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Sunday, May 22, 2011


"it looked like Colby Lewis tried to bust (Domonic Brown) with some fastballs high and inside, which his swing does not allow him to get to...and if he somehow does get the bat on it, he makes weak contact"

Throw him high and inside fastballs and he's a guaranteed out? I'd say that's a ringing endorsement to keep him stashed in Lehigh Valley to make the necessary adjustments.

Seriously, this shouldn't even be a discussion. Mayberry isn't lighting the world on fire, but he earned a job in the OF. Domonic has not.

Will, is it your desire to see Michael Martinez start in center and Mayberry in right? IN case you hadn't noticed, the Phillies only productive outfielder is on the disabled list. Mayberry is 5 for his last 33 and, like the rest of the outfielders currently on the 25 man (other than Gload, who isn't going to start many games under any circumstances), his numbers are anemic.

Your antipathy for Brown ignores the status quo - he can go 0 for the weekend and he isn't hurting the team. It's a good time to get a look at him and, if he demonstrates that he isn't ready, he'll go back down when Victorino rejoins the team. If he demonstrates some of the talent that has him high on prospect lists, he may still go back down when Victorino comes back. Chill out already.

Hugh: correct. MVPTommySchweitzer is going overboard with his anti-Brown feelings. Brown has to show something in the majors, but he also needs more than a few regular ABs before he can be called a success or failure. I'm all for Mayberry showing what he's got, but he's not exactly showing a whole lot either.

Guess who this is, first year in the bigs:


His OPS+ that year was 92. Yet he turned out to have an OK career.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong -- wasn't Dom Brown Baseball America's 4th highest prospect? Ben Francisco stinks, and despite Mayberry's appearance as a bigger, stronger (young) Hank Aaron, he hits like Hank Ketchum (most of the time, anyway).

Why isn't Brown starting in RF for the remainder of the season? Damnit, the Braves took a chance on a 20 year old Heyward. Why isn't Brown playing every day?

Cut: That was Michael Jack, was it not?

"I'm all for Mayberry showing what he's got, but he's not exactly showing a whole lot either."

He's playing good defense. He's stealing bases. He's getting on base.

He's doing a good job as a 4th OF. Its not his fault, Victorino is hurt.

There are a lot of issues with the Phils offense. RFD really isn't one of them.

Exactly, denny b, Mayberry is showing he can contribute off the bench. Not so great as an everyday guy. I would love to think he is something more but, there's no evidence of that. Brown, Ibanez and Francisco are all question marks going forward, though. Let Mayberry play center while Vic is down. Platoon Brown and Francisco, primarily, and rest Ibanez periodically while Vic's down. When he gets back, ditch Martinez and let's see if we can get some more consistency from 3 OF guys for the next month. If Brown falters and the rest don't step up, then look around for a short term fix.

The Phillies were 71-91 in the year Schmidt posted that line, so they could afford to give 443 ABs to their struggling young phenom. Brown needs and deserves his chance too, but if he gets 100 or so PAs in the book and he's hitting below the Mendoza Line, it's hard to see the Phillies sticking with him for the rest of the season.

from espn article:

"They’re also why the Phillies may be as good as advertised. While Roy Halladay has been his usual self, Lee and Roy Oswalt have not. Coming into the game against Texas, Lee was 2-4, while Oswalt has been banged up. Part of the problem is that the Phils have dearly missed the presence of Chase Utley in their lineup. Yet, despite injuries and sub-standard play from two of their three aces"

'from two of their three aces' - sigh

it is hilarious how the national media misses the fact that Cole Hamels has outpitched Lee and Oswalt. The real one-two punch has been Halladay and Hamels.

Utley is back with the team. Could be activated as soon as tomorrow.

Ken Rosenthal said that the Phillies might be able to trade for Hunter Pence??? That would require a ton right, the guy is what 25? I would love it if we made that deal with the infamous Ed Wade, Pence runs like a deer in the outfield and is a legit major league hitter, and best of all he is a right handed bat.

Remember this scoring drought the next time you're inclined to whine about Vic. The guy is actually still in his prime and, one way or another, is good for a run a night.

to be fair I think that news on Utley should be taken with a grain of salt. It kind of sounds like he is just coming up to see the team doctors.

madubbs...probably three of our top 10...maybe 4....we would probably have to empty the farm....

Rangers starter Matt Harrison has walked 9 in his last 2 starts. Any chance the Phillies come out with a plan and take some pitches?

Mick O: Ten pitch 1st Inning. Book it.

Seems like every reporter is hinting that tomorrow is the day Utley will play. They don't do that just on pure speculation. Sounds like unless the doctors find something unusual, Utley will be ready to go tomorrow.

I do expect, however, a lot of days off for Utley in the near future. Might play two of every three games, and definitely not a day game after a night game. Afternoon games will be renamed a Wilson Valdez Special.

I wouldn't hesitate to offer Dom Brown in a packsge for Hunter Pence. Whether he is available is another question. I hope Amaro resists any marginal moves along the lines of Ryan Ludwick, who is nothing more than another weak bat with some power.

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Today's Lineup vs. TEX: Rollins SS, Valdez 2B, Polanco 3B, Howard 1B, Francisco RF, Ibañez LF, Mayberry CF, Sardinha C, Oswalt P."

Sardinha. Yay.

I bet pence would cost dom brown, two of the highly touted high A starters, and maybe valle. That is a big price to pay....

I also found it interesting that Lee pitched a gem of a game last night, but all the vast majority of posters could find time to do was bash Dom Brown for not hitting -- you know, the same thing of which EVERYONE ELSE ON THE TEAM IS GUILTY. And people think I'm negative. A guy goes 8IP, 10K, 0R in our teeny-tiny little ballpark, w/ a Hit & a SB to boot, maybe an attaboy! or two is in order, eh?

Sardinha, huh? I wonder if he has been practicing bending forward? If there has ever been a worse POS, I can't name him.

Harrison has really good stuff. Throws very hard, for a lefty. Can get wild though.

Might be a good matchup for guys like Francisco and Mayberry.

No DOM? That sucks.

Ken also mentions that the phillies should consider trading brad lidge for salary relief....that actually makes sense at this juncture. when he gets back, he likely has no roll with the team...

"Ken also mentions that the phillies should consider trading brad lidge for salary relief...."

I'm sure there are many teams out there who are dying to take on an injured $12.5M closer who hasn't pitched all year and has been absolutely terrible in 1 1/2 out of the last 2 years.

nonamePHame: Even more than Blanton, Lidge's salary & injury history make him Untradeable. It'll only cost the team $1.5 Million to buy Brad out next season, & that's what I expect they will do.

I am ok with Lidge in a setup role where he is apt to do less harm and might prove effective. But Cholly would be clueless to bump Madson as the closer where he has been stellar. But then again, Cholly is clueless.

Rosenthal really going deep into baseball knowledge with that Brad Lidge comment.

"Damnit, the Braves took a chance on a 20 year old Heyward. Why isn't Brown playing every day?"

I'm sure you also remember who won the division and who came in second.

I'm certainly not placing any bets on an all-star season by Francisco, Mayberry or Gload, but I'd take all three of them over an unproven rookie who still isn't sure how to hold the bat in the big leagues.

hitman: "Charlie is clueless"

Yea i remember one time in like 2005 when he didnt make a double switch one time. What a dummy!

feels like a win!!

will s: "I'd take all three of them over an unproven rookie"

You are right - Mayberry's 31 career hits in 130 AB is a solid proven commodity.

The more I think about the antelope known as Hunter Pence, the more I want him to be galloping at CBP in right field for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Lawrence (via Twitter): "Carlos Ruiz not in lineup on Carlos Ruiz "Chooch" t-shirt giveaway day."

Sonofabitch! It's Scott Rolen Day all over again! #Tito'sGreatestHits

This line-up is nice:

((Insert LF platoon here)

Matchup to watch out for:

Ian Kinsler vs Oswalt: 7-15, .467/.556/.933

Great play by viceroy to keep composure and double clutch to let Valdez get in position to turn.

nice dp

Very nice baserunning by Polanco.

... immediately wasted by Howard. What a f*cking disgrace this Offense is.

Braves got raped in the Teixeira deal, but their farm didn't even miss a beat.

Nice grab by the fossil.

Nice grab by the semi-fossil.

Polanco sucks. Brooks Robinson gets the out at 1B.

BedBeard, MVPtommySchweitzer clearly hates Brown because he's a racist and doesn't like African Americans playing MLB.

hmm that didn't post:

Braves get:
Ron Mahay
Mark Teixeira

Rangers get:
Matt Harrison
Beau Jones
Elvis Andrus
Neftali Feliz

Haha win for Texas!

denny b: FWIW, my "criticism" of Mayberry wasn't really intended to sound as harsh as it was. It was more of a case of trying to say RFD isn't exactly a proven stud of a major leaguer either as Schweitz was making him seem to be. I'm in agreement with your post of what he has been offering so far. I'm pleased.

An avg. of 9 Pitches/Inning for Harrison. Yup. The Phillies are really committed to making this guy work.

"I bet pence would cost dom brown, two of the highly touted high A starters, and maybe valle. That is a big price to pay...."

I know Pence wouldn't be cheap but that seems like a bit much, no?
I mean we did get the best pitcher in baseball for less than that, right. I know he's under team control for a bit yet but he is going to be making close to $10M next year. I am missing something?

i havent been on a game thread in awhile - gtown reminding me why. under new ownership trading away best player doesn't exactly put butts in seats if you know what I mean. It would be very costly.

"Matchup to watch out for:

Ian Kinsler vs Oswalt: 7-15, .467/.556/.933

Posted by: lorecore"

lorecore, so far today: advantage Oswalt.

" under new ownership trading away best player doesn't exactly put butts in seats if you know what I mean. It would be very costly"

It depends if the new owner is actually realistic about Houston's chances to compete any time in the near future. The Marlins and the Rays have been absolutely merciless in trading away "franchise" players to restock their farm systems and have shown a lot of success on a low payroll.

Unreal. The first semi-intelligent AB of the game for the Phillies, & it belongs to Pineapple Barajas.

Roy Oswalt should be the Phillies' bunting instructor.

haha @jroll.

Moyer was great at bunting too.

Also, Rollins should be under strict instructions to attempt to drag or sacrifice bunt so I don't have to watch him pop out again.

If Sardinha just unhooked his trailer there he might've had a chance to score.

I think I might have taken the risk sending Sardinha. He's slow as molasses flowing uphill in the dead of Winter, but considering how the Phillies have been (not) hitting lately ...

Then again, it's Polanco. I dunno. This Offense defies logic.

lol @Philsoffense.

Yup. Next time, send Sardinha. Better chance of a bad throw from the opposing team than of a productive AB from the Phillies.

Did polly just bunt?

Does being fat somehow confer an advantage for catchers? Because otherwise how do you let yourself get so out of shape as a professional athlete? Bizarre.

Even if Jimmy puts up another .300 obp this year, Rube's going to be under a lot of pressure to give him a nice sentimental contract. Looking forward to watching the old gang grow old together.

If not Jimmy, then who Curt?

Nice catch, Methuselah!

Heather, maybe kids who are really slow are the ones that they put behind the plate in little league.

Or, maybe there is something about a catcher's squat that affects a young man's muscle development, and as time goes by they lose any spedd they may have otherwise had.

Jeebus our offense sucks.

Spitz - Assuming his defense doesn't decay further, Jimmy would be OK in the #8 hole, but not at $10 million. Your leadoff guy can't be a .300 obp guy when your offense is mediocre at best.

Great play by Valdez! The Phillies have had a few really nice defensive plays today.

Wilson flashing some skin!

Is OSWALT on a limited pitch count today?

I here ya curt, but the Phils have given thank you contracts before (see Moyer, Jamie).

Players that won't be back:
Lidge (option declined)
Oswalt (option declined)
Kendrick (not tendered a contract)
Francisco (not tendered a contract)

Players that will be back:
Hamels (tendered a contract, arbitration case)

The wildcards:
Jimmy Rollins (weak SS market, probably looking for a sweetheart deal)
Ryan Madson (2 words, Scott Boras)
How much money the Phillies are willing to spend

I don't think both Rollins and Madson will be back. I think it is one or the other.

I think Rollins just brushed Andrus's uniform, but I imagine that would have been tough for the ump to see.

I hate Sardinha so much.

Sardinha is an asspipe.

Jesus, just call up Kratz already. He can't be worse than Dane.

Just say no to "thank you" contracts, but I have no idea who his replacement would be.

Somewhere along the way Jimmy has picked up 12 rbis, hard as it is to believe.

lol @JRoll....I don't care if Valdez starts at shortstop next year....I am done with Mr. Popups

JEEZ- 2 P-O with a runner in scoring position.

j-roll is in fine form

If Jimmy just made a productive out the last two times, the score is now 2-0. F*cking Jimmy "pop up" Rollins.

Fro JRoll to JPop according to BL conventional wisdom.

wow, that was ugly.

time for rollins to sit and think about it for a few games.

Jimmy is what he is: a selfish player who shows occasional flashes of brilliance, but less & less often as his career winds down. I'd offer him 2 Years/$18 Million, for "services rendered", but no more.

And there's your ball game.

That ball gets caught by ANY other Phillies OF.

A classic illustration of why Victorino's DL stint hurts. With Vic in CF Mayberry of BenFran would be in LF against a tough LHP. Oh wat...I forgot Charlie is the manager.

You know, I've heard that some players, when they're mired in a slump, don't continue to swing for the fences, but just focus on being productive members of the team by making productive outs and moving runners over while they work on what's wrong with their swing.

Someone should tell Jimmy Rollins about these players.

200 reruns of the preakness would be more entertaining than watching this team now.

Intentionally walking Craig Gentry? HEAD ASPLODE.

Great play by J-Roll

Well, Jimmy just saves a run.

Also, I hate Raul Ibanez with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns.

I've not been watching, but Oswalt looks to be pitching great, no?
I love our starters.


Why muck up a well-pitched game by bringing in Herndon? Anyone else yell at TV: "No! Sit him back down!"

Jimmy Rollins is a selfish player?

Nice play by Rollins there to get us out of the inning. Ibanez misplayed that ball in left and it cost us a run he was drifting horizontally to the ball instead of drifting back towards the wall. The jump makes me think he had no idea where the wall was.

Why the hell is the Sarge/T-Bag team still on today? Did Wheels' rug not come back from the cleaners in time?

"Jimmy Rollins is a selfish player?"

I don't know if selfish is exactly the correct word, but he seems to have a lower than average recognition (even for a professional athlete) of what his skills and abilities at the plate are at any given time.

Which opinion, by the way, isn't controversial. I've heard numerous people, from BL-ers to Mike Schmidt say the same thing about J-Roll.

I get why you're saying it, but I dispute calling Jimmy Rollins selfish. I don't think we can know that. It's a judgment that I don't think I share & which seems to negate the good he's done for the team.

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