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Monday, May 16, 2011


I suppose this could upgrade overall defense...

Berkman is awful in LF, but LF barely matters.
Berkman is worse at 1B than Pujols, but I'm not sure by how much.
Pujols is better than random dude who'd be playing third tonight... maybe... we're not sure because he hasn't started there since 2002.

Berkman not in RF is a win for them. RF is far more important than 1B when it comes to defense.

Who normally plays 3B for the Cards, and how is he offensively? How is tonight's LF doing?

Wow, LaRussa really tweaked! Guess he missed making moves during those 6 days.

Per Rotoworld:
If you didn't know Tony La Russa is back in the Cardinals' dugout tonight, well, you do now. Pujols actually played some third base earlier this month, but this will be his first start at the hot corner since his second major league season. Nick Punto, who was originally in the lineup at third, will play second base while Lance Berkman starts at first base and Allen Craig plays right.

Daniel Descalso is their current 3B...he's terrible.

A picture of Pujols in the header. Feels like a loss.

GTown, assuming Pujols isn't injured, and that he is due to regress to his career averages:

You'd take a career .278 hitter over a career .330 hitter?

A career .570 SLG over a career .619?

A career .370 OBP over a career .424?

A career 192 strikeouts per 162 games over 67 strikeouts over 162 games?

A career 30 doubles per 162 games over a career 43 doubles per 162 games?

A career 167 hits per 162 games over a career 197 hits per 162 games?

A career OPS+ of 140 over a career OPS+ of 171 (!!!)?

A player who gets you a combination of 102 runs and 139 RBI per 162 games (241 in total), to a guy who gets you 123 runs and 127 RBI per 162 games (250 in total)?

Look, I like Ryan Howard a LOT, and I don't hold it against him in the least that he's not as good as maybe one of the best players to ever play the game (who would?), but the notion that you'd take Ryan Howard over Albert Pujols, all things being equal....


Hey, looks like Charlie also thinks Polly needs a day off. To all those who said I didn't know what I was talking about . . . you are so very smart.

Just wanted to point out that Polly has been in a slump. The only time he hit the ball at all recently was the day after the last off day, then he proceeded to stink all over again.

So, yes. He needs days off. He is playing hurt. If you haven't noticed, he's taken some balls of the feet lately that have had him hobbling. And he's freaking old.

Where are all the geniuses who said the third year of his contract wasn't going to be good because of his age. Well, if that's the case, and I think you're all wrong, then why wouldn't you think he needs a few days off during the season in the second year of that contract?

Oh, swell. Ryno vs. Albert comparisons.

Fatalotti: I find Howard more enjoyable to watch. Albert's consistency is both impressive, & monotonous. His personality also leaves much to be desired. I'm posting as a fan on this one, not a wannabe GM.

aksmith, why are you so belligerent?

i'm with you GTown

GTown, I'm with you on that.

Polanco is getting an age-related day off.

I don't often disagree with Rube, but he's full of crap on the Worley thing. Mathieson or Baez should be gone.

Mathieson would have been the obvious demotion he's completely worthless.

Why is a bad thing to give a player a day off once in a while (age-related or not)?

ugh sweet line-up phillies....

I can't even begin to imagine the situation in which Charlie might call on Mathieson again. Maybe down by 20+ Runs?

What is Mathieson's status on having options left?

Lee doesn't have a "W" in over a month.

Call me crazy, but I think we win this one, even with a crappy lineup. Just the law of averages.

Okay... so LaRussa's decision on Albert at 3rd was designed to get Craig's bat in the lineup without putting Craig's glove at 2nd base.

gtown what if we are up 20+, is that Baez, not Mathieson?

Hey, remember when Delwyn Young and Barfield figured to be options?

Yeah, those were good times.

nonamePHame: Kendrick.

Willard Preacher: Mathieson was optioned to AAA before the season started which, I'm fairly certain, means he can be sent down and brought up as many times as the Phils want this year.

"way too many pitches per inning" good thing he gets rollins, valdez, ibanez to start! over/under 8 pitches....anybody?

I don't know, I could deal with the monotony of having a hitter who's monotonously impressive.

Isn't it like having a Roy Halladay, only as a hitter?

There are worse things.

Still, I do like Ryan Howard and his personality. Has Albert Pujols been on a TV sitcom, huh? Or a Subway commercial, touting the "Mmmm" Hall of Fame? Take that, HofF'er!

I doubt Ryan will get many chances to beat the Cardinals, however. With nobody posing much of a threat after him, why not IBB him regularly?

Yes Willard, you are crazy for thinking the team with the best record in baseball may actually win a game against Jake Westbrook

Didn't even consider showing bunt. Nice.

jimmy on a hitless streak?

I'd have kept Worley over Mathieson, too. And over Baez. I think his (Worley's) demotion weakens our BP. Notwithstanding the benefit of keeping him in a rotation where he gets regular work.

So... when Valdez "tests" Pujols, he should be sure to get it by the pitcher, or closer to the line...

That 2-hole is going to be fun tonight!

here is the 8th pitch! he took it omg over 8 pitches!


An 11 Pitch Inning! Take that, Jake Westbrook!

Lookin' slow, Jimmy.

prediction: ye whom scores first, wins.

Easy to say Raul almost blew that play (and he did), but that was a shot hit right at him. It was a nice job making that play. Not an easy read.

Nice catch.

I know this sounds crazy, but Dutch said this on the radio, and I agree with him "Cliff Lee has pitched alright, but not like a $25 mil/year pitcher"

Remember when people here tried to argue that Lee was better than Halladay?

That was funny.

great work cliff. Ugh No dice.

Look good so far...not.

Bah. None of it will matter when the Phils get shut out by Jake freakin' Westbrook.

Clearly, Cliff's goal is to get KK some work in the 6th.

groundball into the shift
fly out to LF
strike out looking

I know we joke around about it, but I went back through the archives and did some research.

YTD, there have been 4 separate game threads where an opposing team's player has been in the pic header (there have also been 3 where it's just the other teams logo and 3 where it was the Mets and Phils logos).

We've lost ALL FOUR games (April 8 Bob Horner, April 12 Werth, May 8 Jurrjens and May 10 Josh Johnson).

Today, however, is the first occurrence of an opposing player in the same pic as a current Phillie.

Some amazing insight, I'm sure.

Good news - out of that inning with no runs

Bad news - 25 pitches in the first inning, 2 walks, and a little bit of lack of command showing.

Lee can come back and get in a groove though, and he'll probably need to tonight.

good AB by Howard? I recant my prediction

Fly out to LF



ESPN's camera work is brutal

I like Mayberry on the base paths. Nice change of pace.


? Che? Does not compute....divided by zero....

I think he was out.

But I'll take it--and yay, Mayberry & BenFran!

Lucky break for the Phils. Mayberry looked Out on that SB attempt.

Nice read by Mayberry, and nice job of running aggressively

Good baserunning by Mayberry.

What does he have to do to get more playing time...outside of possibly killing BenFran.

Don't want to get too carried away here, but Mayberry keeps making some good things happen.

Nice take-out slide by Francisco to prevent a possible Double Play.


Mayberry's athleticism is what everyone hoped Brown was going to bring to the game (and still may). Nice to see it.

Even when the back of the lineup does good, they manage to screw it up.

Orr showing why he's a AAAA player.

More "scrappy" career StL SS, Eckstein or Theriot?

So it was Oswalt for Worley
It'll be Contreras for Mathieson
Then Utley for Orr

Bonehead. That should Francisco's nickname.

True about Orr, because once you're a major leaguer, it's impossible to get picked off. Send him back down now!

Very nice base running by Mayberry there got us a run.

On the silly Howard vs Albert stuff. Why can't it ever be that both of those guys are great players and we are lucky to have one of them? I know people always want to compare our guys to other guys but a simple fact is, Howard is an upper tier player in the league. Pujols is higher up in that tier. So you're basically saying Howard is great, but not quite as great as another guy. It's okay to celebrate having the not quite as good upper tier guy.

NEPP: A AAAA player is still better than a AAA player, which is what Mini-Mart is.

With ref. to the previous thread, the Phillies really ought to find middle infield help before they even consider looking for another catcher. Valdez, Orr, Martinez ... they all get WAY too much playing time.

Lee is getting zero borderline calls tonight.

Mayberry 20/20 guy with enough pt?

3 ball count on Nick effing Punto? Really?

Lee seems to have settled in thankfully.

20 HRs might be a lot for Mayberry....

Are we just gonna ignore how CLiff Lee's life just flashed before our eyes?

is that really a HR in CBP?

noname - no. RF power alley in STL is 375. Its 369 in Philly. Not a huge difference. ESPN is stupid.

Wow, real master stroke batting Valdez second.

I was thinking the same. No way that's a homer in CB Park.

Now I'm thinking, I'm sure glad we have Valdez batting in the 2-hole.

Fun Fact: 157% of Balls that Wilson Valdez puts into play are Ground Balls.

There is an obvious batting presence about Mayberry at the moment that reminds me...and surely many of you...of the disciplined Jayson Werth. I know the sample size, as many like to say, is miniscule, but it's hard not to draw comparisons in terms of working the count and his long swing. Furthermore, he's athletic, like Werth, aggressive on the basebaths and is a good outfielder. Finally, it took Werth sometime before he matured into a bona fide major leaguer. All I'm saying, of at least asking is, Could it be...?

I just hate the bandbox moniker.....maybe since 2004 we have had a lot of power bats playing 81 games a year there....maybe....

Well this is just lovely. Lee at 48 pitches, and Worley's sent packing. Time for "Super K"?

Right on, mainerob!

Gonna need some more runs. We'll probably be in the bullpen in the 7th.

Lee needs a couple of quick innings.

Werth had a near career ending injury though..differences

Damn IbaƱez!

On Gameday it says Pujos is playing third. Is that true, and if it is how does he look?

"Werth had a near career ending injury though..differences" Of course, there are differences, but I'm pointing out the similarities.

Ibanez doesn't deserve the fancy accents until he hits

Howard has had two great ABs tonight. He will crank on later in the game.

The Phillies ought to be patient. This ump has a really nit-picky Strike Zone.

Thats funny, GTown

So, is Ibanez's hot streak over? If so, I could not possibly be more underwhelmed.


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