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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Benny Stale just isn't an everyday player. Personally I'd love it if we flipped him for a reliever.

GTown Dave: I'm curious... how did you determine that the only options the team seriously considered were Werth or Brown?

Vance Worley: Ancient Chinese secret, huhhh?

feels like a win.....

End of the Ben Francisco era!

What happened to Ben?

Old Phan: He's become relegated to a PH role as Mayberry and Brown have gained playing time.

The question that remains: What happens when Vic returns?

Johnny Cueto . . . 'Mortal Combat' contestant?!

What would his finishing move be?

CJ, OK, I thought something actually happened.
I, too, assumed that Werth or Brown were Rube's options for this season, and the more it looked like Jayson was gone, the more it was going to be Dom. Obviously, once they signed Clifton, Dom and/or BenFran were the options at that point.

CJ: Pretty simple, I would think. When Vic comes back, your starting lineup is Raul-Vic-Brown against righties (meaning most games), and Raul-Vic-Mayberry against lefties, with the occasional Francisco-Vic-Mayberry start against a lefty. Basically, Vic starts everyday (other than your basic maintenance day every couple months), Raul and Dom start most days, and Mayberry and Francisco get spot starts in RF or LF against lefties.

Vance Worley, meet Joey Votto... the most dangerous hitter you've likely faced in the majors.

Bandbox. 1-0, Reds.

Wait, what?

Give me anyone I could build a club around right now for the next 5 years and Joey Votto would be at the top of that list. Love watching him hit. One of the reasons why I wish the Phils played more NL teams outside of the NL East.

Jack: So you think the Phils will send down Mini Mart and carry just one backup IF despite Utley's question mark?

Bad luck on that pop up. 1-0 Reds. It wasn't bad luck that Votto hit one to the wall, however.

Mayberry is now the regular backup at all 3 OF positions when Vic comes back...he should be getting pretty regular time as long as he handles it well.
In the short term Francisco is a backup/PH while they figure out what they have with Brown. Nice to see Mayberry grab a legitimate role on the team when given the opportunity in ST.

Ooooh... a little attitude from Worley as he blew two fastballs by a very good hitter in Jay Bruce. Nice way to finish the inning and not get rattled after the bloop RBI hit.

Votto is good.

CJ, yeah I forgot they had to send someone down when Vic is activated. With all of the injuries I honestly have no idea who is on the active roster and who isn't. Are we carrying 7 relievers? If so, I'd send a bullpen guy down (personally I'd cut Baez, but if they won't do that then Stutes, whose role is diminished with Truck back and who has options obviously) for Vic and go with a big bench.

For whatever reason when I think of Votto, I think of what Griffey Jr was supposed to be when the Reds acquired him in that blockbuster deal (Tomko, Cameron, and 2 minor leagues who never amounted to anything).

I like the way Worley's red glasses are done in the graphic. Made me laugh.

Jack: 6 relievers seems a little risky, particularly with Contreras just coming off the DL and Oswalt recently off the DL.

The roster math seems a little tricky right now.

Votto is Worley really understands that fact.

I always liked the way Harry said "Vott-Toe"

CJ: True, but unless you're willing to cut Francisco (which seems crazy, despite his struggles) or send down Mayberry (when he's our best defensive OF behind Vic), you either have to go with 6 relievers or 1 backup IF, right?

There's no way they'll send Brown down, right? They said they wanted to give him every opportunity. Two weeks of platoon starts is nowhere close to every opportunity. I would find that to be really poor player development, but maybe that's what they'll do. Who knows right now.

I see Brown has been working on his throwing with Ibanez.

Ugh... two BS pop up singles for the Reds. The BABIP monster is eating Worley.

Worley fills in for Oswalt ... he pitches like Oswalt. He fills in for Blanton ... he pitches like Blanton.

Nice job, Chase!

Jack: Not so sure. I'd say Brown should be here to stay, but Morning Call just reported this:

Dom Brown might not be here to stay. "We haven't decided anything yet until we get a chance to see him play," Amaro said. "If he’s playing well and we need him, he'll stick around. If he's struggling, we'll see."

Nice throw Chase.

So stupid...just keep him up and let him get reps.

CJ: This whole thing sounds like Amaro really doesn't like Brown as a major-league player right now, and Charlie does.

Amaro has shown he lovesveteran guys. Charlie can seem like that too at times, except he also comes across as a guy who just wants the most talent he can get.

I like Charlie's way of business better, personally. For a guy who doesn't seem risk-averse at all in terms of trades and contracts, Amaro seems incredibly risk-averse when it comes to relying so heavily on veterans instead of giving young guys a chance.

Just relax, Vance. 1 out and you're clear.

Johnny Cueto and Doug E. Doug = seperated at birth

Wow. Great K there.

This feels less like a loss than it did 5 minutes ago, although it still feels like a loss.

That was a huge out. Up 3-0 early and Cueto can start throwing more fastballs & challenging hitters in spots.

Worley getting tested here by the Reds. He weathered the storm without too much damage other than to the "looks good" standard and pitch count. Hopefully he can gather himself a bit between innings.

Well done, Vance.

Worley showing serious 'nads

And that's the difference between a pitcher such as Worley, & a pitcher such as Herndon.

Vance shows a lot of composure. Impressive.

So close.

I smell a Dom Brown RBI this inning.

Washed Up!

Ibanez . . . Streaky (Good)!

WP - Did you leave the gas on again?

I feel younger every time Raul gets a hit.


Give him a chance, MG. I just feel it.

If nothing else, Domonic Brown is the master of the sac fly.

There's something to be said for having someone on the team who can hit the ball out of the infield.

Nice job, Rook!!!

WP - Nice Karnak prediction

Props WP!

Were Cueto and Mini Mart separated at birth?

Wow, wall ball (Howard and Ibanez) and small ball (Chooch and Dom) in the same inning? Did I take a time machine back to 2007?

Not bad.

"Go ahead" RBI at that.

It sure is nice to have a major league offense once again.

Hopefully the bats don't stop there. I feel like Phils will need 5 or 6 to win tonight.

Cueto is a better hitter than Mini Mart.

Bucky Walters is the Stump the Fans answer.

Kutztown Fan: Were Cueto and Mini Mart separated at birth?

Yes, they were.. and one was schooled in baseball, the other left untrained as a control. Soon the results of this experiment will be revealed in a paper published in Theoretical and Applied Genetics

It sure is nice to have a major league offense once again.

You think this is good, just wait until Chase Utley is back in the lineup!

Oh. Nevermind.

Can't walk the guy in front of Votto.


Truth: Very nice. It definitely stumped this fan.

I'll tell you, I like this kid. He's got moxie.

Solid inning by Vance.

If/when Blanton comes back, can we make sure we keep Worley stretched out on the big league roster? Preferably by DFA'ing Blanton?

As much moxie as Kyle Kendrick, circa 2007!!

Gotta be honest, I didn't think JRoll was going to make it this far into the season without another injury. Glad I'm wrong about that. He might not be a world-beater anymore, but it beats the alternative.

So...yeah, dont run on Stubbs.

Wow, he was about by a mile.

Preacher: I'm thinking we won't have to worry about Blanton again this season. His elbow is all kinds of messed up.

Spitz: Actually, Worley is reminding me of Happ, c. '09 & '10.

OK, who screwed the pooch on that one, Rollins or Samuel?

That one is on Sammy. Shouldn't have sent him.

I'm really happy we got Steve Smith back at 3B.

Don't run with 1 out and your best situational hitter coming up!!

Good one, Mick O

Utley goes 0 for his first 6, and the team scores runs like crazy.

He finally gets a hit, and the team can't get the run.

Jimmy giveth, Jimmy taketh away...

Big time wasted opportunity there.

Pitching and defense...

NEPP - Yeah. Sammy hasn't exactly shined the past month. Several guys either getting nailed on their way to 3B or at home.

Ruiz is raking right now!!

Chooch. Nuffield said.

Chooooooooch!!!!!!!!! :-D

Chooch is finally heating up

Ugh, not a strike.

Prior to last night, I used to feed the dogs, take out the trash, head to the fridge, hit the head, etc. during offensive 1/2 innings.

Oddly enough, I have prioritized Utley and Brown AB's over and above everything else. I've had to pee for about 45 minutes now.

Nice AB.

Nice AB, Dom!

Great stuff here from David Hale on Dom Brown:

"Brown’s first at-bat resulted in a double — his first hit of the year. But it was his second at-bat, one that ended in a fly out, that really caught my attention.

With the bases loaded and one out in the third inning, Brown came up against Bronson Arroyo.

He took the first pitch — an 87-mph fastball — for ball 1.

The second pitch was a 75-mph slider that Brown hit deep into the stands but foul.

The third pitch was another fastball, and Brown absolutely demolished it. The pitch was up and in — the area of the plate critics have wondered if Brown could cover what with those high hands and all — and he tagged it down the right-field line, hooking just foul.

As Scott Franzke remarked on the radio broadcast, if the ball had stayed fair, it wouldn’t have cleared the fence. But it might have gone through it.

After pulling two straight pitches deep down the right-field line, the tendency for a young hitter — particularly in a big RBI situation like that — would be to look fastball again and try to smack one out of the park.

Brown did the exact opposite.

Arroyo’s 1-2 pitch was an 85-mph sinker — the first one Brown had seen in that at-bat. Brown shortened up his swing and went with the pitch, dumping it into shallow left field.

Only a sliding grab by Fred Lewis kept it from being an RBI single. Only some ugly base running by Ryan Howard kept it from being a sacrifice fly. Instead, it simply shows up as a fly out in the box score.

But while it’ll go down as an 0-for-1 on the back of Brown’s baseball card, it was probably the best evidence we’ve seen so far that the kid is ready for the big leagues.

(Of course, in his next at-bat he popped out on the first pitch and in his fourth at-bat he struck out on three pitches — so there’s still some work to be done.)"

Very nice at bat by Brown there. Love to see him exercising some patience at the plate.

Great AB by Dom. Man, Utley makes a difference in this lineup.

wow, dom recognized a few breaking balls there. That is impressive considering he couldn't do that last year (limited plate appearances)

Great AB by Brown.

Mayberry has really cooled off quickly. Maybe he gets sent back down for Vic, although his defense probably keeps him on the roster.

With the speed of brown and mayberry, that walk helped clear the pitcher at the very least...gave Mayberry a chance to do something.

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