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Friday, May 20, 2011


Brown. Absolutely & unequivocally. And why would it not be possible to use him everyday in Philadelphia? The entire team sucks out loud right now. If Dom struggles it's hardly like he'll be the glaring exception. The Phillies are a team built to win NOW, their OF situation has been a shambles of incompetence all season & Domonic Brown is their top prospect. I can't imagine a better time to bring him up & let him start every day. If he struggles, so be it. Eventually you have to take the training wheels off & let a kid learn to ride.

RE: Utley

When his Minor League rehab stint is complete, bring Chase up & release Danys Baez. The team has absolutely no use for him.

If it's Moss, who does he replace on the 40 man?

Charlie is playing Mini Mart so much to send a message to Rube?

I didn't know we were playing a game to see who could say the craziest thing on teh blog today. And on the day before the world ends.

How could it not be Brown? What are we waiting for? It has to be an upgrade. Why couldn't they use him everyday? These other guys are not scaring anyone.

Dom Brown, no question. He'll probably hit better than Ibanez and Francisco, and will certainly hit better than Martinez. Give Brown the chance to play at the ML level and learn the pitchers here. He's proven he can hit AAA pitching, he's proven he can hit AAA pitching better than Delwyn Young or Michael Martinez.

He's the best bat the Phils have available and the Phils offense is near the worst in the NL.

It's not even something that one should even have to think about all that hard.

Belliard can hit, but his range is limited on the field. He's getting older and slower.

Young has done well for the Ironpigs but is sporadic at times.

Moss would be a good fit. Great clutch hitter.

I'm going to add switch hitting and speedy Rich Thompson to this list. He's 16 for 16 in stolen bases and has been walking a lot lately. While not a starter, he could give the Phillies a late speed boost or defensive replacement in games.

Looked back at last year's schedule/results to see how it compared. Same exact record (26-17), lead was 2 games bigger, and they were in the midst of a 5 game losing streak that included the 3 straight shutouts in Queens. Deja va all over again.

I think this is the perfect opportunity for the FO to take a chance with Brown. If he's healthy, I think it's time. He'll be able to get plenty of ABs due to the injuries, rather than bringing him up in September, where he'd ride the bench and get a few ABs per week. Not necessarily sink or swim time, but getting him ABs is important. Right now, they'll be able to give him significant playing time without taking ABs away form someone who is hitting the ball well.

Brown is the only one on that list with the potential to help this hideous offense. Plus, we've absolute got to see what we can get from him and it has to happen before trade season starts. If he hits as he did last year, then there's simply no doubt we're going to have to make a big trade. We need to know now.

Sounds like Rube wants to bring Brown and Utley up together. Neither would have to assume the "savior" role, a role neither is equipped to fill.

Matt Rizzotti Era!

We don't need saviors. We just need a couple of ballplayers who have talent to hit the baseball. We can start with Dom Brown.

If they absolutely refuse to go with Dom Brown, they should use Rich Thompson. He can play CF, he's hitting well and he has good speed.

See what Brown can do for us!!!!!!!

Remember, McFaddens at the Ballpark tonight. 7-9 Happy Hour, $3 drinks!!! Just say you're there for Steve's Happy Hour!!! See you Beerleaguers there!

If this roster gets much more sorry looking, they're going to have to do ten cent beer night

DOM in RF, Mayberry in CF, and Francisco/Ibanez platoon in LF.

Brown still has relatively little experience at AAA. No matter how BLers whine, if management think he needs more seasoning that's what the FO will do.

What's funniest about this is that last year the same suspects whined incessantly about Brown getting called up, and indeed it turned out that he wasn't ready.

The only explanation is that some Phillies fans wipe their brains completely clean at the start of every season.

And even if Brown is called up and he performs at a higher level than Ibanez and/or BennyFran, how much of a difference will that make, really? From the constant whining you'd think it would be the difference between a 100 win team and a 60 win team.

The team has injuries. In a few weeks, they'll have Vic, Utley, Lidge, Contraras, and Blanton back on board. Relax, folks. It's a long season and at this rate you're going to run out of hankies before the All-Star break.

Would it be Dom Brown had he not had the thumb issue?

Bob Dernier.

The notion that Charlie is playing Martinez to send a message to Amaro is just plain stupid. This is the same guy that went off on reporters when asked if he'd rest guys before the playoffs. "The object is to win the damn game." Or something to that effect. Game 1 = game 162 in Charlie's eyes.

phlipper: What is ready? The point is that Dom Brown has NOTHING more to prove at AAA and, frankly, can't really get "better" there. He needs to be on a major league roster seeing major league pitching. Chase Utley wasn't "ready" in 2003. I think that worked out just fine.

Phlipper: so what would you do, only carry 24 players?

Nobody from the FO will listen to to what we think, but one interesting thing about Thompson’s numbers this year is that he’s hitting 60pts higher (.306/.794 OPS) against lefties this year than righties (.246). Small sample size, less then 100 ab, bla bla bla but it’s a good place from him to be. While the Phillies are happy with their current lead-off, Rich’s .403 OBP is outstanding ……………like early last year (when he was sent down to Reading) the guy’s having another IL all-star quality year. He leads the IL in stolen bases and plays outstanding defense. The best center fielder you've never heard of.

Speaking of injuries... we dodge both Hamilton and Cruz this weekend.

Also... Marlins face a good Rays team and the Braves are in California to play the Angels. Seems like our tough stretch has been buffeted from some tough opponents for the Fish and Braves (as well as some poor play by them at times).

I really can't see Rich Thompson, dudes.

There are things that Cholly does that are puzzling (hitting Mini Mart No. 2 in the lineup) but he isn't playing him to 'send a message to Amaro'

He is playing him because it is a slumping Mayberry or Mini Mart in CF with Vic out. That's it.

Why is it such a big deal to call up minor leaguers here? Plenty of teams have a need and call up kids. Sure, there are some teams that keep them down to help with later arbitration, but isn't that issue far enough down the road that there will be money available if Rube hasn't spend t all on CC Sabathia or something?

This really makes me angry about "the bunt" and yesterday made me furious about "the option" of vance worley.. Cut Baez already....that man STINKS

Will S. Actually said last thread that he hopes he's wrong and that Utleys and brown save the offense. I call bullsh8t. He would HATE that. I'm reall starting to think he's just a troll or a mets fan. It's getting comical.

What about K-K-K-Kevin in that Yokohama Phillies jersey? He's been knocking dingers left and right.

Actually, I think that's how we ended up with Mini-Mart in the first place. Someone check his tires.

Braves played the Astros and D'backs after playing us. Not really a tough stretch of opponents. Marlins played Nats, Mets and Cubs after playing us.

They've been playing teams that would have us yelling "Doesn't count!" after every win.

Derek Mitchell is a fringe prospect, plays CF for Reading. Not advocating for him to get a call up, just mentioning him as a darkhorse I guess. Has some potential, shows moderate pop for a CF.

A change of scenery might be just the tonic for a young, toolsy Anthony Hewitt.

phlipper: And how is Domonic Brown worse off for having been called up last year at a time when he wasn't quite ready?

"And even if Brown is called up and he performs at a higher level than Ibanez and/or BennyFran, how much of a difference will that make, really?"

Quite honestly, it will make very little difference if Howard, Rollins, & Polanco continue to stink it up. But you don't pass up the chance to make an upgrade on the ground that it won't improve the team enough.

EFF: Exactly...

Braves vs. Stros and D-Backs: 3-2
Marlins vs. Nats, Mets and Cubs: 3-3.

Here's my question on Dom Brown...

What more does he gain at AAA?

I wouldn't say Brown showed he wasn't ready last year, he didn't really get many ABs with any consistency. Too small a sample.

CJ: I think its more that DOM hasn't played much in 2011 period, not much the level of competition. He missed 80% of spring training and now has only played 11 games in the minors.

this is the perfect storm scenario to call up Dom. i agree w/ lorecore - Brown in RF, Mayberry in CF, Ibanez/Francisco platoon in left.

Dom should come up. It's a really low bar, but he could play with his eyes closed and still out produce Ibanez & Francisco at the plate, on the base paths, and in the field.

lorecore: And he's raking in the minors. He'll probably have more at bats than Chase will have by the time Chase comes up.

I just don't believe there is anything more to be gained at AAA.

lorecore: and yet. . . he's crushing the ball. So we should wait till he slumps to call him up?

Is Brown's defense worth it alone? Probably not much over Mayberry, but he's got a better arm than Ibanez (at this point, so does my grandmother) and more range than Ibanez and Francisco put together.

I agree with CJ to a point. Sure, maybe there's something he still needs to learn in AAA. But what are the odds he's going to learn it in the next few weeks?

The kid is a great prospect. And great prospects are not a fine wine, left to age in the cellar. They are young players who have to sink or swim at some point. Over the last few years, the Phillies have shed the reputation they've had for bringing players through the system too slowly. They let Utley and Howard marinate in the minors about a year too long for each.

There is no reason to keep Domonic Brown in AAA any longer. They need him in the majors and if he struggles so what? Does Rube really want to watch his lousy singles hitter in left or his complete non-hitter/fielder in right continue to flail and fail?

joe: I'm not sure where you're coming up with the idea that Brown would be a defensive upgrade. He does have a great arm but, from what I saw of his defense last year, it was horrid.

I am for Brown up.
And he needs to play everyday.

Braves were 2-2 vs Stros and D'backs, not 3-2. And 1-2 vs the Nats in the series before the one vs Phils.

i'm sure this isn't surprising to anyone here, but the phils are dead last in MLB in doubles.

Jbird/CJ: Hey I'm on your side, bring up DOM.

I am just saying the argument against him is not that he needs more reps atAAA, but that he's had very limited plate appearences in general.

They could be working on something with him - like his subpar defense or his batting stance - that they want him to practice for a certain amount of time before he is brought up to the majors.

Snippet from my morning blog entry-

According to the omnipotent Ruben Amaro Jr., Domonic Brown is "not ready to do it". Shut the front door!

Yes, Domonic Brown, one of the top rated prospects in all of baseball over the last few years is not ready. Domonic Brown who is currently batting .341/.968 in Triple-A right now is not ready. Domonic Brown who has dominated AA and AAA over the past two seasons is not ready. Yeah, okay.

Yet, Michael Martinez, who has never showed up on any prospect list is ready. The Rule 5 pick that is 28 years old and is currently batting .194/.431 deserves a chance to show his worth because he is ready. The same Michael Martinez that the lowly Nationals didn't even care to protect is ready. Yeah, sure.

This makes no sense!

There will probably by 200 more posts on this subject before game time. But none will as thoroughly dismantle the purported logic behind RAJ's statement/decision, as Carson's 12:01 post just did.

Salisbury says a reliever is most likely to fill the gap until it's Blanton's (Worley's) turn in the rotation. I suppose Drew Carpenter is due for his annual three garbage innings.

If Rube doesn't call up Brown I think it's a big red flag. He just doesn't have confidence that he's ready. It could also indicate that they are worried that failure will damage him irreparably. Neither of these things makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And I agree with BAP. Of the little I saw last year of DB he was a very poor outfielder. Great arm and lots of speed do not an outfielder make. He's got a lot to learn. And I am on record as saying he will not turn into a very good major leaguer. Unlike what I suspect of many on here, I hope I am way off. It's happened before.

Dom Brown has played in 16 MiLB games, not 11 as was stated. And he was playing in XST before that. He's ready and Rube is a complete a$$ for lying to the fans about it.

What about Rich Thompson?

Hey, what local channel is the game on tonight? I can't find it on my Extra Innings package.

What does Dom have to be ready for? A lineup that already has Rollins playing like an MVP, Polanco banging the ball, Utley being himself, Ryno banging it out of the park, Ibanez in his prime, Jayson Werth and Vic driving defenses crazy? Not at all! There's basically nothing here right now. The team needs big-time help. The team remains in first place and I'm not in panic mode, but I just don't understand the logic for not bringing him up.

The intangible that people are ignoring in making their passionate arguments is that Brown is going to be looked at as being a corner outfielder here for a long time. He factors into the plans tentatively at least through probably 2017 or 2018.

You absolutely do not want to screw him up or it means that at the position where you want to slot him you will be paying a lot of money to court a veteran for that spot. When Brown comes up they want him up to stay.

When Brown was up last year it was clear that his defense wasn't quite there yet and the couple holes in his swing were helping guys get him out.

There is absolutely a compelling argument to let him learn on the go in the bigs. There is a compelling argument to leave him in the minors long enough to a point where you can bring him up and then say, "This is your spot just relax." Right now the Phillies have a struggling offense and calling him up may implicitly send a message that he is being looked at as a savior. That is not really the kind of pressure you want on him just yet.

He'll get here soon enough it just probably won't be today. You may have to wait another couple weeks. My guess is what someone else mentioned- they might want to bring him up when Utley is healthy and ready to go. That way both guys come in at the same time and most eyes will be on the veteran Utley and Brown can sort of operate under the radar initially.

You want to put less pressure on him, bat him 7th. What message does it send to him that they wont call him up even with all these issues on the MLB club. Not exactly a confidence boost if you're Dom Brown right now.

Look on the bright side--maybe Rube has already lined up some stunning trade--Brown for a right-handed power hitter that's a proven quantity and can produce now. Quentin? Pence? Who knows? Of course, we could really do with a second reliable outfielder and an infielder too. As long as I'm dreaming, why not Brown and a few other prospects to Houston for Pence, Rollins to Chicago for Quentin, Blanton to Boston for Scutaro (he used to play short and would be an upgrade over J-Roll's current incarnation), and Lidge to the Yankees (Rivera keeps blowing saves, they need a second closer) for Brett Gardner (who Cholly was praising a while back. Gardner and Pence in the outfield, bench Ibanez if you can't unload him, make Worley the fifth starter, play Valdez and Scutaro at SS and 2B till Utley comes back, and then bench Valdez. It's the end of the world tomorrow, so why not go wild?

Yo, new thread.

"Dom Brown has played in 16 MiLB games, not 11 as was stated. And he was playing in XST before that. He's ready and Rube is a complete a$$ for lying to the fans about it"

You mean like, they don't want to start his clock yet...but but...he has a hole in his swing...and he runs poor routes. Yep, all of which will be solved and hunky-dory in the next 10-15 games. Uh-huh

What makes you think that someone who would pik and keep Minimart would be smart enough to call up Brown?


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