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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm just thankful today's pregame report wasn't presented by Amy Fadool's wardrobe. We'd all be blind.

Also, no mention of Stutes? Both Gelb & Zolecki Tweeted that he felt good throwing this afternoon, & hoped to be ready to play by Friday.

Rain is brutal in central PA. If we are sending it east, there will be no game at CBP tonight.

Hope SE: The Phillies appear convinced that Philly will remain largely rain-free this evening. They had better be correct, as 1.2 Innings of Hamels followed by a bullpen minus Worley & Stutes, & w/ Kendrick having pitched yesterday, is a recipe for a 5th straight Loss.

I am really pleasantly surprised to hear about Stutes. Almost never a slight injury when you hear the word 'oblique' mentioned for a pitcher.

No mention of the fact that Dom Brown's single now makes him tied for the LV Iron Pigs all-time leader in consecutive games with a hit streak (18, tied with Cervenak)?

But, by all means, let's make sure Ben Fran is getting his cuts.

I wish the Phillies would cut Francisco. With a knife.

GTown - Isn't a rain-free game of Hamels vs. hard-hitting Rockies, with expected run support of 0-2 runs from the Phillies offense, also a recipe for a 5th straight loss?

My mother (I'm from CO) called me this morning to ask "Go easy on the Rockies." Obviously, she's the most casual of baseball fans. Me: "Don't worry. The Phillies are in a funk right now."

I saw last night that Tulo & CarGo each have 9 RBIs in the last 7 games.

I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure our entire lineup combined has fewer than 9 RBIs in the past 7 games. Certainly fewer than the 18 Tulo & Cargo have combined for the Rockies.

Re: Preacher

Keep preaching! I'm glad Brown tied the LHV record but I have no interest in seeing him break it! I want him in the line up tomorrow! Actually I wanted him in the line up tonight.

Could there possibly be a less-newsworthy tweet than: "Brad Lidge didn't throw off mound today, may do it tomorrow?"

If so, I'm sure it's something along the lines of "Don Carmen not interested in refinancing his house," or something of that ilk.

TTI~ From the last thread. Thanks for answering my comment. I wasn't certain as to the entire jest of what I heard. I can't imagine RAJ being ok with what he's seeing. But the part I heard left me scratching my head.

Thre are 2 things I always say: If we hit we win, if not, we don't and bench players show eventually show why they're bench players. Sure enough, both events are happening now.

I imagine when everyone returns (if they do) we'll be fine. Does RAJ have a trick up his sleeve? Other than Utley being activated, I sure hope so.

Preacher: I always knew Don Carman was an idiot. If not now, when?

The radar does not look good,but they have texted everyone to the ballpark,they better play then....

Its May. Amaro can do little besides minor tinkering at this point. Wait until they get a bit more healthy and see what the team looks like come the later part of June & early July.

Hamels is a -155 favorite tonight. A bit surprised by that frankly even with De La Rosa subpar record vs. the Phils.

"1.2 Innings of Hamels followed by a bullpen minus Worley & Stutes, & w/ Kendrick having pitched yesterday, is a recipe for a 5th straight Loss."

Therein lies the sheer brilliance of Romero's outing yesterday. He knew we'd need bullpen arms tonight so, rather than tiring himself out with the usual 6-pitch walk, he simply ended matters on 1 pitch, thereby conserving his energy for tonight.

Hey, Mathieson should be available tonight, right?

Mathieson pitches the 8th.

I'd be pleasantly surprised about Stutes if I weren't so damned skeptical. I can almost feel Rube feeding Stutes the lines -- "You feel fine. Tell them there's no worry. You won't need the DL! YOU HEAR ME?!! No stinking disabled list!!"

The only thing missing is a pic of Stutes holding today's paper to convince us of the date.

stark said early next week for utley

Isn't the best bench player (Gload) the one who isn't getting a chance to play?
When Minimart gets his 2 hits tonight he'll be good for the rest of the year.He usually does ok when he starts,just can't pinch hit.

Matthew tweets "JC didn't give a sermon on the Mount today, maybe tomorrow?"

Nice tag, Placido!

Nice blog. I get plenty of visits to my blog, but even begging on facebook has gotten me no useful comments. I like the "curse often" recommendation, but I'm trying to be family-friendly myself. Maybe the comment cluster idea...

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