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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Lidge fastball was only at 87 mph today. Please stay away we don't need that batting practice flat stuff taking a spot away from others.

Really hoping for one of those signature starts from C. Lee tonight. But it's nice to see an offense coming through when needed recently.

Here's hoping Lee has his tilt properly aligned tonight.

The hook: Lidge is weeks away from rejoining the team. I don't think 87 is so bad considering he's only really started throwing.

Ah, the patented Jimmy Rollins 2 Pitch Out.

Polanco starts off with a hit. Nobody is surprised.

Utley ... #facepalm

This team is full of idiots.

10 pitches for four batters. Great patience.

Given the way Domonic Brown runs his routes, I'd say he made an excellent career decision when he chose baseball over becoming a wide recevier at Miami U.

Nice catch by Brown.

Werth definitely has some prickish-ness about him and is proving that he is not worth the huge $$$ he got, but it still seems bizarre seeing him in a non-Phillies uniform.

GTown Dave: Yep... best record in baseball. Imagine where they'd be if the players weren't "idiots!"

BAP, it also doesn't hurt that he'll be able to walk when he's 60.

Given Brown's tortured stance, though, he may not be able to walk at 60.

Mayberry needs to swing. Both these pitches were hittable pitches...

Not according to the Nats announcers. They say he would have broken his bad and his foot. And who are we to disagree?

Of the the three strikes Mayberry saw, he swung at the worst one.

For a guy who swings as rarely as he does, it's surprising that Mayberry doesn't walk more often.

Let the dink/dunks begin.

A DP would be nice here.

was Wheels just talking about BABIP?

classic Idiot 6-4-3.

4-6-3. sorry.

conshy, indeed he was.

Wonder what's up with Utley and the tape on his hand...???

well, fat, there's a first time for everything.

i hope he never brings up WAR. i'd hate for Tmac to break out his Edwin Starr impression.

Looks like our real offense showed up tonight, instead of those resaonably competent hitters that have been wearing our uniforms for the last few days.

I would, however, love to hear Sarge take on that classic rack. :-)

BAP: I know. If they don't get at least 4 runs off Marquis....

I'm not watching this game on TV, but per MLB gameday it looks like they are hitting at will off of Lee. Are they lacing the ball or are these lucky drops?

No Tilt, No Offense, Game Over.

I left my desk for 30 seconds. I come back and they have 5 runs.

Well, how much of a bat could we have gotten for 120 million? =P

WTF Lee?!?!?

This sucksd.

how much is bartolo colon making?

I am not happy.

Is Lee hurt or something?

This isn't the same pitcher that was here in 2009.

Maybe all the innings have caught up with him?

Here's what the inning looked like:

Bunt single

Bunt into force (mighta been a DP with a better throw from Lee)

Looping opposite field single


Sac fly from $126 man

Broken bat ground single in the hole at 3rd

3 run HR, hanging non tilt pitch


This is also why it's nice to have Kendrick in the bullpen & not the rotation. Lots of dead innings to fill tonight, & no one to fill them.

GTown: Meet our new inning eater, Mike Zagurski.

b_a_p: Great. Joe Blanton, Jr.

GT Dave-

They could have kept Worley up and let him strrrrrreetch things out tonight out of the pen.

make romero go 5.

Just a brutal AB by Howard - up 2-0, swung at slop.

Lee has now walked as many (18) in 77 innings of work this year, as he did in ALL of 2010 (212 innings).

What's up with that?

Raul's Grandpa better keep my name out of his mexican mouth. Ha ha ha

Well Zagurski is good for an inning or two today.

denny: Don't know, but that's definitely at the epicenter of his problems.

Just fold the franchise while '08 is still fairly fresh in our memories. Even though we're in first place and all.

nats announcers should definately be included on the fantasy plane crash team.


1 Cliff Lee <> pinpoint control [or]

2 squeezed by umps

3 = meatballs

4 If pinpoint control [or] "generous ump", End

5 Goto 1



Scotch Man actually has a pretty solid idea. I'm for it.

Wes: How many seats on this plane?

Brown sucks so bad.

The rally: she begins.

D8mmit, when is Brown going to be ready for the bigs. Send him back down!

Definitely not ready!

Brown's kinda looking like a different player than the last time he was called up. Except for his defense, which remains as terrible as it was last year.

I'm perfectly fine never seeing Francisco ever again.

Mayberry and Brown are the heart of this team.

#7 & #8 go back to back. lol

Maybe RFD "tweaked" his swing...

2nd G-Town

gtown- plenty available. larussa is the pilot, reyes is the co-pilot, braves announcers are also up front.

Cholly has a boner.

This young outfield is set for the foreseeable future. These two guys can hit. He has no need for BenFran or Raul next year.

Yeah, it sucks that they are losing tonight. But, DB and RFD have looked great this week. And they are giants.

Thinking RFD jersey for the 3 year-old.

Brown and Mayberry go back to back. That's basically a wet dream for 2009 Beerleaguer!

I think someone should investigate the suspicious case of a certain Not Ready hitter who suddenly looks very ready.

little brown is finding his way.

You ignorant juicing Mf-er. Right church, wrong pew.

Dom Brown...NOT READY

Lee is one big disappoint thus far. His ERA will be near 4 after tonite. Sad, sad, sad.

Cliff Lee - Now 3.84 ERA
Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon - 3.26 ERA

Cliff Lee - $11M salary in '11
Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon - $2.4M salary in '11

Victory is mine!

mick-0 - i caught that. funny.

Now 3.95 ERA and rising. Haha.

That's 3 HR for Espinosa in 2 games vs. Halladay & Lee. Who the f*ck is this guy?

So I just read Jason's post about Zagurski and got to the lines about Halladay and Lee being hit harder than usual as Espinosa crushed his second HR. Oh well.....

Are the big 4 giving up more homeruns on the road than in our bandbox?

I cant wait for Cliff Lee to go on a hot streak and shut everyone up. He does this crap every year where he's mediocre for 10 games or so and then is suddenly unhittable. He's a big game pitcher and he'll rock the opposition soon enough.

gtown - espinosa's the one with the low BABIP which Wheels was saying should improve. it's improving before our very eyes. ugh.

Nice to see Mayberry HR been his power has been lacking. Only a 3 HRs in 99 ABs and a .384 SLG.

For the record, as I had to cut out earlier today during the PED debate that I kinda started...

Are my suspicions of Bautista fair? No, probably not but in the post-steroid era, every sudden increase in power is suspicious to me whether its justified or not. Sucks for him and it sucks for the game but that's just how it is.

Yeah everybody has their disappointing starts but to get tagged for 6 ER by this group of rag tag starters? Weak sauce.

this is getting tiresome.i'm not really feeling it for tomorrow either.

rauls grandpa: '11 HR Breakdown (inc. this game)

Halladay - 1 Home, 4 Road

Lee - 3 Home, 5 Road

Hamels - 4 Home, 1 Road

Oswalt - 2 Home, 0 Road

Total - 10 Home, 10 Road

All Pitchers - 20 Home, 16 Road

Lee just having a bad month...thank god its June in about 3 hours

i like this stutts....i think he could be our future closer in another year or two....anyone else's thoughts?

I would say possible setup man but most likely Durbin level middle to late reliever in pressure spots.

His control issues are a bit much for a closer.

Looking for a two-run HR by Mayberry now.

Actually, Lee's May ERA was 2.98 in 42.1 IP coming into tonight's game (compare w/ Halladay's 3.00 ERA in 45 IP in May). Not so much a bad month as a bad game.

i like this dom brown...i think he could be our future RF in a year or two...anyone else's thoughts? will?

Domonic Brown is the only reason to watch the rest of this game.


April - 2-2, 4.11 ERA (5 GS)
May - 2-3?, 3.78 (7 GS)

That's two months of general mediocre results even though his K/9, K/BB, and xFIP are really strong.

Madson's the closer after he signs a hefty extension.

i agree w/ NEPP about Stutes. looks like a solid reliever, not back end though.

Dave - Lee has had 1 bad start this month (tonight), 2 really good starts, and 4 average/above average starts.

Will is MIA lately, wonder why?


MG: I'll take it.

i say let's start brown..he's got nothing left to prove at the minor league level

stutts has some cockiness to him that will play well in the 8th. seems to be pretty fearless.

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