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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


ross hurt....dam shame....

Since my hip hurts I am going down to Missouri to help people move debris and carry downed trees.

I guess if each pitcher performs like his last game against these teams, we can go shopping, take a nap, etc., then tune in in the 9th inning to a nothing to nothing double no hitter!

Wonder when Gload got hurt? He started twice this month (May 9th vs. FLA, May 19th vs COL). Imagine this is something that has been bothering for him for a while.

Basically reduced to a late PH option with little punch (34 ABs and no XBH) for the remainder of the season.

Things That Are More Intimidating Than Tonight's Phillies Lineup: Dandelions. Baby Shampoo. UN Sanctions. Tissue Paper. Cream of Wheat.

So, are the Phils so thin that we need to keep a one-hipped player on the bench? We can't find someone with both hips who might be better?

Gload's not injured, SLO Phan, he's just not available to contribute to the team in any way, shape or form. Get it straight, bro. r00b Solidarity!

phils do puzzle me not bringing up players when someone is hurt.......

This is getting to be high comedy, or low tragedy, the way Amaro has been handling the DL this season.

If Gload wasn't available to pinch hit in the only situation in which they could have used him last night, then he needs to be DL'd and a healthy body brought in.

If the guy can't play, then I'd rather have Orr up. At least he can pinch hit and pinch run if necessary.

Ridiculous. How many games are they going to be playing shorthanded? All of them? When you have no offense to start with, it sort of dictates you should at least have a healthy pinch hitter or two.

Gtown. I stand corrected. At least we will now have a sacrificial bunt specialist on the team.

No joke. I think we can deal with missing Gload for just 15 days, in light of the fact that he's not going to be able to contribute in a good portion of them.

I think I'm willing to concede a few games without a hobbled Ross Gload, even if it means the likes of Pete Orr or Delwyn Young. At least they can jump in the batter's box if need be.

Actually, they could use him to get beaned, especially if it's a game that Lannan is pitching. Just have Gload stand on top of home plate and take one for the team. Hopefully not in the hip, though.

Then we have Hippie McLimps-a-lot on first base, SLO. Do you then burn another bench guy to pinch run for him?

Willard: Yes. They have to, anyways. What other plan is there for him? Hope he hits a homer every time he's up?

So why not have your pinch runner take the Lannan beaning, DL Gload and bring up someone else that, you know, isn't hurt?

Interesting article on Werth (via Gelb). Perhaps he is losing some patience? I thought winning didn't matter to him since he already had a ring.

FYI, only other Game Thread header with a Ross Gload pic (April 15) resulted in a 4-3 Phils loss to the Marlins (and an Oswalt strained back).

Willard: Heresy!

Only 6.75 years to go, Jayson!

You bring Gload in to get plunked in bases-loaded no-outs situations. Then just let him stand on first as J-Roll skies a 2-mile pop-up to second base and Ben Fran GIDPs. That way the Phillies will score +1 run over their usual outcome.

Willard: Have we ever had a thread picture with an actively hurt player before? You know, someone who can't play, but is still on the roster anyways.

A 5-man bench consisting most right now of Sardinha, a gimpy Gload, Steve Jeltz Jr, Valdez, and Francisco or Brown.

Not exactly a bunch that inspires much confidence in late-inning situations.

SLO, a keeling-over Vic picture was used as recently as May 15 (the day after he was lifted from a game for the bad hammy, and not yet DL'd).

The Gload thing is just comical given the pattern we've seen. Dom Brown should put some proverbial banana peels near Gload's locker to speed up his trip to the DL and free up space for himself on the roster.

Plan on testing it (MRI)?

Amaro: "He's going to be able to play here pretty soon. Hopefully he'll be playing shortly."

That's So Ruben!

MRIs cost money...too much money apparently.

Did Dr. Ciccotti raise his rates or something? What's with the not testing injuries this year all of a sudden? Used to be a guy stubs his toe, they give him an automatic MRI. Now its a multi week process that may or may not happen.

This is going to be one of those "first one to score wins" games?

NEPP - Its baffling. If this keeps up, there are almost certainly going to be some changes this offseason with the trainer.

Funny story, I was at my doctor's office today for an appt (I partially tore a tendon in my right elbow) and there was a printed out note from my doctor posted in the exam room explaining how all appointments are now only 15 min unless its major and that due to the computerization of records it now takes him 15 additional min to update the records so that's the traditional "30 min appt" now. First, I thought it was a bit rude and 2nd I thought about looking for a new doctor. Sad thing is I like the guy and he's a good doc. Still, its a business.

Also, messing up a tendon in your throwing elbow really sucks.

***NEPP = KY Joe?***

Nah...I topped out at 83-84 mph as a RHP back in HS.

Which is older, the mean age of the Phillies, or Weitzel's Rotation? ------------->

Per T-Mac, Chase might be off tomorrow too?

So, guess he's not even close to 100% then.


I guess it was kinda smart to put Francisco in the 2-hole

2011 HR:

Raul: 5
BennyFrank: 6


average up to .220 now, benchfran rocks

Does anyone know who's doing the color commentary for ESPN tonight? The guy sounds completely comatose.

willard preacher: that was funny.

Valdez just missed that one.

Wow, head's up play by Polly there.

Sardinha would have dove out of the way there...good thing Chooch started.

What a smart play. That's being aware of the situation.

One of these days, Polly might actually pan out to be a semi-decent 3B...

Shocking that a fantastic defensive 2B would turn into a fantastic defensive 3B.

Yeah, the "concerns" about Polly being able to adapt to 3B are pretty much laughable, in hindsight.

you're a GM with a crystal ball. you have a chance to draft either rolen or polanco, both in the same theoretical draft.

who do you choose?

Gotta go with Rolen there.

Without the crystal ball, Rolen is the "toolsy" no-brainer pick.

The crystal ball, however, changes the dynamic.

Um, slide?

all things considered (injuries particularly), i'm going with polanco.

Anyone else holding their breath when the showed the wide-shot of Sammy waving Ruiz home?

Why didn't he slide, anyway?

Um...really hope he's actually okay.

Yeah, no joke.

Precursor to the inevitable "Ruiz tweaked his hammy and is day-to-day, but won't go on the DL" announcement?

I think Ruiz thought at the last second that sliding would help Hernandez put a tag on him since the throw was deep so he stayed up and kept to the front of the plate.

Still though- rule of thumb is get dirty.

I think you're vastly underestimating just how good Rolen was early in his career.

A J-Roll Special!

You know those skills contests they have on All Star weekend? Well, if they ever have a pop-up contest, there's absolutely no one who will touch Rollins.

Jimmy Rollins' last at bat proves he is:
B)on the decline
C)unaware of his abilities
D)an unrealistic m8thaf8cka

It was selfish of Jimmy to score first on Francisco's home run.

Votto is ridiculously good.

Ben Fran says he has to play better?

So, he's got that in common with pretty much everyone who posts on BL.

i'd think ben fran would give jimmy a run for his money in any pop up contest.

Shane would be competitive in such a contest as well...he's always rght up at the top for popups every year.

NEPP, I was thinking the same thing.

Usually for the next couple weeks after a long ball, it's pop-ups early in the count.

Though, I've always just assumed that he learned it by watching Jimmy.

RIP Mikey Wild

TBag never misses a chance to talk about the Phanatic. He does realize that the Phanatic isn't real, right?

tbag relates to the phanatic. not so much to the game of baseball.

I'm getting tired of these seeing eye hits by the Reds.

Last place I thought I would see Mikey Wild mentioned.

Doc is fun to watch.

Jimmy really has lost a step. That play wouldn't have been close a couple years ago.

Sit down Renteria!

Halladay - 150 pitch CG tonight?

kuiper and krukow for tbag and carpet head?

I really dont like Valdez.

Wood is having trouble locating his fastball. Lucky for him Valdez is up.

Just catching up with the threads today and broke out laughing when I saw BedBeard's defense of Looper, whose miserable record was accurately described by MG. BedBeard is the poster who declared the Abreu trade one of the best ever the day it was made.

His defense was that Looper was the guy who rejected Michael Saunders in the Lee trade. Saunders, who is 24, hasn't shown much yet. But the guy substituted for him was Tyson Gillies.

And, if you think like BedBeard, you think that's good.

If Valdez would've gotten thrown out by a guy double clutching and throwing with no step he should've been told to pack his bags and leave the team immediately.

C'mon JRoll pick up an RBI here.

clout- the Abreu trade was half a decade ago and you remember that BedBeard praised it on BL? Do you keep a logbook of who said what and when regarding certain issues? That's a pretty impressive memory.

Shockingly, we've discussed that trade once or twice since the day it was made.

There goes Jimmy again, selfishly lining a ball into the gap.

Good AB by JRoll and just tagged one right at somebody.

Iceman: Thank you.

I still rather have Abreu here instead of Francisco.

NEPP: It was also the only time JW ever dropped the F bomb.

Yeah Rollins couldn't really hit that ball any harder. Someone with less speed than Lewis doesn't get to it.

The Phillies had better pad this lead a bit, because I don't see Halladay going 9 tonight & both Madson & Bastardo might be unavailable.

Tons of seeing eye hits for the Reds and still no runs.

BAP: Feels like Romero time in the 8th.

Yeah, Votto's pretty good.

That's what Domm must learn to do.

WTF. Another broken-bat/dink hit?

Close play at first. Probably a tie which goes to Rolen.

For all of Valdez's deficiencies as a player- he is excellent at pivoting on the turn for the double play. His arm made that play even close at first.

Bad call.

TTI - Actually don't think Valdez has been that smooth on the pivot as a 2B vs. SS so far this season. That was one of his smoother attempts.

MG: Speaking in general. There've been a few instances this year of him being off but overall that is probably the strongest part of his game.

Did anybody else notice the guy the Reds called up for Monday's game breaking his bat without making contact? He swung the bat went flying into the stands and he had the knob in his hands.
Are they shaving them down that deep these days or do they make them in two pieces? I have never seen a bat come apart that clean before.

Valdez is a better SS than 2B by a good margin.

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