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Friday, May 20, 2011


Stirring the pot there with Ramirez, JW. I like it!

Doc is pitching...odds are the BP won't be needed anyway...or it will be needed for maybe 1 inning.

De Fratus makes more sense, I think. I don't think the Phils mind starting his clock.

Don't check the lifetime stats of our starters vs the Rangers if you're looking to be optimistic.

The intangible that people are ignoring in making their passionate arguments is that Brown is going to be looked at as being a corner outfielder here for a long time. He factors into the plans tentatively at least through probably 2017 or 2018.

You absolutely do not want to screw him up or it means that at the position where you want to slot him you will be paying a lot of money to court a veteran for that spot. When Brown comes up they want him up to stay.

When Brown was up last year it was clear that his defense wasn't quite there yet and the couple holes in his swing were helping guys get him out.

There is absolutely a compelling argument to let him learn on the go in the bigs. There is a compelling argument to leave him in the minors long enough to a point where you can bring him up and then say, "This is your spot just relax." Right now the Phillies have a struggling offense and calling him up may implicitly send a message that he is being looked at as a savior. That is not really the kind of pressure you want on him just yet.

He'll get here soon enough it just probably won't be today. You may have to wait another couple weeks. My guess is what someone else mentioned- they might want to bring him up when Utley is healthy and ready to go. That way both guys come in at the same time and most eyes will be on the veteran Utley and Brown can sort of operate under the radar initially.

NEPP: My guess is that Brown isn't adversely affected by not being called up because I'm sure whatever the Phillies are planning they've discussed with me in some fashion.

Halladay has poor lifetime numbers vs. Texas, & r00b thinks Chico is MLB material, but Dom Brown is not. It'll be the usual Interleague massacre in Philly this weekend.

JW: "I'd like them to get more creative". I am surprised at you. Creative is not part of the Phils FO or CM's vocabulary. Forget it.
Being creative is our job here on your blog.

JC Ramirez has terrible peripherals...mainly his SO/9 ratio. Even mediocre pitchers have pretty solid minor-league K rates. His are abysmal.

2.9 SO/9
2.5 BB/9

1.18 K/BB

Not pretty. He clearly hasn't mastered the jump from A+ to AA.

If any consolation, EVERY NL team is about to see a massacre over the weekend, and I'm not even referring to that End of The World stuff. The NL is about to be humbled, as usual.

Well, we lost since JW used the Rangers logo for the game thread pic. The end of the world can't come soon enough.

Any chance that if we all join hands and promise not to expect too much of Brown, that maybe RAJ might bring him up? We can ban the use of the word "savior" and promise not to cheer too loudly or boo him.

BTW, just out of curiosity, was the plan for Utley to stay at low level A ball for his entire rehab? I guess I don't understand why they wouldn't move him up to AAA (or even AA), to face some better pitching, but more so just for geographic proximity reasons.

SLO, I'll have to go back and look, but my original stats excluded logos in the Game Chat header, and focused on just opposing player pics. I do know that JW has used them (SD series comes to mind), but I'll have to see what the record is in those games.

Getting "creative" is why Draft day is always a flaming nightmare for Eagles fans. How 'bout the Phillies FO do what their football counterparts ought to be doing each year & simply call the name of the best player available? Hint: It's not Mike Martinez or Dane Sardinha.

***Well, we lost since JW used the Rangers logo for the game thread pic. The end of the world can't come soon enough.***

Its not the official game thread so I think we're good.

WP: I wondered the same about Utley. It's hard to see how Single A pitching is going to get him ready to face major league pitching. Only explanation I can think of is that maybe the Phillies don't want him playing in the colder weather on the East coast.

How can you accuse the FO of not being creative when they have devised the greatest marketing plan, to ensure "butts in seats" ever created? By sticking TBag, Wheels and Sarge on the TV broadcasts and refusing to budge in spite of almost unanimous discontent, I'd be shocked if they didn't improve actual ticket sales by at least 20%.

Can we please bring up ryno and get a fire lit in these so called major leaguers

Herndon will get the call. It's just for the next 4 days.

Willard - Clearwater is High A ball. I would think they want him playing in warm weather instead of this rainy cold mess that Reading and LV have been experiencing.

rip- macho man randy savage....

JC Ramirez's K/9 in AA is 5.6. For some reason, it's just 2.9 this season in 40 IP. Last season, in 77 IP, it was 7.0. He had no problem with the jump last year. His BB/9 has remained consistent. I wish I knew why his K/9 was down so far this year.

You know, I forgot all about Herndon. That's what they'll do.

I've never met a Phillies fan who has said "Man, Wheeler and McCarthy are good announcers"...not ever. Listening to the road broadcasts for the last 3-4 years on has pretty much convinced me that we have probably the worst TV crew in the Majors.

That sucks, Jay

Herndon?!? Yeah, I can sadly see that happening.

Herndon jogs in from the bullpen while Martinez jogs out to CF ...

It's all part /
of r00b's Ruuuuule Five fantasy ...

I remember being a kid watching wrestling going....OHHHH YEAAAAAAA

I have action figures of the Macho Man...I'll probably look for them this weekend

I count 3 previous instances of JW using the opposing team's logo in the Game Chat header, with great results!:

April 24 (San Diego): Win
April 27 (Arizona): Win
May 9 (Florida): Win

I like the move by the veteran Webmaster, doing what he can to inject some pop into this team.

The rapture has started. Macho Man the first to go.

Willard: Excellent!

"You know, I forgot all about Herndon."

Unfortunately, the Phillies haven't.

As we contemplate which luminary RAJ will call up today, let's also take a moment to contemplate that Roy Halladay's new personal catcher, Dane Sardinha, will probably be in tonight's lineup. If so, it will be his 3rd start of the week.

If you think about all of the nonsensical roster moves that have occurred this year -- keeping Mini-Mart, sticking with Herndon forever, demoting Worley, pulling Blanton off the DL too soon, calling up God-knows-who over Dom Brown -- the decision to stick with Sardinha over Kratz remains, to me, the single most incomprehensible.

b_a_p: Having gotten completely steamrolled by AAA pitching, Dane Sardinha has proven he is ready for the big leagues. Brown, on the other hand, has crushed AAA pitching. He obviously has much to learn before deserving a call-up.

Bring up Herndon. Only 1 walk in 9 innings with LHV.

I agree with pretty much everyone d. brown!!!!

who starts for the rangers tonight; kinsler or young?

I have been busy and haven't had time to read through all the threads. I just read bap's comment that JW posted in a header a couple threads ago about Vic and his value to this offense.

With that comment in mind, one wonders what kind of contract Vic will command next time around?

Players who can do what he does - hit for decent average and some power, get on base, beat you with their legs, and play GG defense along with an above average OF arm - are not very common.

BAP: Is the decision on Sardinha due to the pitchers's preferences, maybe? I can't think of any other reason to keep him.

Herndon is clearly the answer then. Its not like we have an extensive amount of MLB statistics from him to judge him on instead of that 9 innings in Lehigh.

bap: Really? Sardinha the "most imcomprehensible."

By far, this is the most comprehensible. Doc likes him. Period. And the idea that Kratz's bat would somehow make any difference over Sardinha's is kinda funny.

This is a team built on pitching. If Doc likes Dane, Doc gets Dane.

Probably Young at first and Kinsler at 2nd.

Well with Dane, Doc needs to pitch shutouts to have any chance for a win.

Preacher, if that is their intention, they are real men of genius.

Would you rather have Eric Bruntlett or Michael Martinez on the team?

I'd go with Gnome.

Gnome more.

You mean Doc did a 'no mas' in regards to having Chooch as his catcher? Hey wait, he hasn't gone on the DL today has he? I forgot to check the daily DL update this morning.

SiYaLater: No... I'm guessing Chooch is in the lineup tonight, despite what bap believes. What I'm talking about is why Dane is here instead of Kratz.

Oh no Texas. I smell another Phillies Pop Up Derby.

"The Phils could actually bring up two relievers temporarily, considering that Kyle Kendrick was used up yesterday, "

Sorry, he was used up in 2009.

Wheels, et al may jabber on about nonsense but at least they don't spend entire broadcasts hating on stadium configurations and making up excuses. I live in NYC and the Mets announcers without fail, home or away when playing the Phillies, will talk about Citizens Bank's little league fences (as many of you, I watch via MLBtv and the other away announcers ALWAYS trash talk the Bank without fail). They also constantly make excuses, if a guy is out stealing 2B by a mile, they'll say he stubbed is toe making his move from first but if he didn't he would have been safe, obviously.

It is fun to hate on the clowns in the Phils box because they're our clowns! I'm king bozo because I paid the extra $15 on MLBtv so that I don't have to hear away game nonsense...I don't care about anything that a Diamondbacks announcer might add to a broadcast.

Dom Brown, please.

/punches self in face for rant

CJ: Good point. Halladay was nothing until Dane Sardinha came along.

"It is fun to hate on the clowns in the Phils box because they're our clowns! I'm king bozo because I paid the extra $15 on MLBtv so that I don't have to hear away game nonsense...I don't care about anything that a Diamondbacks announcer might add to a broadcast."


*** I paid the extra $15 on MLBtv so that I don't have to hear away game nonsense...***

I paid extra too but I still tend to listen to the away game more than the home game due to our "clowns".

I have to agree with berger that the away announcers are nothing to crow about.

I hear a lot of homerism on the away broadcasts that I really don't hear on the Phillies broadcasts. I can't stand TMac. He is generic announcer man without the brilliance of the usual generic. But I don't mind Wheels at all. He is truly a good listen. If we didn't know his history and his problems with Harry and Whitey, nobody would be up in arms about his broadcasting.

Sarge is a mess. He adds less than nothing to the games. And his paycheck should be withheld until he learns that there is no pitcher and catcher battery on the Phillies named Holiday and Snyder. Listening to him is maddening.

If they'd take LA and Franzke from the radio and pair them with Wheels on a combined TV/Radio broadcast, they'd save themselves a lot of money and save my ears a lot of pain.

Rays designate Dan Johnson for Assignment.

Johnson, 31, hit just .115/.179/.167 in 84 plate appearances this year.

Sign him up!

bap: "CJ: Good point. Halladay was nothing until Dane Sardinha came along."

Yep, that's clearly what I meant. Well done.

Not even taking the "history" into consideration, Wheels is freaking brutal...unless, of course, you like dripping condescension from a guy treating all listenerse as if its the first time theyve ever tuned into a baseball game.

From last night: "You really want to keep the leadoff hitter off base."

Thanks Wheels!!! Stunning insight there!!!

Our guys are fairly knowledgable. Wheeler is as annoying as burlap underwear but he does know his baseball. They just never shut the hell up. I can only assume that they get paid by the syllable. As a result I spend most of my time with the sound muted. I ams stunned to find that everybody else is as bad as our guys. I didn't think that was possible. And of course, everybody is a homer. I despise, but understan that part of the business. Wheeler and especially LA lack objectivity so often that I find it incredible. They will literally say a Phillie is safe when he is clearly out. Very frustrating, but I guess other teams fans deal with it too. Our guys just need to SHUT THE HELL UP.

CJ: I wasn't trying to characterize your argument. I was trying to point out the incredible silliness of the idea that Sardinha's game-calling skills make any damn bit of difference.

Sardinha's game-calling skills might not make any difference, but his abject refusal to block the plate already has. Twice.

Wheels gets alot of undue hate. I can see why he grates on fans but I don't mind him. Never really did.

Graham wasn't the greatest but he was a step up from TMac. Sarge though is really tough to listen to at times when he just drones on. It is really tough to listen when TMac and Sarge are on at times between 4th-6th innings. Literally if you aren't watching the TV you don't know what is happening because they are blathering about everything but that at times.

In memory of the Macho Man, the Phillies will wear a black patch with "OOOh Yeah!" Embroidered on it in yellow thread.

rauls grandpa: They ought to wear wristbands embroidered w/ a picture of a baseball bat & the instructions "Use This Thing To Hit The Ball" on them.

BTW: I did leave out Sarge who I am unilatteraly busting to Private and T-Bag. They are worse than useless. Though I must say that T-Bag is the single most appropriate nickname in the history of the human race. The radio guys are the other ones that I consider knowledgable. LA is a bitter homer and I don't find him humorous in the least. His voice could put a howler monkey to sleep. But coupled with Franzke it works because Franzke is great.

Yeah - I think Wheels gets more criticism than deserved. He lives/breathes phils baseball as much as anyone ever has, that alone earns him enough respect in my book.

I bought a DVD with some sort of MLB affliation about introducing the sport to young children when my kid was born. It features all the stuff kids would look at like mascots and stuff. And I believe Al Michael narrarates it and they have a bunch of clips feature guys from around the league calling homeruns and get catches and it was horrendous. My wife said, "don't make him watch this."

NEPP - I'm not sure what Wheeler is supposed to do. He can't assume that everyone watching is a baseball lifer. If you want to hear true verbal diarrhea, listen to Vin Scully. You'll find out that Bruntlett has a PHD and wet the bed until he was 20. But you won't learn a thing about his baseball ability. And you won't hear a word about strategy.

Yes, I'd like a little dead air at times. But he's paired with a guy who could put a coke head to sleep in seconds.

And I rarely see him claiming a Phillie is safe when he's out. Actually, he never does that.

If you want to hear a bad crew, listen to the Marlins' announcers. His name USED TO BE DAN UGGLA. And "STAY HOT" (fill in the name.) I don't need the announcers to be homers, that's my job.

bap: If Doc considers it meaningful, I'll take his opinion over yours.

That was supposed to say great catches.
By the way, I really miss Sarge saying "Cadillac Time" this year.

donc - Agreed about LA. He can be overly negative & grating at times. Works because he is partnered with Frankse & the genuine chemistry they have developed. Sometimes it just 'clicks.'

LA's frustration with the offense is bordering on Harry Doyle levels. At least Franzke is much better than Monty...

It should also be pointed out that LA was a terrible television announcer and that was working with Kalas. Working with TMac he would probably be even worse.

His schtick works best for the radio.

I live in Richmond and caught a lot of Nationals broadcasts... loved Rob Dibble. The guy used to sort of take you through the pitch-by-pitch mentality of a situation that was really interesting, and informative. He was also pretty funny as long as you're not the easily offended type. My personal favorite was a broadcast when some batter,.. (maybe a Phillie).. kept calling time and stepping out of the box,.. trying to screw up the pitchers timing.. just about then, Dibble pipes up,.. "It would be right about now, I'd just put one in this guys earhole"...

Great stuff.

Of course he said something one nihgt that could have remotely been construed as critical of Nationals management and he disappeared faster than Jimmy the Greek.

So I think he's available...

I love LA being a bitter homer. The bitter homer shtick works for him because he's actually a bitter homer. The only thing I really despise is blandness and phoniness.

I guess that's why I hate TBag and Wheels.

TTI - Agreed about LA. He works on radio. On TV, not so much.

Can someone please explain how the Phils got it to 25-12 (on Friday 13th, no less) before this ugly play? Come to think of it, Shane Vicotorino blew a tire this week. Is Shane Victorino team MVP?

I know that he's an atomic motormouth, and that he loses track of things. However, in the face of half the damn team staring at their feet on the way back to the dugout after some feeble strikout/putout, is Shane's energy the catalyst this team needs?

I say screw the doomsayers (me, included) and sweep the friggen Rangers. Maybe RFD lights it up this weekend.

Two more things to add to the broadcaster discussion:

1) I think a lot of the collective annoyance with our clowns is that we listen to them night in and night out for years. I'd be surprised to hear any fan really support their home broadcasters without some annoying anecdotes.

2) Listening to the away broadcasts on can be even more mind numbing at times. At one point last year I think I listened to at least 10 different broadcasting crews go on for several innings about HOW OLD Jamie Moyer is. That will drive anyone crazy.

Did you guys know how old Jamie Moyer is? He used to pitch to the Detroit Tigers' third base coach's grandfather, who was a switch hitter who only bunted from the left side of the plate.

"bap: If Doc considers it meaningful, I'll take his opinion over yours."

This whole discussion is laughable because it's taking off on the presumption that Doc actually wanted Sardinha...which we don't even know.

For all we know, the decision between Kratz and Sardinha was RAJ flipping a coin, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Doc.

Hands down the worst in my mind was the Diamondback guys... Mark Grace is half of the tandem.. don't know the other one.

Catching their routine on the package last year I thought about jamming a pencil in my eye just to create some sense of excitement...

I think we need to stop over thinking when the perfect time to bring up Dom is. There's no set time where if you bring up a prospect to start you have better odds of production ; he's going to have slumps and hot streaks like anyone else. Look at Heyward...the Braves needed him last with their slop and injuries and he came up. Was he hyped? Yes. Is he going through a slump and an injury now because he was brought up last year? No.

Let's not be quick to judge every little moment of Dom's early career. Point is we need a bat and he happens to be the best option and he happens to be hyped and talented. Is that a reason to baby him and a reason to have him lurk in the shadows until the full team is healthy and we would wonder who he is again? No. That's what good prospects are for: to be used when needed and he's needed. The fact that people continually talk and worry about his head and pressure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and if that leads to his downfall than the guy never had it to begin with.

I'm not going to wait for Belliard to blossom into a star at 36. Dom's approaching 24, regardless of injuries and AB's he's seen enough minor league material to hit professionally for the major league club that currently needs a replacement.

If this phillies team was just an average team in the NL it wouldn't even be talked about, he would just come up because you have nothing to lose. Well the case is the same whether you like it or not, if we do in fact have something to lose and it's psychological on his end than again that's a problem we would never be able to resolve regardless of timing because if he's that much of a headcase for perceived pressure than we're screwed anyway.

Hypothetically if you don't bring him and wait again for another dream scenario there's going to be another converse side of the story as why now is not the time again. Oh let's wait until Raul is gone so he can start the year from scratch, Oh let's wait until September when we can expand the roster. There's a million scenarios, the thing is it's May and pressure only increases as the season moves along and right now he would not be a savior because we're currently in first, he wouldn't stand out if he stumbles out of the gate because no one else is really doing anything to magnify that possibility and this gives him ample time to prepare and get AB's leading to crunch time in the fall when it really matters.

Any other explanation makes no sense to me.

Mark Grace is one of my all time favorite non-Phillies. Great player, great guy, used to buy beers for Cubs fans at the bar across from Wrigley. Had a great personality. Great interview, figured he'd be a natural behind the mike. Wrong again donc. He may be the worst I've ever heard. Just shockingly bad. What a disappointment. BTW that Aaron Boone sure brings the insight. NOT!

According to Delwyn Young on twitter (dweezy_24)...Domonic Brown is coming up. Said he already left and Utley will be up next.

Even when viewed in the context of ESPN's decidedly low standards, Eric Karros is one of the most shockingly ignorant & unprepared players-turned-broadcasters I have ever had the misfortune of hearing.

Friend in Allentown just heard Brown has been called up! He was told by a player



My favorite moronic moment by a "broadcaster" was Harold Reynolds interviewing Dave Justice. Reynolds says " people want to know how you can divorce someone as beautiful as Halle Berry?" The look on Justice' face was absolutely priceless. Harold Reynolds is an idiot.

Emmett: I'm forwarding your reasoning to Rube, poste haste. Well laid out.

Thanks Delwyn Young! That's good enough for me!

Dave - Yup. Karros is really bad.

Donc - I have to admit, I think that's the only question I ever wanted to ask David Justice.

Would you rather this: "So, David, old buddy, was that a fastball you hit into the stands? Because everyone watching saw that it was 96 mph and straight as a string. So, we all thought 'fastball.' Is that what it was?"

Good News/Bad News: Dom is coming. But so is Herndon.

Official: Brown up

Vic to DL, Mathieson optioned.

Brown recalled. Our offensive woes are officially over.

Blanton also to DL ... am I missing something?

thank god....

I like LA, especially when he's agitated

Delwyn Young just became one of my favorite Phillies.

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