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Sunday, May 29, 2011


I asked this on Twitter but was UFC in town last night? Either way, it doesn't matter. If they win this one, great. If not, no big deal. It's good to give Howard a rest. Also good day to see who sticks when Victorino returns.

Howard needs to rest i thought he should of been rested before. His normal sub in Gload isnt going to get much playing time. This line up looks a little weak but anything can happen on any Given Sunday. I suspect although Mayberry has been great his bat hasnt i would suspect he would get sent down. Jc also needs to be sent down for a while.

Romero needs to be sent down alright. To Camden.

This game should be labeled BL delight. All the bench players in getting their at bats fifth pitcher pitching etc. Enough different things in this game to talk about for the next week including using this game and this game only as the reason to keep dfa any player.

I count 3 legit major leaguers in the starting 8. We'll probably score 10.

Everybody plays!

I love that Mayberry plays 1st while Ibanez plays LF in a spacious outfield.

One of the great mysteries of this era of Phillies baseball is why Ibanez has NEVER been subbed out defensively, despite being pretty close to as bad out there as Burrell, who was subbed out even in tie games often.

Charlie has an odd blind spot for Raul's defense.

MomOf4thGenPhan--Thanks for your reply to my question about the Hall of Fame; I appreciate the feedback.

If anyone should be rested (besides Utley) I would think it's Polanco. He's looked just beat for a while now. This would have been a perfect opportunity to sit and rest him.

Martinez at second. Valdez at third. Dom in Right instead of on the bench. Mayberry in center. And Raul at first.

Sometimes I look at these lineups, and who plays, and I think Charlie has had a stroke.

This lineup looks like they should be playing in South Williamsport, that is, if they could make it that far. I would hope that the guy who explained the double switch to Cholly would tell him to "rest" one starter at a time.

Maybe Jr. is a victim of hearing that his talent ceiling is just below where he now stands, can't hit the outside breaking ball and will most certainly revert to "his career minor league type norms."...

Sheesh. I think the dude might be thinking too much about what he's got weakness at and not enough about what he does do well, which is hit the fastball and inside pitches for power.

When Howard looks bad going for an outside the zone pitch, we chalk it up. When Jr. does the same, he's one more at bat from a demotion. You don't think he feels that?

aksmith: To be fair, we have no idea what goes on in the clubhouse. He might've been planning on resting Polanco, but then Valdez came in really hungover. Or Raul took infield yesterday and was so bad at 1st that Charlie changed his mind about playing him there.

I agree some decisions are sort of head-scratchers, and I wonder what he's thinking. But there's more inputs in this sort of thing than we know. As opposed to something like pinch-hitting Mini-Mart instead of Gload or Mayberry, where it's just dumb.

I think Mayberry was already in that game. But the Minimart thing instead of Gload made sense after we found out Gload was injured.

But it's pretty clear that Polanco is in free fall. When he's having bad at bats, he needs a rest. And he's having lots of bad at bats lately. Normally, he just doesn't. He doesn't always get a hit or even hit the ball with authority, but he just looks awfully beat. And it can't be that Valdez has a hangover because Valdez is already in the lineup.

He's still "protecting" Brown from lefty pitching. But Brown has never had a problem hitting lefty pitching. I think he's taking it a bit too far here.

aksmith: I was speaking in generalities.

I don't know why anyone is surprised by Polanco's slump. He was hitting way over his head.

He's going to finish the season as he usually doe in this part of his career: around a .290 AVG, a .330-.340 OBP, and around a .390 SLG, making him a slightly below-average offensive player. That's what he is.

I'm pretty sure Polanco just had a day off. He didn't play the day game after the 19 inning game.

This lineup tells us Charlie doesn't take this whole Met 'rivalry' as seriously as some fans do.

This lineup tells me Charlie realizes that 162 games is a long season.

Valdez with maybe his best AB of the season.

Neise is 1-3 with a 3.73 ERA against the Phillies in 31 IP.

What's Niese's record against the Iron Pigs?

Polanco GIDPs alot in the third position. Mebbe its time to go back to him batting second

This lineup tells me he wanted to rest some guys. That's about it.

True, but moving forward...mebbe time Polly goes back to 2?

Good thing Raul gets to play defense every day in LF.

Aye, Rey-ass is a dog, but the Phillies cant keep him off the bases

It's actually kind of a stupid move to have your rookie pitcher start for the first time against a fairly good hitting team with a scrub catcher. I do not want to watch Worley get beat up because of the dumb choice of Sardinha here. Along with a ridiculously poor hitting line-up.

I hope Kendrick is ready to get up and get beat up, too. This could be one of those 15 - 1 losses.

I think UC thinks that with Worley pitching, he might as well trot out the subs, so that he can ensure that this is a "statement loss." In other words, you might as well surround the #5/6 starting pitcher with a bunch of scrubs to make it an emphatic loss.

I feel sorry for the Phillies fans at the game who paid good money to see their AAAA team perform.

One more run and it's officially a laugher.

Vance is looking a bit shaky in inning one.

Any second now 610 airwaves will be flooded wih Worley is horrible and needs to be traded asap for a hitter.

Here's something I've never understood in all my years of following the game: Why rest almost the entire first string? Bow stupid is that? Give the team a damn fighting chance, Manuel.

If Raul didn't have that dreadful flop on Reyes's single turned triple, he'd more than likely have stolen 2nd. The groundout would get Reyes to third. Beltran would have had a Sac-fly, 0-1 Mets, 2 out. Bay and Murphy single. J-roll wouldn't make the error, could've been 0-1. Instead, they got 3 bloop hits, we have a Handicap citizen in LF, and J-roll made his 4th error of the year to make this 0-4. Oh well, Mini-Mart will probably hit a Grand Slam and tie it up.

Worley gave up 1 ER. Even that almost seems unfair.

This game is kind of a giveaway to the Mets. Hope they enjoy it.

Mayberry is just awful. How many first pitch strikes does he have to take before he (where are you, GG?) realizes that the best pitch he will see in a sequence is the one he lets go by for strike one?

Never overestimate the New York Mutts even with the Phillies fielding a scrub lineup

mainerob: If he did swing at the 1st pitch like Rollins, everyone would say he is impatient. Also, alot of the first pitch strikes are curves or change-ups and he sits on fastball. One of his main obvious weaknesses.

There is nothing wrong with not swinging at the first pitch.

Old Phan: I agree

"There is nothing wrong with not swinging at the first pitch."

Especially, when the pitcher has just walked the guy in front of you and you are down 4 runs.

Beltran does not appear to be a good matchup for Worley.

This game reminds me of a split-squad spring training game, where the road team has to travel across Florida and face the first-string lineup of the home team, because their fans really need a win.

KK time. Hate to say it, but maybe, just maybe, he's the better option while waiting for Blanton to return.

The Mets do not appear to be a good matchup for Worley.

Today is not Vance's day.

Almost KK time

We will see KK sooner than later. I hope.

Worley looks to be throwing everything right down the middle. Can't hit corners or place the ball anywhere today.

Worley just throwing slop up there. Now he just needs to get through some innings. Would not like to burn through the whole bullpen with no day off tomorrow.

The Phillies are trying to mail this one in, but they don't even have sufficient postage to do that.

Get healthy Joe Blanton!

This just in, the Mets can beat a Triple-A Team!

Charlie should just put all the regulars in and crush the Mets' dreams in the 9th.

I was wondering how Jaime Garcia was left in a game whilst giving up 11 runs in 3.1 innings and tossing over 100 pitches. Now I know.

At this point, hopefully Vance can give 2-3 more innings without letting up any runs and we can put a couple runs on the board.

Sardinha can!

Time for Worley to suck it up and take one for the team. Be a real Iron Pig.

A lot of two out hits and cant get to dc fast enough I can't watch this crap anymore.

Valdez batting .375 with RISP? Not too shabby.

Not that this kind of game would cue this question but it seems like the national media is clinging to this "When will Rube made a trade for a vet outfielder?" Talk, has anybody heard any legitimacy to this locally? Including the Rosenthal and co (who throw crap at the wall) yesterday and some of the baseball newspapers, not including the hack websites, I have seen this urgent questioning like 5 times nationally in the last week.
I don't see anything happening ASAP.

Even if Worley were still pitching well, I'd advocate trading him for a hitter. See if we can swindle Ed Wade one last time.

Raul needs a day off.

Considering the Phils record, I don't think they need to do anything with "urgency" at the moment.


I figure if you are going to have a stinker where you are giving regulars a rest day and
the 5th starter rookie gets abused for the first time in his carrier, this is the day to have it. Its against a non-rival where the Phillies have already taken a series on the road and they are facing the Natinals next series.

Raul needs to be a DH.

You know, I'm not sure that this would be a good lineup for an AAA team. Rollins, Ibanez and Polanco are all legitimate major league hitters, yes, and Francisco is better than most AAA outfielders, but Mini Mart and Sardinha probably can't hit even in AAA and Mayberry's AAA numbers would be unimpressive for a 1B.

Charlie went with the 'vs lefties' lineup. Okay with Utley rest. Okay with Mayberry for Howard I suppose due to their massive platoon splits. But with Vic out it becomes Martinez for Howard, not good. I would have preferred Francisco in CF and Brown in RF.

With all the scrubs and Rollins makes the error.

You need to sit some of your regulars and Utley isn't going to be an everyday player.

Let's see if the hitters have learned by now Neise mainly throws a fastball and curveball.

Worley trying to set record for most number of 2 out hits given up in consecutive innings?

Worley simply can't locate his 4-seam fastball on either the inside or outside of the plate. When he can't do that, he is going to really struggle. Simply doesn't have enough in his arsenal to get by.

He has turtled a bit though today. Simply hasn't made a single pitch in a key spot today.

It is mind blowing that Neise is owning even this lineup on 2 pitches.

They need to stop grinding the bat into saw dust and have a game plan going up to the plate.

This game is a lost cause. It happens. Hopefully you get 2-3 out of KK, 1 out of Baez, and 1 out of Romero.

Really don't want to see Contreras, Bastardo, or Stutes today.

A scene from "Charlie's Heroes"
(Charlie is pacing in a dugout with Vic, Utley, Ryan and others trying to brighten the morale even though his pitcher is getting shelled)
Charlie: Look fellas, were going to have a nice relaxing day here, you have an off day and you are going to enjoy.
Vic: I am injured.
Charlie: I know, you got off longer.
Utley: My knees hurt.
Charlie: That's fine, son. We are going to relax and set the clubhouse up like a nightclub and everybody is going to enjoy.
Ryan: I think I got the crabs.
Dubee: We don't have any booze.
Charlie: Okay, we are going to boil our uniforms and even though there is no booze we are going to enjoy.
(Ruiz runs in)
Ruiz: I just finished interrogating David Wright. Turns out Wilpon has 14000 gold bars stashed in Citibank.

That outfield was designed for Reyes to get triples.

Wow, Mayberry hit a curveball down the line. Nice to see, but a little late.

Wow, if ever there was a game where I'm glad I missed the first 4 innings, this is that game.

Did Worley just get absolutely abused?

Fata, yup.

Raul was the one guy (besides Utley) was the one guy I wanted to see get the day off today

fata: Basically. Couldn't locate his pitches, had bad defense behind him and the Mets hitters were patient. Recipe for disaster.

pb: Isn't Raul from New York City? Maybe he had family and friends going to the games so that is the reason for him not having off today.

If the Phillies are basically conceding, then I basically don't have to watch it.

I wouldn't blame the defense for Lance's woes today. He just had nothing on the ball today.

Old Phan - Yup. He threw fastball after fastball right over the plate and gave up a ton of line drives.

Perfect game for JC to come in.

Although you'd never know it from Beerleaguer posts, where reality is always on holiday, Worley isn't much different than Kendrick.

Neither has even a single above-average pitch and both need to be very precise in their location to win.

Worley's location has been excellent for the most part in his 10 big league games, but today we saw what happens when it isn't.

I am saying defense because Raul's defense from the first batter was brutal along with Jimmy's error. If Raul played Reyes' first triple better, it would have been only a single and potentially a completely different first inning and game for that matter.

We're down eight, and I still don't want to see Romero on the mound.

I see Jack, still pining for Pedro Feliz all these years later, is busting on Polly again. He did it last season and in spring training this year but when Polly had that hot month Jack kept quiet. Now he's back trying to denigrate the man who succeeded his baseball hero.

He may well end up around .290-.300, but he also may well finish with an OB of .350. That makes him better than "a below average offensive player."

romero is lights out when down by 8 runs. good to know going forward.


Another HR for Washed Up Raul Ibanez. Where's GTown Dave?

This is the first time Worley has faced a team a second time, right? Concerning.

Raul's hot hitting continues. On pace to hit 22 HR's. Last year he didn't hit his 7th HR until July 6th. Hmm.... another 25-30 HR year for "washed up" Raul?

You know, I get the sense that Mini-Mart really wouldn't hit .250 or be as good as the average utilityman if he stayed with a team all season, as aksmith predicted.

In fact, I get the sense that Mini-Mart is not a major league player at all and that this may be his only season in The Show.

Sardinha can!

As I left the game with the score 5-0 to walk my dog in the Maine woods, I predicted (only to myself) that the final score would be 10-2. Almost there.

clout - Polanco has been terrible this month. He has an OPS that is around .570 and his defense just been 'ok' this month. He's really struggled.

Polanco might hit end up hitting .290 but his OPB won't be .350 because he almost never walks.

I imagine he will end up slightly less than .300 but a mediocre OPS around .730 or so. His value really depends on how his defense holds up at 3B which hasn't been as good as last season so far.

Phils don't lose when they score 4 runs!

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