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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


LOL! I just spat out my soda laughing at that advice!

I remember a few weeks ago some were pondering the '05 line up and while doing some Spring cleaning, I stumbled upon the yearbook. I'd take them over this one, Bell and Liebey included, any day of the week. Just as long as we're not trotting out Wolf-Lieber-Padilla-Lidle. Well too late for the last guy, may he rest in peace.

Seriously guys, McFadden's this Friday for the first game against the Rangers. $3 drinks from 7-9 at the Ballpark. Remember, Steve at the door. SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The next day is the end of the world so lets party like crazy!

That's one hell of an OF.

Almost as good as the iron pigs OF.

The number of runs the Phils have scored in the last three games were 3, 2, and 1. I smell a 0 tonite.

Why wouldn't you go with Oswalt in LF so you could put Mayberry in CF?

2005 lineup would be a murderer's row

C Mike Lieberthal
1B Ryan Howard
2B Chase Utley
3B David Bell
SS Jimmy Rollins
LF Pat Burrell
CF Kenny Lofton
RF Bobby Abreu

7 runs on 15 hits...I'm calling it!

Is Wendell Magee still available? Has anyone made the phonecall?

Doug Glanville is probably still in pretty good shape too.

15 runs on 7 hits would be much stranger.

The sad thing is, the 2011 versions of Bobby Abreu and Pat Burrell are still better than what we're trotting out in LF and RF.

Ricky Otero's agent is on Line 2.

Let's get Abreu back...think we could?

Re: Heather

The 2011 version of Kenny Lofton is probably better too!

What gives with putting the other team on the thread picture? Now we have absolutely NO chance to win this game. JW, you spit in the face of the baseball gods!

Better All-Around Player: Harmon Killebrew (Deceased) or Ben Francisco (Living)?

What? Too soon?

yea thats a bad omen.....

I actually may take JW's advice & not watch/listen to game. Esp. since he jinxed any hope of winning by featuring Garcia's picture.


Well at least the Cards have to look deep in their charts to scout our lineup.

Who are theese F-in guys?

Has any team ever just forfeit a game before it started to save time? I mean, if the Phils win tonight, I would put this on the same platform as US hockey winning the 1980 gold medal.

The Phillies are actually going to score 8 runs tonight, but Oswalt and the bullpen will give up 9.

"What gives with putting the other team on the thread picture?"

I think it's brilliant. With this lineup & the Cardinals starter, we have no chance to win this game. With an opposing player on the thread picture, we have no chance to win this game. When you multiply two negative numbers together, you get a positive number, right?

Hey, we got our first tweet saying Vic will be out a few more days and will undergo tests when they return to PA. Who coulda predicted?


I think you actually CAN'T forfeit a game. I remember reading that in the 1910s sometime, Ty Cobb was indefinitely suspended for some infraction and the rest of the Tigers refused to play out of solidarity. I believe the game was in Philadelphia against the Philadelphia A's, and the Tigers fielded a replacement team made up of people from the Philadelphia area. The Philadelphia A's absolutely shellacked the replacements for the Tigers.

But yeah, long story short, MLB doesn't allow you to forfeit (less money for the owners.)

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Victorino is out for at least the next few days. Some progression but Amaro says he'll go for more tests when the team gets home."

Gotta keep him on the active roster, though. There is absolutely no effin' way Vance would EVER be able to stretch properly in the bigs, distinct potential for almost immediate usefulness be damned!

Rich Thompson seen packing his bags.

I also remember reading about that fateful Tigers/A's game that a Philadelphia tradesman got into some hot water with his wife as a result of that game. When the husband got home that night after being out all day, his wife asked him where he had been and the man responded, "Playing for the Tigers."

The story was so unbelievable, she assumed he was out drinking and carousing and threw him out of the house.

Probably apocryphal, but nice story.

Oswalt is +142. Biggest underdog of the year in an Oswalt start.

God forbid we actually DL someone. Did Rube have a stroke this off-season and forget all of the basic "roster management" moves he's allowed to make?

Scotch Man, for tonight's game I'm changing my name to Bourbon Boy, because to watch this game I'm going to need to have a few.

This front office has had an allergy to the DL for the last few years. It's nothing new. It's the Phillie way!

Re: Heather

I remember reading about that game. The pitcher threw a complete game loss and coughed up like 24 runs!

Watch the game? Nah. Listen to the game? Yes. Listened to much worse teams on the radio and while Franske & LA aren't Whitey/Kalas get the job done.

I'm predicting a high scoring game tonight.

Someone needs to sit down w/ r00b & explain both the Disabled List & Rule 5, in great depth. I have grave doubts as to his understanding of their function/utility.

Phils win a squeaker tonight only if they get an effective Oswalt for 6 IP (1-2 runs). I say 3-2 Phils.

Yeah, no downside for JW throwing caution to the wind with the Garcia pic.

If the Phils lose, the streak runs to 0-6 with opposing teams pic in Game Thread header.

If the Phils win, not only does it break the streak, but it's the most improbably win of the season, lineup considered.

It's actually a smart move on JW's side.

Plus, if Cholly is already willing to concede defeat, why not JW? Save the Mini-Mart throwback baseball card pic for another game.

MG, think Roy can keep it just just 12 pitches/inning with his 75 pitch count? I'll be impressed if he does.

I suspect that KK will be warming up by the 3rd inning.

The WhiteSox actually tried to forfeit a game back in 2005 (the year they won it all, I believe). It was a rained out game with Boston & the league was threatening to schedule the makeup at an inconvenient time. The WhiteSox asked the league if it could wait until the season was over because, if they had clinched the division, they preferred to just forfeit the game. The RedSox and Yankees were involved in a tight divisional race that year too so, naturally, Yankees fans went nuts. Needless to say, the league did not accept the forfeit offer.

If I was the home team and my revenues would be impacted, I'd refuse to accept a forfeit by the other team, too.

Royals just called up LHP Danny Duffy...another great prospect in their ridiculously deep minor league system. He's got really good stuff.

What's the over/under on the number of pitches that Garcia throws in the first inning? I'm guessing the Phils will be out in 9 pitches.

9 pitches? More like 5.

Like the alcoholic with the mouthwash, I'll still take in tonight's game, however I'll be following MG's lead and listening to the radio broadcast.

Coupling the "poo-poo platter" lineup with TBag and Wheels, will pretty much assuredly have me looking at the g/f's DVR'd "Desperate Housewives" and thinking it's a viable alternative.

Preacher: I respectfully, but strongly, disagree. With tonight's start Martinez's MLB career is peaking. The time to use his image in a game thread is NOW!

(Credit for suggesting the comparative likeness to MPNPhilly)

I was feeling generous...

GTown: You win the thread.

GTown, you may be shocked to hear this, but in my research yesterday (to uncover the 0-4 stat of opposing team's player's pics, before the game), I actually found that Mini-Mart's pic has already been used in a Game Thread header this season!!! Though, I like your pic much better.

It was the WSJ-esque pic (JW should be commended for these, BTW), and was the Game Chat on Sunday April 10 (Mini-Mart's first start at 2B).

Preacher: I'm morbidly curious -- did the Phillies win that game?

Prediction: this game thread will be about as 'entertaining' as last night's.

This thread will be EPIC.

My prediction -someone will complain about the offense tonight.

Yep, 3-0 win, though Mini-Mart was held to 0-3.

Funny enough, he wasn't batting in the 2-hole that game, either.

My softball team has a few d1 players and
A former aa Ss I am sure we could hold our
Own against these players playin tonight


Oddly enough, it's these types of games that generate about 500 posts, and somehow evolve into discussions of regional food and beer.

Might actually worth tuning into BL for.

Rollins 1-4 with a walk
Martinez 0-4
Polly 2-4 run scored
Howard 0-0 with 4 walks
Maybery 1-4
Francisco 0-3 walk
0-4 3 ground outs, and one double play
Chooch 1-4
Oswalt 0-4

I can't wait!

Preacher: Case Closed. If Chico is in the Starting Lineup, his picture must also head that day's Game Chat.

For VTers: Martones Deli in Essex Junction, VT makes the closest thing to an Italian hoagie you'll see outside of Philly. Basically this note is for Chris in VT as he's the only other VTer here I believe.

And we're off!

Nope...can't tune in tonight. I am going to try to break the losing streak by not following BL tonight. I am willing to forgo BL in the hopes that that will lead to a win. Like Cholly, I am willing to try anything at this point.

re: awh

I got the Johnnie Black set to go

MaDubbs, not sure how Oswalt is getting 4AB's unless double switched into LF. He's on a short pitch count tonight.

Now, if you're aggregating the 0-fer put up in pinch hit AB's by Ibanez and Orr, then sure, 0-4 sounds right.

This is a contrarian's delight.

Weak lineup. Check

Weitzel photo jinx. Check

Beerleaguer posters almost unanimous in their doom and gloom. Check

Other team throwing excellent pitcher. Check

Oswalt throwing 89 mph. Check

There's only one possible outcome: Phillies win.

Since our Foodie Group last convened, we've had a slight influx of Five Guys into the SoCal area (coupled with Chick Fil A continuing to emerge), with no signs of any impending Dunkin Donuts.

I can't wait to go in-depth over the next few hours (though I still am partial to In-N-Out)!!

guaranteed Phillies win tonight.

clout, don't forget the almost inevitable promise of Kyle Kendrick, the "BL Lightning Rod."

I'd kill for an In-N-Out right now. Literally, I would off someone if that would make it possible. Same thing for a Wawa.

For those living in the San Jose, CA area, I recommend Amato's for the best cheese steaks outside on Philly. They are originally from Jersey and they drive around in a truck painted with Eagles logos.

Preacher, i realized that after I posted it, forgot he is on a 65-70 pitch count. You might as well add Kendrick to the names you already mentioned in your post.

Phils ever going to learn about these rule 5 pick ups??? They got lucky with Vic but Herndon and now Martinez?? Really, why not call up Ronnie Belliard, or Delwyn Young, wow did I really just say that, times are rough right now!

Phils ever going to learn about these rule 5 pick ups??? They got lucky with Vic but Herndon and now Martinez?? Really, why not call up Ronnie Belliard, or Delwyn Young ...

They can't. Too many "uninjured" but unable to play guys already clogging up the roster. There's simply no room for anyone physically capable of taking the field. Especially not Vance Worley. He needs to stretch. In the Minors.

Right, we need that roster spot for guys "recovering while playing" at the MLB level (see Oswalt, Polanco, Blanton, Vic and probably still Ruiz).

I'm taking the Phils in a 4-3 squeaker. Oswalt clears the bases on a four base error on a squeeze play.

Amato's at Muhlenberg and Wunder in Reading had the best cheesesteaks West of Philadelphia. I think you can get crack and heroin there, now. If you want a good cheesesteak in Pittsburgh, I suggest you drive east and don't stop until you get to Harrisburg, at least. That is, unless you like your cheesesteak bland with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise.

Scotch Man mentioned the 2005 line-up. I'll take ANY Phillies line-up (starting 8 only) from the dark ages (1985-2000) over this dreck. The current line-up does not inspire me at all. Chalk it up as a loss and let's regroup at home.

I guess my name's not Hugh Mulcahy anymore. . .

IronPigs are underway: Dom Brown is 0-for-1 so far, Vance Worley has given up two runs on three hits in 1 1/3 innings so far...

I predict BenFran is out of his slump based on his 4th inning fly out to deep center last night. Ben is back.

Gotta be pissed off if you're Vance Worley right now. There are easily 3 guys that deserved to be sent down before him but he still got clipped instead.

Call Brown and Utley up, send Mini-Mart back to DC and send Orr or Baez down.

The IronPigs game is available on if you have an account.

In-N-Out is definitely California's second most significant contribution to the culinary world. El Pollo Loco is first.

Unsurprisingly, the Yankees minor-league radio crew in AAA is better than our tv crew.

I wouldn't watch Worley too closely tonight. More than likely, he's trying to get the Phils to release him so some team will let him keep getting major league hitters out. I wouldn't be surprised if he throws a knockdown pitch at Sandberg.

In-n-Out is probably the most appropriately named food-dispensing establishment on earth. Love their fries, like their shakes, but simply cannot, umm, stomach their burgers.

Crack in Reading? Probably. Heroin? Definitely. Probably not even more than 4-5 blocks up Centre Ave from the R-Phils Stadium.

Really depressing how Reading has become including the area around the R-Phils Stadium which used to be a solid working class neighborhood with people working at the Glidden Paint factory, Dana Light Truck Frame/Axle factory, and a few other plants located right around the stadium. Those days are long gone though with each of the factories I mentioned having been closed at least 10 years.

Only CarTech (specialty steel manufacturer) remains.

bap, the last time we visited Napa Valley, we blew off reservations at one of Thomas Keller's restaurants to hit the local In N Out instead....its that good.

I live about one minute from the nearest In N Out in Las Vegas. It is good. But I have never understood the rapturous verbiage whenever the name is brought up. I have relatives who visit Vegas and the first thing they do after saying "hi" is sprint to In N Out.

aksmith, its the same thing as with TastyKakes. I never ate them when I lived in Philly but now I have to buy a box of them every time I visit as they taste better when they're never available.

"In-N-Out is definitely California's second most significant contribution to the culinary world."

Say what? With all of the great cuisine in SF Bay Area?!

I like In-N-Out but it still just a Fast Food burger chain. Nothing more.

I miss Steak 'n Shake.

NEPP: I heartily endorse that decision. In fact, I may take a page from your book & blow off this game to go get El Pollo Loco, despite the 40-minute round trip.

BAP - With all of the great Mexican out in SF Bay you eat El Pollo Loco? Why man? Like eating an In-N-Out Burger when you have the option of getting burger made up out of 100% ground up sirloin instead for about the same price.

If the Yanks AAA radio crew is that good, why is their MLB crew such a joke?




That's a verbatim John Sterling quote, by the way.

D brown in Leigh tonight won't be long boys

MG: I go to Mexican restaurants all the time and, when I was living in SF (which I did for 10 years), I went to plenty of tony restaurants.

But there's also something to be said for quick & cheap and, when it comes to quick & cheap, you can't beat El Pollo or In-N-Out Burger (which are literally the only 2 fast food places I will even set foot in). Obviously, I'm being facetious when I say they're the finest dining establishments ever. But they're damn good.

There's no way the Phils ought to win witrh that line-up and Oswalt's status.

Feels like a win.

The Frisco Burger at the Steak'n Shake in Festus, MO. Ah, what a town.

Another WC place I miss is Ivar's in Seattle.

I could really go for some Ivar's Chowder right now.

Andy: Oswalt's arm is going to fall off (literally. like, onto the ground), & Martinez is going to become the first player in MLB history to Strike Out on one pitch.

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