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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Jack and flipper just bought a Camden RiverSharks season ticket plan.

Mayberry would be at least league-average in CF and I'd like to see him get 5 or 6 starts in a row while Vic is out.

Some Beerleaguer posters, predictably, are clamoring for Mini-Mart and Brandon Moss, but the Phils could learn more and, likely have a better team, by playing Mayberry.

Kratz und Goosewurst: Gut vor you too, English.

7-5 for the month of May. A win today would be nice as we get ready to play STL/COL/TEX/CIN ... we need to stay just a bit over .500 for this month.

Victorino has missed time with a leg injury of some sort in every season, correct?

Why would Dominick Brown be the logical replacement? He is a rightfielder, not a centerfielder.

Also, typically BL has taken the player on another team to task, calling him a "complete and utter POS," and other ridiculously hyperbolid statements, and for what?

Asking out of the lineup for one day? Really? Even if he did take it personally that he was dropped in the lineup to 9th, that really makes him the worst person in the world? The guy has been close to a HOF-level player over his career and has a tone of pride. Even if he did what everyone accuses him of (asking for a day off based on lineup position), that's really that terrible?

Sure, we'd all like to see our players simply sit quietly and do whatever the team tells them to. But they're people, and sometimes they make mistakes in the moment. I know on Beerleaguer that players are simply robots and tools of management and the fans, but maybe we should take it easy a little bit.

Heile heile hinkle drecht, Vogelsong.

whitey: Roster replacement. They'd have Mayberry or Martinez or someone in CF.

What Posada did was ridiculous, but I'm not sure he's the worst human in the world. However, I'm not surprised Jack is running to his defense.

Bed's Beard: I'm not defending what he did--a player should play if he's healthy and the coach asks him to.

But imagine what would happen if Charlie dropped Ryan Howard to 8th in the order? You think he might take that personally? Of course he would.

Maybe the issue here is Girardi and the Yanks management as much as Posada. My point is just that calling Posada "a horrible person" seems to be way oversimplifying an issue where no one really comes out looking good.

If Martinez subs for Victorino in center instead of Mayberry, I'm going to be apoplectic.

I agree with, you, Jack that the Posada thing is no big deal but, when you go on a rant about fans viewing players as tools of management, you're missing the very simple point of the vitriol. The average fan can't understand, on a visceral level, how a guy who has an opportunity to play baseball every day, who's part of a team that is counting on him to play, would refuse to play.

I saw Reading play on Friday night and all the work they did on their stadium is really nice looking.

They split a doubleheader with New Hampshire. I found it funny that the manager of New Hampshire is none other than Sal Fasano.

Now I'm going to have to replace my poster of
Feliz in a Phillies uniform with a poster of Feliz in a Riversharks uniform.

clout - do you know where I could get one of those?

Jack - not only is Posada the worst person in the world for asking out of the lineup last night, but Oswalt is the second worst person in the world for helping his family and neighbors clean up after a natural disaster.

philpper: So you think Oswalt leaving the team to help with his family after the tornadoes is akin to Posada asking out of the lineup because he was moved to 9th?

Hey, guess who's subbing for Victorino in CF today?

Of course, Mayberry is starting too, but in right.

Oh but wait, guess who's hitting SECOND today?

Good grief.

Contreras on Wednesday in Lehigh.

Schneider could be out for a month. Amaro said the hamstring strain is fairly significant.

I agree that the reaction to Posada in the last thread was a bit strong, but yesterday's actions just go along with what I thought of him as a player in the first place.

And it's funny that Jack would mention the Howard analogy, because I was thinking how Jack might react if this were Howard instead of Posada. I'm sure he'd afford him the same courtesy because he's 'proud,' as he's given Howard the benefit of the doubt so many times in the past.

Schneider out for a month? Trade for Posada and bat him 9th! Problem solved!

So basically the Yankees have 2 money sinks in Jeter and Posada for the next 2 years? And Jeter for longer?

Do you think that mel queen will be waning on roy's mind today.......I LOOK FOR DOMINATION TODAY!

Lidge still throwing long toss, arm feels strong. Expects to throw first bullpen session on upcoming homestand. Still eyeing return in June

TTI - Headed up to Reading to catch a game next month and want to see how the renovations look.

Anything that really caught your eye?

Iceman - Posada already has a rep of being a whiner though. It wasn't the worse thing in the world but he did act like it was some real slight. Sure the Yanks would love to not have a guaranteed contract & just flat out release him.

Jay - Sadly I don't think losing Schneider for a month is that big of a deal. Sardinha doesn't bring much offensively but I doubt Schneider finishes more than slightly north of the Mendoza line with a ~.600 OPS or so. Sardinha can get close to that.

Why not Mayberry in center and Gload's lefty bat vs. Tim Hudson? Is he that bad a fielder?

MG: They basically redid the area where you enter the stadium. It's an all new entrance plaza where you enter into the concession area up the third base line. They redid that entire area adding new concession stands, paved walkways, and some new infrastructure.

That whole area is covered with a nettnig so there is less danger of being struck by a foul ball while walking that area.

The bathrooms are completely upgraded. They also added a permanent stage inside the gate for their concert stuff they do and they added a team store that is similar to the team store at CBP.

It really looks beautiful. There isn't much done for on the field improvements but the presentation stuff looks great.

Actually I lie. There was one noticeable on field change- they padded the outfield walls.

Francisco's .222 average should mean he will be sitting more and more in RF, whether Vic is healthy or not.

Brown will be up by early June and the platoon in RF (Brown and Francisco) will begin. Unless the thumb injury that Brown has lingers past next weekend. Once he gets back, give him a couple of more weeks and he'll be up.

Jack, I can understand your defending Posada, but, then again, double-standards are part of your repetoire.

I didn't call him a POS, so I know your comment wasn't directed at me in particular, but this is what I DID write about him:

"Posada is one of those many "stars" who have it so great for so long that they develop a sense of entitlement, as opposed to remembering that they got where they are by actually performing on the field.

What an arrogant, petulant little fool."

Is there anything in the first paragraph with which you disagree?

If not, let's move on to the last sentence. Is there anything I wrote that does not have validity?

Arrogant? His behavior certainly seems so.

Petulant? I would say so. You?

A fool? "...a person who lacks judgment or sense."[] Do you think he was smart in the way he approached the situation, or did he act foolishly?

So, no, he's not the worst person in the world, but he's getting paid $13.1 MM for the season - that's $80,864 per game - and he asked for the day off because his feelings were hurt.

Sorry, Jack, but at THAT kind of comp level I'm not gonna give the guy a break.

The proper course for the Yankees to take is to suspend him for one game without pay to recover the money he made when he refused to play.

I understand that it's easy to second-guess and that, when a manager makes decisions, he doesn't have the same benefit of hindsight that his second-guessers have. But when Cholly makes absolutely indefensible moves like replacing Vic with a .190/.261/.190 hitter, and then inserting that .190/.261/.190 hitter into the No. 2 spot in the lineup, he sort of forfeits the right to be given the benefit of the doubt.

Not certain where Contreras will throw Wednesday. He said Lehigh, but their on the road (Scranton) and the game begins at 10:30 a.m.

Despite various reports saying IronPigs OF Domonic Brown would miss 5-7 days with a first-degree sprain of the UCL in his right thumb, sources close to the IronPigs have informed me that is NOT the case at all.

Dom injured (jammed) the thumb while diving for a ball in the outfield on Wednesday and was taken out of the game in the 8th inning as a precaution. And although he hasn’t played since, someone who spoke with Dom yesterday informed him of the 5-7 day timetable to which Dom responded was “news to him”. In fact, he was never even re-examined and was in the batting cages during yesterday’s 8-7 win against the Norfolk Tide and was available to pinch-hit if the Tide tied (homophones!) the game. Even the foam brace he was wearing on his right hand was gone yesterday, and Dom has listed himself as day-to-day, and said there’s a chance he could be in the lineup this afternoon.

that report came from the fightins.....

Hitting Mini-Mart No. 2 is the lineup is puzzling. He's the worst hitter in the lineup.

I would have gone:

Mini Mart

Jack - who exactly called him the "worst person in the world", to use your term?

That is an excellent strawman, however.

I've obviously been Mini Mart's biggest booster on this site. But this doesn't really make any sense. I'd get the guy some playing time, but what in the world is Gload doing on the bench against Hudson?

I do think it's time to put Mayberry in the five or six hole every day and end the Benny Fran experiment. For whatever reason, mental or physical inability, I've never seen a hitter who squares the ball up less often than Benny Fran has. He takes first pitch fastballs down the middle almost every at bat, then ends up looking follish two or three pitches later.

Sure, get Mini Mart some real playing time if you think he can play, and Charlie sure seems to think he can. But I'd put an outfielders mitt on Orr and play him and Gload against a guy like Hudson long before I'd put Mini Mart in there.

I think it's time to platoon Mayberry and Gload at the plate, and if you're going to give Minimart some time while Vic is injured, flip flop him from center to right on the days Mayberry plays, then back to center when Gload is in right. Or maybe they're just going to find out if Mayberry can hit righties and play him every day for a little while. I'm okay with that too.

Also, Orr is crazy fast and a really good bunter. Why wouldn't you hit him second? This lineup is possibley the most insane we've seen from Charlie.

TTI - I'm commenting on the propensity of fans to pass judgement on players' character without having ever met them.

Ryan Howard, 14-44 (.318) w/6 HR and 13 RBI lifetime against Tim Hudson.

It's what I call Cholly 'Lazy Lineup' where he plugs in a random player as an injury replacement for a guy who is day-to-day. Cholly has done that before in the past so it is really nothing new.

I guess MiniMart's hit to break up the no-hitter yesterday made Charlie think he's hot. Or deserves to play today. Batting 2nd? I don't know, maybe because he's supposed to be fast? (Is he? I don't even know.)

Where has everyone seen this lineup for today? What is it? Is it the same standard, with Martinez in the two hole?

MG - exactly. Manuel went to do the lineup card, had a hole to fill for Victorino and filled in his replacement. There's no greater logic. He's done it many times before.

Mini-mart may be my least favorite Phillies futility player of all-time. (The rankings are heavily influenced by recent results so futility infielders of the 70s, 80s and 90s have lost their foul taste over time.) He'll probably remain at that place even after going 3 for 4, today, with a steal and 3 runs scored.

Mini-mart may be my least favorite Phillies futility player of all-time.

Desi Relaford.

For the record...

Jorge Posada is a complete and utter jack8ss for what he did yesterday. It tells me he's no better than a child who had his favorite toy taken away. He's old, ineffective and arrogant. I'd rather move on and let him sit out the rest of his career.

And none of the facts above are in dispute. That won't stop Jack from rushing to his defense. His defense would be stronger only if Posada were a Brave.

Wow, those numbers were almost identical.

Doc gets to face the Braves with no Heyward and no Chipper. Hudson gets to face the Phils with no Victorino and no Utley.

OK, we get it. Whites are evil. Play ball already.

Cue the complaints about swinging at the first pitch...

So, is Jimmy back in a funk again?

Cue national baseball announcers describing Polanco as a "professional" hitter.

Did I hear him say era vs ERA?

now we have a mini black hole in the top of the lineup.

Hugh: Eric Bruntlett is my least favorite Phillie of all time, and there isn't even a close 2nd. Offensively, Bruntlett may have been ever-so-slightly better than Mini-Mart, but that's like saying that a 50-below temperature is ever-so-slightly more tolerable than 45-below. They're both so extreme that any difference is meaningless. Defensively, Mini-Mart at least seems capable at several positions. Bruntlett was advertised as being versatile but he was horrible defensively at every position.

The tie-breaker, though, is that Mini-Mart is wretched but rarely plays, whereas Bruntlett was wretched and managed to play in 60% of the Phillies' games, and get 317 ABs, in his 2 years with the team. Plus, there was the endless aggravation of having to watch him come to the plate in critical late inning situations after Cholly had subbed him in for the defensively superior Pat Burrell in the 6th inning of a close game.

You're right that the foul taste diminishes with the passage of time, but a good 10 more years will have to pass before anyone can challenge Bruntlett as my most hated Phillie. It may even take 20.

Charlie strangely puts Mini Mart in the 2 hole. Fredi Gonzalez responds by putting Uggla in the 4 hole.

Rollins is in a defensive funk.

Doc looks good in the old powder blues. Like a right-handed Steve Carlton.

I love Fredi Gonzalez and his first inning bunts out of the 2 hole.

Where are our throw back helmets?

Man, I love when this team makes the opposing pitcher throw less than 10 pitches in the first inning. Never get tired of seeing that.

I wonder if Nate McClouth will ever be able to swing the bat again with a guy on base. It seems like Gonzalez bunts him every situation with a runner on base.

I'll guess that the Braves fans are happy with bunt happy Fred.

How hard would it be for the Phils ot replicate the fat P batting helmets?
Braves did it right. I'm waiting for Rowland Office, Jerry Royster and Bob Horner to bat.

Doc vs. Hudson on a nice Sunday afternoon and it's a sparse crowd. Braves fans s8ck.

Shocking... Dan Uggla strikes out.

Fredi Gonzalez: "So Roy Halladay is really good at getting batters out, right?"

Non-descript bench coach: "Yeah, skip.."

Fredi Gonzalez: "I've got an idea...let's just give him an out by bunting our second hitter after our leadoff hitter gets on. That'll throw 'em for a loop!!!"

Woo hoo! Nats up 6-0 on the Fish.

Good job by Mayberry to get the count back full after going 0-2.

Great plate appearance by Mayberry Jr. Laid off some tough pitches to work a walk.

Even better to work a walk.

joe l: I love half-assed throwback uniform days, don't you?

These Phillies uniforms look really good.

so does the phillies "authentic" game-used store. these unis will be on their racks soon.

Good for Chooch.

Yay, Chooch!

Swing hard this time Roy.

Someday J-Roll will become the first ballplayer to Pop or Fly Out weakly w/out ever even coming to the plate.

Martinez with a catch in CF and a hit. We can probably just go ahead and trade Shane Victorino now for a good corner OF.

@Hugh - the host team pays for the throwback uniforms. They didn't choose to spring for matching batting helmets.

We just cannot retire the opposing pitcher.

What's the deal?



The Phillies infield is really making Halladay pitch.

You can't assume a double play, but if the Braves score here, I'm putting this squarely on Rollins. His defense has been less than spectacular this year.

Great chat with Bud.

GJ Martinez. I hated on him before the game, but he's surprised me tonight. Granted that bar is just making the plays he should and some he needs to, he's doing it.

nice that wheels and tmac let selig off the maple bat controversy.

Don't worry, if Hudson leaves the game at all, some no name middle reliever will come in and shut the Phillies down for 3 innings.

Im using the radio for audio as usual, but I bet that talk between Bud, TMac, and Wheels is really enlightening.

MLB's shameless pimping of all things Jackie Robinson/Civil Rights-related has become more than a little bit nauseating. We get it, Bud: MLB isn't racist, & you're not racist. Hell, I'll bet some of your best friends are black! Thing is, the Civil Rights Movement was conceived & led as a righteous cause, not a lifeless business plan. You're embarrassing yourself, & quite possibly those you're awkwardly attempting to honor. Stop already.

Roy O will be activated on tuesday for.....Mathieson?
Contreras will be activated by the weekend for......Worley?
Assuming Victorino doesn't need DL, that gives the FO two tough choices at some point this year....Utley for probably Orr and Lidge for probably Baez.

Yeah, by the way Bud, do you think that maybe its difficult enough making good pitches to ML hitters without having to worry about getting a maple bat splitter stuck in my 8ss?

Will anyone score today?

And if Brown compels himself to the big leagues....he will probably come up at the expense of mini mart.

Mayberry's ABs are like a million times better than Ben Fran's lately.


Then he easily swipes second. FREE JM JR!

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