2 or 3 off Sanchez, even with this high octane offense.


I wonder...should they try to pick up the just released Scott Kazmir and groom him a a LOOGY?

rollins looks pretty locked in.

Kazmir...sad what happens when you abuse a young arm like that.

Why oh why does Shane swing at high and away pitches that he can't handle?

He does the same thing with them every time....nothing.

speaking of locked in...utz!

This offense has been in attack mode for a few games now.

Oh boy, missed the top half of he 1st. Halladay not sharp again?

Unbelievable what a different team this seems to be now. The swagger sure seems like it's back.

The Man

So, those guys who were writing Utley's obituary as early as the off day Monday, just curious as to your thoughts on this series. Chalking this one up to a short hot streak, only to resume his washedupedness?

Good call ump. That was really tough to see.

That was Dane Sardinha-esque at the plate.

Did Rollins look as fast as he sounded? I mean, other than the fact he's Lost a Step.

Thank God the catcher was okay...that's my main concern there. That guy's got a family to think about. favorite. Runner on third with less than 2 outs and we can't score the run.

really frustrating leaving that run on third.

Writing off the best 2B since Sandberg...too funny

Lincoln, he got to 3rd quick, but he looked dead to rights with a good throw to the plate.

awh: I had the same thought about Kazmir. I do think his future (if any) is in the pen, although, with his stuff, he could potentially be much more than just a LOOGY. It's hard for me to believe he's only 27. It seems like he has been around forever.

NEPP: You have become funnier since I last remember. Then again, it has been awhile. I may have forgotten.

NEPP, as one already deemed an "emerging pessimist" even I laughed at the notion that Utley is as good as done just 15 games into his 2011 season, with no real Spring Training.

Some schmuck was saying he should just "go have the surgery" now, whatever that means (as no one has even confirmed that any surgery was needed, or would help him).

Kazmir is sitting 86-87 these days..a far cry from the mid-90s prospect the Mets traded to the Rays.

Why is ESPN so slow in updating pictures? Dobbs on Gameday still has a Phillies hat on. Its been for than 60 games!

Oh no, another lead off base runner. Should be called "Doc special" at this point.

Like so many other things in baseball, there's probably no real significance to the leadoff hitter getting to Doc more than other batters. It's probably a fluke, and will revert like everything else.

I wish Doc had the same killer instinct and mound presence of a real Ace like Hamels. Its really the only thing lacking in his game. Hamels just intimidates his opponents. Doc has to work at it.

Give Doc some time. He'll learn.

NEPP - so you are telling me that Hamels will be the first 10 game winner in the NL?

So, Kazmir is basically turning into RJ Swindle? Wow, how the mighty have fallen.

I like that Brown turned an 0-2 count into a 7 pitch AB.

Why do we need a LOOGY? JC mowed down 2 lefties today.

Sanchez seems very get-to-able tonight. Hopefully the second time through, they'll do some damage.

Halladay really fouled of a lot of pitches there.

Crazy stat: Dane Sardinha leads the team in #P/PA at 4.59. He's the new Jayson Werth.

So, Greg Gross is getting credit for this recent surge of offense?


I hate how TMac tries to fit in by calling guys their nicknames in an interview. I really can not wait until he is gone.'s TBag

Morrison really battled that at bat, and then just looked like he gave up on the last pitch. Weird.

awh: I stand corrected.

"Halladay not sharp again?"

Again? Where are you getting 'again'? Look at his stats this season.

Halladay's certainly not at his sharpest, but as has been said numerous times on this site, Halladay at 80% is better than 98% pitchers in baseball.

47 pitches through 3. I feel like KK was in the 5th before he threw his 47th pitch.

Harry the K would not put up with 20 minute on air interviews with the hitting coach while the game was being played. What a bunch of crap.

Halladay is brutal. Can't believe we gave up Drabek and d'Arnaud for this bum.

Fat- he's not sharp tonight, but to say 'again' as if he's been off all year is laughable. He's again putting up Cy Young-type numbers.

The best way to beat Sanchez is to take a bunch of pitches...good to see we're taking that approach.

Matt, they're obviously doing it to emulate what Fox and ESPN does. Since those two are behemoth sports organizations, it's not hard to understand why CSN is doing it.

TBag mentioned Buck's new mask again. Drink.

Utley flashing the leather!!

Ryno flashing the scoop!!

Iceman: I said "again" because he wasn't sharp against the Nats just 2 starts ago. Remember the 3 HR game?

Also, I forgot on beerleaguer when you say "again", that means "all year".

Wow, we got lucky there, because Ibanez had no idea where that ball was.

I like the way Howard works the low throw, yo diggity.

Alright, I don't get it. Dobbs is hitting .315 on the year, but he couldn't get a hit if he sacrificed his kids when he was a Phillie. What changed?

Ibanez doing a great job in the outfield tonight.

Can someone describe that Lopez play for us Gamecasters?

By the way, this Ibanez has never been subbed out for a late innings defensive replacement.

Curiouser and curiouser.

I also like how Howard stared down that idiot fan in the first row. If people are going to sit in the first couple rows all the way around the field, can they at least use their brains when the ball comes near them?

Here's an eye-popping stat, in the last 50 games in which the Phillies have scored 0 runs, they have gone 0-50. Hard to believe.

And IbaƱez butchers two plays in left field...

Bad play by Ibanez and the fan costs us 2 runs. Thanks guys.

BAbip fairy hating some Phillies tonight.

UGLY game. That fan breaking up Howard's catch didn't help either.

"Halladay at 80% is better than 98% pitchers in baseball."

Unfortunately, this is more like Halladay at 15% -- which is better than only about 25% of pitchers in baseball.

Thanks to the ass in the stands for giving up a couple more runs.

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