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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I an Ibanez fan but the more I watch him this season aside from a few hot ABs, the more painful it gets. One has to wonder if getting sat once again is the start of him eventually being removed as a full time player. I hope the Cuddyer, Willingham, even Ludwick rumors are true. Either one addresses the 5-hole issue.

This article was linked as espn:

Hanley Ramirez is a really, really good player, but if this is his M.O. then it's no wonder he has hit a plateau and regressed this year.,0,5726074.story

How good would he be if he worked as hard as Chase Utley?

We need a right handed bat. It's not Francisco or Mayberry. It's not Willingham or Ludwick, either. We got prospects on top of prospects. Do whatever it takes to get Hunter Pence.

Think of all the prospects we've traded in the last 3 years. The best of the bunch has been Gio Gonzalez. Josh Outman came back from injury and pitched well the other night. Drabek was erratic. It supposedly hurt to give up Jason Knapp. Knapp just had his second surgery. Really, do we need any of them? Do we miss any of them? No.

There are no sure thing prospects in our system. Hunter Pence would rake at CBP. His contract is reasonable. He's really the only acceptable move in my opinion. Anything else is a risk and treading water. Rube has to make it happen!

Francisco's 2nd Game Thread header this season.

We won on June 12 for his first.

Lohse over his last three starts: 16.2 innings, 12 earned runs.
Not exactly hot.

Lohse over his last three starts: 16.2 innings, 12 earned runs.
Not exactly hot.

Posted by: NastyEmu | Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 05:31 PM

Didn't we say something very much akin to this last night concerning McClellan?

Let's hope our results against this "not hot" pitcher aren't the same.

I believe you have to throw at Pujol's other hand while he is in the dugout tonight to keep him from coming back too soon....and of course revenge for Polly.

Of all the luck, Lee's pitching tonight on ESPN and a few days ago my wife arranges a dinner with some old friends who live across town, our turn to buy. Oh well, I'll flip a disc in the old DVD recorder and see what happens when I return.

By the way, does it happen often that you play an opponent in two series on the road before they come to your house?

we've got to be nearing the end of the polly in the 5 hole experiment. you're not going to win a world series without better production there. apparantly, there are no internal options. that means either raul or brown will have to take on a bench role and the help will have to come from elsewhere. it's getting to the point where Ruben has no alternative.

Willard Preacher: Are you using a spreadsheet to track the game thread header graphics? If so, that's awesome. If not, you have either a hell of a memory, or great Google skillz.

awh: Indeed. Hanley reminds me of Andruw Jones, in that he has the potential to be one of the all-time greats, but seems intent on coasting. If only his effort matched his inherent athletic prowess ...

Rauuuuuul has killed Lohse in his career.

Why not sit Brown instead? He isn't doing anything either.

Ibanez starting hitting better, once he wasn't playing every single day.

Now that he has gone back to playing every single day again, he has fallen off.

There should be platoons in both corner OF spots. Should have been the tact since May.

Of course, that would also mean that you'd have to part with Rogers Hornsby Martinez. And we can't dare lose a 30 year old AA utility player, with no power, no position, no base stealing and no ability to hit for average.

I'm not allowed to say anything negative about Michael Martinez until the 3rd game of the Toronto series. Don't tempt me, dennyb.

I dont have any restrictions re: Mimi-mart!

Why does r00b have such a fetish about keeping. Non productive. Rule 5 players? I have seen other team release their rule5 w- o the team disbanding, in the words of Greg Brady __ what gives? ??

I dont have any restrictions re: Mimi-mart!

Why does r00b have such a fetish about keeping. Non productive. Rule 5 players? I have seen other team release their rule5 w- o the team disbanding, in the words of Greg Brady __ what gives? ??

denny b.: All of those things that Martinez can't do add up to make him "versatile".

phiyinnyc - my theory is that rube thinks he can get by with mini mart until the rosters expand. then he will be insignificant on this team. once the season ends, mini mart is off the playoff roster and someone else takes his place, and ruben gets to keep his rule 5 guy. just a theory, tho.

Conshy, you are probably right. I mean, I know the Phils are just "getting by" right now with the best record in baseball and a 4.5 game lead in their division. I hope that can continue even with that anchor Mini-mart weighing the roster down.

CJ, I'm not what I would call "proud" about it, but yes, I have a game by game sheet to track JW's game thread header info.

I'm beginning to think that I might need to find a hobby.

conshy, you mean we get to have him as a mediocre, no-real-place-for-him futility infielder/outfielder again next year?


thank you Spitz. that may be the first time someone actually said i'm right on BL.

still, if they go into a serious funk at some point this season and rostering mini mart comes back to bite us, then rube should be ashamed of himself.

Willard - yes, but in the minors.

Just because the results aren't directly impacted or quantifiable doesn't mean that purposefully keeping an inferior player on the roster is a good idea, or even worthy of being dismissed.

"Willard - yes, but in the minors."

Where he can foul up the development of Galvis, et al. Got it.

In retrospect, what was the risk / benefit of keeping David Herndon last year? Effectively 0 risk since the Phils wound up with the best record in baseball. Probably 0 benefit since Herdon hasn't done anything, but who knows, maybe he can be a useful middle inning piece in the next year or two. Keep the Phils from spending money on guys like Danys Baez.

I'd ask those Mini-Mart haters to do the same risk / benefit. Thus far, almost 0 risk as the Phils as a team are meeting / expectations. What's the benefit? Perhaps we avoid another Juan Castro like signing next year. Perhaps something more. Who knows. But who cares with almost 0 risk.

Regardless, people get way to up in arms about the 25th man on the roster.

For those who complain about the fact that certain Phillies pitchers don't get mentioned when it comes to the Cy Young race, you'll appreciate this pace in which Halladay, Hamels and Lee are all (!!!) mentioned as being top 5 NL Cy Young contenders.


only top 5? that's not good enough!!

Spitz: I'll agree regarding Herndon... and he's actually pitched well since being recalled. If he can be a cheap bullpen arm over the next couple of years, he was definitely worth it.

I'm not as sure when it comes to Mini Mart. That last bench spot tends to not matter... except when a big spot emerges and the rest of the bench is empty. He's also taking major league ABs away from someone who might actually be helpful to the ML roster next year.

It's hard to believe that the Phils are looking at Mini Mart as the utility guy of the future. He'd have to show a lot more than he has thus far to earn that!

But Halladay and Hamels are 1 & 2...doesn't that help???

so Cliff Lee = chopped liver?


i was thinking it should be:

Halladay 1st
Hamels 2nd
Lee 3rd
blank space 4th
blank space 5th
Kershaw 6th

Lee cant even crack the Top 2...what a waste of money.

I was thinking:

1. Halladay
1. Hamels
1. Lee
who cares, Phillies pitchers are the best!!!!

I was thinking:

(1) Any SP vs. the Phillies

(2) Hamels

(3) Halladay

(4) Lee

No Oswalt, huh? Shows what a bum he and his whole "do unto others" mindset brings to this team.

Fata, don't forget about Wilson Valdez in the Cy Young race.

Gtown: Post of the day, in my book.

Spitz, I would consider WV, but he doesn't strike out enough batters for my taste. Plus his K/BB ratio is undefined, and you know how the voters balk at such mathematical anomalies.

Valdez leads the league in win percentage and ERA. He deserves some serious consideration.

NEPP, a WHIP of 1.0 ain't bad either.

Valdez hasn't so much as given up a hit on the season!!

Though, his HBP rate is pretty absurd...

Valdez is effectively wild and he's not afraid to brush guys off the plate. He's a throwback is all.

Red Sox lost 2 of 3 at home to the Padres. What does that tell us about their chances in the postseason?

Note for those out of the Philly area... Tonight's game is on ESPN.

But, Fatty, the "late release" two seamer is a revolutionary pitch. Valdez gets the nod just for that.


Herndon at least showed flashes of potential last year. You could see him eventually becoming a big league middle reliever, ala Clay Condrey. And he wasn't nearing 30 years old either.

Martinez literally has shown nothing, projects as nothing and his upside is probably Abraham Nunez, without the bat.

Mini Mart won't make it past the All-Star break. He's a space holder.

I wonder if Rube is actually worried that when he talks to WSN they'll decline taking him back and he'll be stuck with him. So he keeps hoping he'll, like, hit for the cycle, just so he can offer him and get rid of him.

Herndon has been very good since he returned:

9 G, 13 IP, 1 R, 0 ER, 0.00 ERA, 0.769 WHIP, 1 BB, 10 K, 10/1 K/BB

.200/.234/.200 against, .254 BAbip

I thought Josh Barfield should have been the final man on the roster, coming out of ST.

He's hitting in the .270's at Lehigh. Has over 30 RBI's. Has played solid infield defense. Has stolen 7 bags (although he's been caught 6 times). And he's 3 months younger then Mini Mart.

"Phifer" is a much cooler middle name than "Matthew."

Fatti says mini-mart is his favorite player because of his ability to take a walk in a key situtation! :)

(BTW, I don't know if you saw it, but the Cards released Miguel Batista today.)

GReat play by Berkman there.

So much for Pujols being out helping the Phillies. That was ridiculous.

Great AB by Simon Templar. Way to work the count.

Give me a break with that Lance Berkman DP. I mean, nice play and all, but WTF...

Phillies batters can't help but walk batters in this ballpark.

Phillies pitchers*

Cliff, what the hell?

Lee walks the first batter on 4 pitches, goes 3-0 on the second batter, the Phillies botch a double play ball...

And Lee still gets out of the inning on only 13 pitches.

Sometimes you wonder if these starters are human.

Our emphasis on pitching seems like its working.

Someone needs to tell Tony this guy's too short to play third.

Guess batting Lohse 8th wasn't too cute of a move after all...

Wow! Great play by Lee!

Lee's friggin' crazy athletic!

Athletic or extra gritty?

Manuel should've put Polly in the 9 spot and Lee in the 8 spot.

Lee getting out of the jams. Good D.

Lee is kinda good.

I wouldn't be against having Lee in the 5 hole right now.

The Cardinals lead the known universe in GIDP, & Lee & the Phillies are putting that proclivity to good use.

That's not gonna set any records.

Jimmy raising his BA, OBP and SLG! Nice!

Top slug Jim.


Howard vs. Lohse....something about death and taxes...

Now that's a HR.

Howie loves him some Busch...

Albatross goes oppo!

Once Howard hit that homerun the opposite way a few games back, his power seriously returned. Howard has to hit for power to left field to be effective.

his last three HRs have all been to left, haven't they?

Fatti, exactly!

I like seeing Ryan's fiancee chatting with Ryan's mom. I hope they get along.

Howard is on pace for 131 meaningless RBI this year.

Thats alot of 1 out groundouts with a runner on 3rd NEPP.

By the way, I'm forced into watching the STL broadcast and... I've never missed Wheels and McCarthy so much.

Meanwhile, on the farm:

Trevor May in Clearwater: 7 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 2 BB, 14 SO.


The Cardinals aren't hitting, but they're certainly putting on a defensive clinic tonight.

If you created a soundboard of Sarge quotes, and randomly hit the buttons, and then listened to Sarge talk in real life, would you be able to tell the difference?

The ESPN announcers have spent 80% of broadcast talking about Pujols. The other 20% spent on Lee walking the leadoff batter on 4 pitches.

Lee is down to a 2.97 ERA on the year...this guy sucks!

Told you all he would go on a streak like this.

Doc: 2.51 ERA
Hamels: 2.51 ERA
Lee: 2.97 ERA
Oswalt: 3.38 ERA

I mean...DAMN.

Call for Jack on line 1.

Bobby Cocks: They get points for discussing players on the teams involved in tonight's game, though. Considering the network, I'm surprised they're not spending at least 67% of the broadcast mourning Derek Jeter's poor, injured calf.

Ryno and Jroll hitting bombs like the good ol days

Phillies Team ERA: 2.99

I love the look Utley gave Brown after catching that popup - it makes me think Brown said something along the line of "that was mine"

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