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Monday, May 16, 2011


I love a defensive decision that makes TWO positions weaker. And we thought Charlie was crazy tonight...

Jason: I'm with you... I know Amaro suggested Worley needs to go back down to remain stretched out should he be needed for a start, but KK had little trouble stepping in for a spot start out of the bullpen. Worley is a better pitcher than Mathieson. He belongs in the majors.

Another mysterious roster move that makes zero sense. The myth of having a SP "stretched out" in case of an emergency start is just that, a freaking myth. You keep your best 12 pitchers on the roster, not Kyle Kendrick or Scott Mathieson or Danys Baez over Vance Worley. If they need an emergency start, Worley gives you 3-4 innings and you figure it out from there.

Its moves like this that make me assume that Mini Mart will be here all year and proably on the bench in 2012 too.

Even if you are going to active Oswalt and send down Worley, why not do it tomorrow instead of today?


What i was trying to say is ,this move is ok for now.....

I think Worley should stay.

CJ, I'd agree with you on the defensive value but having watched Berkman play RF this year, its a wonder he hasn't killed anyone out there with that butcher knife for a glove.

The "value" of having a possible spot starter if and when we need one over having a good pitcher in the bullpen on a nightly basis is ridiculous. Worley will be wasting bullets in AAA while KK, Baez and Mathieson stink up the joint on a nightly basis.

Wait, if Pujols can play 3b, that moves him back in play for the Phils doesn't it. per twitter lol....


Posted by: Jay

This was a quality post - made me laugh quite a bit.

lol 3rock,i was to lazy to start over..

And now Chase Utley is playing tonight. Could he go back-to-back nine inning games?

Pujols to 3b??? Cue the Howard-Pujols move Utley to 1B trade rumors...

Too bad Worley didn't pitch better,right.
Agree with NEPP Its moves like this that make me assume that Mini Mart will be here all year and proably on the bench in 2012 What a dumbA$$ move.

So per the previous thread - how about Posada? He'd be a good pick-up! haha

If people hate the Worley demotion today, you'll only hate it more after Blanton gets lit up tomorrow night.

I think Greg Gross should be insulted that Chess Master LaRussa deems it a good night to tinker with Pujols at 3B. A direct slight at the Phils offense.

So, this is the lineup that is going to help the Phils close the gap on scoring some runs? I'm assuming that it's going to explode soon, since I've been reassured that they're among the top 4 or 5 run scoring offenses in the NL this season.

oswalt sure sounds confident...ugh?

With Valdez covering Polanco, I can only assume that Charlie believes either (a) Lee is so badly due for run support that it doesn't matter who he trots out there, or (b) tonight is a mid-May "throw-away" game to clear some heads...I'd have rather he snuck into Busch with Crash Davis to sabotage the sprinkler system...

Great news about Chase, particularly if he goes 9 innings tonight. If he does... I think he's back next week at the latest.

I'm with BAP, I'd have rather seen Mathieson sent down, then lean on Worley when the inevitable "Blanton to DL" stint occurs in the next week or so.

Worley could fill in a 'pen spot until needed to start.

With Contreras coming back in the next 2 weeks or so and the question marks with Oswalt/Blanton, sending down Worley to get stretched out was the smart play over the longer haul.

stop cryin. the move was made. deal with it

If you're Jimmy Rollins, you almost have to start the game off with a bunt down to 3B...see if Albert can still field.

Granted, it will never happen.

I soon as Chase can prove he can play back to back 9 inning games, he should and will be activated. A rusty Utley is far better than the Orr/Valdez platoon.

At least if it's another 3-2 type game late, I feel more comfortable with the pitcher's spot coming up with a man on, knowing that Polly is on the bench, and we won't have to rely on Mini-Mart or Valdez in that spot (assuming that Cholly has already burned Gload).

With Pujols at 3B, it is possible that Valdez/Orr could possibly try to bunt for a hit tonight or even the crazy notion of a suicide squeeze?

I think we discussed briefly recently, but if Blanton does need to go back to the DL, Worley can come back up, or does he need to wait 15 days?

No one has asked the most important question about Pujols being moved to third.

How tall is Albert?

Baez should have been sent down instead.

Tall enough.

Nah. I want JRoll to swing the bat or more importantly to work a BB.

I love how our offense has reduced us to trying to figure out how to steal a cheap base hit off of Pujols at 3B.

Not exactly Murder's Row, huh?

seems like they would have to test him out at 3rd some point in the game.....

The nice thing about Valdez in the 2 hole it is next to impossible for him to hit into DPs. Unless Ruiz leads off the inning with a single and Lee can't move him over.

Willard: A DL move allows the Phils to bring up anyone, even if they were just sent down.

Valdez bunting for a hit seems a stretch. He runs like a catcher.

There is no reason they can't being Worley back up if need be.

If Albert's at third base, I'm going to assume he'll field his position well.

Why, you may ask?

Because he's freaking Albert Pujols. What doesn't he do well?

I understand MG's logic about keeping Worley stretched out & pitching in a AAA rotation, in case Blanton or Oswalt needs another DL stint...but this move weakens our BP.

Is it true, as someone posted earlier today, that StL leads the league in many offensive stats?

Will be interesting to see how Lee does against them. Although with this lineup of ours, and Garcia pitching, Lee will probably need to be pretty damn good tonight if we're to win.

Yes it is true....

garcia isn't pitching

What doesn't Pujols do well? Well, he doesn't hit as well as Ryan Howard! (2011 OPS+ 127 vs. 110)

GB - yes, STL bats are having a great year. But its Westbrook tonight, and he stinks. Plus, Howard mashes in his hometown. Phils will score for Lee and I think they'll get an easy win.

I wonder what is wrong with Pujols this year. He's never really slumped before in his career. He's the one guy that doesnt have off months or slow starts, etc. I wonder how much of this is his contract issue.

However... Pujols is much more proficient at grounding into double plays than Wilson Valdez. (2011: 1/16.3 AB vs. 1/18.8 AB)

Despite those statistical anomalies, I'd take Albert over Ryan in a heartbeat. In fact, my heart probably wouldn't even have to beat even once before my mind was made up.

Fat: So you're saying you don't care about results?


Even admitting that Albert is clearly the superior player, I'd still take Howard over Pujols every time.

CJ, I just can't stand watching a team that ONLY has one surefire Hall of Famer on its roster.


For all you football fans,this season doen not look like it will happen now....


Jay: Meh. For Eagles fans the season always ends up being a crushing disappointment, anyway. I could use a year off.

This could be St. Albert's last year as a Card. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if the contract negotiations left a bad taste in his mouth.

i for one was looking forward to this year,we had plenty of money to spend in free agency.....

Oops, I mis-remembered. Yay for no Garcia tonight! Go Phils!

GTown, assuming Pujols isn't injured, and that he is due to regress to his career averages:

You'd take a career .278 hitter over a career .330 hitter?

A career .570 SLG over a career .619?

A career .370 OBP over a career .424?

A career 192 strikeouts per 162 games over 67 strikeouts over 162 games?

A career 30 doubles per 162 games over a career 43 doubles per 162 games?

A career 167 hits per 162 games over a career 197 hits per 162 games?

A career OPS+ of 140 over a career OPS+ of 171 (!!!)?

A player who gets you a combination of 102 runs and 139 RBI per 162 games (241 in total), to a guy who gets you 123 runs and 127 RBI per 162 games (250 in total)?

Look, I like Ryan Howard a LOT, and I don't hold it against him in the least that he's not as good as maybe one of the best players to ever play the game (who would?), but the notion that you'd take Ryan Howard over Albert Pujols, all things being equal....


Jay: The Eagles ... spend money ...

Fatalotti: I find Howard more enjoyable to watch. Albert's consistency is both impressive, & monotonous. His personality also leaves much to be desired.

I guess all you bl's are ok with having one person to use off the bench tonight, Gload..They had to bring another position player up to cover themselves but no !!!! This should be great tonight !!!!

Mathieson is going down soon anyway. They obviously want Worley to keep getting some starts in. I don't think it's that crazy. He'll be back in 2 weeks win Oswalt and/or Blanton get hury again.

"this season does not look like it will happen now...."

That's the best news I've heard all year, including Bin Laden.

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