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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We've haven't won a game this season when Utley has gotten a hit.

Team Cancer!

Lessons reinforced:

- Domonic Brown is major league ready.
- Charlie Manuel is irreplaceable.
- BL posters will continue to piss and moan about the Rule 5 Draft and the broadcast team.

You forgot:

Will Schwietzer is a pathetic troll who takes pleasure in the team failing.

Mea culpa to Charlie. Matt Gelb claims Gload was unavailable due to hip issues, in the long tradition of Phillies players who are NOT injured, mind you, but can't play, either.

Keep telling yourself that NEPP.

I love this team. I take pleasure in laughing at rude jackasses on the internet.

If there was one game the Phils were underdogs this series, this was it. Kind of surprised the Phils were actually favored tonight with Worley vs. Cueto.

Get'em tomorrow.

If he's hurt, DL him and bring someone up who's healthy.

BTW, how the hell did he injure himself? Did he fall off the end of the bench?

For a guy who doesn't see much PT the last year or so, Gload sure seems to get his share of minor ailments and injuries.

magelb tweets: Add Ross Gload to the list of injured. Wasn't available with hip issues says Charlie.
* * *
Mystery solved - for tonight, at least.

Tonight's loss is gonna make the Phillies' wasting of another solid Halladay outing tomorrow all that much harder to stomach.

Look I didn't know it was so controversial to say that most managers would save their best power threat off the bench for a chance where they could tie the game with one swing. I guess that doesn't fit with the "Charlie is a dottering old fool" dialogue, but that doesn't make it any less true.

The idea of using Mini Mart over Gload for that reason makes some sense.

Where it doesn't make sense tonight is that, if you get it to a chance to tie in the 9th who is Gload hitting for? For Gload to come up with a chance to tie it with a swing Polanco or Utley is up and even righty vs righty you aren't pinch hitting for Polly and you surely aren't pinch hitting for Utley.

So in that aspect you use Gload in that spot.

Now if you tie it in the 9th and Gload doesn't bat he is still available. If you tie it by using Gload that may mean in a spot further down the line you have Martinez batting in that pinch hitting spot.

I never once said I necessarily agreed with the decision. My contention is that there is a lot of thought that goes into the decision. But again- I know that doesn't fit the theme.

Samuel has made a couple of notable misreads the last few weeks on either stopping/sending guys coming to 3B and home.

Mistake tonight didn't cost them the game but it was a pretty poor misread. Wonder if he starts to second guess himself a bit more.

TTI - If Gload was available, it would have been a really dumb choice. I don't think Mini Mart sniffs an AB that inning though if Gload was unavailable. Much ado over nothing.

TTI- I do see what you're saying, but you're effectively shouting at the wind. People on here stupid enough to think that Manuel and RAJ are 'morons' don't have the mental capacity to think things through to that degree. They are essentially on autopilot with their 'Cholly is a fool' responses. There's nothing you can say to reason with idiots.

I guess UC had his reasons after all. Imagine that.

How bad does Martinez have to be for the FO to admit it was a mistake and send him back to the Nats (who would likely just decline him anyway)?

He's now at a .419 OPS. He's 7 for 37 with mediocre to terrible defense thanks to his "versatility". He has zero power and most of his hits have been seeing eye singles that sneak through.

Iceman and TTI - Yes Cholly would have been a fool tonight to send up Mini Mart instead of Gload in situation where you simply need baserunners down 3 runs. Top of the lineup was coming up.

Giving the crap hitting in the minors, fickleness of relief pitching, and the short term 'injuries' that occur during a baseball season, I am consistently amused by the quick roster moves proposed by the fanbase.

Concerning the use of Bastardo and Stutes with a 7 run lead... When Madson gives up 3 in an inning why risk losing a game when leading? Tonight was a tie game so try Herndon and wish for good luck, then the top 3 with an inning each where a run and win seems possible. If it goes extra then hope for the best again.

MG: My guess is that Gload is available and not injured. My bet would be Charlie looked at the first option I outlined there and decided to keep a bullet in the chamber just in case. Again, it's a move a lot of managers make whether it is "right" or not.

Iceman: I know. It's not even like I'm defending the move vehemently. I think some don't think it's criticism of a move unless you say, "Charlie is stoopid!!!!" I find it far more interesting to understand the process of a decision rather than jump to one extreme or the other.

TTI: Do you even bother to read posts not written by you? Charlie flat said Gload was not available. Are you now claiming he was lying because so few of us can comprehend the brilliance of his supposed "bullet in the chamber" theory?

And yes, Charlie & r00b (in this case, the latter) can be blithering idiots.

"The only time I've thrown in the last week is two bullpens. To get through five innings tonight ... I'm gassed." -Vance Worley

Blanton's fine & we're gonna keep Vance "stretched out" in AAA, eh, r00b? How'd that work out, ya jackass?

Gtown: Easy champ. I'm doing a few things on here and those posts came up while I was writing my 10:19 response and I didn't get a chance to read back through the thread.

Normally I make a habit of reading what people say in their responses. this one slipped through the cracks.

I doubt Cholly was lying about Gload.

TTI: Fair enough. Sorry for jumping on you like that.

I totally agree with the notion of keeping Herndon pitching one more inning. My guess is that UC didn't check the boxscores of LV when Herndon was pitching there, but if he had, he would have taken note that many of his outings went two innings and sometimes more. What a concept to pitch more than one inning. That is yet another circumstance, especially in a tight game, where UC could have saved his arms for an extended game.

Oh, well. The world will be a better place for us all after Roy Halliday pitches a masterpiece tomorrow.

David Hale (via @Twitter): "Gload was unavailable. Charlie says he doesn't think DL is likely."

Translation: Gload will sit on the Phillies' bench, unavailable, for 10 days, whereupon he'll be sent to the DL. So let it be written, so let it be done.

GTown, duly noted.

Wait, people were going to defend Charlie using Mini-Mart instead of Gload if Gload had been healthy? Seriously?

"MG: My guess is that Gload is available and not injured. My bet would be Charlie looked at the first option I outlined there and decided to keep a bullet in the chamber just in case. Again, it's a move a lot of managers make whether it is "right" or not."

This is not a move that a single manager makes down 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th with 1 out and the top of the order coming up.

Charlie going out of his way to clarify that Gload was hurt is basically his way of saying "of course I would have used Gload there, are you kidding?"

And yet people on BL actually were set to defend the use of Mini-Mart. Amazing. They thought they were defending Charlie and as it turns out, Charlie probably thinks that would be insane.

I'm glad that after a 6-3 loss, 90% of the conversation revolves around the managers choice of shitty pinch hitters.

"I'm glad that after a 6-3 loss, 90% of the conversation revolves around the managers choice of shitty pinch hitters."

Yeah. It distracts from the regular obnoxious blathering that goes on here. There hasn't been a comment posted yet on this site that's been worth the time it took to read it...from anyone.

Where did anyone defend using Mini Mart over Gload? Did anyone say that was the absolute right choice?

This is not a move that a single manager makes down 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th with 1 out and the top of the order coming up.

MG: This is simply false. I've even seen the guys considered resident geniuses on here (LaRussa and Joe Maddon) do it. Not every manager does it, but there are quite a few that do. There have been quite a few that have done it over the history of baseball. It's not like Charlie is doing a strategy that only he thinks is legitimate.

TTI: I'm sorry. But I cannot imagine a single manager in that situation that wouldn't use a healthy Gload instead of Mini-Mart. Unless you had some crazy sample like Mini-Mart was 19 for 20 off that pitcher with 16 HRs, it just wouldn't make any sense.

Charlie basically admitted as much when he clarified that Gload was injured. It seems clear to me that he would've used Gload, as he should have, despite your trying to conjure up some wild theory to defend him. He probably would laugh if you told him that.

Barry Bonds, worst person in the world?

Paying for the beaten Giants' fan's kids to go to school. But he took steroids, which means he must be a horrible scumbag.

Jack: Shameless publicity grab to help improve his image in advance of the inevitable Hall of Fame debate.

Jack: It wasn't defending Charlie. Prior to us knowing that Gload was hurt I put up a post that looked at both sides of the issue and the thought process. As I said, I'm far more interested in the thought process than "Charlie is a fool" analysis.

I did provide some thoughts as to why you use Gload in that spot (again, provided he was healthy). I never said I thought it was the right decision- only that it is a stock decision for quite a few managers. I said there are reasons to do it both ways I'm sure any number of managers would rationalize the decision any number of ways.

There hasn't been a comment posted yet on this site that's been worth the time it took to read it...from anyone.

Posted by: Will Schweitzer | Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 10:53 PM

Will - Don't let me hit you in the ass on your way out.

Gtown: If you read the story, Bonds did it a month ago and didn't publicize it all. The family's lawyer randomly brought it up today.

I don't think it is one, but even if it were a publicity grab, does that really matter? The dude did a nice thing. Thought that was worth pointing out given that all you hear about him on here and elsewhere is that he's the worst person on earth, just because he likely took PEDs that helped him play baseball.

TTI: My point was that your thought process isn't actually what managers use. I disagree that any manager in their right mind would have done what you proposed.

I could probably come up with a "thought process" that makes sense to start Joe Blanton instead of Roy Halladay in Game 1 of a World Series. Would it be worth reading? Of course not, because it's absurd.

I love good debates. But there isn't one here.

Jack: I know. I was just being a smartass. Feeling riled up tonight for some reason. Anyway, I'm sure that man's family doesn't care what, if any, ulterior motives Bonds has, & it is nice to see something good come out of a thoroughly horrible situation.

You never feel good after a loss, but tonight I did not have that awful, sinking feeling of having watched a really good, but wasted, pitching performance because the Phils couldn't scratch out 2 or 3 runs. Worley pitched decently but not superlatively, and Madson imploded. It was coming, it happens. Worley learned some things and Madson will bounce back.

The offense problems aren't "cured", but the lineup is more balanced and a run or two somehow does not seem like an insurmountable gap. Hope the trend improves tomorrow. Give Halladay 3-4 runs and you can almost bank it.

Jack: I said there is a thought process for using Mini Mart and there is a thought process for using Gload. I outlined why you would use Gload and why you wouldn't. That's what I mean about the thought process behind the decision rather than just going into the "Charlie is a dummy" logic that was happening. I know it flies in the face of Beerleaguer conventional wisdom that Charlie actually thinks about things but I'd venture my side is a lot closer to being accurate.

Understand- regardless if I agree or disagree with a manager's decision (or any decision for that matter) I'm far more interested in the thought that went into that decision than the decision itself. I'm more curious how people arrive at their decisions. Also, I think that leads to a legitimate disagreement rather than just saying, "Stoopid Charlie!!!"

And, because I don't think you have grasped this yet, I would've hit Gload in that spot tonight.

Also- go ahead and make up a thought process argument about starting Blanton over Halladay in Game 1 of the World Series.

Jack, I don't think anyone, even me, the world's biggest UC apologist, would defend him using Mini Mart over Gload, but it does make sense to not jump to conclusions about why UC makes his moves.

I don't jump to conclusions, Old Phan, the conclusions jump to me.

Grown, regardless of one's feelings for UC, you have to admit that everyone thought he had lost his mind for not using Gload, but everyone was wrong.

Old Phan: And I admitted as much early in this thread. Still, I can't help but feel Charlie invites these doubts w/ his ... unorthodox ... past choices. I mean, really, "the wind"?

Debating whether "any manager would have batted Mini-Mart for Gload" is like debating religion. Neither side can ever prove he/she is right. Suffice it to say that, if there's a manager out there who would actually bat Mini-Mart over a healthy Ross Gload in that situation, that manager would have to be a total knuckle-head.

Yes, that is strange, but he is a strange feller.

"everyone thought he had lost his mind for not using Gload, but everyone was wrong."

Yes, Gload's injury absolves Cholly of wrongdoing in this particular situation. Unfortunately, it doesn't absolve T-Mac, who -- unaware of Gload's injury -- actually attempted to defend the move on tactical grounds.

I guess it's more up to Wheels or LA (or Ricky Bo) to question those decisions.

Wheels locked himself in the bathroom of a bus. He might not be the best candidate ...

That's only because he dropped his rug on the floor.

Wheels also managed to get his birth date wrong. In his own autobiography.

Forgot this stuff.

This just in....Whatever it takes, Dude!

"Nails" tried to spring Doc Gooden from rehab!!!

Doc Gooden, what a sad story.
Nails, however, is just a buffoon.

How many times is Gload going to get hurt this year and be "unavailable" in a game?

On Dom...

He now has 72 major league AB's. He has 14 hits. That is a .194 average. He has struck out a staggering 27 times, in those 72 AB's. And he has just 6 walks. I don't know what he is hitting against LHP, but it can't be good.

I get that its a small sample size. But Dom hasn't exactly done much. Add in the fact, that he is a horrible outfielder (could give Francisco a run for his money) and a poor baserunner, and you should have some big worries about him long-term.

I hope he gets a chance to play regularly against RHP for a while. Maybe he starts to get into a rythem. I think he's the type of player, that once he "gets it", he takes off. Just like he did in each rung of the system. But to this point, he's been a disappointment. To say otherwise, isn't being fair. Not when you see guys like this Turner kid come up and do well with the Mets. And Heyward last year with the Bravos. And Stanton with the Marlins. Brown was supposed to be right in line with the best prospects in the game. Still are waiting to see that talent translate in the bigs. Its gotta come soon, doesn't it?

I think we have an intersting little battle going on now for those 4th and 5th OF spots, once Vic gets back.

Or will the FO do the RIGHT thing, and send Martinez back to Washington's AAA team where he belongs? If you want your most talented roster, you keep Brown, Mayberry and Francisco on it together, with Vic and Ibanez. Those 5 guys can all help you win games in 2011. Some of their roles will expand and decrease throughout the season, based on injuries, production and matchups. But all will be needed (and have been already).

With Vic's injury history (which is, he can get injured at the drop of a hat) and Ibanez's age and "streakiness", and the fact that both Brown and Francisco are, to be kind, defensively-challenged, you almost have to keep Mayberry here. No matter what he does at the plate. He's your only legit backup CF.

You have to keep both RFD and Francisco, because when one of them starts, the other one is the ONLY legit RH bat on the bench.

A couple of thoughts on Mayberry. #1, as someone pointed out earlier, does anyone on the team take more 1st pitches then him? I bet he hasn't swung at more then 4 1st pitches all year. Pitchers are just pouring fastballs right down the middle against him. And he won't change his approach. Especially against a RHP, he needs to start swinging earlier in the count.

The 2nd thing, is his stance his getting more and more open. Why has he started hitting this way? As tall as he is and with the way he loves to extend his arms, pitchers are always going to try and tie him up inside. Fastballs in and off-speed away. The more he opens up, the more he has become almost a dead pull hitter. He has the ability to hit the ball hard to the oppo field. But he has become way too pull conscious.

The best thing he has done at the plate, is take more walks and cut down on strikeouts. His bat has gone cold now (just like its gone cold for everyone on this roster outside of Polly this year), but he'll get going again. He'll face 3 lefty's in the next 5 games (Wood, Capuano and Niese) and should be able to get some confidence back.

We must remember, all things considered, he's done a really good job this year. In my quarter season grades, I gave him an A-

You wonder what Gross does with some of these guys? I don't see a lot of adjustments being made by any of the hitters on this team.

I smell a phantom injury for Gload when Vic comes back, to buy time to sort out the OF, and keep mini-mart till they see how Utley holds up.

denny b. -- Do you get paid to write about baseball? Nice article-style post. Stanton looks scary good at times. Regardless of the accolades, Dom Brown simply hasn't produced anything close to what's needed.

And another thing:

You wonder what Gross does with some of these guys? I don't see a lot of adjustments being made by any of the hitters on this team.

Not a peep about this. Even in the midst of a colossal power outage. Why does Mayberry continue to take strike 1, as Harry might say, "...right down Broadway"?

For this team not to squander a $200mm pitching investment, they must do the little things right. And offensively, they don't, seemingly in a chronic fashion.

If you want to compare Brown to Mike Stanton, you should go look at Stanton's first 72 or so ABs. He was hitting in the low .200s, and playing every day.

After a couple of months he was still hitting in the .230s.

It wasn't until September he got into .250s territory.

Contreras has been the better closer. That's why I voted for him.

Though he had a gaffe in the field, the walk that Brown worked in a fantastic at bat after going down 0-2 on a terrible call was pretty impressive. He could have easily started chasing out of the zone after that call, but didn't. That's a good sign.

If they are going to continue this trial by fire for Brown, I am now of the mind that Gload goes the way of the Finkasaurus when Vic is ready. I like a guy who plays likes the first few years of Dobbs but Rolen-like soreness and Stairsian fielding flexibility makes me like him less and less.
I am still kinda in the PPP regarding the disrepect shown to Orr while keeping Billy Marti (Minimart) in the show.

Also- go ahead and make up a thought process argument about starting Blanton over Halladay in Game 1 of the World Series.

Posted by: The Truth Injection | Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 11:39 PM

So someone has done it...

Random stuff- McCarthy (and anyone else) defending Manuel on using MiniMart in the 9th was pathetic. I'm wondering how he got hurt as it wasn't likely game-related.

Herndon rose to hte occasion - he must not want to go back to LV today.

Howard leads off too many innings. Although he's in scoring position leading off, I'd like to see Manuel hit him 3d some time just to get him more at bats.

Worley impressed some with his makeup in that 5th inning. He got squeezed and there were a couple dink hits but, he didn't lose his composure. Sweats like crazy, though. Ruiz called a good game, too. K on Bruce was huge and, limiting the reds to 2 runs when facing 8 batters in an inning is a draw. Worley eats fewer innings than Blanton, though.

Speaking of dink hits, I'm not sure that Mayberry doesn't get to those 2 balls that Brown fielded on a hop. I'm not even sure that Francisco doesn't get to one of them. Would have made a big difference there.

Ibanez has looked good even on many of his outs.

Madson hurt himself fielding - a serious wound. Letting that fastball to Bruce drift over the heart of the plate was a mortal wound. That was inevitable given the slobber spread on these pages earlier in the day.

Okay, that wasn't my obligatory clout impersonation. That was my attempt to post something longer than denny b.

grandpa - is Billy Marti related to Billy Barty?

I blame JW for this loss. He completely jinxed Madson. This is the 7 or 8th loss than can squarely be put on his shoulders.

"Sweats like crazy, though."

NOBODY sweats like Vicente Padilla.

Worley sweats like Patrick Ewing on Jeopardy.

Phils still ahead in run differential (+1). That's all I really care about.

The question is, if Brown continues to struggle like Stanton did last year, are the Phillies still going to trot him out there every single day so that he can learn?

Or are they going to start to heavily platoon him, and/or send him to AAA?

Brown has had an inordinate number of prime opportunities to make a splash wiht his bat but, hasn't. Still, I think he shows some decent plate discipline and the potential to be a real slugger. With the roster math the way it is, though, I'm inclined to think that, everything else being equal, he needs to make an impact in the next week or so or he's going back down when Vic gets better.

Heather: I think Brown may already be heavily platooned.

Biggest thing I took out of this game was Worley battled a tough lineup and kept the Phils in the game without having his best control.

He walked 4 guys in 5 innings and got burnt by about 3 seeing eye popups. He showed pretty decent composure to limit the damage and kept the pressure on the hitters by never shying away from throwing his fastball for a strike.

I'll take that moral victory away from tonight's game since it is sounding more and more likley that Blanton might be on the DL for a long time.

Brown needs ABs at the MLB level. Getting on him 12 PA into the season is just ridiculous.

He's shown some nice flashes at the plate so far.

Say he goes 3 for 4 tonight...suddenly he's batting .286 and everyone is happy.

NEPP - he won't play tonight though. Wood is a lefty.

Anyone else notice how much Brown's feet are moving at the plate?

Every pitch - whethers its looking or swinging - he ends up outside of the batters box. Just doesn't look right, like he's constantly off balance and barely staying upright while the pitcher delivers and once the pitch goes by he finally tips over to whever his weight was leaning.

Starting to annoy me - I haven't seen my much film of his minor league ABs - is that just how he hits, always leaning into the pitch?

"Brown has had an inordinate number of prime opportunities to make a splash wiht his bat but, hasn't."

An inordinate number? He hasn't even gotten a good 75 PA run without being jerked around. I don't know if he'll be just another guy or a star, but with his usage so far, we have nothing to go on.

Give Dom Brown ABs and playing time. You need to give young talent some time, you need to have some patience. There are a exceptional few who come in and put up big numbers in their first seasons, but they are rare. There are also a lot of exceptional players who weren't all that exceptional their first year or even their first few years.

Dom Brown has already shown he can hit AAA pitching. There isn't really much more for him to learn down there, he needs to see major league pitching to learn how to hit major league pitching.

Exactly correct NEPP about Brown.

That is why its dangerous to look at BA only. To look at the batting averages, you'd think Ibanez has been on the better hitters on the team this year.

I think Brown will be fine. They need him to get something going in the 2nd half of the season.

What are the chances that Ibanez, Vic, Brown, Francisco and Mayberry are all on the roster together in a couple of weeks? They almost have to be, don't they? That's your best group.

It would counter-productive to keep Martinez when Vic gets back. He adds nothing. Valdez is your backup infielder. Orr is the organizational depth being kept at AAA, should Polly, Rollins or Utley have a problem. Gload is your primary lefty bat off the pine. Brown will be available on nights he doesn't start in RF. Benny and RFD will be the primary bats off the bench from the right side. Both will get starts in the OF, mostly against LHP.

This is the way they have to go, isn't it?

The NL East has been very competitive so far this year. Based on ESPN's Relative Power Index, 3 of the top 4 teams are in the NL East:
1. Cleveland
2. Philadelphia
3. Florida
4. Atlanta

The basic formula for ESPN's RPI is:
25% team winning percentage, 50% opponents' average winning percentage, and 25% opponents' opponents' average winning percentage.

While the Phillies remain in first place, the Marlins and Braves are going to push them all year. There are benefits to this, including the Phillies' reputed penchant for playing better with their backs against the wall. However, one of the downsides could be that it prevents Charlie to give much rope to non-veteran players like Brown and Mayberry unless they make an immediate impact offensively and/or defensively. Ideally, the Phillies can continue to lead the NL East pack while not stifling the growth of players like Brown and Mayberry.

The balancing act Phillies' FO and Charlie have in terms of winning, short-term and long-term player development/management, and injury-risk management within the context of relative success to others in the NL East is no easy task - and no matter what Beerleaguers or other peanut gallery managers may say, judgment placed upon decisions is foolhardy because of the complete lack of identifiable causality and the source of endless debate.

Thanks Beerleaguer for providing a forum for these nuanced debates. And thanks to those who bring great information to these discussions -- reading Beerleaguer is most always a pleasure.

"grandpa - is Billy Marti related to Billy Barty?"

Hugh, I thought about it the other day while feeding the dog and kid. I think MiniMart is so passe. The guy is short, they got him playing all over the diamond and obviously the FO thinks he needs to be there for the long haul...Billy Marti was born!

By the way, I think Jack is a great stalwart Beerleaguer but the irrational defense of all juicers especially Barry Lamar is absurd. I respect that he (Barry) did this but it is obvious the guy is still a Class A turd.

Out of curiosity, I went to Baseball Reference and took a look at what some other hitters did early in their careers.

Miguel Cabrera, 25 games, 100 PA, 4 HR, .222/.290/.456, OPS of .746

Chase Utley, 25 games, 102 PA, 5 HR, .235/.265/.449, OPS of .714

Ryan Howard, 1st 25 games of 2005, 90 PA, 5 HR, .238/.311/.475, OPS of .786

So there are 3 examples of early production at the plate by young talented players who have gone on to be big hitters in the major leagues.

I don't want to jinx it, but through 48 games Howard hasn't made a single error. Worth talking about I think

TNA, if you look at Baseball-reference's SRS (simple rating system), the NL East easily grades out as the best division in baseball.

Scratch - those numbers are inconsequential. What matters is that Brown has 14 hits in 70 plus ABs. The guy stinks! He has no future here. Trade him now!

My boss just told me that Worley spouted off last night about being used sparingly and that's why he was gassed after 5 last night. Did he really throw the FO under the bus?

I don't think he "threw the FO under the bus". He would probably agree that the FO handled things as well as they could have. They needed a starter tonight, and Worley was the logical choice. But due to the confluence of events, it worked out in such a way that Worley only got to throw bullpens over the last week, and didn't throw in a game. I think Worley was just outlining the facts and giving some insight into why he was gassed in only the 5th inning.

I read Worley's comments and it didn't seem like he threw the FO under the bus. He was explaining why he was gassed and he said that last night was the most pitches he's thrown in a while due to his previous outings not lasting that long.

IMHO, he did not assign blame or anything like that, or sound testy, just kind of matter of fact.

I guess what's I'm saying is that it could only be construed as throwing them under the bus if reciting the facts constitutes throwing someone under the bus.

"An inordinate number? He hasn't even gotten a good 75 PA run without being jerked around."

I'm not making a judgment as to Brown's ability or his performance. I think he's a legit hitter but, he's a raw player. He got promoted due to an injury. My sense is that Martinez's "utility" gets him an exemption from getting cut when Victorino returns. I think he should go but, don't think he will. If I'm right, somebody has to go who probably doesn't deserve it. All I'm saying is Brown needs to force the team to keep him with his bat. Otherwise, Mayberry's glove and legs give him the edge.

I hope I'm wrong and they carry 6 OFs and 1 Utility infielder. If you get two guys hurt in a given game, you plug Ruiz in and then you call Orr back the next game, if the need is there. Still, the roster math is pretty complicated.

As for "inordinate number", my unscientific mental tally has him with a goodly number more ducks on the pond in these last few games than anyone else on the team. Clearing the bases once or twice might be what Manuel needs to win an argument over keeping him.

"my unscientific mental tally has him with a goodly number more ducks on the pond in these last few games than anyone else on the team"

one of those time he lined out to left, on play Howard should have been able to score on; another time, he hit a deep fly out to center, that Ibanez did score on... granted, it would have been better if those balls had dropped or traveled further, but that's hard to criticize

Hugh: You are correct.

DOM has 12 PA this year, 11 have come with men on and 7 have come with RISP.

I'm with Hugh, im not bashing his future or anything, i'm just disappointed he hasnt made a lil better use of all those situations.

It's not a criticism. I like what he's shown so far, at least at the plate.

"I'm wondering how he got hurt as it wasn't likely game-related."

It's his hip, right? Maybe he was one of the swivel hips Elvis impersonators on the Billboard awards show the other night.

Fatalotti and Heather - thanks. I wasn't sure of the context of his comments. Thought it would be weird for a young guy like him to bash the FO this early.

what exactly are the chances that 2 of Utley, Polly, and/or Rollins get hurt in the same game? Do we really have to carry 2 weak hitting utility infielders?

And that is the point, Jbird. My answer is a resounding no. It should be either Valdez or Martinez. I've never seen a utility player so inept at so many aspects of the game as MM. What, you say? How about Eric Bruntlett? Good point. Almost forgot about him.

Yes, MM has to be returned to the Nats.

Madson was going to get scored on sooner or later, I'd much rather it be in a tie game as opposed to a save situation which would hurt so much more.

This freaking offense is the prob again, blown opportunities throughout (the Reds too). The pitching kept them in the game and they couldn't plate another run. It is so obvious that Rollins has lost a step (or two) with the play at the plate and the stories of him getting a bad jump and the Votto diving stop where he was out by a mile. I can't wait to get Vic back, let DOM learn the ropes in the 8 slot - he isn't tearing it up, but there is no better option and his upside is greater than Benny or Mayberry.

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