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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Jack - That's what Ken Rosenthal's twitter says. -- http://twitter(dot)com/#!/Ken_Rosenthal/status/72390673294311424

He's old as dirt, but considering our options, it's not the worst thing I've heard all day.

Hey his Wiki page is already updated:

Scott Eric Podsednik (pronounced /pədˈsɛdnɨk/; born March 18, 1976 in West, Texas) is a Major League Baseball Outfielder who is currently playing for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Currently playing, dontcha know!!!

TTI: Please don't confuse the chairman of the Moronocracy with facts. The fact that Harrison has been pitching lights out lately, or moved the ball around today, is meaningless. It's an absolute disgrace that the Phillies could only beat defending AL champs 2 out of 3.


If Amaro cuts Orr and keeps Mini-Mart, that should be enough to prompt an investigation by the Commissioner's office. There's no rational explanation.

Glad I chose to mow the lawn today rather than watching this game.

Get me Pence on the line, now.

Actually, Ken Rosenthal has the Phillies signing some guy named "Podsesnik". Love that crack reporting, Ken.

clout: The Phillies simply cannot risk losing those valuable Rule 5 grabs (see Herndon, David). You ought to know that by now.

so, after thinking about this....I think the scottie pods signature is the writing on the wall for gload....not that he has ever done anything wrong....he can hit, but lacks power, speed, and ability to play defense....bye bye Ross, we'll miss ya.

There would be no missing Gload on my end.

nonamePHame: He's also the only OF on the active roster capable of working a decent AB. How 'bout bye bye, Francisco?

Amaro's fascination with Rule 5 picks is just really odd.

In almost every other respect, this team has been constructed with the sole goal of winning right now. Given the once-in-a-lifetime core group of talent the team has, that's largely the correct approach.

But with Herndon and now Martinez, Amaro has been totally willing to use a roster spot on a guy who brings absolutely nothing to the table in the present. Even if you accept a nominal justification of future importance for these guys (which is questionable, but whatever), every other part of the organization has been constructed with the goal of winning now. But somehow, inexplicably, David Herndon and Mini-Mart get to make major-league salaries and stay in 5-star hotels just because. Awesome for them, but just a really weird philosophy.

I'm more excited about pods wife, Jennifer walcott...Google that sh!t

Charlie said post game that Madson's hand is hurt, but not hurt, therefore they were staying away from him today. Hence the decision to "save" Stutes & Bastardo to lock down a lead that never came, because Charlie ran out a couple of useless POS in Romero & Herndon, who promptly doubled the Texas lead. That strategy will never make any sense to me.

gtown, please think about this logically... I would get rid of mini mart if it were me, but we know Rube won' far as the last people on the roster at this point....

25th man--David Herndon
24th man--Danys Baez
23rd man--Mini Mart (exempt)
22nd man--Dane Sardinha (exempt)
21st man--Ross Gload

unless Rube wants to go 14 (Position Players) and 11 (Pitchers), it has got to be ross.

I mean Lisa Dergan...

"Harrison has been pitching lights out lately"

This is definitely a Top 25 MalaCloutism.

He held the White Sox to 3 runs over 7 while walking 4 is lights out? Lights out?? Well those White Sox ARE a fearsome lineup, that is true.

Oh well by lately clout might mean a few more recent starts.

Prior to that he held the Yanks to 3 runs over 6 while walking 5. Truly "Lights Out" was a phrase made for such a dominating performance (a loss)

Game before that, our man Harrison lasted an inning and 2/3rd against the mighty A's offense.

Game before that the Matt "Lights Out" Harrison only lasted 3 innings against Blue Jays....

And, as clout has reminded us that results matter too, he was 0-3 in those starts.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the new definition of Lights Out pitching: Matt Harrison.

The chairman of the Moronocracy, watch out! There's a new sheriff in town.

I think I am on to something, JW should have weekly rankings on the most and least important players on the active roster and we can debate...

Gtown Dave: I agree largely on the stupidity of saving your best relievers for a lead that never comes while your worst relievers blow a chance to keep the game close.

However, our pitching staff let up 2 runs. It's terrifying that it's become normal for us to lose games that we only give up 2 runs in. This offense is just brutal. We scored 4 runs in a series, and WON THE SERIES. That's insane. The pitching is great, the offense is horrible. C'est la vie these days. Weird times, my friend.

nonamePHame: Logically, it would make more sense to dump Francisco, as he makes less money than Gload. Even so, I don't think Podsednik will be coming up unless there's another injury.

Jack: Weird times, indeed. And I agree that Charlie's managing isn't the cause of today's loss. I simply point out his "reasoning" because it's the same way he'd act even if this afternoon were a rare low scoring game in the midst of a big Phillies offensive run.

RandyJMiller tweets:Phillies game has been over 50 minutes now and still not one regular has appeared in clubhouse to talk about offensive mess.

Honestly, what does he expect them to say? "I suck?"

1st set of rankings:

25th man--David Herndon
24th man--Danys Baez
23rd man--Mini Mart
22nd man--Dane Sardinha
21st man--Ross Gload
20th man--Ben Francisco
19th man--Dom Brown
18th man--Kyle Kendrick
17th man--John Mayberry Jr
16th man--Michael Stutes
15th man--JC Romero
14th man--Wilson Valdez
13th man--Raul Ibanez
12th man--Vance Worley
11th man--Jimmy Rollins
10th man--Chase Utley
9th man--Antonio Bastardo
8th man--Ryan Howard
7th man--Roy Oswalt
6th man--Placido Polanco
5th man--Carlos Ruiz
4th man--Cliff Lee
3rd man--Ryan Madson
2nd man--Cole Hamels
1st man--Roy Halladay

Heather: From what I gather from following beat writer Tweets, most of the "regulars" haven't bothered to make themselves available for comment for a couple of years now, & certainly not when things are going poorly. Among position players Vic has been an exception, but I doubt even he'll chime in on the way others are playing while he is hurt.

I like the Podsednik signing. Toss him in AAA, see if he has anything left, if he does, toss him in to the pot and go from there.

So posters want Rollins to hit like Valdez (all grounders).

Charlie should waste the only 'good' relievers available in a likely loss. (I am not convinced Stutes is a trusted setup guy yet but so far so good.)

Sardinha accounts for half the Phils baserunners. Ugh. Now he will likely stay when Kratz had to be a better choice.

On Orr being optioned: he is still under Phillies control this way. After Mayberry, who is below average at best, who else plays CF besides Martinez? Francisco has done it, then Valdez? I do think Martinez should not have been on the team initially especially with Orr making it, but given the current injuries I am okay with this decision.

Posednik just helps Sandberg. Pos likely accepts an assignment due to the injury oppotunity by Vic out. I'd rather see Thompson promoted than Posednik.

"If Amaro cuts Orr and keeps Mini-Mart, that should be enough to prompt an investigation by the Commissioner's office. There's no rational explanation."

clout, I suspect they view MiniMart as the backup CF. Other than that....

Well, if you need a 4th-string CF, then yes, Martinez makes sense.

Of course, if you need a 4th-string CF that hits like a bad single-a player, you're probably screwed already.

Jack, point of order. My post says "they" view Mini Mart as the 4th OF, not that I do.

Personally, I would have offered him back to the Nats in April.

Rube knows rule 5 means you keep them atleast 5 years, why don't the rest of you get it.Never convience me there isn't an OFer in AAA-AA who can play defense and hit >.225. Might have to try a few and we know that wouldn't happen.Love to get McCutchen or even Tabata from the pirates.

Offense = Long Season!

Also when they used Chooch as a pinch hitter with Sardinha on first, why didn't he pinch run for Sardinha? I mean if you are going to have a guy like Martinez on the roster don't you have him pinch run and try to steal a bag to get into scoring position?

Heather sucks at offense.

Any way to make chicken salad out of this offensive travesty? To b_a_p -- hell yes, I know the '73 Phils were a train wreck of long standing when Schmidty posted that .196 BA/ 94 OPS+. That's not the point; the point is, like Schmidt then, and Dom Brown now, both present an upside!

I'm so tired of the "looping fly ball to right center"; "grounder to short"; "grounder to second base"; "swing and a miss, struck him out"; and my personal favorite: "strike 3 caught looking". That's all we get from the Francisco’s, Mayberry’s, and Mini-Marts of the world. We need to let Dom Brown be Dom Brown and to let him start playing with urgency; heck for free agency. Today.

Just like the '73 Phils, what's the alternative look like? More importantly, what the !@#$ do we have to lose?

Zolecki (via Twitter): Charlie Manuel, on the Phillies' offense: "We’re gonna bottom out one of these days. Hopefully it was today."

Spoken like a true hitting guru.

Thank god we got rid of that albatross Pete Orr. Considering Mini Mart is a terrible defensive CF we would have been better off using Mayberry or BenFran in that role but what do I know.

Few thoughts from the game:


- Phils took 2 of 3 from Rangers. All they needed to do. Also got to play them before they get significant reinforcements back or have to face Ogando. If they had played in Arlington next month, I doubt the Phils win this series.

- Vice Roy still isn't 100% but looks like he is on the mend. He looked noticeably uncomfortable at the first 2 innings. More than usual amount of fidgeting/delays.

After that, he looked to settle down a bit & look more comfortable. Didn't have great control or his usual velocity on his fastball but made pitches when he had to.

His curveball did look pretty good today including a great one to get Napoli in the 6th. Thought his changeup was alright.

- Defense was crisp today. Phils turned all of the plays they were generally supposed including a few nice DPs.

- Sardinha has a great day at the plate. He gets ripped on here a lot but I don't see any real fail off from him & what Schneider was giving them earlier this season.

- Phils didn't hit today but that was largely due to Harrison. Painted the outside corner all day at 93-96 MPH vs. the right-handed pitchers. Don't care who is the lineup it is really tough to do anything against a power pitcher hitting the corner.

Tired a bit by the 7th and I still have no idea why Washington had him out there to start the 9th when it was clear he had nothing left. He still had good stuff though.


- Cholly's bullpen management. I hate wanting him handle a bullpen especially in close games. I won the pool I was with on what was going to happen when Romero faced Beltre (XHB).

Then he complicated things further by bringing in Herndon. Herndon looked shell-shocked when he came in during the 8th. Putting him in that spot during his first appearance back wasn't the right call.

The right call was to bring in Stutes there. Rather even seen KK. It wasn't the game but a run in that spot was huge. Basically took out the possibility of them trying to scratch out a run against Feliz in the 9th.

- Valdez in the 2-hole. Thankfully this should be ending very shortly. He is just clueless when he goes up to an AB. I would love to see the number of ABs where he swings first-pitch.

Bet he is among the league leaders especially on offspeed stuff that is out of the zone. Brings back Desi Relaford flashbacks with him at the plate.

- Howard's funk continues. They desperately need him to snap out but he was pure guessing again today especially in the 9th inning when he got himself out.

You know he eventually will but he is hitting a .174 in May and might just finish with the worst month of his career (.655 OPS with his career low of .647 in April '08).

Mini Mart sticking around was all too predictable. For whatever reason, the Phils have been enamored with 'versatility' on the bench the past few seasons even when it is clear that Cholly will not use the versatile player as a PR.

Like herpes, I bet he sticks around. Still like my preseason prediction that he stays on the roster all year, gets 100 ABs, and finishes with some of the worst stats put up by a Phil in season who had at least 100 ABs.

The bar of ineptitude is Bruntlett's '09 season where he went .171/.224/.238 (.462 OPS) in 105 ABs which was one of the single worst seasons ever by a Phils' player who had 100+ ABs. Mini Mart is at .194/.237/.194 (.431 OPS) in 36 ABs.

With Vic out, Mini Mart will likely get a few more starts. I just don't know if he will get to 100 ABs in order to qualify for historical ineptitude though.

madson was unavailable today mg due to the bruised hand so he was holding stutes and bastardo back

st: I think MG & I both understand that, & still disapprove.

Phils are 7-9 through a really difficult part of their schedule and are about to get some serious reinforcements with Contreras, Utley, and eventually Vic by mid-June.

Fish and Braves barely have made up any ground on them either. Phils were 2 games up on the Fish and 4.5 on the Braves on May 6th. They are 1.5 games up on the Fish and 3.5 on the Braves today.

The bad news? I don't think they are playing their most difficult stretch of the year. The stretch starting on June 21st through the ASB is tougher in my book.

3 @ StL
3 Oak
3 Bos
3 @ Tor
3 @ Fla
3 Atl

That is a really tough 18-game stretch including the dreaded Interleauge play. Thankful they get to play no-DH though in 9 of their 12 Interleague games because they are at CBP. Little things.

Count me in with those who'd prefer keeping Orr to Martinez.

I'm hoping Utley's presence will inject some energy into this team. Even though I don't expect much from him hitting-wise for a while.

st - Figured that Madson might be unavailable because he had already pitched 3 of the last 4 days.

Maybe Cholly figured Romero was alright to start vs. Beltre since Beltre has really struggled against LHP pitching this year to a .191 clip. Hoped he could get out Beltre to face Moreland. Some logic behind it.

Bringing in Herndon though was absolutely the wrong call. He just had no confidence out there from the get go in the 8th. Looked like a virgin on prom night. You could see him overthrowing right away.

Herndon should battle Baez for the mop in the bullpen and maybe get moved up in the pecking order with a few good appearances.

yea i agree. he'll be going down in a couple days with contreras coming back

Mini Mart sticking around is puzzling though because it is pretty clear Cholly doesn't like using him unless he really has to.

Cholly liked to use Bruntlett & even give him the occasional start in '09 until he rode the pine by July.

Besides the possibility of playing the OF and being a switch-hitter, I don't see what Mini Mart brings that Orr didn't.

Bottom line is as long as Contreras is serviceable and not experiencing wildness/ineffectiveness due to health issues, this team will have enough pitching in the bullpen to avoid having to hopefully use the likes of Baez or Herndon in close games late.

Oswalt also top a step in the right direction today. Still want to see him have that 93-94 MPH velocity on his fastball instead of just 90-91 and build up a bit more stamina but getting him back is huge.

With him in the rotation, Phils have 4 guys who they can count on almost every single night to hold the other team to 3 or less runs.

Besides the possibility of playing the OF and being a switch-hitter, I don't see what Mini Mart brings that Orr didn't.

MG: A spectacular jheri curl?

I'm a little confused. I didn't see the game I was mowing the grass and listening to it on the radio. Herndon gave up a run on a suicide squeeze (from what the radio guys said it was an amazing play by the hitter just to get the bunt down) then got the next two hitters out, and pitched a clean ninth. Not sure what else he was supposed to do. Am I missing something? Could Stutes or Bastardo have prevented the squeeze from happening?

Dave - My friend suggested today that he should abandon his braids, adopt jheri curl, and become 'Steve Jeltz Jr'

Who have the RBI's for this team since last Saturday in Atlanta?

This shouldn't take long to add up.

MG: Just what everyone's been pining for, the return of Steve Jeltz! Before this season I had never heard of Michael Martinez. Now, I know why.

Mike - No. The squeeze was really strange because Gentry somehow bunted the ball even though the pitch was going to hit him if he just stood there.

Basically would have loaded the bases for Harrsion and I assumed Washington would have PH for hit with the bases loaded & only 1 out.

So Herndon hit Napoli, should have hit Gentry, and barely was able to get Harrison after he ran a full count.

Herndon did calm down and worked a clean 9th but he was clearly overthrowing when he came in the 8th & Phils were lucky the Rangers only scored a run.

Last two things:

- Crowd was one of the better Sunday crowds. Tried to make noise in a few spots. They almost all stuck around even after the 8th inning. Lots of times this year, you have at least 30-40% of the crowd leaving if the Phils are down even just 2 runs late.

- Suicide squeeze by Washington was a great call in the 8th. He knows his team is struggling to score runs. Created a run there.

Trading the farm for Hunter Pence? No thanks. Rube won't do that either. Guaranteed. He goes big or goes home.

As for the Phils getting to play the Rangers when they were missing some players, doesn't the same caveat get attached to all these teams playing the Utley-less, Vic-less, etc, Phils?

EFF - That's true but I think the Phils had more in their corner this series (No DH, No Hamilton, No Cruz, No Ogando, No high-scoring offense at Arlington).

Wakefield has the knuckleball mojo working on ESPN. Worth a look at the oldest guy in MLB doing his thing.

ESPN just said that was Oswalt's first loss at CBP. I didn't know that. Such a shame when he pitched well today.

I'll catch up but, wanted to address Manuel going with Herndon late. I thought it was wrong as I wanted someone who could get a strike out with a man on third and one out. I thought hitting the batter was better than a walk and he threw a nasty pitch on teh squeeze. nice call by Washington and lucky execution. Herndon isn't one of my favorites - don't want him on the roster, really - but, Manuel didn't lose the game and neither did Herndon. Harrison shut down simple assault row.

Phils win a series of interleague player against a 1st place AL team - I'll take it.

I dig the anti-Martinez consensus on here. I think he's worlds worse than Bruntlett.

Herndon was overthrowing a bit - missing outside to the righties. He needs to keep the ball down and dial in that velocity. Fact is that Manuel has only a few bullets and he isn't using them when he's down because this team can't score most days, especially against strong relievers.

For everyone who wanted to pinch run Minimart so he could steal a base today: He can't. He's not nearly fast enough to steal a base in major league baseball, especially if it's a steal situation.

Whatever baseball skills he has, stealing bases is not one of them. The choice to pinch run would have had to be Pete ORR. He is crazy fast. And now that he's in AAA, I guess he'll be stealing some bases.

Sending a valuable pinch runner down to keep Minimart makes as much sense as not DLing Vic, Blanton and Chooch. None. And I can't see the Nats taking him back. He'd sail down to AAA in a hurry. And so what if he didn't?

This feels like a Beerleaguer thread out of the Twilight Zone. In a normal year, if the Phillies had a player with a .230/.299/.279 slash line, G-Town Dave and MG could both be counted on to lead the charge calling for that player's demotion. Insted, they're leading the charge in objecting to his demotion. Their objections are right, of course. But it's both funny & sickening at the same time that the Phillies can demote a player with a .577 OPS and be justifiably criticized for demoting the wrong guy.

b_a_p: Amen. And I don't even like Pete Orr ... what is this team doing to me?

Neither MiniMart nor Pete Orr could make the 2010 Washington Nationals. Hardly a powerhouse club.

It is sicking that those are the choices. But just on pinch running alone, they HAD to keep Orr. I am of the opinion that Rube has had a stroke. But he refused to put himself on the DL.

When futility infielders become everyday players, you're bound to have much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I refuse to assail Orr's demotion. I prefer to rail against the sub-mediocrity of Valdez and Martinez and, to bemoan the utter ordinariness of Jimmy Rollins.

Reading followers: What can you tell me about Cody M. Overbeck.

Backup infielders will give you around a ~.600 OPS. If you get lucky, it is closer to .650. If they struggle, it is closer to .550.

I am not sad to see Orr go. He had a few moments but Phils don't loss anything by sending him back down to Lehigh.

The real goat has been Valdez who has been a complete zero this year at the plate and really hasn't been better than average defensively at 2B.

Don't think realize how big Utley coming back is. It is just not his overall production but just how bad Valdez/Orr/Mini Mart have been at 2nd base:

.225/.273/.278 (.551 OPS) with 0 HRs

These numbers suck. They are the worst numbers in the NL and the only teams in MLB with worse production are the A's and the Twins.

Even if Utley is a hobbled gimp who only gives them say a line of .270/.360/.420 it is still a mammoth improvement over the Valdez/Orr/Mini Mart.

Watching Cholly pencil in Valdez in the No. 2 hole recently was baffling and hopefully we don't have to see it again.

MG - Amen. 2B has sucked ass. No sacred cows there - Valdez survived teh cut by the skin of his teeth. Martinez lives on borrowed time.

Rube's management of the roster this season so far has 'Been Suspect!'

Strictly in a vacuum, Utley for Orr is kinda funny to even ponder. Duh!

Talk about the subs and injuries all you want. Dom may or may not have a good rookie year. Utley and Vic will be back. Here's what I want to know:
JRoll and Howard: slump, trend, or a little of both? They've been awful.

Isn't it clear that Mini Mart is still on this team because Vic is on the DL? Seems pretty clear Ben Francisco isn't trusted in center and that really leaves just Mayberry Jr. Am I missing something?

Granted, I'd rather have Orr on the team than Mini Mart, but I don't think that's the right choice given this roster's current makeup.

Now... when Vic comes off the DL, I'll be the first to complain when Mini Mart is still on this team and someone like Brown isn't.

CJ: In the abstract, it makes perfect sense that Mini-Mart would stay, for the time being, because, even if he's a bad centerfielder, he's the only other centerfielder we have right now besides Mayberry.

But we Phillies fans are always thinking one step ahead & sometimes the collaterial consequences of keeping a player outweigh whatever legitimate benefit that player brings to the team (hence, all the fans who say they hope Lidge doesn't return, even though our current bullpen includes Herndon & Baez). I would agree that, with Utley returning & Vic out, the team arguably has more use for Martinez right now than Orr. But the collateral consequence of keeping Martinez is that, the longer he stays with the team, the more likely it is that the Phillies will keep finding new justifications to keep him for the full year. For that reason, I would prefer that he be gone immediately.

Besides, Valdez played some CF this spring and Pete Orr played it in the minors as recently as last season. In fact, Orr actually has more overall experience in CF than Martinez does. Not to mention that he's much faster than Mini-Mart & has better defensive instincts.

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