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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Calling Chris Frey,hello.

So to summarize:

Blanton remains unable distinguish between "eating innings" & "eating a pan full of bacon grease", Charlie still doesn't know what LOOGY stands for, Kendrick decided to emphatically remind us why he's so unpopular, Baez wides his already insurmountable lead as the most thoroughly awful player r00b has ever signed, Francisco continues to prove he's as useless as a hat full of busted assholes & Vic is hurt.

What a joy this game was to behold.

This was one of those games we really weren't expected to win. We didn't so its not a big deal.

Jurrjens kills us...always has.

Blanton was pitching pretty well when he was inexplicably pulled after 5 innings. He probably could have gone 6-7 innings giving up just that 2 runs.

GTown: You forgot that if Shane is hurt, Dom Brown can't help. Feel even worse now?

Yeah, I had no expectations of a win today. I know everybody hates Kendrick, but he has been good this year - relievers are going to give up runs over the course of a year and today was the day for him. However, Romero and Baez continue to suk and what good is Blanton if he only pitches 5 innings everytime out - too much money for that as Worley and Kendrick can do that.

I guess Victorino will be the next one on the DL given the hamstring problems today.

NEPP: (a) "... 6-7 innings giving up just ... 2 runs" doesn't sound anything like Joe Blanton, (b) the Phillies needed Mike freakin' Martinez to PH for Blanton in the 6th to break up the Perfect Game bid, (c) Blanton is pitching w/ an injury & (d) "... 6-7 innings giving up just ... 2 runs" doesn't sound anything like Joe Blanton.

Marv: I didn't forget, I just don't want to be thought of as one of those obnoxious, posters what always focuses on the negative aspects of the game.

Well, on the bright side, all the good bullpen pitchers, except for Feelthy Bastardo, got a day of rest. Go get 'em tomorrow!

Blanton still looks like he is quite a ways from 100%. He looked uncomfortable on the mound from the get go, topped out at 87 on his 4-seemer and was routinely at 85-86 on his 4-seemer and his sinker, and only through 5 4-seemer fastballs all day.

Pulling him after just 5 IP at just 74 pitches after a night the bullpen was used pretty heavily tells me that he is pitching through some real discomfort.

Puzzling why he was brought back right off the DL if he can even give you more than 5 IP.

"Marv: I didn't forget, I just don't want to be thought of as one of those obnoxious, posters what always focuses on the negative aspects of the game."

PPP, G-Town......PPP. :)

NEPP - Yeah. Lost 5-3. No big deal since they took the opener and have Halladay going tomorrow.

Hopefully Vic is just actually 'day-to-day' and not the typically unavailable for the next 3-4 days which often seems to be the case with Phils' players who are listed as DTD.

Braves announcers said today's game would be trouble because of the Phils' perfect record in day games. Do you think they believe that stuff or are they just funning?

I stepped away after the 7th to make lunch/dinner...what happened to Vic? Did he pull up lame or did he just get pulled between innings?

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Shane Victorino said he will not be able to play tomorrow. Maybe not for a couple days. Doesn't see a DL stint, but we'll see."

Phils didn't use Mathieson today and he has pitched 1 IP since he was called up on the 7th. Can't imagine what it will take for him to see time.

Phils' bullpen let them down today but overall this season it has been really good. This is probably the single most surprising development this season.

Large part of it is that they have had to only throw 97 1/3 IP coming into today and 39 2/3 of those were by Madson, Bastardo, and Contreras. Starting staff that leads MLB in 6.5 IP/GS and with 5 CG though helps too.

I still never thought they would get quality numbers and consistent production from the likes of a bullpen that included a mediocre corps of Stutes, KK, Romero, Baez, and the last guy in the pen (Herndon/Mathieson). So far they have but eventually you have to figure their mediocrity will begin to show through more though like it did today.

Dave- That definitely means he will be 'DTD' and unavailable except to PH until the later part of next week.

"Blanton still looks like he is quite a ways from 100%. He looked uncomfortable on the mound from the get go, topped out at 87 on his 4-seemer and was routinely at 85-86 on his 4-seemer and his sinker, and only through 5 4-seemer fastballs all day."

If this is a baseball fan writing, how can I give credence to anything he says when he writes "through" instead of "threw" and "seemer" rather than "seamer"?

If you look at the box score, you would be hard pressed to see how the Phils scored even 3 runs today with just 5 baserunners all day and no HRs.


Timely hitting, MG. :)

KHF - It not an English comp class or even a presentation. Its a sports blog. Ugh.

MG: Classic Phillies.

Dave - Yeah and it has been that way for the better part of a month where they are scoring well below even 4 runs/game.

Winning because the pitching is so ridiculously good (2.80 ERA in May coming into today) but you have to figure it will be hard for them to continue pitching that well.

KHF: Because it's a baseball fan, and fortunately there's no grammar/spelling entrance exam.

On the other hand, if you REALLY want to be incredulous, count the times "a lot" is spelled as one word.

Since April 8, averaging just 3.78 R/G including today.

Thought this team would be fine if they would average 4 R/G or even slightly more but hard to see them keep winning at this pace with such meager offense.

Phils have allowed just 3.13 R/G though since April 8. Pitching has been that good.

I use two different computers to post on BL. On one, misspelled words are highlighted. On the other, they are not. My weekend postings always look nicer than my weekday at work postings. I empathize with MG. This is not a grammar or typing blog. It's a sports blog to vent about the Phillies, not to criticize each other because we can't spell or type.

Right. Let's limit our attacks to calling one another "a moron" for having a different opinion.

Right on, STHS!

If my boss calls me an idiot because I screw up a typo on a presentation to a CEO or CSO, I care. Not so much on a blog.

A few days on Mini Mart coming up in CF

woops typo. Geez I'm an idiot. A few days 'of' Mini Mart coming up. Would be good if he turned into a Supermarket.

On second thought. We should see Mayberry out there in center for a while.

Tomahawk chopping redneck swine. They ought to just have a KKK Appreciation Game and get it over with.

How is this community supposed to take someone seriously who identifies themselves as "KHF" when the really meant "jer8off"? Is there anyway to discredit yourself more quickly on a blog, no matter it's topic, then to start attacking other posters for their grammer and spelling rather than dealing with the actual arguement?

so now we can have 6 sub .250 players in the lineup

Would it really be crazy to just toss Mayberry Jr in CF instead of Mini-Mart.

I know damn well UC will definitely start Mini Mart at least one of the games.

I think they win tomorrow.

Utley not playing in Clearwater tonight?

Is it another day off or is he up in Reading now?

"Would it really be crazy to just toss Mayberry Jr in CF instead of Mini-Mart.

I know damn well UC will definitely start Mini Mart at least one of the games."

I think Mayberry starts on Sunday. He homered off of Hudson last September and might have started in RF tomorrow anyway. I think Gload starts in RF tomorrow.

On Monday, its Westbrook in St. Louis. I think Mini Mart gets a start in CF, just for the hell of it. Francisco back in RF.

Be nice if Vic could be back by Tuesday against Garcia. Then, they could rest Ibanez and play Mayberry in LF.

Rockies should be throwing two RHP, in Jiminez and Chacin. So it would be nice to get Ibanez out of there again at some point in the next week. If Vic's out, that is going be very hard to do.

Vic has been there best everyday player this year. Losing him even for 4-5 games during a really tough part of the schedule would hurt.

My guess is Gload does not start with Halladay on the mound. Vic sitting on the bench is gonna hurt them all around.

You could easily argue that Vic is our most valuable position player due to his overall good offense and great defense at a key position...especially given our terrible defensive corner OFs.

Losing him is a big blow. An .863 OPS out of a great defensive CF is huge.

NEPP you could easily argue that because it is true. I'd have a hard time arguing for someone else.

Looking at Lehigh's roster, I dont even see who we'd call up if he were to go on the DL. Rich Thompson, a 32 year old AAA lifer is their current CF. Dom would make sense if he were actually healthy.

If Phils go for minors CF I think it would be Sullivan (though he is hitting terrible in LHV).
Even with being down and with few baserunners Phils made it a game.

NEPP - It would either be Sullivan or Young. My bet is Sullivan since he has played CF before. Neither guy is hitting a lick at Lehigh (Sullivan at .205 and Young at a .190) but the team as a whole isn't (.240)

Valdez can play CF too so between Mayberry, Francisco, Martinez and him, that's plenty of CF "depth". They could esaily call up another IF to make up for that I guess...though there are zero good options.

Brandon Moss is another possibility. He has MLB experience with both Boston and Pittsburgh and he's swinging a hot bat lately and pretty well overall with an .841 OPS on the season.

The only way I see the Phils winning tomorrow is if Lowe, Hudson and McDowell go out drinking tonight and get arrested making gay gestures at families or totalling a car.

ESPN Sports Science

They ran some numbers on DiMaggio's hit streak:

- OFs today are 10% smaller today (probably the only thing that helped)
- Pitching mound was 15 inches high in '41 vs. 10 inches today. Results in an increased 0.4% increase in the angle which doesn't sounds like much but mentioned it would likely add at least another 1-1.5 MPH at which a fastball arrived at the plate.
- They ran the odds with his season average and average plate appearances (which was slightly higher by about .20 PA/G than today) and the odds that DiMaggio had that 56-game hitting streak were .001%. Given that .20 PA/G decrease, players today would even be less likely (forget the exact odds).
- Basically said streaks are made to be broken but the overwhelming odds are that the DiMaggio hit streak will never be broken (kind of taking a cheap shot at the roids area with HRs).

Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest to ever play the game...He might just be the 2nd best CF in history behind Mays.

Tell me this:

Why is the over/under (6 1/2) less tomorrow than it was for Halladay/Johnson (7) earlier this week? Strange.


Braves' top relievers are getting used at a heavy clip:

- O'Flaherty is on pace to appear in 89 GP and throw 85 IP
- Venters is on pace to appear in 87 GP and throw 87 1/3 IP
- Kimbrel is on pace to appear in 75 GP and throw 71 2/3 IP

O'Flaherty and Venters have young arms but that is an incredibly grueling pace. Going to need to start using some of the less desirable relievers in more high-leverage spots.

Losing Beachy to that oblique is a big deal too. Said he felt a 'tearing sensation' and he is headed to the DL. I wouldn't be surprised if he missed at least a month & probably longer. He's been a big reason why the Braves' starters have a better ERA than the Phils.

Julio Teheran, Mike Minor or Rodrigo Lopez will replace him in the starting rotation. My bet is Minor even though he struggled a bit earlier this year.

Madson by comparison is on pace to pitch in 70 G and 70 IP

Bastardo is on pace to pitch in 64 G and 60 1/3 IP.

Dropped To 9th, Posada Asks Out Of Yankees Lineup

Whatever his motive(s), I'm not a fan of this arrogant little prick.

Well Thompson was on the short list for call-up last Sept. He's currently hot (3 hits, 2 SB so far tonight) bringing him to .274 with 14 stolen bags and solid defense.

The Phils won't call up anyone. Vic will stay on the roster but won't play for the next 2 weeks. On day 14, they'll finally put him on the DL.

Were it my call, Mayberry would play CF tomorrow & Gload would play RF. That's a horrific defensive OF but Halladay doesn't usually allow a lot of fly balls, so this would be the one game where they could most get away with it.

Posada is a complete and utter POS if that is true. Maybe your motivation for playing should be the ridiculously above market 4 year deal the Yankees gave you back in 08. They should just release him outright and call up Montero to DH and backup Martin. Montero has nothing left to learn in the Minors and he's not a whiny over the hill beyotch. He had an .870 OPS last year in a full year in AAA and he's batting .325 right now in Scranton. Make the move and let Posada earn his $13.1 Million salary at home.

b_a_p & NEPP: I agree w/ your thoughts/observations across the board.

The Yankees have paid Posada $104.4 Million over the past 17 seasons. I guess that isn't enough for her highness to swallow her pride and hit 9th. I ddn't care for the guy to begin with but this latest bit is just pathetic. I bet he retires shortly. He's batting a spectacular .165 on the season and he pulls this crap. Girardi must be pissed. I cant imagine Girardi ever liked him all that much to begin with as Posada was the major reason he was let go after 1999 season anyway.

If this is how he goes out, it will supersede his current legacy as a human rain delay behind the dish.

How many times did he go to the mound in the 6 games of the 09 WS? 7,349,233? Remember the ABs where he would go out literally between every pitch? How is that not against the rules as a delay of game anyway...just ridiculous.

I never had much of an opinion RE: Posada until the '09 World Series. Guy went out of his way to act like a flaming asstard, & in doing so showed his true colors. Personally, I hope he sticks around w/ the Yankees. Go ahead, be a distraction.

Rosenthal is reporting that it was "back stiffness", not just him sitting out as a beyotch. Of course, Cashman already publically said it wasn't injury related so I'm guessing this is damage control by Posada.

Were I the Yankees, I'd suspend Posada without pay. But I'm not the Yankees. You already knew that.

And for the latest installment of "Minute by Minute Analysys" of the baseball season, looks like Mini Mart is the hottest hitter on the team after hitting 1,000 today.

Yes, that's a joke. At this point, though, I think I'd put Mini Mart in right field everyday. He can't do much worse than Ben Francisco. I think Benny Fran hasn't actually squared up more than one ball per week since the first week of the season.

Too bad Orr can't play the outfield. At least he can run the bases like a crazy man.

He is the one Yankee I hate. I want the others to fail, of course, but I respect them--even A-Rod (though grudgingly). Posada has always been a d-bag

More roster thoughts . . .

When the Phillies called up Sardinha, it was supposed to be for only a few days. Given that timetable, it made sense to tab him over the much superior Erik Kratz on the theory that, if it's only a few days, it's not worth the risk of losing Kratz to waivers when we try to send him back down. But a few days has turned into a few weeks. Now, Schneider is on the DL and looking like he could be there for awhile. That's way too much time on the roster for a guy with career minor league splits of .217/.262/.331 (.593 OPS) -- especially since the backup catcher is the one bench player on the team who actually gets to start twice a week.

Kratz has some pop, hits for respectable average & draws a lot of walks. He's sporting a .974 OPS with 6 homeruns already this year, & his OPS was over .800 in each of the last 2 seasons. He also has a good throwing arm. There's absolutely no reason why he shouldn't be on the roster at this point over Sardinha. In fact, if the Phillies were to add him to the roster, they might soon discover that he's actually better than the guy they just put on the DL.

Pretty much exactly how I feel, Marv.

Rosenthal is reporting that it was "back stiffness", not just him sitting out as a beyotch.

Yeah. The fact that the Yankees already stated there was no health issue makes that a weak excuse. One also presumes that if Posada was intending to ask out because he felt he was hurting the team he might have done so before being dropped to 9th in the order. Jorge can suck it.

Posada stepped out once in the '09 WS without getting time, and one of the Phillies threw a strike. He whined to the ump like the baby he is.

They used to sell a tee-shirt outside Fenway with Posada number and "Lil Bitch" on the back. I always thought it was appropriate given how many times he would bitch & complain both at bat and behind the plate.

One of the reasons I really hated those late 90s Yanks along with O'Neil, Knoblauch, Jeff Nelson, Wells, and a few others. One of the easiest teams to 'dislike' in my book of the last 30 years.

Kratz is slumping badly in May, bap. He's posting a .200 AVG with a .273 OBP for the month. He's basically been terrible since Sardinha got the call over him. I wonder how much of it is just a normal slump and how much of it was massive disappointment that a .100 hitter was called up ahead of him.

Not sure I agree, MG. They played the right way, for the most part--except for Jose and Clemens. Brosius, Bernie Williams, Rivera, Jeter seemed like good guys. For some reason I've also always disliked Petitte.

Whoops. Jorge, not Jose

NEPP: It would have to be a truly epic slump to convince me that he's a worse drain on our lineup than Dane Sardinha. And he's actually having a good game today, including a homerun. Bottom line: he's hitting .277 with an OBP over .400. Small sample size, but he had an .875 OPS last year. Defensively, I don't think there's much difference between the two in terms of throwing arm.

He's still hitting for power even with the slump, bap. I can't imagine he'd be worse than Sardinha but I dont see them ever making the move.

Marv - Maybe because I always rooted for the Red Sox and they came up on the short end. I disliked Petitte but it was generally because he was money in big spots.

He was serious money. I always resented that he seemed to get all of the ouside home plate calls, like Glavine did.

It's ok when our guys get them, though.

NEPP: I don't see their making the switch either. But it does really gall me when I see the team suffering through colossal offensive struggles, while making no effort to put their 25 best players on the field.

There is no "reversion to career norms" argument that can be made on behalf of Dane Sardinha over Erik Kratz.

Ryan Vogelsong with a shutout for the WS Champ SF Giants. Crazy game.

With Victorino down does this mean Rich Thompson will rock the red pinstripes?

I do love Posada's wife and father going all out on twitter to try to explain Posada's "back stiffness". Word is the Yanks are considering suspension w/o pay and dealing with the inevitable union grievance...I'd love to see it.

Posada is one of those many "stars" who have it so great for so long that they develop a sense of entitlement, as opposed to remembering that they got where they are by actually performing on the field.

What an arrogant, petulant little fool.

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